The X-Files - LDS Resignation and Excommunication Correspondence

Starting with Fawn Brodie's excommunication, see how the LDS Church's dealings with its members has evolved over the years. Note: Adobe .pdf files are best viewed at the "100%" size setting and may contain more than one page. You may need to scroll down to view an entire file.

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My 79 year old mother just sent in her resignation letter

03/09/2008 - Uncle Mo

She's not computer literate so I printed out the contents of and snail mailed it to her. That's a great resource, BTW.

It's really a matter a principle for her at this point. I am glad she is following her conscience.

Just goes to show you, it's never too late to lose a cult.

It Started with Science

by Dianne Chryst Ormond - 07/13/2007

I was born-in-the-covenant, lived in Utah my whole life, four years of seminary, returned missionary to England, Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Education from Brigham Young University where I was Young Women President twice, married in the Provo temple, multiple Relief Society, Primary, and Young Women Presidencies amongst a myriad of other callings, and stalwart, dedicated, magnify-my-callings, honest, and true believing LDS member. I have always had an extremely strong conscience that kept me on the straight and narrow path, always striving to do right, and never rebelling.

So what started my disbelief? It started with science. Beginning in seminary and throughout the years, I was taught that "someday science will find proof for the Book of Mormon", and so I put it on a shelf and waited. However, as science progressed, my dissonance grew. After watching a dozen archaeology shows on PBS where nothing in the Book of Mormon was ever mentioned, I called a faithful BYU science professor and asked if there was any archaeological evidence for the Book of Mormon, and how did he handle the dissonance between science and religion? I could tell by his carefully worded responses that he was no longer a believer.

That started my reading frenzy through about 100 science and religion books in about 6 months. It became undeniably clear that science proved the Book of Mormon and the Book of Abraham to be fakes. After I was grounded in science, then I started with real church history. I read about the multiple contradictory versions of the First Vision, and Joseph's face-in-the-hat translation method. The final straw was reading about Joseph Smith's marrying a 14 year old, and his polyandry with married women. After reading the heartrending story of Zina and Henry Jacobs, I was in tears.

Then came the rage over being deceived my whole life; I knew the church was a fraud, and there was nothing left of my testimony. I continued to research all the little details for eight years, both online and in books, until my family situation made it possible to resign. I so regret my time, energy, youth, and much tithing that were wasted on a lie, but my biggest regret is that I raised my children in the church. Some of my adult children see the fraud, but not all of them will, and there are many damaged familial relationships.

Since many people have told me that my resignation letter has been concise and helpful for them, I'm including it with a few minor improvements. Everyone has my permission to copy and use it to suit their own needs, as I'm happy to be of help. Good luck to us all on our journeys!

Read Dianne's correspondence to LDS headquarters by clicking: Dear Bishop

Reader's Reply - 03/05/2008 - by With Care

My handle...."with care"....get it?? Seriously, this letter is, without a doubt, the best thought out, researched, and organized condemnation I have EVER read of the Mormon church.

I don't see how any Mormon could read this, especially if they follow even SOME of the links, and still come away with their beliefs intact. I have both family (including ancestors) and friends that are Mormon (and ex-Mormon) so I have read extensively on it and have never understood how anyone with any sense about them could believe this tripe (or any religion for that matter...but Mormonism seems especially egregious).

I am leaving my real name off ONLY because some close friends and relatives are Mormon. I deal with them in my own way. But my hat's off to Dianne. This letter is a classic.

LDS Confidential correspondence mailed to family instead of Stake President & Bishop

Including instructions to Stake President & Bishop, copy of letter from Greg Dodge, Report of Administrative Action and the family's membership record. - 1988 to 1990

Fawn Brodie 1915 to 1981

Summons to Bishop's Court and Excommunication Notificaton - May 23, 1946 and June 19, 1945

Fawn Brodie offered a fascinating interview regarding her excommunication by the LDS Church over the publication of her book "No Man Knows My History." Click the book title for access to this interview.

Leonard Matlovich

Actually ex-communicated twice. First in 1975 and again in 1978. Click the link, in the left hand window scroll down to "Leonard Matlovich Makes Time." Along with his story you can see actual correspondence about the two ex-communications. Submitted by Connell O'Donovan.

Richard Packham

Notice of Resignation, LDS reply and LDS Excommunication - October 1, 1967 to November 17, 1972 (larger file of six pages - download may take a minute or longer) -

Female in Mesa, Arizona

Threatened with Bishop's Court - 1988 to 1900

Reggie Shumway

Notice of Resignation & LDS Official Discharge - August 7, 1990 & October 10, 1990

Randy Dalton

Notice to appear at Church Court and Excommunication - November 28 1992 and December 13, 1992

Steven Clark

Notice of Resignation & LDS Official Discharge - March 27, 1996 & April 15, 1996

Female in Southern Utah

Resignation request ignored - excommunicated - January to March 2000

Married couple in Salt Lake City

Resignation request ignored - excommunicated - January to March 2000

Male in Europe

Resignation request ignored - excommunicated - March to April 2003

David & Julie Hawk

Notice of Acknowledgement & Referral to Local LDS Bishop and Stake President - November 18, 2003

Melanie Hill

Email inquiry to leads to resignation completion - December 2003

Helen Alexander

Woman in Scotland resigns. Church membership records are "destroyed?" September 2004

An Invitation to Come Back - First Presidency Pamphlet enclosed in Notice letter - November 18, 2003

Greg Dodge office at 120 West North Temple in LDS West Office Building as of 2011 after his department moved from
the Church Office Building.

Greg Dodge office where membership resignations are processed.

2003 - Thank you and kudos to Greg Dodge - Supervisor, Member & Statistical Records

click image for details

December 2003 Merry Christmas to Greg Dodge and staff was brought to them by Robert Kirby and Pat Bagley courtesy of donations from several Ex-Mormons. The following two "thank you" cards were also mailed. Hopefully some fringe Mormon humor will lighten Drother Dodge and staff's spirits as they process thousands of "membership resignation" requests.

from Cheryl - December 2003

from Jerry the Aspousestate and many other former Mormons - December 2003

2001 - Former Mormons Christmas Greetings to Greg Dodge and His Staff

2001 Exmormon Christmas cards and tree to Gred Dodge staff.December 2001 about ten Ex-Mormons wanted to express the season's good cheer to Greg Dodge and his crack staff of "membership resingation request processors." The staff had been overworked and in fact had recently hired on extra help due to the increase in resignations. I personally delivered the the two foot artificial tree with attached greeting cards and gift certificate to Bro. Dodge's office. The tree was weighted at the bottom with a pot weighning about three pounds. Bro. Dodge was out but his receptionist accepted the gift and our deep appreciation for their hard work in processing 100 to 150 resignations a day.

Shortly after the holidays I returned to the Thirteen Floor of the Church Office Building and was lucky enough to be able to meet and greet Brother Dodge. I had no appointment but he was gracious enough to step out of his office to chat briefly with me in the hallway near the reception area.

Brother Dodge stands about 5' 10" weighs about 180 lbs, had dark hair which is thinning slightly on top. He smiles quickly and performs a firm handshake. He chuckled as he thanked me for the Christmas tree and card. I chuckled also as he explained, "Yeah, per policy, I had to tell Church Security about the gift and tree. They hurried right up, took the tree, x-rayed it for explosives and then tossed it in the dumpster." I retorted, "Wow, I didn't know apostasy was that explosive." (I didn't really say that, but wished I had.)

Greg W Dodge - Confidential Records LDS Church May 2010 from Facebook. I got the definite impression that Bro. Dodge was intrigued by an apostate like me actually coming to visit with him and thanking him for "a job well done." I explained how myself and others who desire to officially leave the Church appreciate and expeditious exit process. He gracefully explained how in the Confidential Membership and Statistical Department only assists the local ecclesiastical leaders in the process.

I asked Bro. Dodge how many resignations are processed a day or month or year. He said he was not free to share that information, but that, "I deliver that information directly and only to the First Presidency." We shook hands again and I departed pleased with my impromptu reception on the 13th Floor. (13th Floor - lucky for some, unlucky for others.)

On the way out I asked the receptionist how may people worked in this department. She told me they had twelve full time employees.

After thoughts: I wonder if the Quorum of the Twelve are aware of how many members are actually resigning since the First Presidency keeps tight control of this department. And how steady is the 100 to 150 resignations a day. Is this number increasing or decreasing? - 01/25/2001 - cricket

For assistance with your LDS membership resignation click on

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Comments Section

It took me twenty years to get the Mormon church to acknowledge my resignation and it only happened because I threatened to get an attorney and file an action if they did not remove my name. For most of that time they would send me letters asking me if my ex-husband could remarry in the temple. I always said I had no say in that any more because I wasn't a member and the next year I would get another letter. Save yourself twenty years of hassles. Tell them you are getting an attorney and I guarantee you will be heard and responded to very quickly. - 11/25/2014 - Rconley


Well, this is a most interesting web site to say the least. I gagged Mormonism up at age 14 or so with the help of an enlightening herb we call Cannabis. I believe to this day that the gov't makes this lovely herb illegal because of it's capacity to engage the subject in deep contemplation. I came to realize that there is nothing logical about Mormonism whatsoever. To this day, I am a black sheep regarding every aspect of society, and I tend to live in the rabbit hole. Mormonism, as most people outside of this idiotic church know, is way steeped in Freemasonry, as Ed Decker and the Tanners have researched. If one studies Freemasonry to any extent, it becomes blatantly obvious that the Mormon bretheren are part of the world-wide brotherhood, and I suspect they are tied in with the Illuminati bretheren who are working to bring about a one world order. Why else would they sack Steven E. Jones, BYU physicist who found thermite in pulverized rubble samples from the Twin Towers? They don't want any controversy of any kind. They just want to collect the 10% from their busy bee slaves and keep the honey for themselves. It's all bullshit ladies and gentlement, all of it, all religion is based on astrology, and it all goes back to ancient times. Check out the work of Jordan Maxwell and Alan Watt and tune in to Alan Watt's podcasts at and enjoy your journey's into the real world and leave the world of religion, mainstream media, and make believe behind. - 09/30/2009 - Whitrolf


Believing in the Mormon doctrines is a double bind, " You are damned if You do believe, and damned if You do not believe" No wonder Temple going Members commit theirselves to Damnation, if they fail to live up to the tenets of their religion!

They are already damned if they did not already believe! Believing in this case is double damnatiion, 'Damned if You do' and 'Damned if You do not'! 'A DOUBLE BIND, OF DAMNATION' - 12/09/2008 - Ramled


Hi all

I've never been a member of the Church but I studied a lot on my own about it's history when I became fascinated with the Temples. I've been through several temple open houses and really became "hooked" on the temple history, architecture, and work in the temples. It almost got me involved in the Church. I think that's really sad because now I can understand how so many millions of people get "hooked" into the belief's of the Church and it not until you start to uncover all the false information it becomes apparent the Church is not the truth as it feels it is. I can't believe that members still fall into the trap and if they would only open their eyes and read about Joseph Smith and his history with Mason's and how things just appeared from that point they would see the teachings of the Temples is total bogus!

So many have wasted their time and money and continue to do so. Funny though I'd like to go through the ceremonies just to see what its all about. OK, I'm still fascinated by the mystery of the ceremonies but you gotta admit those Temples are pretty awesome in furnishings!

I'd love to share correspondance with others. Feel free to write. - 09/07/2008 - - not a mormon but....


This site is very interesting, I am a member and was not active for several years. I Have read a lot of the letters and have gone through some of the links and have to say that so much is being placed on what "men" have said or done. No real evidence shows what a lot of you say. Church is not for everyone and in every single religion out there (none can be left out), are some truths or facts that have been changed by some entity or another to suit their own personal beliefs or ideas about what that religion should or should not include.

Some of the stories on here do not even sound truthful. I have since come back to the church, not once during the time I was inactive was I made to feel like I betrayed anyone or that God was going to punish me for the choices I have made. I have been to a few churches and none ever seemed to compare. Everyone is entitled to freedom of religion, does everyone really have to know what your reasons are for disliking one? I often thought about leaving the church altogether but, after so many different experiences I have come back, and thus for the better.

I Know that I don't have to read this site but it is disappointing that for quite a few of you on here, it is ok to use the church and it's resources and then once you are through or have come out ahead, then all of a sudden it is not good enough for you anymore.

all things happen for a reason and I wish each and everyone of you happiness in all that you do. Just a note that I do not come from a huge family of "Mormons" and neither am I married to one! - 09/03/2008 - may


An unfortunate, but very solid effort to disguise an innate anger. When a person goes to such lengths to justify actions where no significant justification is needed, the intent then becomes to advocate a position and justify the action which the person knows deep down represents a personal flaw, not at all the object against which the actions are being taken. While all sorts of denials will ensue from an accusation such as this, most people, particularly those who do not suffer from similar disillusionment, will recognize the denials as a continuation of exactly what I describe above. A person at peace with him/herself and well grounded in some sense of truth and reality will not go to these lengths to make a point. Nonetheless, everyone is entitled to react, as demonstrated above, or to move on as their life permits. Anything that has touched a person so deeply is either more right or more wrong than other similar influences (e.g. religion). The LDS church is either more right or more wrong than other influences, and the evidence stands on its own -- not affected by the distorted and passionate arguments of people to the contrary. I would be sorry for a person in such a position as Ms. Ormond, but she would not want it. I would prefer that she find peace and greater happiness somewhere else, and that I expect will happen, because she has set her own limitations on what peace and happiness she will accept at the cost of which she cannot determine, but is willing to pay. We live to whatever level of giving we will sacrifice to enjoy the level of happiness and peace afforded by that level of giving. We do not set these immutable truthes ourselves, no temporal human created gravity, but we live by them or we die by them. We enjoy happiness or we kick against the pricks. Judge for yourself. - 08/07/2008 - Tony


you guys are a bunch of thoughtless butt-pickles. - 07/29/2008 - lefty


Was baptized by family at age 8, didn't like the process. By the time I was a boy scout and thinking, no one could answer my questions. I never did get my hands on anything I could believe. The last time I was in an LDS church I was 14 and she was cute.

I come from a long line of well placed and devout folks and though I have wanted to officially leave the church almost my entire life I waited until the last of my close Mormon relatives passed away.

I can state that though some mormon folks are pretty good I have over a lifetime witnessed the ganging up of farmers and businessmen on non-mormons with devastating effect. Most simply are loyal to each other and the church - not the teachings of Christianity. Hypocrisy abounds!

I haven't heard back on my resignation yet, I'll keep you posted.

You should establish a formal membership. That way when someone wants to exit the church the simple way they just admit membership and the excommunication would be much more rapid then waiting for the bishop, stake pres. et al. - 02/28/2008 - daveb


As soon as I graduate from BYU-Hawaii, I'm turning in my resignation letter. - 01/03/2008 - Gone


You folks are US citizens. Just walk away from that rediculous, money hustling cult. If they annoy you, turn 'em in to authorities. I just put a rock in my hat, looked in, and there was Joe Smith looking back and saying: "I can still bilk the saps even after being dead 200 years ha ha". - 01/02/2008 - Johnny Putt


why would anyone that fell away from anything say anything good about it???????? why would i trust your freakin opinion? - 11/28/2007 - everyone


Why look for lies or negativity in the Mormon church? Having been scolded more then once by a scary looking bishop, who I felt was getting in my business. I still don't find any blame in the LDS Church. My testimony is derived from what I see today and the fellowship I receive from being a member now.

I feel sorry for those who think they were hood winked or lied to. It always sounds like the victim card. Poor me, my lifestyle is so different, if you can't live the word, simply don't be a member. To rant about deception, or historical inaccuracies, what purpose does it serve? There will always be members, as a person chooses to turn away another is baptized. Fill your heart with love, drop your sword and go on with your life. Know that our God loves all of us and only wants the best for his children. Seek him, forget about the Mormons or LDS, progress beyond organized religion. G-d will give you everything that you need. Some need church and some don't, but be happy with your decision. May G-d be with you. - 11/03/2007 - Todd

Brothers in California who eat through straws

Ah yes, the Mormon church. My wife of two years was once mormon, she ran away from Utah at the age of 18 and met me near San Diego. At the time I was assigned to guard duty at the Naval base (I am a US Marine) as I was straight out of boot. I met her at a local restraunt one evening and knew that I loved her immediatley. She told me she was being "hunted" by the LDS and her family. I, being a Catholic and not well versed in Mormon mythology (Exactly what it is, myth) had no idea it was all that serious.

After three months of dating a loval ward bishop walked into the restraunt with two of his "minions". They cornered her by the bar, which was deserted, and demanded she return to Utah. Sadly for them a fellow Marine was dining at the bar and he immediatley contacted me. I left the barracks and arrived at the restaurant 20 minutes later to find them hustling her near the restrooms where she was attempting to seek refuge. I politely asked them to leave, they complied yet ominisouly added they would return.

A week later I was eating dinner with a few squad-mates at the establishment. It was around 1830 (6:30) when the Morons walked in. There were a total of 6 of them, they followed her into the kitchen, she noticed and headed out the backdoor (I and my squad had already headed out the front and around the side alley to the back) where 2 more of them were waiting. They cornered her and began shouting and demanding she return as she was "owned" by the church. Bad move. To make a short fight even shorter, there are a group of Brothers in California who eat through straws. - 10/10/2007 - Gunnery Sergeant - TheAngryGunny


I investigated the Church for 7 years and my conclusion is that it is not true. Made many friends during that time and I am still in touch with some returned missionaries. While I investigated, many were baptized, some did not return to chapel on the following sundays. Some quitted within the first months. Some after many years of membership and going through the temple. None of them explained much when I asked. One girl who left recently, told me she was going to live with her boyfriend - non-member - but that she had had many doubts as to the doctrine before she made her decision to leave the church. Strange, because when I was investigating all she could say is that the Spirit would teach me and remove all my doubts as soon as I got baptized. I wonder how many of those who cried giving their testimony as to the truthfulness of the Church now are saying quite the contrary. - 10/03/2007 - Elinor


I was a convert at age thirteen. I realise now that my Mother and her sister really wanted the best for me. In other words, they wanted me to be a "good girl" and not join in with my classmates who were experimenting with alcohol and sex. I married a non member at the age of twenty and managed to stay away from the church for 40 years! Last year, my husband had some really serious health issues. We moved to a new community and I needed help, both spiritually and otherwise. I called the missionaries and a senior couple came right over. We bonded with them and the next day we went to the local ward for Sarement. What a mistake.

My eyes were beginning to open and see this cult for what it was and is.! Corporation..yes. Run by money worshipping, dictatorial old men. I have not heard one prophetic word. And I do not like listening to people stand up and read an article from a magazine and call that a worship service.I cannot believe that supposedly educated professional people buy into this stuff. They must be getting something out of it, but it sure is nothing spiritual,. God help them and I most sincerly thank God for opening my eyes to this travesty once and for all. As Gorden B Hinckley said so profoundly "it is either true or the biggest fraud ever". How in the world does that man sleep at night, knowing, as he does of the truth of those words. - 09/29/2007 - Sandra


The copy shop staff applauded

Today was the day! Wahoo.... I finished my resignation letter, took it to be notarized and then copied before sending it to Member Records. The notary asked what kind of letter it was so I told him it was my resignation letter from the Mormon church. He stated that he had never heard of anyone needing to go to so much trouble to leave a church. I said, "Neither have I." I explained that TSCC (The So Called Church) was not what it said it was and that if any Mormons knocked on his door he should tell them to leave him alone. His response was priceless. It was a "sure sign" that what I was doing was "choosing the right". (Sorry, just couldn't resist) ; )

The notary told me that there had been a man in his shop a week before and the customer very loudly proclaimed he was a Mormon priesthood holder. He then rudely needled the staff working there to give him a huge discount because he was making so many copies and they were for his church. Apparently he stayed there for a couple hours making copies and then demanded that one of the women working there go fetch him some lunch from one of the nearby restaurants. She told him to go get his own lunch. When he left, he stomped out because THEY had been so rude to HIM. He jumped into his Jaguar, and sped off. When I left, they all applauded my decision and wished me well.

If I ever needed any reassurance I was doing the right thing I sure did get it.

Thanks everyone for listening. I feel reborn !!!!!! - 10/20/2007 - Yes Maam


I did have fun reading the above efforts in letting the cult know one more sheep is jumping over the fence. But you know what? I feel that my aggressive-passive revenge is to leave my name on the books (so far they haven't hasseled me yet.) Every time they go through their records, there I pop up and give them the finger! I love to think about it that way! It makes me smile and Heaven knows we deserve at least a smile for all our efforts and sacrifices. -03/24/2007 - Marcus Aurelius


I can't believe how many phones calls it takes to complete a resignation. It feels so corporate. They blame the delay on eachother. Took six months, called in all my family members, even stake pres. to give family some new assignment, and gave my dad a new (inspired) calling to a singles ward. - 01/15/2007 - jones


Yesterday I actually got through to someone that I wanted my name taken off the membership roll. *YAY* Now, all I have to worry about is if I can keep the friends I love too, since I was not allowed (!) to make friends outside the church. Still very few. I need to get out more.

Oh yes, and I also have to worry about being excommunicated or not having my name taken off. Oooo, the anxiety. They even get ya when you leave. - 07/25/2006 - Cada Angela de la Mort


I left the church about 11 years ago. I am 21 now and I have basically been disowned by my mormon family. I have been pestered by missionaries for the last 3 years since I moved out on my own, and today (07/21/06) I have just submitted my resignation from the church! Thank you for the info, and hopefully the missionaries will stop coming to my house! - 07/21/2006 - Josh


I left in 2002 and am so glad. This is the Devil's church, destroying souls. Comparing Bible ascriptures with the BoM & D.C. I saw they don't synchronize. I stick to Jesus the savior, not the business wolves anymore. - 06/17/2006 - EB


I'll bet you get some very good hate mail, I'm backing up to look for a link. I hope it's there, if not it should be. - 02/27/2006 - Dan


I have been inactive in the church since I was 11 years old. I never really thought about going back, and once I moved to California from Arizona, I figured "they could never find me" and just employ a "live and let live" policy. Well, recently, I was called on my cell phone by a Bro. So-and-so "welcoming" me to come back to the local ward. I was shocked that he got my number, and he talked to me by name, so someone "spilled the beans."

After a 5 min Q & A session with him (asked about my reasons for inactivity, family q's, etc... I humored him, tho he had no business asking), he wanted to schedule a time to meet with me and my family. I told him I wanted no contact with the church whatsoever. The very pleasent man facade melted away, and he angrily stated "You and your family are going to hell." My heartfelt response was, "I'll see you there." and I ended the call.

After telling my non-practicing catholic wife that she, myself, and our adorable baby boy were all going to hell, I printed up and mailed my resignation notice and happily await my resignation confirmation. - 01/29/2006 - Webzy


The following is a letter written by a sitting LDS bishop in Oklahoma to Kathy Worthington who maintains the website which assists Mormons with their official membership resignation process.


As you can see from my email address and signature file, I am a bishop in _____ Oklahoma. I just wanted you to know that I really like your website. It is very professional and contains valuable information for individuals who no longer want to be members of the church.

When I learn from a Home Teacher or Visiting Teacher that members of my ward have expressed a desire for no more visits or contact from the church, I send them a letter with instructions about the process of "removing their name from the church records" and a link to your website.

I have been bishop for about 15 months. I have sent five such letters. Although none of the individuals have indicated to me that they actually visited your website, two of these individuals have sent letters requesting that they no longer be considered as members of the Church. For both individuals, I initiated the "process" as soon as possible.

I believe that church leaders should honor the requests to get out of the Church as efficiently and quickly as possible. To me it is unfortunate that getting into the church is relatively "easy" while getting out of the church is extremely "difficult."

I appreciate the helpful and professional information provided on your website.

Bishop ________

Excommunication would have been a real treat and an additional reason to celebrate the fact that I have escaped from the fold of the Moron (oops sorry, Mormon) church so I wish that they had done just that instead of me having to resign and fight for over 7 months! FREE TO BE ME AT LAST!- Pascale Dauphinais-Bujold-07/17/2004

I find it beyond incredible that some LDS Bishops and Stake Presidents challenge requests to resign membership and then ex-communicate. I believe that there is at least one court case out of Oklahoma that went all the way to the Supreme Court that sustained that a resignation STOPS any and all excommunication efforts. I would think that Salt Lake City would advise their Bishops and Stake Presidents to be aware of this as I suspect that their actions might be leaving the LDS Church open for a potential Class Action Suits from those that resigned and were subsequently ex'd. I'd bet a huge class action dollar settlement against the Church would hit home and probably change behavior....Money is more important than morality to the LDS Church. - Anonymous- 06/13/2004


I left the church in 1980, after 19 years and a Melchizedek Priesthood holder. Their claims were lies, and their weaknesses were hidden. Joseph Smith, I am convinced, was a charlatan. I left and have never regreted my decision. But never forget that Mormonism has been called a soul-destroying religion. Those who leave are usually leaving in a state of spiritual chaos. Often they turn against all organized religion. I would urge everyone to stay away and avoid this damnable church at all costs. - 04/06/2004 - Bob


my prayer is that you guys forgive and forget, move on and eventually find peace. I have had very good AND very bad experiences in and out of the church. ive been molested by a priesthood leader, abused by a returned missionary-first husband(married in temple) and had countless others judge me because i am very sexual and dress sexy and my mormon husband and i are very affectionate in church, at the temple whereever i have chosen to stay in the church because although most of the people ive met in the church are allright, AND some are downright evil and cruel, the teachings of this church have brought me great happiness and peace. ive studied antimormon lit for 18 years, its like a continuation of the war in heaven on the internet-you dont think our bros and sis with satan have had some pretty good arguments why the plan of salvation is gonna suck?

well it aint easy, but i know as a journalist for 20 years, ive met those who actually belong to the true (thats how they call it) church of satan- they believe in a "plan" and are networked a run like a corporation and believe in a war in heaven, basically our plan of salvation in reverse. ask yourself this question if joseph smith is so fos then why is the opposite of the church of satan'beliefs match our church (opposing our views exactly) makes ya think! anyway i enjoy this sight, especially the thank you cards to bro dodge, gotta give you guys this much, you have a great sense of humor, and if i could find that at homemaking and relief society meetings i would actually start going to relief society! god bless you, and sorry that you guys have gone through so sista kitty - 04/04/2004


I'm curious about the people who were excommunicated after they had resigned. I know from the site that once you resign, you are out whether they remove your names right away or not. Were the wards contacted about their improper behavior and made to reverse the excommunication? - 02/28/2004 - from Denise


DearSalamander Society:

My neighbors are LDS people and they have been trying for years to get me to go to church with them. I go to a womens group once a month with her and noticed that the young women in the group are so obsessed with getting pregnant they dont know what to do other than worry about that. Things seemed funny to me about this group so I asked the neighbor if they had a book on their principles and she gave me Gospel Principles book to read.

Now after reading it my first reaction was.....OH MY GOD you have to be either brain washed to believe this stuff or Desperately searching for anything you can find because you're lonely or depressed. (Mentally ill came to mind) So then I decided to search the web and find out the truth from people that are no longer LDS followers (a great way to find out the truth about something is ask someone who use to do it) and this site came up.

Thank you it is a wonderful eye opener. I have been teaching womens studies and religion for many years now and this was one of my last religions to look into. It's got quite a little tale to tell.

Thanks for the site and information. - 02/13/2004 - LillyAnn


Let see, LDS church increases at a rate of membership of about 1000 per day so even if 150 leave per day, that is still a net increase of 850 per day. That is still pretty good. - 02/06/2004 - anon

Comment on 2/6/2004 -anon

The problem with that 1000 a day conversion rate is that the long term retention is about 5%. So the way I calculate it:

1. The church gets 50 new active members daily,
2. It looses about 950 newly inactive members daily,
3. And only 150 of those names are taken off the roll daily.

This explains why our ward roster is 30 pages thick and we get about 50 people to Sacrament meeting. Home teaching routes approach 16 per active person (800 divided by 50) which translates into >32 per companionship. If you go out every day you might make all your monthly visits, but you won't reactivate anyone.

The missionaries get exactly what they pray for, baptisms. They seldom get actual conversions who go on to be productive contributing members. The growth of the church is stagnant and the members are groaning under the enormous and ever increasing burden of trying to deal with the hordes of inactives who do not want to be bothered. The leaders are pretending all is well in Zion because they don't know what else to do, like be honest and confront a real problem for once.

But you know what? It doesn't matter. Popularity was never a measure of what is true. - 02/12/2004 - anon


Why Mormons Leave the Fold

Since leaving the Mormon church, I am able to be the happy, healthy lesbian that I am. Living under the cloud of the Mormon doctorine my entire life did absolutely nothing for my self esteem and self worth. In fact it destroyed those things in me and turned me into a pathetic, tortured soul, constantly doubting myself. I loathe the Mormon church and its mysogonistic ways of treating women like second-class citizens that are good for nothing but breeding and serving dinner.

I am so happy that I am one of the lucky women that got out before it was too late. For the young women that are trapped in the confines of this absurd, male dominated religion, I just have one thing to say -- RUN!!! Just run and don't look back. - 02/05/2004 - anonymous


My older sister came out over appox. the same time span as I did. She submitted her letter in '87 or '88. I'll see if she's willing to submit hers for this (most excellent) page. Since you have basically plunged your dagger into the Corpus Morbus, thanks for the opportunity for me to help to at least twist the blade a bit!

I'm sure that Bro Jacobazzi knows that a worthy imported Italian collection of wines bears his family name. Try a bottle, if you can find one, to celebrate the launch of this new webpage. - 11/28/2003 - Reggie


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