Tongue Twisters

Tongue Twisters.

Inspired by Mujun. Please submit your tongue twister in the text box below.

When Wicked Women whirl,why would Wise Wizards winch? Who was wacked, when whimsical Wenches worked Witchy ways? Who would wonder,why Wise Workmen wondered, when Who would welcome wholly,Wickedly Wonderful Women! Who would wisely wonder, what went wrong! When 'Woe,' woke Willie Winkle? Was Whimsy wicked? Were Women woefully wretched,when watched wholly without Wisdom? Who will work Wonders, Why Willie Wonka Will! - 11/23/2008 - ramledramble

Parley P. Pratt pricked a pack of passionless polygamous paramours. - 03/07/2007 - by Mujun

Parley P Pratt's pitfall was prying a pretty princess from her partner for polygamy. Poor Parley was plugged for his pilfering - 03/07/2007 - by racer

PLEASE perennially post this perverse perfect-pitch paean to passionate prick Parley P. Pratt's polygamous paramours! Poor, perplexed princesses, preoccupied per perished Parley P. P-P-Pratt! - 03/07/2007 - by flattopSF

Pleaant partaking of Penitentiary Protocol? Guest, Utah Territorial Penitentiary; 2 May 1885 to 14 October 1885. Personal Payment $300. Prison Parlance termed the "Dunnigan." - 03/07/2007 - RiverRat

How many chicks, could P. Pratt prick, if P. Pratt could prick chicks? - 03/07/2007 - Nebularry


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