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I Receive The "Second Endowment"

05/24/2016 - by Anonymously Anointed

When I was a young and devout Mormon boy of 19 (many, many years ago) I was thrilled to be called on a mission. In those days missionaries were trained at the training center in Salt Lake City. One of the first activities of the new missionaries at the missionary training center was to go through a ritual called the “endowment.” All adult Mormons (if they are deemed worthy enough to get this great blessing) go through this secret ritual in a Mormon temple, and it is also part of the missionary initiation.

Each adult Mormon goes through this ritual the first time on behalf of himself. But Mormons are encouraged to repeat the ritual, with each subsequent endowment as a proxy for some person who died as a non-Mormon, and who thus will be allowed into heaven because some devout Mormon today has done "the temple work" on his behalf, thus qualifying that dead person to share in heaven's blessings. Devout Mormons are encouraged to go through the endowment as proxy regularly, once a month or even once a week.

A relatively unknown temple ritual - unknown even to many faithful Mormons - is the so-called "Second Endowment" (also called "Second Anointing"), given only by invitation to the very top Mormon leaders and their wives, each couple privately in the "Holy of Holies" room of the temple. During that ritual, the recipients are ordained "priests and kings" and "priestesses and queens," and assure that their "calling and election" has been made "sure," meaning that they are now guaranteed first-class admission to the Celestial Kingdom, regardless of their sins. Part of the ritual is performed by the couple in the privacy of their home, with the wife washing her husband's feet and giving him a blessing.

After training, each missionary left Salt Lake City to the mission assigned. My mission was in a large city near the east coast of the United States. I was assigned by the mission president to a "senior companion," who was supposed to get me started and teach me the day-to-day ropes of missionary work. He and I shared a small apartment in one of the seedier parts of town. The work was tedious and frustrating, and we did not have great success in gaining converts.

But the months went by, and my senior companion was transferred to another part of the mission, and I was given a "junior companion," who was to learn the ropes from me. His name was Ned Bronson, from Sanpete, Utah. (By the way, all names in these pages are fictitious, even the names of fictitious people.) He was tall and lanky, and spoke with that southern Utah drawl that is unmistakable. He was easy-going and good natured, and quite ignorant of anything other than what he had learned in Sunday School and after-school Primary..

There were other missionaries, of course, and we got to know some of them casually, other than at meetings of the mission staff. There were a few "sister" missionaries, a few years older than most of us elders. Sister Rogers was very good-looking - I was surprised that no former missionary (a "returned missionary" or RM) had not snatched her up back home. Even in her very conservative dresses she was a stunning figure. She came from the Los Angeles area, and some of the sophistication of that area had penetrated into her in spite of the Mormon shell around her. Her companion was Sister Evans, from Mesa, Arizona, a very Mormon town with its own temple (at that time there were less than a dozen temples on the entire planet. Sister Evans was very petite, with reddish-brown hair and green eyes, and slightly droopy eyelids that gave her a sultry look. But she had a strong personality. They had an apartment just a few blocks from where Elder Bronson and I lived, so we saw them often.

One day we got a phone call from Sister Rogers, inviting me and my companion for dinner. Since missionaries generally survive on macaroni and cheese or tunafish sandwiches, a dinner invitation is always welcome. We gladly accepted, and agreed to come to their apartment on the evening of our one day a week off. When they greeted us at the door, it was obvious that they had gone to a lot of trouble to make it a nice evening. Although the table was nicely set, with candles and paper napkins, the dinner was not going to be a feast, unless compared to our usual fare. Canned ham, rice, canned peas, and some chopped lettuce with mayonnaise for a salad. Dessert would be vanilla yogurt with Oreo cookies. Sister Rogers asked me to say the blessing on the food. But before we started to eat, there came a surprise.

Sister Evans produced a bottle of chianti wine, with four wine glasses. Elder Bronson objected. "Hey, what's this? Is that wine? We shouldn't be drinking that!"

Sister Rogers assured him, "We are following the example of the Savior, whose first miracle, at Cana, was providing wine to the wedding guests for their pleasure. Before we drink it, Sister Evans will bless and sanctify it to our use. Sister Evans?"

"Wait!" hollered Bronson. "What would the mission president say?"

"President Hales?" said Evans. "He doesn't know anything about this. How would he?"

"We're going to have to confess to him if we break the Word of Wisdom!"

"Then don't tell him! Is that so difficult? One important lesson you still have not learned, Elder Bronson, is that there are some things so sacred and so intimate that they are not to be discussed or even revealed to others, to those who would not accept and understand. Didn't you learn that in the temple?"

"Well, yes, but..."

Sister Rogers interrupted him: "This is one of many sacred moments that deserve that respect. And silence! Sister Evans, go ahead now and bless the wine."

Sister Evans picked up her glass of wine, bowed her head, and said,"O God, the Eternal Father, we ask Thee to bless and sanctify this wine to the souls and bodies of those who partake of it, that they may do so in remembrance of the work of Thy Son, who through the power given to him gave joy and pleasure to many. Amen."

That sounded very much like the standard prayer that is offered over the water that substitutes for wine in Mormon church services (that other religions call "the Lord's Supper" or the "eucharist"). But the part that spoke of the "blood of Thy Son, which was shed for them" was omitted.

She then took a big swallow, and said, "Do not spurn what God has offered you!"

"Elder Bronson, Elder Preston? You may now drink the wine. It has been blessed for your use."

Bronson lifted his glass slowly and finally took a sip, and made a face. The sisters and I also drank. I liked what the sisters had said, and did not feel any guilt about it. It felt good, going down. So that's what wine tastes like! I thought.

Sister Evans said, "We are now joined together in the fellowship of the grape! Now let us eat!"

I noticed that as we ate, Bronson finished his wine, and Sister Evans refilled his glass.

After we had finished eating and the sisters had cleared the dishes away, they invited Bronson and me to sit on the sofa. Rather than sitting down in the other chairs, they stood in front of us as though they were going to make a speech. And they did.

Sister Rogers spoke, very slowly and very solemnly: "Brethren, we have been authorized to offer you a special blessing because of your worthiness and devotion. You may have heard of that most holy of all sacred ordinances, the Second Endowment or Second Anointing. Very few are invited to receive it. Sister Evans and I have received it, and we are authorized to offer it to you. This will be the only opportunity you may have to receive it. It will not be offered to you a second time. If you choose to receive it, you will be required to make certain binding covenants, the nature of which cannot be revealed to you beforehand. You will also be placed under the strictest obligation of secrecy, never to reveal even the slightest detail of the ordinance to any other person. You will also be forbidden to ask questions during the performance of the ordinance, or even to speak unless commanded to do so. Do you wish to receive your Second Endowment now? Each of you answer yes or no."

Bronson and I sat there stunned, and looked at each other for a moment.

I said, "Can we ask a couple of questions first?"

"You may ask, since we have not yet begun, but I cannot assure you that your questions will be answered."

"I thought that the Second Endowment was performed only in the Holy of Holies in the temple?"

Sister Rogers said, "That is true, although parts of it are performed privately in the home. As for the Holy of Holies, this room has been dedicated and set apart as a temporary Holy of Holies for the purposes of administering the ordinance. The ordinance has also been modified in form from the one performed in temples. Any other questions?"

Bronson had another question: "How can you sisters administer an ordinance when you don't even hold the priesthood?

Sister Evans replied, "You will recall that in the previous endowment, sister temple workers did indeed perform sacred ordinances, because they were authorized to do so. And besides, Sister Rogers and I do indeed hold the priesthood, but it is not the same as the male priesthood. It is given only to women, and has been handed down directly from Heavenly Mother, through generations of time."

Bronson said, "I was told that the purpose of the Second Endowment was to make sure one's calling and election. Is that right?"

Sister Evans replied, "Yes, your calling and erection will be made sure."

"Well?" said Sister Rogers. "Are you ready and willing to accept your Second Endowment?"

Sister Evans added, "If one of you accepts and the other does not, the one who does not accept will be required to leave at once."

There was a long silence, during which Bronson and I kept looking at each other. Finally, I said, "Yes, I accept. I would like to receive the ordinance."

Bronson got a frightened look on his face and stared at me. "But I am never supposed to be away from my companion! I can't leave without you, Elder Preston!"

"Then say you accept, Bronson!" I said.

"Okay, I guess I accept." It was obvious that he was not happy about the situation. "I guess I have to."

"Good!" said Sister Evans. "You have made a good decision. You will not regret it, I promise you."

Sister Rogers took over: "You will see that this version of the Second Endowment is similar in many ways to the endowment you have already received, but that it also differs in many ways, making it closer to resembling the joys and glories of the Celestial Kingdom. As the first step in the ordinance you are required to receive the Law of the Second Endowment and to take a solemn covenant to strictly observe it. Are you now prepared to do so?"

"I guess so," said Bronson.

"Then both of you rise and you will have the Law explained to you." Bronson and I stood up.

"This is the Law of the Second Endowment: That while receiving the Endowment you are to remain solemn and silent, speaking only when commanded. You are not to make any facial expressions, not to smile, or smirk, or laugh, but at all times show only respect and silent devotion, under penalty of being immediately expelled from the room and committed to eternal misery and regret. You are to obey every instruction given you without demur or hesitation, but with only good will, joy, and gratitude in your heart for the blessings you are receiving. Do you understand what this Law requires of you?"

We both nodded.

Sister Rogers then said: "Bring your right arm to the square!" We did so. "Do you, and each of you, solemnly promise and covenant to observe and keep the Law of the Second Anointing, as it has been explained to you? Each of you bow your head and say 'Yes'."

We bowed our heads and said "Yes."

"Very well," said Sister Evans. "You will now kneel at this sofa, which for the present is a sacred altar. You will bow your heads in prayer, asking God to keep you worthy of the blessings you are about to receive. Sister Rogers and I are leaving you for a few moments and will return shortly. Until then, continue to pray until you are instructed to stop."

Bronson and I did as instructed, after giving each other quizzical glances. I don't think I had ever prayed more fervently and sincerely. This was obviously going to be a great moment in my life.

In a few minutes we heard the sisters coming back into the room. One of them said, "Do not move until you are told to do so!" We obeyed, staying in position on our knees at the sofa. Rather, at the "altar."

In a moment we heard Sister Rogers say, "You may now rise and turn around, remembering your covenant to remain silent."

We got up from our knees and turned around. I gasped. The sisters were standing in front of us, about three feet away, solemnly looking us in the eye. They had used make-up on their faces - their lips were a cherry red, the cheeks a gentle pink. Their eyelids had been darkened a little, as had their eyebrows. They were wearing some kind of perfume that I had not noticed before, that had a kind of musky and enticing fragrance. And that was all that they were wearing, except for their white temple garments with the sacred markings. The material of the garments was not entirely opaque, so that the faint color of skin shone through in places, as well as the brown circle of nipples behind the sacred breast markings of the "square" and "compass." Sister Rogers had the kind of body I had guessed from seeing her fully clothed: full body, everything nicely round, fairly large breasts, hips high and not too broad, and a slightly protruding belly. Sister Evans was smaller, with smaller breasts but larger aureoles around the nipples. She was obviously in good physical shape, with muscular arms and legs, and a very tiny waist and flat abdomen.

Bronson muttered, "Holy shit!"

Sister Evans immediately said "Silence! You have now already brokenyour covenant of silence!" She turned to Sister Rogers. "Should he be expelled as a covenant-breaker, or merely punished?"

"If he will accept punishment, he may remain. Elder, will you accept the punishment you deserve for breaking your oath of silence?" He stood there, goggle-eyed, with his mouth open.

"Say yes, for heaven's sake," I whispered to him. So he finally said, "OK, uh, yes, I guess."

"Drop your pants and kneel at the altar!" ordered Sister Rogers. He hesitated a moment.

"Do it!" I whispered. So he did as he had been told, but very slowly. When he was in position, with his pants around his ankles, and only his thin garment covering his behind (and not likely to be much of the protection Bronson had been promised when he received it in the temple), Sister Evans reached into a large basket that they had apparently brought into the room, filled with various things like towels, bottles and other items we couldn't see.

She pulled out a large paddle, like a ping-pong paddle, only larger. "How many?" she asked. Sister Rogers said, "One on each side, but hard! And Elder, do not make any sound during your punishment, or it will be doubled!"

Sister Evans did as she had been told, and gave Bronson a mightly whack on each buttock. He could not avoid making a kind of gasping sound as each blow struck, but it did not trigger more of the same treatment.

"Now pull your clothes as they were and face us!" commanded Sister Rogers. When he had done so, and we stood facing the semi-naked women, she continued:

"We have been instructed to reveal to you our true identities. We are messengers from Father and Mother. We have been ordained and anointed queens and priestesses of the Most High Gods. I am Mary."

"I am Martha," said Sister Evans.

"What you see before you is the embodiment of the scripture which says that the body is a temple. Here are two holy temples, covered with the veil of the temple with its sacred markings. You are about to receive the most sacred and joyous ordinance which our Parents have devised for the edification, instruction, joy and exaltation of their children. You are to receive the sacred signs and tokens of the higher priesthoods, which shall be required of you when you are to enter the Celestial Kingdom of Exaltation. Before you receive them, you must first be washed and anointed. Remove all your clothing and place it behind the altar and present yourselves in the innocence and nakedness in which you entered the world from your mother's womb."

"Even our garments?" gasped Bronson. The sisters (or rather, "Mary" and "Martha") exchanged shocked looks. "No questions!" said Martha firmly. "Another punishment?" and looked at Mary. "Not for now. We'll see how well they obey. The other brother is doing as told."

I was indeed taking off my clothes, and piled them behind the sofa. Bronson was slowly doing the same. I realized that I was getting an erection, but noticed that Bronson was not. I think he was shaking slightly. When we were both in our birthday suits, Mary said, "Now come and stand in front of the altar. We will wash and anoint you separately. Which of you will be first?"

Bronson said, "Not me!" So I said, "I'll be first."

Mary said to Bronson, "Stand silently to one side. You shall be the witness to this brother's washing and anointing, and then he shall act as witness for yours." To Martha: "Prepare to wash and anoint this brother preparatory to his receiving the Second Endowment."

Martha pulled a large pan out of the basket and placed it on the floor in front of me. "You are to stand in this vessel to receive your washing." I obeyed, and stepped into the pan. Mary and Martha brought a basin of water from the kitchen area and got some cloths out of the basket. Martha poured a little fragrance into the water from a bottle in the basket, and they dipped their cloths into it and proceeded to rub the cloths all over me, beginning with my head and neck, then my arms and hands, then all over my torso, down my belly, over my buttocks and into my crotch. They took a long time on my now very hard erection. As they went over each part of my body, Martha was saying appropriate pronouncements: "We wash your eyes that they may see beauty and truth, your ears that they may hear words that give joy, your breast that it may feel love and tenderness, your back that it may be strong, your arms that they may clasp to you what you hold dear, your hands and fingers that they may always give pleasure in their touch, your loins that they may always perform the duties required of them, and your entire body, that it might be the temple of joy and happiness which God intended it to be." When they had moistened my entire body, they towelled me off, rubbing vigorously everywhere.

Mary then said, "We will now anoint you." Martha got a small vial of some kind of fragrant oil from the basket, and poured a little into Mary's hands. Mary then started rubbing me all over with the oil, repeating a similar blessing to the washing blessing. I had to hold my breath and grit my teeth as she anointed my erection, slowing rubbing her fist back and forth a few times on it.

They then took a towel and rubbed off the excess oil. Then Martha got a small packet out of the basket, and Mary said, "We now place upon you the Condom of the Holy Priesthood." And it was in fact a condom. Being a good Mormon boy I had never actually seen one, but I had heard about them. As Martha proceeded to unroll it slowly it on my very firm erection, Mary continued: "Inasmuch as you are faithful and obedient, this condom will protect you from evil and all untoward eventualities, so long as you wear it in gentle love and unselfishness."

When the condom was on, she continued, "With this condom we give you a new name, which you must never reveal except at a certain place later in the Endowment. The new name is 'Stud'. You will now act as witness to the other brother's washing and anointing."

I stepped aside, and Bronson, trembling a little, I think, stepped into the pan, where the entire process was repeated, with Mary and Martha playing the reverse roles they had played with me. By this time, Bronson was in a sufficiently tumescent state that Mary had no problem in getting the condom onto him.

There we stood, Bronson and I, both stark naked, wearing only a condom on a huge erection.

Mary then instructed us: "You are about to receive the tokens, signs, and names of the Holy Priesthoods. Unlike those of the First Endowment, these have no penalties associated with them, although you are obligated to keep them secret from a curious world. Please be seated on the altar and watch with full attention. While watching, you are to follow the commandment in the Book of Mormon to 'hold to the rod,' in order that no part of you should grow weak in the faith. However, keep your hands perfectly still, since masturbation is a violation of the rules under which missionaries are bound, and you do not want to cause a premature end to the ceremony."

Mary said: "We will now demonstrate to you the First Token of the Aarotic Priesthood. The token is given and received with each person extending the tongue so that the tips are touching, then rotating the tips around each other to the right at least three times, or as many times as the Spirit may instruct you. We shall now demonstrate."

Martha faced Mary, and they opened their mouths and touched their tongues together as Mary had described, moving them around several times. Mary then said, "That is the First Token of the Aarotic Priesthood. We desire all to receive it. Please rise, and continue to hold to the Rod."

Bronson and I stood up. Mary came over to me with her tongue out, and I opened my mouth and put out my tongue. I could smell her perfume and I inhaled her breath. I looked directly into her eyes, and she rubbed her tongue over mine several times. Martha was doing the same to Bronson.

Mary then said, "You may be seated." We sat back down on the altar. She continued, "The sign of the First Token of the Aarotic Priesthood is made by extending the tongue between the lips without opening the mouth more than necessary, and moving the tip of the tongue up and down three times. I will now demonstrate the sign." And she did, first in Bronson's direction, and then toward me. "The giving of the sign is a request to exchange the Token."

Martha said, "The name of the token is 'The Tongue.' We will now demonstrate to you the Second Token of the Aarotic Priesthood. The token is given and received by each person opening the lips slightly and pressing them against the other's lips, pressing at least three times without breaking contact. "

Mary turned to face Martha, and they kissed as described. Martha then said, "That is the Second Token of the Aarotic Priesthood. We desire all to receive it. Please rise, but continue to hold to the Rod."

Bronson and I stood, still grasping our erections. Martha came over to me with her lips leading the way, and I held my lips ready for her. She pressed her mouth against mine, all the time looking me straight in the eyes. At the same time, Mary was kissing Bronson (or rather, she was giving him the Second Token). Martha stepped back, and said, "You may be seated. The sign of the Second Token of the Aarotic Priesthood is made by placing the fingers of the right hand over the mouth, then moving the hand forward until the arm is extended with the palm upward while pursing the lips slightly. I will demonstrate the sign." She did so, blowing one kiss toward Bronson and then another toward me.

"The name of the token is 'The Kiss'. We will now demonstrate to you the Third Token of the Aarotic Priesthood. It is a combination of the First and Second tokens, given and received with the hands on the cheeks or the shoulders of the other person."

Martha put her hands on Mary's cheeks, and Mary drew her closer with hands on Martha's shoulders, and they kissed each other for what seemed like a long time, moving their faces against each other and making soft moaning sounds. Finally they parted, and Martha said, "That is the Third Token of the Aarotic Priesthood. We desire all to receive it. Please rise, and free your hands from the Rod."

We stood up, and Mary came over to me, took my face in her hands, and thrust her tongue into my mouth, breathing deeply with her eyes closed. Her mouth tasted wonderfully of mint, and I could feel her shoulders shaking slightly. She seemed to be sucking on my tongue when I extended it into her mouth, so I also sucked gently on hers in turn. When she broke away, she gasped a moment and looked at me. Martha still had Bronson's head in her hands, sucking on his mouth. He had let go of her shoulders. but I could see that his eyes were rolling.

Martha paused a moment after letting go of Bronson, and took several deep breaths. Then she continued the instruction. "You may be seated. The sign of the Third Token of the Aarotic Priesthood is made by making the sign of the First Token, followed immediately by the sign of the Second Token. The name of the Third Token of the Aarotic Priesthood is 'The Tongue Kiss.'"

Mary then said, "We will now demonstrate to you the First Token of the Fe-male-kiss-a-dick Priesthood. This token is given by taking the other person by the hips, using both hands, and drawing close so that the lower parts of the torso are touching, and then pressing them together firmly at least three times, all while looking directly into the other's eyes." She and Martha then did as described, rubbing their bodies together several times while looking directly at each other.

"That is the First Token of the Fe-male-kiss-a-dick Priesthood. We desire all to receive it. Please rise and release the Rod."

Bronson and I stood up. I was wondering what I was going to do with the Rod while receiving this token. Martha came over to me, took me by the hips, and raised her leg slightly so that she was able to hold the Rod between her thighs, straddling it. I was getting a little giddy. She pressed against me several times, smiling. "Don't even think of it!" she whispered.

Mary had positioned Bronson's erection between them, so that it got the pressure from her bumping against him. She was probably fearful of getting him past the point of no return, because she only held him against her for a few seconds.

"The name of the First Token is 'The Belly.' The sign is made by cupping the right hand and placing it over the crotch, and placing the left hand on the left buttock, and moving the lower torso back and forth three times." Mary demonstrated the sign.

Martha continued: "We shall now demonstrate to you the Second Token of the Fe-male-kiss-a-dick Priesthood, 'The Iron Rod' or 'The Matriarchial Grip'. This token is given to a brother by taking a firm grasp of his penis with the right hand and squeezing or rubbing it three times. It is received by the brother raising his hands and placing them on the sacred marks of the square and compass which are on the temple veil before him. When given to a sister, it is given by cupping the right hand, placing it under her loins, and raising the middle finger three times so as to press against the most sensitive spot there. All this is to be done while looking directly into the other's eyes."

Mary then faced Martha, who said, "I shall give, and you shall receive the token." Mary then cupped her hand and pressed it between Martha's legs, hard enough that Martha winced slightly. Martha raised up her hands and cupped Mary's full breasts in them. After holding that position for a moment, Mary said, "That is the Second Token of the Fe-male-kiss-a-dick Priesthood. We desire all to receive it. Please rise and release the Rod."

Bronson and I stood up. Mary turned to me and said, "I shall give, and you shall receive the token." She then reached down and took my Rod firmly in her hand and slowly started to move her hand back and forth, looking me straight in the eye, with a mischeivous smile on her lips. "You must do your part!" she whispered. I reached up and put my hands around those breasts. "Do not give in to temptation now!" she whispered, without the smile. I wondered what Bronson was thinking, but only for a moment.

When the priestesses had released us, Mary said, "You may be seated. The sign of the Second Token of the Fe-male-kiss-a-dick Priesthood is made by bringing the right hand forward, palm down, the fingers curled to form a loose fist. The left hand is also brought forward, palm down, fingers and thumb extended. The left thumb is then slowly inserted and withdrawn into the right-hand fist three times, while saying aloud, "O God, O God, O God." She then demonstrated the sign.

"As with the other signs, the making of this sign signifies an invitation to exchange the token. The name of the token will be given to you later."

Martha then spoke: "Brethren, you have now been given all the signs and tokens pertaining to the Second Endowment. You have received the names of all except one, which you will receive presently. You are now each to present yourself at the veil of the temple, to be examined as to your knowledge of the secret tokens and your worthiness, before being granted entrance. To do this, you will approach the temple and gently press on the call button three times. You will find it if you part the veil slightly. It is in the Sacred Grove which grows around the door to the temple. I will demonstrate." She stepped over to Mary, slipped her hand between Mary's legs, and pressed three times.

Mary said, "What is wanted?"

Martha said to us, "You will answer: 'Adam having been true and faithful desires to converse with the Goddess of the temple'.'

Mary replied, "Let him present himself at the veil, and his request shall be granted."

Martha then told us to simply follow the instructions that we were given. She looked at Bronson and he stepped over to her, very slowly. I went over to Mary. I paid no more attention to him, since I was concentrating on my own performance. I reached out and put my hand between her legs, found the sacred button, and pressed three times, very slowly.

"What is wanted?" she asked.

I said, "Adam having been true and faithful desires to converse with the Goddess of the temple."

Mary replied according to the script, and then said, "Have you been given a new name?"

"I have," I replied.

"Will you give it to me?"

"I will," I said, "the name is 'Stud'."

She then extended her tongue toward me. I stepped closer and touched my tongue to hers. She slowly rotated her tongue around mine several times.

"What is that?" she asked.

"The First Token of the Aarotic Priesthood," I replied.

She asked for its name, and I gave it: "The Tongue."

Then she pursed her lips and leaned closer to me. I responded by placing my lips on hers. She moved her lips slightly so as to pull part of my lip between her lips. It was a very nice kiss.

"What is that?" she asked. I answered, identifying it as the Second Token, and giving its name correctly.

Mary then took hold of my head and gave me the Third Token. She took a long time to do it, which was fine with me, although I was worried about how I was beginning to feel in my groin. Finally she released me, and asked me to identify the token and give its name.

I was beginning to wonder how much more of this examination I could endure without exploding. We exchanged the First Token of the FMKAD Priesthood as before, I gave the correct answers, and moved on to the Second Token. She took hold of my ready-to-burst Rod, I quickly put my hands on her breasts, and she asked, "What is that?"

"The Second Token of the Fe-male-kiss-a-dick Priesthood, the Iron Rod, or the Matriarchal Grip."

"Has it a name?"

I remembered from my previous endowment how the dialogue was supposed to go, and so I followed that script. "It has."

"Will you give it to me?"

"I cannot, for I have not received it. For this purpose I have come to converse with the Goddess at the temple."

"You shall receive it upon the altar, on the Five Points of Fellowship. Follow me to the altar." She led me over to the altar/sofa, pulling me behind her, her hand still gripping my Rod. She sat down close to the edge and looked up at me.

She then described the Five Points as she positioned herself in them: "The Five Points of Fellowship are: inside of left thigh to outside of right thigh, inside of right thigh to outside of left thigh, breast to breast, hand to back, cheek to cheek." She was still gripping my Rod, which was pointing at her navel.

With her mouth close to my ear, she whispered slowly: "This is the name of the Token: 'Fuggaminaw.' What is that?"

I could barely speak: "The Second Token of the Fe-male-kiss-a-dick Priesthood, the Iron Rod, or the Matriarchal Grip."

"Has it a name?"

"It has."

"Will you give it to me?"

"I will. 'Fuggaminaw'" I said.

She said, without moving, "That is correct. You have proven yourself worthy. Your request will be granted. Part the veil at the door of the temple and enter into your exaltation in the Holy Temple." She moved herself slightly, opened the flap in her garment, and took my Rod slowly into her very moist belly.

"Now you are in the Celestial Room. Do not make quick movements, but lie still and enjoy the full peace and pleasure there. You may stay as long as you like. You have now received the Second Endowment as well as the previous Endowment, and you may now consider yourself "well endowed." The ceremony itself is now ended, but the blessings are just beginning. Make them last, and remember that it is more blessed to give than to receive. You no longer must remain silent."

I wanted to speak, but I didn't know what to say. It was the most blissful moment I had ever experienced. I felt tears of joy and gratitude welling up in my eyes. "Thank you, thank you," was all I could say.

"It's okay to cry, as long as they are tears of joy. Now let's explore a little." She began to move her hips slowly in a circular motion, and I could see that she had closed her eyes and was digging her nails into my back. She was making little whimpering noises and biting her lip. I was struggling to hold back and make it last, until she said, "Let it go, honey, let go!" and the dam in me burst and I uttered the words of the Second Token without thinking: "O God O God O God!"

At the same moment something made her lie perfectly still, holding her breath and gritting her teeth, rigid as a board, and I could feel her groin muscles tighten around me. It lasted for several seconds, and then she relaxed and leaned back. She looked at me, smiling, grabbed my head and pulled my mouth to hers in the Third Token of the Aarotic Priesthood. We kept kissing for a beautifully long time. She was still holding me inside her, her legs gripping me. "Stay awhile," she said. "You feel good inside me!" and kept moving her hips in tiny motions, side to side and back and forth.

In the back of my mind I was wondering where Bronson was, and whether he had panicked at some point. Neither he nor Sister Evans was in the room. "Where's Martha? And my companion?"

"They're probably in the bedroom. We consecrated the beds as altars as well. I'm sure they're doing fine. Don't worry."

I could tell that my Rod was slowly shrinking and no longer quite as fulfilling to her as it had been. She said, "Go into the bathroom and rinse out the condom. Get it dry and sprinkle it with some bath talc you will find on the tub. Then roll it up again and come back. And wash your lance well with soap and water." I did as I was told, and when I came back, she was lying full-length on the sofa, with absolutely nothing on. The garment (the "veil of the temple") was on the floor. "You have already passed through the veil, so there is no need to have it cover the temple," she explained. I stood there, savoring the sight, taking in every inch of her skin, her face, her hair. She was gently pressing on her call button in the Sacred Grove.

"Let me look closer at your Rod. Come over here." I stepped closer and the hand that was not tending the Grove took hold of me in the Matriarchal Grip. It was semi-limp, but beginning to respond to the attention. She sat up a little, leaning on the elbow whose hand had been ringing her temple doorbell. "I'll show you now why our priesthood is called the Fe-Male-Kiss-A-Dick," and put her lips around my Rod, very gently rubbing its underside with her tongue. She sat up, and put both hands on my backside to keep me from backing away, which, of course, I was certainly not going to do. She was able to pull me so close that her nose was touching my abdomen, and every inch of my rod was in her mouth. But I was ready to pass out. My knees were about to buckle. She stopped swallowing me, and stood up. "You had better sit down," she suggested. So I did.

She spread my knees and knelt between them, once again tending to my now really iron rod, with both mouth and hand. It was wonderful, but excruciating and frustrating. I was worried that I might pop while she had me in her mouth, and that didn't seem a proper thing to do, even under these unusual circumstances. Fortunately she stopped, stood up, and said, "Where is that condom?"

I had forgotten that I still had it in my hand. I opened my hand, showing it to her, and she took it and unrolled it over the rod. Then she positioned herself over me, her knees on either side of my hips, and lowered herself onto it, very slowly, taking deep breaths as she took it in. Her hands on my shoulders, she looked me in the eye, smiled with her cherry-red lips, and said, "Massage my breasts! Pinch my nipples and make them hard!" Meanwhile she was riding me like she would a horse, posting at a steady gait, breathing faster and sucking in deep breaths. I could see small beads of sweat forming on her face and upper chest. I was doing the same, muscles tensing all over my body and the persperation forming on my belly, which was rubbing against hers, and my chest. Finally the rockets went bursting in air, and we collapsed in each other's arms. She was giggling softly, and gave me the Third Token of the Aarotic Priesthood, several times, for long times.

She rolled off of me into a sitting-slouching position on the altar, holding my hand. "Tell me now, Elder Preston. Have you ever experienced anything like this before?"

"Never!" I said.

"Your Rod has never entered any female temple before this, either with priesthood authority or not?"


"So your Rod has only received the Patriarchal Grip, and never the Matriarchal Grip?"

"I'm afraid so, Sister Rogers."

"I think now you may call me by my first name, which is Linda. And I will call you Robert. But only when we are engaged in temple work. OK?"

"So there might be repeats of this?" I hoped.

"Of course! Aren't we always encouraged to return to the temple often, to perform the sacred endowment rituals? And it does not have to be the same temple - you might benefit from hearing from your companion about his experience in the other temple here, and next time attend there, instead of here."

I was surprised at her suggestion. "But... this was just wonderful, with you. I can't imagine it with anyone but you, Linda." It seemed very intimate, using her first name, and not "Sister."

"Don't be silly. It will always be wonderful, with everyone, as long as you do it with kindness and consideration. Next time you will experience the same joy, but with Martha."

Just at that moment, Martha and Bronson came into the room, holding each other by the hand, with not a stitch of clothing on either. Martha was smiling. Bronson had a canary-eating look on his face, and looked a little bit ashamed.

"All right, Elders. You may get dressed now, and go home. Remember that you are under a covenant of the strictest secrecy regarding the events at the temple this day."

So Bronson and I dressed. We were offered another glass of the chianti, which we accepted and drank. Before Linda opened the door, she gave Bronson the Second Token of the Aarotic Priesthood, while Martha gave me the Third. It made me think more favorably of Linda's suggestion for the next time.

"Good night, Elders!" said Sister Evans. "Come back soon and often. And if you prove yourselves worthy, you might be offered the Third Endowment!"

We left and staggered out into the night, toward our place.

I said to Bronson, "If you ever mention any breath of this to anyone, I swear I will kill you!"

Bronson said, "I did think that I should confess to President Hales what happened, what I did, but then I decided that it might be better all around if I didn't."

"A very wise and mature decision," I said. "You have just saved your own life."

"I wonder," mused Bronson, "what the Third Endowment is like?"

Being a Mormon temple ordinance worker lead me toward resigning my membership

09/17/2015 - by Tom Padley at Recovery from Mormonism

Several years ago I served as an ordinance worker at the Jordan River Temple. I thought to myself, finally I'll get some answers to questions I've always wanted to ask. What better place to get answers than the temple, and as an ordinance worker I would surely become privy to the mysteries of heaven. Not so!

I was told to stop asking questions and just do the work. Well, nobody tells me to stop asking questions. That's when I turned to the Internet. And boy oh boy did I find answers. My journey toward enlightenment is still going on even though I resigned last year.

My biggest problem was Joseph Smith. After my initial period of study I came across the CES letter. This guy's 80 page letter nearly duplicated my conclusions. Anyhow, long story short, the Mormon church did a huge disservice to me and I'm sure it's destroying many with a lifetime of faithful service because of its policy of withholding truth. According to what I am continually learning, they are losing members in droves.

The truth will prevail and the leaders can no longer hide those truths.

Gilbert Arizona Temple Tour: "The whole thing is a doubletree lobby with white carpet"

11/05/2014 - by sb at Recovery from Mormonism

So I had dinner with a catholic coworker last night that is from New York City but was visiting family in Gilbert, AZ. They decided to attend the temple open house, because their momo neighbor invited them to tour "one of the most beautiful buildings in the world."

This is her report:

"Mormons seems to have two modes when you ask them about their church: NEVER talk about it or sales mode."

"As my grandmother's living room kept going on and on, we asked where the chapel or basilica was, we expected a cathedral, with stained glass windows, it turns out this giant doubletree lobby with white carpet WAS the temple"

"My mom blurted out: this is like the nicest conference room ever"

"as went went up the stairs your eyes meet the most homoerotic picture of Jesus I have ever imagined, he has a man kneeling down in front of him and his eyes are closed and he is leaning back slightly, it was the most sacrilegious thing I have ever seen"

"We looked at all the art and there was not one woman depicted, no wonder people feel mormon women are underrepresented, I mean not even a woman in the crowd? are they so clueless as so ignore 50% of their membership?"

"They could tell that we were not mormons, they greeted us very seriously and they treated the Xanax-blonde mormon women with huge smiles."

"They asked us if we had questions, I asked if/why women were not allowed to be in the artwork, I got the coldest stare I have ever seen and they ignored my question"

"They mentioned the temple clothes and that there was a video we could watch, I went home and watched it and laughed: how can they be so sacred and secret and NOW, SUDDENLY they are like -oh yeah lets make a youtube about it, it reeked of an inferiority complex"

"They can't seriously think that educated people will join them?! I had a lower opinion of them after, they now there with scientologists and Jehovah Witnesses "


A friend of mine went to the Nauvoo temple open house. (Her family on both her parent's sides lived in the Carthage/Nauvoo area years before the mormons ever arrived. We like to joke that her ancestors drove my ancestors out of the state.)

When she went through the open house she was told that the Celestial room is what mormons think heaven is like. So as soon as she got home from the tour she called to ask me if mormons really believe heaven is full of Ethan Allen knockoff furniture. - bezoar

What About the Temple Penalties Angers You the Most?

11/05/2014 - by azsteve at Recovery from Mormonism

Here is what angers me the most about the pre-1990 temple ceremony "penalties", starting with the worst things at the top.

1. They tricked me in to giving up something I wouldn't have given them if they had asked honestly.

2. Whether they meant it or not, they threatened my life and my happiness.

3. The oath of secracy included in that threat against me was yet another form of abuse. Without someone to talk to about it, the damage to my psyche festered and grew worse over time. Everyone knows ahead of time that there will be secrets. But no one knows that the secrets will include a threat to have your throat cut open from ear to ear.

4. The penalty threats are inconsistant with what I was taught about the church up until that time.

5. The church got people who I trusted to hide this from me until it could be sprung on me, intervention style. My only dysfunction up until that time was to have mistaken a cult for a valid religion, and wanting to be a better person.

6. The church has found good reason to discontinue this practice but has not yet seen the need to apologize for violating my trust and for making me feel threatened and unrightously controlled. And some day when they get around to making that apology, it better not be one of those "...I'm sorry you felt that way" apologies. That would just add yet another insult to the injury. They know what they've done wrong.


I thought it meant suicide. - Think2much


I went through the temple when they had the blood oaths.

They tell people that they can leave, at one point, and only at that point. Well, they ask BEFORE you have any clue of what is going to be required of you. During the suicide oaths, I was angry that had I agreed to stay, without any real information. During all three blood oaths, I had my fingers crossed behind my back, and as I said the words, I would interject: "God, I don't mean it! I don't mean it!" It was traumatic.

The Mormons in the temple must know it is weird and manipulative and false. I know this, because they had a rule--and perhaps still do--that no one is go to through the temple for the first time without a companion, of the same gender, to sit next to you and to keep an eye on you! If a family member or close friend can't be with you, then you are assigned a temple worker to sit right next to you. A friend of mine wanted to go alone to get her first endowments, and was in a different country. They would not allow her in, unless she agreed to have a stranger temple worker shadow her at all times.

I wanted to jump out of my seat and run--several times--but I was surrounded on one side by my mother and aunt, and on the other side by my SIL and her mother--and, oh, the humiliation. I was literally held hostage. I didn't really want to marry the hulking thug in the baker's hat, either, as he had begun to repulse me three days before the wedding. It was one of the worst days of my life, except for the physically painful days that followed.

You go in blindly and innocently, seeking God and more Truth, and you come out beaten down, having made promises you know you'd never keep, and disillusioned by the church you trusted. I felt absolutely alone and hopeless--for many years afterwards. - ExMoBandB

My Grandfather's Second Annointing - Calling & Election)

10/29/2014 - by templenamegabriel at Recovery from Mormonism

About 15 years ago my dad sat all of us kids (6) down to tell us about something important and amazing that happened to Grandpa. My mom was visibly uncomfortable and voiced a quiet plea for my dad to not continue with what he was going to say. After all, it was her father, not his that was the subject of the story. He resisted her pleas to stop and she submissively ended her protest.

He then told us how our grandfather, a Stake President, was taken to the temple recently and that an apostle had washed his feet. He said we weren't supposed to talk about it (hah) and that grandpa had his "calling and election made sure". I knew what that meant and was happy that Grandpa was guaranteed the highest degree of the celestial kingdom.

After a few minutes though I began to feel sad and confused. This grandpa, my maternal grandpa, was very quiet and didn't really talk to us kids. We were never allowed to touch anything other than toys in his house as my mom would recount how grandpa used to scold them as kids if they ever put their hands on the walls. I liked him, but he was very distant and unfriendly (and wealthy). I don't recall having any fun with him ever.

My paternal grandfather, however was my hero and friend did all the stereotypical grandpa/grandkid stuff. He was warm and funny and gave us all his attention. He was a convert and had become less active and drank tea, in short, he wasn't in nearly the same standing in the Mormon God's eyes as my maternal grandfather.

And that's what bothered me. The cold, gruff, unfriendly grandpa was going to heaven and the warm, fun, giving grandpa's eternal salvation was at stake because he didn't often go to church and drank tea.

Another related incident about the second anointing occurred while I was dating my wife. My dad seemed to think I was better than her because her family wasn't Mormon (she was a convert) and that this obvious misfortune needed to be pointed out to her. She had come to my parents house with one of her girlfriends to visit me. Something she did or said must have made him upset so he decided to have her and her friend sit down to tell us something important.

I had no idea what was coming, but this is what he said to the best of my memory: "Girls, sit down. I want to tell you about something so sacred that you can't repeat it." He looked at my future-wife and said, "you need to know the stock (old cowboy word for 'ancestry') my son comes from. A couple years ago his grandpa was taken into the temple and had his feet washed by an Apostle! Just like Jesus and the apostles of old. He had his calling and election made sure. That's the type of stock he comes from."

He left it at that. I don't recall anyone saying anything and slowly we all got up and resumed doing whatever we were doing before, but it makes me so mad looking back that he tried to use that experience to help her understand her 'place' in the world. My dad had no problem with status as he was, surprisingly, also a racist. But that's a story for another time.

Why a colonoscopy is better than an endowment session

09/02/2014 - by Brother Of Jerry and others at Recovery from Mormonism

1. It only takes one day to become sufficiently clean and pure.

2. They give you drugs that cause a veil of forgetfulness.

3. It doesn't require 10% of your income for life.

4. No creepy old men with bad breath.

5. Only one piece of ridiculous clothing.

6. No weird hand shakes.

7. Full disclosure beforehand.

8. You get a nifty video.

9. Don't normally have to do it before age 50.

10. Once ever ten years is usually often enough.

11. A colonoscopy may actually save your life.

12. You're allowed to talk about it afterwards.

13. They take pictures inside that you can have as a souvenir and to remember the good times with, not to mention sharing with your friends.

14. That prep is hell, but at least crap goes out. In the endowment crap gets shoved in your head.

15. The colonoscopy folks tell you to fart when it's over! Come to think of it, a resounding farewell fart at the end of the endowment might be a terrific celebratory touch. Add just the right note, you know?

16, You are allowed to talk about it afterword.

17. You KNOW what the doctor will do! I didn't know what the creepy veil worker would do or any of the other creepy things, i.e. touchy feely, circle chants, covenant my life to TSCC (The So Called Church.

18. The end justifies the means. And vice versa.

19. And all truth about your colon is circumscribed into one great hole.

20. Colonoscopy has for its purpose the prevention and removal of cancerous growth (polyps). Endowment's purpose is to implant the cancer of deceptive mormon ideas. This will grow and eventually eliminate the life force of the participant.

21. Either way you get a good reaming.

22. Either way, you have to bend over to get screwed from behind.

23. The endowment is painful to endure. Colonoscopy, not so much.

Gilbert Arizona Mormon Temple consumate marriage alter.

Re: All the praise for the Gilbert Arizona LDS Temple

02/18/2014 - by azcrazy

Had a TBM (True Believing Mormon) relative go through the special dignitary tour with various non member AZ State and city leaders a few week ago. When they all got to the sealing room the tour guide pointed to the alter and said "this is where the marriage is consummated."

It wasn't until they got out to the hall that my relative caught up to him and whispered in his ear "didn't you mean to say "consecrated??"

It was too late, many in the group had already wandered off ahead and did not hear the correction. So you can only image what the non LDS are thinking now! LMFAO!

To the temple again. This time they let me keep my underwear!

05/02/2010 - by Nightingale from Recovery from Mormonism

Mormon pink temple panties. Last week I took myself and my tight jeans, pink panties and polka dot socks to Open House at the newest Mormon temple in Langley, B.C., Canada. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to go back to the temple so I waited til the last weekend and then the looming deadline of eternal closure to the great unwashed lured me in.

Thirty-three million dollars buys you a nice building on a big plot of land in an expensive spot on the planet. Five million more gets you a new meeting house, an outbuilding or two and an attractive (yet relatively modest) pad for the Misson President. The gardens ain't shabby either.

Smiling Mormon women in navy blue jackets, white blouses and long skirts and Mormon men (not so smiley) in the trademark white shirts conducted tours of about 30 people a time.

First we were led into the chapel where smiling sister missionaries thanked us for "coming to celebrate the temple with us". Uh no. I wasn't there to celebrate the temple. I was just having a nose-around while the doors were open.

I noticed there were no male missionaries, at least none involved in conducting tours. Maybe they're too frisky and risky to trust with non-members. :)

Whenever you enter a Mormon building as a non-mo, the video machine is sure to be primed and sure enough we were a captive audience for a 12-minute presentation giving a rundown on the purpose of the temple, local history relating to Mormons in B.C., BKP (I think) explaining that Mormonism is "not a re-invention but a re-storation", JRH blubbing about heaven not being heaven unless his wife and kids are there with him, and maybe TSM saying what, I can't remember. (It's scary to me that I still know those guys' middle initials!)

The video showed the temple rooms while it outlined the Plan of Salvation, the Pre-Existence and baptisms for the dead which the narrator referred to as "acts of love".

In the video there was a preponderance of Asian and Spanish members making comments in their own languages with a translator's voice overlaid. I noticed that no caption stated that we were listening to a translation (but I could hear the original voices faintly underneath the translator's words). I assumed they made the video for the local area to include some of the predominant ethnic groups here and also the B.C.-related history "to show the strength and history of the B.C. Church". The first Mormons arrived in January 1897. This I did not know. The narrator said that in March 1902 B.C. "became part of the Mormon northwest area". There were 52 people at the first meeting (not far off the average attendance at your typical SM here - just kidding!)

Moroni pink panties Langley Vancouver BC Mormon Temple. A couple sitting behind me said "oh please" a couple of times during the video. It made me laugh to think they might be exmos but I lost track of them and didn't ask (it may have been a bit rude anyway).

After the video we were led along a garden path (hehe) to a couple of women volunteers who had pulled the most important duty, that of putting paper booties on our feet over our footwear. They bent right down and served us by slipping on the booties, not what I had expected. I quipped, "Oooh, good thing I put on clean socks". They laughed heartily.

I was trying to keep a low profile, not engage with anyone, not mention I am a former member, not be memorable, not break anything. As soon as I saw the booties I blurted out "Oh, this is a much better idea than ripping out all the carpets and laying all new ones!" Then our guide asked me, "Are you a member?" I just shook my head.

At the temple we had a guide and a couple of followers, sheep-herding us through the tour, keeping us together, always a Mormon behind us and to either side, in addition to the tour guide. I guess they do need to be security conscious and avoid accidents and incidences.

Our tour guide as we filed into the temple foyer told us, "Look up" (she points up), "Look down" (she points down) and "Look around" (she gestures around). On the way out I heard the next guide saying, "Look up"... It made me laugh.

The guide spoke of "Restored Christianity", a term I haven't heard them use before (as with my post a few weeks back in which I mentioned a new term for dead baptisms - "ancestral baptism" - or at least I'd never heard that term before). I thought it is "Restored Gospel" but for the temple tour at least it was "Restored Christianity". That'll get the Christians in the group onside all right!

Our guide mentioned many times at the desk in the temple foyer that "we must be worthy" to enter the temple. They have NO CLUE how very strange indeed that sounds to outsiders and to Christians even more so - Mormons have to prove their worthiness, in an ongoing way, while Christians just plain believe "we're not worthy" - Jesus is the worthy one. She even said, on the third mention of worthiness, that "We have to prove to our local leaders that we are worthy". Again, a strange idea no matter which non-mo is hearing it.

The tour guide also mentioned "the Spirit" many, many times. She didn't actually explain what that was and in her whispery sing-song voice and staring manner (I guess prolonged eye contact with tour members) it started to sound quite strange. Christians usually refer to "the Holy Spirit" and maybe shorten it at times to "the Spirit" but she never said "Holy Spirit" or "Holy Spirit of God", just "the Spirit" over and over, saying "We hope you feel the Spirit that we have here with us in the temple". "Listen and feel the Spirit". (I irreverently wondered how you could listen to feel something).

Polka-dot socks Langley Vancouver BC Mormon Temple. She also said that a lot in the temple is symbolic, but she didn't explain that either. Even just one example would have been more helpful in understanding what she meant.

She said that the temple is "a place of kindness, love and light" where you feel "the serenity of heaven as you visit".

I noted that the first picture you see as you enter the temple is Jesus Christ in "fisher of men" mode, a very familiar image to Christians. The guide pointed to the picture and said "Jesus is our leader, our guide". If you're trying to say "We're Christian too" you miss it - again - with that type of comment. Christians would say "He is our Saviour", and then maybe guide, leader, etc after that, amongst all the other attributes.

I have read some comments here that the McTemple and its rooms look like a Marriott Hotel or other similar types of structures. I have to say I thought it looked of far better quality than any hotel room I've ever seen. The leaded glass windows all around the building, the plush white carpet, the beautiful wood curving staircase, the chandeliers, the different styles of chairs with varying fabrics, designs and colours, the roomy and well-furnished change rooms, the original murals of B.C. nature scenes, the obvious best-of-everything all combined to make it a striking building, exterior and interior. While it is a small size, you don't notice that from the inside where it seems roomy, functional and attractive.

I read a quote recently that I can't quite remember or source about all the impressive and beautiful stone buildings erected for religion while people want and starve. I agree with that sentiment. The Langley Temple is an attractive building. (Of course, eye-beholder). But $38M is a big bunch of moolah.

We saw the oxen (yes, there are 12) and walked through the "instruction rooms". I finally figured out what they mean by that term that I had heard in their advertising and in the video but didn't realize it referred to the rooms where you watch the video about Adam and Eve and go through all the dressing in temple clothes, undressing, redressing, pray at the altar, etc. They didn't mention the temple clothes, the women's veils or the veil of the temple. There was a high gold ruffled curtain on the front wall of the last instruction room which I guess was the veil or the veil was under that.

Only 38 people can go through a session at one time (why not round it up to 40 says my OCD self). The baptismal font is also very small, only meant for one at a time it looks like. This is much different from the large pool at the Seattle temple, which is the only place I've done dead dunks, if I'm remembering it correctly.

We wandered through a sealing room (a lot of white!) and the guide said that after this the couple is "ready for their beautiful day". No mention of temple clothes, W&A, endowments, etc. Lots of chairs for friends and family. No mention that only those deemed "worthy" would be there.

Then we were ushered into the Celestial Room and were told we should stay there a while so we could "feel the Spirit that is here". Despite their best efforts, the Mormon families with all their infants and toddlers lost control of their kids at this point and it was very noisy in there! This degenerate apostate laughed again. First, this was the LONGEST time I had ever been permitted to stay in a CR (over 10 minutes) and the noisiest I had experienced. Finally the guides came and whisked some of the young un's out into the hallway but the Spirit wasn't happy as it didn't show up (unless apostates just can't feel it?)

One woman in the CR was teary-eyed (maybe it was her kids making so much noise?!) The rest were not feeling it and the tear ducts remained off.

I saw one picture of Joseph Smith there - the new and improved version where he looks modern, young and attractive. The other pictures I saw were of Jesus and local nature scenes (actual paintings - I touched them to see if they were prints). There were some I didn't see - we didn't go everywhere and there wasn't much time for hanging about eyeballing every corner.

I must say that even having gone through the temple quite a few times as a member, and quite a few different temples (Seattle, SLC, Jordan River, Alberta/Canada, Arizona) it didn't seem all that familiar to me. Maybe I'm really, really OUT!

After we'd completed the temple tour we were led back to the ward building to the cultural hall/overflow area/gym for water and big cookies. There was a wall display of all the talking points, almost word for word what the tour guide had spieled off. I guess she had just memorized the plaques. I also noted that they used American spelling. Ha. So much for trying to blend in.

In this room were the old familiar pictures of Joseph Smith, with his long nose and chubby cheeks. I would have been a total brat to ask innocently why the discrepancy.

I ducked out to wander the hallways of the most attractive ward building *I* have seen, roomy, modern, new, all mod cons laid on. I peeked into the Volunteer Room and saw in plain view on the board the instructions for the tour guides:

Be Flexible
Be Calm
Bear Testimony

Actually, we didn't get frank testimony. Lots of smiling but no "I know" stuff. I found the guides friendly and helpful. My mom was with me. She has a bad leg and they started from the time we drove in to run and help her navigate and offer wheelchair, elevator and other assistance. Mom met the missionaries back in the day when I was "investigating" and she really liked them. She was very disappointed to trip over their clay feet when I got involved in helping a sister missionary whose companion was abusive. Between this and other experiences, Mom went from being impressed with these "great young people" to concluding "they're just like everyone else", a bit of a downer for her.

But I digress.

The water was refreshing. The cookies were flavourful. The buildings and grounds were attractive. The people were helpful, friendly, and obviously enjoying their volunteer duty, showing the non-members around their beautiful place. I predict there will be an uptick in tithing and obedience and hence member temple attendance. I'm sure having a temple in their own back yard will motivate the locals. It must be more excitement than they've had since GBH rode into town back in the '90s.

It was interesting to me to go into a Mormon temple again, this time as an observer. I was so happy, though, as I drove off that I hadn't attended for ritual purposes, getting all sweaty from the annoying clothes-changing, left, right, left, right, not to mention the heavy veil covering head and face, during the endowment sessions, and all the up/down, up/down, left/right, shake/sit, file out, etc (oh my aching head). I was feeling clear-headed this time, not full of confusion and questions as on my previous temple trips. That was also a relief.

I spied a lone protester in the parking lot, carrying a cardboard cross with the words "Boast only in the Lord" on it (translation: I think BACs push that scripture as they feel that Mormons boast about their temples, which is obviously "not Christian" in light of the "boast only" scripture, according to the BAC interpretation). Then there was another protester a little further on, holding up a sign that said merely "" (I think - I was driving at the time). I haven't had a chance to check that out - I have no clue what it means.

So, I was glad I went. I would have been too curious if I'd missed the chance. I was surprised it was so close (on the same block) as the ward building I used to attend. It's altogether in a different place than I was expecting. Well, I attended that ward building a couple of times as an investigator, with my True Believing Mormon friends. It was the site of my appallingly upsetting Mormon baptism, after which they told me I couldn't go to church there any more as I was in the "wrong" ward. That was the first time I had heard of the ward boundaries rule. It led to me not going to the new ward after I was baptized and the mishies had to come around and do the whole conversion effort again. Yeah. I went for it - twice!

I was also vastly relieved to be driving off still wearing my own little pink panties. That didn't happen the first time I went to a Mormon temple!

Mother-in-law's Spirit in the Los Angeles Temple

04/20/2010 - by Job's Daughter

My sister-in-law married my husband's brother a couple of years before my husband and I got married. We all got married in the LA temple.

She said that the spirit of my husband's dead mother was so strong, everyone could feel her presence there. His mother had died a couple of years earlier while her husband was on his mission and of course he wasn't allowed to come home for the illness or funeral.

When I married my husband I expected to feel something similar, right? Afterall, same temple, a couple of years later, and I'm totally TBM (True Believing Mormon).

However, it was a terrible experience. I hated the temple. The naked washing and anointing, cutting the throat and bowels, and all the masonic symbolism. I had been in Job's Daughters and couldn't understand why so much of the ceremony was the same. (Before internet and Jospeh Smith/Masons link).

This put a big chink in my testimony and within a few years I was out of the LDS Church for good.

The missing point of fellowship

03/02/2010 - by Beavis Christ and others from Recovery from Mormonism

One of the things taken out in the 1990 changes to the temple was the five points of fellowship, one of the clearly copied aspects of the Masonic ceremony.

Does anyone here recall after 1990 ever running into anyone who missed having them after they were taken out?

Seems to me some of the old farts who go to the temple a lot would have complained about it because they were used to it.

I have to wonder that the perpetually changing nature of the ceremonies has caused some Mormons to leave the church just as taking out the nude touching during the "initiatory work" probably has kept some in.

FIVE points of fellowship listed - Baura

From the endowment ceremony here (with numbers added) is the Mormon description:

1. Inside of right foot by the side of right foot,
2. Knee to knee,
3. Breast to breast,
4. Hand to back, and
5. Mouth to ear.

Here is the Masonic meaning of the five points:

1. We are instructed to go by foot to answer the needs of others, but more especially that of a Brother Freemason.

2. We find the power of prayer, especially prayer directed for the benefit of a fallen Brother.

3. We are reminded of the responsibility of trust. Holding in our heart the secrets of our Brother Freemason is a sacred responsibility.

4. We are charged to support the character of our Brother, either before his face or behind his back.

5. We are encouraged to give wise counsel to our Brother Freemason and to support him in his time of need.

"Thus the Five Pointed Star reminds us to extend love and affection to our Brother Freemasons, doing for each of them as we would wish done for each of us. Each point carries an important lesson and responsibility found within the teachings of the Third Degree. Never forget that five-pointed ritual and the bonds that unite us into a sacred band of friend and brothers who strive to emulate the love of the Supreme Grand Architect of the Universe."

those goofy five points of fellowship through the veil - SuzieQ#1

I as a female I didn't miss those goofy five points of fellowship through the veil, when we had to do that contortionist routine with a stranger with a sheet between us. I was glad to see it go!

Yes, some of the execution and dialog of the temple ceremony rituals have changed many times over the years. To the believer, it's just part of "Modern Day Revelation" as a core element of the LDS teachings to the Plan of Salvation.

Much of Mormonism falls in the category of: ours is not to wonder why, ours is to do or die! :-) From "The Charge of the Light Brigade" By Alfred Tennyson

The point is that they follow orders or get killed when they don't.

What happens when they die? - Beavis Christ

What happens to the True Believing Mormons (True Believing Mormons) who were told this was the true way to do things when they got their endowments before 1990?

Does that mean that when they die, they have to do the 5 points but if someone who went through 1st time after 1990 does not?

Yet another area where Mormonism simply makes no sense!

I discovered one of those missing points of fellowship - flattopSF

I learned that there can be some truly soul-searching moments regarding personal motivation while standing at the veil, when a 900-year-old pervert's putrescent claw clutches at your 19-year-old pulchritude and drags you forward into the Sixth Point of Fellowship Grip/Grope.

You KNOW what that Sixth Point is as he slathers and wheezes and exudes breath that would have curdled the blood of the Medusa.


Wait a minute - MŒrv FrŒndsen

You mean I was taught the absolutely necessary five points to get through the veil into the glory of the Celestial Kingdom, and then they *went away*???!! Did anyone remember to tell the celestial angels guarding God from the unworthy??

Well what about the other signs and tokens? Will they just go away too?

Next thing you'll be telling me they didn't mean that cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die-before-I-tell throat slitting and disembowling stuff. c No wonder people are posting stuff on the Internet if all the threats of grisly death are gone. What kind of an operation is this?

You got a sixth point of fellowship - NormaRae

Well, if you're trying to get the insides of your foot together while making sure you're feeling each other's knees and you can't figure out what you're doing wrong because you feel something poking your thigh, and then realize it probably WASN'T the Lard's other knee. Well, I guess that makes you x-tra speshul cause you got a sixth point of fellowship.

Last year someone at work asked me about the Big Love episode where Barb is going through the veil. She said it was the most bizarre thing she'd ever seen and wanted me to tell her it was all fictional and we didn't really do that thinking it had something to do with God.

I told her that not only was it absolutely truthful, and not only did I do that, but told her the rest of the story--about the "points." She just looked at me and said, "I think it's a cult." I was like, "Ya think ??"

The "proverbial straw" for me - Travis

After 35 years of being BIC from pioneer stock, attending four years of seminary, serving a forgein mission, & serving in virtually every calling in the ward including the Bishopric...the changing of the temple ceremony was the "proverbial straw" for me.

Everlasting, never-changing gospel like Hell! After suffering through countless hours of discussions with "non-members" about the racist no blacks in the priesthood doctrine on my mission..ol' Spencer changed that too!

I left in 1991...never to go back.

I don't miss grazing at all with the LDS sheep that sleep!

Speaking of actors, I burst out laughing during the temple movie

12/07/2009 by forestpal

When I spotted some of my BYU ski buddies, playing angels, in the background of the Celestial Kingdom shot. They were from California, blonde, blue-eyed, good looking, and tan. As Mormons IRL (one was not), they were not very reverent, and would ski with a flask, and on Sundays, and would often take the Lord's name in vain--but as celestial beings, they had that glow!

Brother Whitaker asked to be in a BYU movie, and I asked how much they would pay me. He said they never pay their actors.

I did get cornered into a BYU promotional movie, with some of the class officers, for a visual to accompany voice-overs. We were all dressed up, after a special luncheon in the student center, and we were directed to smile, and act very friendly to some (nicely-dressed) newcomers. I said, "Wouldn't it be more realistic if Ann and I sneered at the girls and stood between them and our guys?"

Notice, it is the fad now for these people to be "ethnic", in order to give the cult a more world-wide appearance. Did you notice the cast of the televised New Year's Eve youth extravaganza in the great and spacious building in SLC? The entire audience was white and delightsome, and the only dark-skinned kids were the performers. And the one black kid in the audience that the camera kept panning to.

All this hype (strategic emotional advertising that stimulates response) is so over-the-top sappy, that my children would groan out loud. I don't think people fall for this as much as they used to. Remember those old phone company ads, and the Hallmark ads? Very old-fashioned and hackneyed!


Marijuana Temple Trip

10/26/2009 - by stillgettingbetter

I have a family member who is a temple worker and she has health problems which cause a lot of pain. She has tried lots of medicines without much luck. That particular side of the family is very pro-legalization of drugs, libertarian and almost bordering on anarchist. (yes I know - weird huh?)

Anyway, we were chatting one day about how pot might help her and she said "Yeah it might even make the temple sessions more interesting"

I swear I'm not making this up. lol

Temple Construction Tour by Flatlander.
Click image for short U-Tube tour of a Mormon Temple under construction.

Waste of orange carpet

10/26/2009 - by Gullible's Travels

The washington DC was my favorite old style temple and Houston was the only McTemple I actually like, though not to set foot in it ever again.

The part that bugs me the most is how many living people could have been fed, clothed, cured, etc. for the cost of just on e those "cadaver clubs" where (by their own theology) those 'serviced' may or may not actually accept the ordinance! What a waste of human energy, orange carpet, movie theatre seating, and white fabric!

Didn't we look pretty in our temple robes?

10/26/2009 - by picture perfect exmo

Last week, we were in a family resort that had a swimming pool. At the reception, you could get a bathrobe to wear on the premises. They were plain white.

One time, the four of us were standing in an elevator, all wearing our ugly, long bathrobes and I happened to look in the mirror. I said to DH: "Look, we're looking every bit as handsome as we used to look in the temple."

He pulled out a green bottle of shampoo, held it in front of his crotch and said: "Now the illusion is complete!"

This is what True Believing Mormon's (True Believing Mormons) think is a super spiritual experience

10/25/2009 - by Gorspel Dacktrin

When I finally concluded that the LDS church was most definitely not a healthy belief system, I stopped going to church meetings and temple sessions, etc. Needless to say, my devout Mormon relatives thought there was something wrong with me that needed to be fixed.

Looking back now I have gained some helpful perspective by realizing that when I left, most of my True Believing Mormon relatives considered the following activity to be the highlight of each month and perhaps even of their entire lifetime, if their hyperbolic effusions concerning their temple experiences are to be believed:

On a monthly or more frequent basis they would slip into some long underwear that their Church sold to them, drive an hour to a building that they called the "temple" (and which reminded the locals of the big building in the Wizard of Oz) and then go into the temple and get dressed up in white polyester jumpsuits. (First they had to show the "temple" receptionist a card that was proof that some guy who called himself a "bishop" (when he was actually a medical supply salesman) was satisfied that they had behaved themselves well enough that they deserved to have access to the temple fun.)

The climax of the event was to then go into a room where, for the several hundredth time, they practiced giving each other odd handshakes, while chanting in unison about what the handshakes were called, after which they then made pantomime throat-slitting and disembowelment motions while chanting in unison that this is how they would be slaughtered if they told anybody else what the names of the handshakes were.

Then they would go up to a big gauzy polyester sheet hanging from the ceiling, stick their hands through holes in the sheet and embrace some mystery guy on the other side. They made a point of also making firm knee-to-knee contact with the mystery guy behind the sheet. They even had a special name for this embrace. They called it the "five points of fellowship."

After this, they would pass through the sheet and the mystery guy to go into a room that looked like a funky hotel lobby, where they would meditate for about 3-5 minutes about what they had just done on the other side of the sheet.

Later, they would tell other people that what they had done in the temple was too special and sacred to talk about.

And my Mormon relatives think I'm the one whose abnormal and nuts because I rejected all that fun.

Women manage to avoid one of the vilest things in all of Mormonism: the urinals in the temples.

03/31/2009 - by Mujun and others

I have traveled to twenty-one countries on four continents. I have used the john in a lot of places where living standards and cultural attitudes about hygiene and cleanliness differ greatly from those of my home.

Boyd K Packer solves messy temple urinal dilema by revelation. I have never experienced anything more disgusting in any restroom than the urinals in the Mormon temples.

All the men here who have been to the temple know exactly what I mean. You’re on your way out of the dressing room for yet another hour and forty-five minutes of ritual drudgery. You’re wearing ill-fitting white polyester pants, tight, thin, ribbed white socks and white, terry-cloth slippers. You figure you should take a leak one last time while you still have a chance. You step into the restroom, but you’re still several feet from the urinals when you realize something is very, very wrong. Pee is everywhere. It’s all around the periphery of the urinal. It’s on the walls. It’s in puddles on the floor. What little of it made it into the urinal hasn’t been flushed. You wonder how close you can stand before those terry-cloth slippers start sopping it up.

It’s not just the abundance of urine far beyond its intended receptacle; it’s also the color thereof. Those really old guys who can’t see or aim worth a damn also haven’t peed clear pale yellow in decades. There’s a reason why you notice the pee from several feet away. It’s almost orange.

Nothing makes you feel like you’re in a sacred place quite like having to step around puddles of orange piss.

I no longer have a personal stake in whether Mormon temples have disgusting men’s rooms. If any active, temple-attending Mormons are reading this, however, I suggest that the solution might be found in this nursing home joke I heard about ten years ago.

“Have you heard that nursing homes are using Viagra these days? They give the old guys a half a Viagra tablet in the morning, and a whole Viagra tablet at night. The half tablet in the morning is to keep them from peeing on their shoes. The whole tablet at night is to keep them from rolling out of bed.”

Thus spake Mujun.

Peeing in temple clothes - Kim

I can well imagine that some old geezer might have to go pretty bad after a long temple session. Once in the bathroom, there are so many layers of robes, sashes, apron, pants, garments, etc. to get through, that he may not make it and end up peeing his pants.

Maybe they should install urinals in the Celestial Room...either that or God may find piss on his shoes while he's doing the hokey-pokey with some old guy thru the veil.

Yeah, I've seen gas station restrooms that were cleaner than the ones in temples. - Helamonster

I don't recall ever believing that an Arco station was the House of the Lord, though.

Yeah, Verily The Cabbie Doth Prophesy - SL Cabbie

That when copies of ex-Elder Mujan's accurate reporting filter up through the geriatic cubicles at #50 and #47 East there will be a gnashing of dentures and word will be handed down that such vile scenes described must be rendered white and delightsome once again.

Praise the Lard and pass the Pine-sol.

Urinal Physics - beeblequix

A normal person has the ability to pull up, open, unroll, aim and fire. A significant demographic of Temple attendees aren't exactly "in shape" (I know: round IS a shape but I equivocate...). That extra 200lbs hanging out around the midsection of the average Temple attendee simply changes the probabilities of urine-in-the-urinal success. What was once a stop, drop & go ends up being a convoluted menagerie of guesswork, farting, near misses, complete misses and absolute avoidance of washing their hands. Add cataracts and a male appendage the size of one of those tiny, burned, overcooked french fries into the mix and it just can't end well...

Huge yellow stain - Ilona

The only thing I vividly remember from my temple wedding was the HUGE yellow stain on the guys pants who was performing the sacred temple wedding ceremony. Had a really hard time concentrating on anything else and had to keep averting my eyes to keep from busting out laughing.

That old geezer needed more than training in how to use a urinal...he needed to learn to do his laundry!

Low on hydraulic power - síóg

Just yesterday I was reading an unrelated article that discusses the physics of urinals. Or, perhaps, pissing matches.

Michael Osinski writes in New York Magazine (“My Manhattan Project: How I helped build the bomb that blew up Wall Street,” Mar 29, 2009):

“Now that I was spending more time on the [investment house trading] floor, I wondered why the men’s room always stank. Then one afternoon at three, when I was in there taking a leak, I discovered the hideous truth. Traders had a contest. Coming in at eight, they never left their desks all day, eating and drinking while working. Then, at three o’clock, they marched into the men’s room and stood at the wall opposite the urinals. Dropping their pants, they bet $100 on who could train his stream the longest on the urinals across the lavatory. As their hydraulic pressure waned, the three traders waddled, pants at their ankles, across the floor, desperately trying to keep their pee on target. This is what $2 million of bonus can do to grown men.”

Maybe the temple goers are just low on hydraulic power.

Big Love Mormon Temple Ceremony 2009

"Big Love" temple episode PROVES the Book of Mormon!

- 03/10/2009 - by Richard Packham

The showing of secret temple ceremonies and secret clothing is a fulfillment of the Book of Mormon prophecy at 2 Nephi 30:17, which says that in the last days "there is nothing which is secret save it shall be revealed..." (See also Luke 12:2.)

Mormons should be thrilled at this confirmation of their sacred scriptures. And Jesus must be packing his bags right now for the return trip to earth!

C'mon...The Mormons are just embarassed...

- 03/10/2009 - by gemini

at the silly costumes and handshakes that will be shown on HBO.

No matter how much the True Believing Mormon's (True Believing Mormons) talk about "sacred rituals" they secretly know how stupid it is going to look to their co-workers and neighbors.

Take away the secrecy of it all and the temples will lose their mystery.

I was embarrassed on my wedding day... by westcoaster

wearing that hideous outfit while those we invited to the temple were in street clothes. It just emphasized how awful that costume covering my beautiful wedding dress was.

The worst part was trying to stifle a giggle every time I looked at my very good-looking almost-husband in that Pillsbury Doughboy hat.

I had laughed aloud the first time I saw him in it a week before when I did the endowment gig. I felt bad for laughing at how he looked but it so startled me that the laugh escaped before I could stop it. He said he had laughed the first time he saw his dad in temple garb, so I was off the hook.

The piece de resistance was the very deep, red mark the baker's hat left on his forehead that is forever preserved in our wedding pictures taken after the ceremony. The good news is I don't ever look at those pictures since I divorced him.

The point of this story is that I have no doubt the endowed will be embarrassed by the outing of the outfit because I was mortified to be seen in it even when it was by people who had been dressed more than once in the very same outfit.

I'm not sure how it is now or if every experience is different depending on the old temple-helper-broad (referred to as OTHB for the rest of this post) "assisting" the bride, but this was my experience.

I chose to wear my wedding dress, but I'm told some women just wear the shapeless white "dress" that all women wear for endowment sessions.

Next, the OTHB assessed the modesty of my dress. It was a very modest cut, although extremely form-fitting. It was long-sleeved and no plunging neckline, but it did have a v-shaped plunge in the back that covered the garment top and was NOT immodest by anyone's standards but the OTHB.

She hauled out white cloth squares (picture hankies, but not that nice) of various sizes and proceeded to shove one down the back of my dress and then pinned it to the my shoulders to ensure the naughty, naughty patch of skin on my back was covered. She had razor sharp fingernails and left a scrape mark on my back that was still showing hours later.

My dress was long-sleeved, but the OTHB decided as a precaution that she needed to stuff a smaller white square up each sleeve. I guess she was worried the sleeves of my dress might fall off or the men in the room would be so tantalized by my wrists that they would be having dirty thoughts during that thing they call a ceremony.

My mom was not allowed in the room with me because it was the OTHB's job to assist me. What should have been a peaceful, happy time for me was filled with the OTHB disgustedly ranting about how immodest other brides' dresses were and how it was usually so much more work for HER to "make them modest" with the cloth squares. She added a tsk-tsk about the back of my dress.

Next was the pleated robe that kept slipping on the satin part of my dress and snagging on the beaded part. All the slipping meant the bow on the robe kept loosening. If a bride had a poofy dress, the robe would have made her look like a marshmallow. My dress had a straight skirt, so it still looked ugly, but it didn't make me look huge.

Next was the green (not blue) fig-leaf apron that added more slipping. Under all of this were the garments and white hosiery and the fugly white slippers.

I was not allowed to wear the veil that went with my wedding dress but had to wear the temple veil with the big loopy bow tied under the chin that is beyond ugly.

My wedding dress couldn't even be seen under all the layers, but it was my wedding day and I was damn well going to wear my wedding dress. That was another reason I thought the cloth squares were absurd. No one could have seen any skin that might be showing, but it's the Morg way to focus on things that don't matter.

To get an idea of the finished result, just look at the image above from "Big Love" in the temple garb. Just picture the apron being bright green.

The men wear the same thing they wear for the endowment ceremony. White shirt and white tie. White pants and if they wear a belt, it must be white. White socks and white slippers. They also wear a white robe (I think theirs is also pleated, but I don't have a clear memory of it). They also wear the bright green apron. The ugliest part of the men's temple outfit is that gawdawful baker's hat. If I left something out or remembered incorrectly, I'm sure someone will correct me.

BTW, because of the edict that no one is allowed to speak of the temple outside the temple, I has not been warned that I would be wearing that temple get-up OVER my dress or that my husband-to-be would be wearing the same outfit that had made me laugh aloud the week before.

Edit for clarification: I only found out when I removed my wedding dress from the bag and the OTHB tried to persuade me to wear a rented, white, polyester dress. Color me clueless.

I kept wondering when the beautiful, special part of the temple wedding that all Mormon girls are promised was going to start. I walked out of the temple with my new husband thinking, "THAT was it?" I vacillated between feeling duped and wondering if it didn't feel special because I was somehow unworthy.

I was so embarrassed by JennyAus

when we came outside after the wedding and my SIL asked my hubby, "Were you wearing a hat?" the mark was still on his forehead.

I hated the temple clothing. I was so embarrassed wearing garments at work when I first got married. I wore short sleeved cardigans over my uniform so that no one would even see the outline on my back. When I went to visit non mormon friends I never wore them. I didn't want them to see the markings on my legs.

What about the big huge temple dress that made you look like you were pregnant. Makes me shudder.

Embarrassed, and horrified. The Mormon church OWES us a decent wedding! - by Cali in Utah

I've told non-Mormons about the temple, and they haven't believed me, until they saw for themselves on the Internet.

Even reading other posters' experiences in the temple--I know they're telling the truth--but it is more bizarre than anyone can even imagine.

"She had razor sharp fingernails and left a scrape mark on my back that was still showing hours later."

And a scar your entire life.

I hope every temple couple renews their vows, in a lovely, meaningful FAMILY ceremony, out in nature somewhere. That might help undo the damage.

Everything I know about Mormon temples - by 3X

(except the unappealing architecture) has been learned at Recovery from Mormonism or on Richard Packham's site.

Every time I see a picture of folks dressed up in The Garb, I'm taken aback - and I wonder at the mechanisms that can convince a person that the silly is sacred, the ridiculous is holy, and that their "Creator" is somehow 'honored' by nonsense.

Jeanne Tripplehorn in the TV Guide photo looks like she just walked off of a Star Wars set.

The OP is dead on: it's fear of embarrassment that underlies the Mormon reaction to the Big Love temple episode - hell, I'm embarrassed for them.

Los Angeles Temple and the Jewish Deli by crathes

1. I remember close to the Los Angeles temple was a Jewish Deli. I was there one evening after work (not after the temple) when one of the old waitresses yelled, "Session's out - here they come!" I did not immediately catch what she was saying, but then men in cheap suits and women in ugly dresses started walking in. And, yes, the men still had the ugly red mark across the forehead. Was this the mark of the beast??

2. When I got married, my wife bought a cheap, plain dress for the temple (a regular temple dress), and then a nice wedding dress for photos and the reception. Short sleeves, lower neck and back line, but still reasonably garment friendly. Problem solved!

I am such an idiot! - by rk

I was such a weirdo-I was actually excited and mostly enjoyed the temple at first. I thought I was special. YUCK YUCK YUCK! I'm now disgusted by it and by myself for ever believing and belonging. Horrible.

Mormon - FLDS Temple room with bed.

Dancing in the Temple - From An Intimate Chronicle: The Journals of William Clayton

- 04/09/2009 - by ken

Pages 248-249 (re: dancing and partying in the temple after an endowment ceremony and temple wedding)

After the dancing, the following was put forward by President BY who invited "all those who were willing to covenant that they would keep themselves from mingling with the wicked to rise upon their feet, whereupon all rose up. . . . .

"At about half past 2 o clock that it was time to quit and seek repose the whole company assented without a murmur, although many would have been glad to have continued the exercise longer.

"The sisters retired to the side rooms, and the brethren stretched themselves on the floor, or on the sofas and were all soon in the embraces of 'tired nature's sweet restorer, balmy sleep,' with the exception of the Bridegroom and Bride, and a few of their friends who, being unable to close their eyes in sleep, from the abundance of their joy, passed the short hours of the morning, in agreeable conversation in the office. . . "

Washing and Anointing Ceremony in the Mormon Temple as I experienced it

- 03/09/2009 - by anon

The following is how the Washing and Anointing Ceremony was carried out during the times I attended the temple from 1962 to 1990 when it was changed. I have written extensively about these rituals prior to the change, (as have many others) and am happy to know that our fellow Mormon human beings will no longer be subjected to this ritual.

Now, I am told, as of about a year or so ago, the tunic is sewed up at the sides, and the naked body is no longer touched and anointed with water and oil. Hopefully, we all had a hand in seeing this ritual discontinued in our efforts to "give back" to humanity, especially our Mormon friends and loved ones.

These are some of my memories of the Washing and Anointing Ceremony in the Temple. (All of these rituals are easily accessed on the Internet, also) I have attended nine temples from 1962 to 1995, eight of them in the US and one in Switzerland, doing hundreds of "sessions" as they are called.

You enter a small stall, and sit on a cold marble type slab. The female temple worker doing the washing and anointing stands behind and to the side of you and starts with the top of the head, the forehead, the eyes, nose, mouth, breast, bowels, legs..etc. She has a little spigot she gets water from that drips slowly.

The oil is done in the same fashion. There are promises given, with each part of the body that is washed-dabbed with water and anointed-dabbed with oil. These have to do with promising the female that she will be a priestess to her husband in the Celestial Kingdom if she is faithful to her covenants. Nothing untoward, or of a sexual nature is done, but it is just very, very ethically and culturally out of order. How anyone can equate that to something spiritual still amazes me.

I can still see the rows of tiny, narrow lockers where we completely undressed and donned the sheet-tunic, carrying our long garments into the little cubical where the old lady awaited me. One of the oddest things about the temple is that the lockers have keys, so in the whispered ambiance of the temple, one of the only sounds heard is the soft jingling of the keys attacked with a safety pin to your clothing..

Now back to the tunic. This is a true tunic - open at the sides and no seams. To walk in and out of the washing and anointing room, most people hold the sheets together. I can still see, hear and feel and smell those old women.

The were like a grandma dressed in a white uniform, false teeth clacking, chewing a breath mint. I could feel her breath and smell the aroma of the mints as she whispered in my ear reaching under the sheet with those warm, sweaty, damp hands sliding over here and over there, anointing me first with dabs of water from head to toe, then going the same thing with oil.

I can still hear the water trickling from the tiny spigot that she put her hands into to begin the anointing. I can still hear the sing-song monotone of her memorized washing and anointing dialogue.

This ritual is not just a tiny tap on an imaginary dot of the skin. Your body is stroked in a 2" to 3" area in a downward motion over specific areas of your body from your head on down to your legs and onto to your toes. You do not know exactly where they will touch you. You only know the general area. It is very uncomfortable as these women are usually older-retirement age of 65 to 75 and their head is outside the sheet. They cannot see where they hands are unless they look under the tunic where the sides are open. They open the sheet on the sides to begin.

Imagine a woman's hand under the sheet (for women-man for men) each time they say a body part, making a sliding motion of about 2" to 3" in some areas, with the four fingers of the right hand over the body part -probably trying to be very careful they do not touch the actual breast-nipple area for women, or the pelvic hair-penis-scrotum area for men when they get to the words that correspond with that part of the body.

Sometimes, I had to stifle a giggle as the old woman inadvertently tickled me and I squirmed. I tried to sit really, really still so she would not slide her wet, warm, oily hand anywhere it ought not to be as her face was averted outside the sheet and she could not see where she had her hands.

Sometimes she slid her hands within inches of my breasts and pubic hair as she slid her hands around in her predetermined and well practiced path. I always hated it and I would shudder when she slide those warm, oily hands down my legs onto my feet.

When she finished she would help me step into my underwear, while still wearing that sheet tunic, adjusting it properly and sending me out into the dressing area where dozens of other women were coming and going. I was often hugged had the feeling she wanted to kiss me, she was so pleased. I still shudder.

The washings and anointing were only required the first time you go to the temple now as these ordinances are done in blocks by people who do only those kinds of sessions as proxy for the dead. They are the first part of the Endowment."

Book of Mormon response to Draper Temple featuring granite from China, floor tiles from France, and polished hardwood from Africa

- 01/12/2009 - by Zeezrom

Mormon 8: 37 For behold, ye do love amoney, and your substance, and your fine apparel, and the adorning of your churches, more than ye love the poor and the needy, the sick and the afflicted.

4 Nephi 1: 41 And they did still continue to build up churches unto themselves, and adorn them with all manner of precious things. And thus did two hundred and fifty years pass away, and also two hundred and sixty years.

ExMormon Afterlife Insurance: Do The Hoax and Token!

- 12/30/2008 - by Postdumb

In the interest of all you all's Eternal Salvation (c) I the munificent Postdumb have given you a way to keep your tokens memorized without having to attend a Mormon Temple.

Let's call it my charitable contribution to those lost in mists of darkness.

If performed at least once per weak, these "sacred" signs will become second nature to the diligent and help them in the unlikely chance that Mormonism was more than a hoax.

The Hoax and Token (Performed to the tune of "The Hokey Pokey")

You put your right hand squared,
You put the palm of the hand out;
You put your right hand squared,
And you think your new name now.
You do the Hoax and Token,
And a Hallelujah Shout.
That's what it's all about!

You put your right hand in front,
You put your hand in cupping shape;
You put the right arm in a square,
And your left arm raised square.
You do the Hoax and Token,
And say your name with a shout.
That's what it's all about!

You put your left hand in front,
You put your hand in cupping shape;
You put your left arm squared,
And your right hand forward, palm down.
You do the Hoax and Token,
And you conjure the Sign of the Nail.
That's what it's all about!

You put your hands above your head,
You shout out “Pay;”
You drop your arms to the square,
And you shout out “Lay.”
You lower your arms to your chest,
And you shout “Ale” out.
That's what it's all about!

You circle around the altar,
You let your best feelings exist;
You make the signs of all the tokens,
You ask God to hear the words of your mouth.
You do true order of prayer,
And you repeat what goes around.
That's what it's all about!

You give your new name through the veil,
You give your old name through the veil;
You give the Sign of the Nail,
And say "the Son, the Son of God.”
You do the Patriarchal Grip,
And converse with the Lord through the Veil.
That's what it's all about!

GAY Temple ceremony in the Creation Room

10/26/2008 - by Ken Taylor

Not many people know about this secret ritual for gay True Believing Mormons. But it's true. I was there, I know it really happened just like this:

ADAM to GOD: EloHIM, thanks for the beautiful garden, but really, it's kinda boring being here all alone. Can't you help me out?

VOICE OF GOD: We will cause a deep sleep to come upon the man Adam, and take a rib and create an help-mete for him, so he won't be bored or lonely in the GOE.

Adam faints, and soon a ruggedly attractive young hunky man appears. He's a little smaller than Adam, but every bit as handsome and endowed. He walks up to the man Adam and plants a kiss on his full red lips.

Adam awakes, and looks totally surprised.

ADAM to GOD: UH..... UM..... ELOHIM! Thanks, but ... Uh.... this isn't what I had in mind. Seriously... Uh.... I need.... something a bit more... I don't know.... with more curves, maybe?

VOICE OF GOD (rolling his all-seeing eye): OH GOOD GRIEF! He's straight! Who messed THIS up?? JEHOVAH?? Was it YOU?

(silence, except for Jehova's innocent whistling)

*sigh* OK, we will cause yet ANOTHER deep sleep to come upon the man Adam, and create yet ANOTHER, more curvy help-mete for the man Adam to help him with his loneliness. But we can't do this too many times, he's only got so many ribs.

Adam faints again, and soon a voluptous and attractive young blonde female appears. She's HOT. Built! Beautiful. And naked. She walks up to the man Adam and plants a kiss on his full red lips.

Adam wakes up with a huge.........SMILE ..... on his lips, and can hardly believe his good fortune.

ADAM to GOD: Now THAT'S more what I was thinking and dreaming and fantasizing about, EloHIM! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

So, Adam and his new help-mete litterally RUN off towards some private bushes.


The man Adam stops, turns around and looks up toward the Gods.

ADAM to GOD: EloHIM, could I see the first one just one more time?

I never went back to the temple

10/2/2008 - by TimNavyRN

I went to the DC temple in '95 and I remember how happy I was to be sealed to my wife. My kids were very young at that time and the matrons brought them in on cue. They all looked so beautiful in the dresses they borrowed from the temple. The thing I wish that the temple prep class had told us about how to dress when going to the temple. My wife and I were in shorts and t-shirts (it was June - and if you know DC it is very hot and humid) and our clothes didn't quite cover our new garments. My wife was lucky that someone had left a blouse behind that fit the bill. We did both the endowment and sealing in one day. Very rushed indeed! My wife told me afterwards that she didn't even know that we were in the Celestial Room when we were done with the endowment. She was like, "When are we going to the Celestial Room?" The other cool thing was since my wife is Korean, she was able to listen to the dialogue in Korean. She leaned over to me (yes, we got to sit next to each other) and told me she knew the man's voice as a District President she had when she was a mish. I do feel sorry for most of the temple workers. They're generally older, and get picked on so terribly. I couldn't help but think of that original Star Trek episode where they go to this library on a planet that was going to be destroyed by a supernova and end up going back into time. The old man who was the curator of the library was so frail just like the temple worker doing the pantomime in the front of the endowment room. "Would you like to go to the Ice Age? Or would you like to go some time more exciting?" Anyway, I've never gone back to the temple - and I've been on and off active in the church. I can't understand why if Heavenly Father loves us so much - why does his children (my brothers and sisters) make me feel so guilty when I go to church? I get this knot in my stomach and feel that I should be getting a better feeling when going to church. Am I wrong for thinking this? email: name: TIMNAVYRN

Just before my mission in 1971 - Betrayed

05/09/2008 - by My2Cents

I went to the Cardston temple. No one went with me, my parents were inactive and there was no one else I was friends with who were active, temple endowed, who could make the trip.

I remember sitting there in the temple and kept waiting for something special. Then they got to the part where they stopped everything and said they were about to put everyone under oath, and if anyone wanted to leave they should do so now. I briefly thought, ok, if someone leaves this is going to be wierd. But I was also thinking was, ok, here comes the good stuff, where I find out what is so special about the temple and that God is going to reveal some things to me that I've never heard before, things that will solidify my testimony.

What happened was those blood oaths, making the ridiculous signs and tokens and remembering the passwords. What I thought afterwards was, "this is the best that God can think up?" Getting into heaven is just an exercise in memorization? Total disappointment, for sure.

But, I didn't say anything, how could I... Everyone was talking afterwards about how spiritual the temple was. I felt empty and betrayed, but didn't have the guts to say so, I thought I was the only one who felt that way, and if I just continued to be the good Mormon, I would eventually be granted some special witness.

I went on to serve a mission, eventually get married in the Temple, and spend many years serving the church but never receiving that witness. But, I continually found excuses to avoid temple attendance. I never went but what there was a huge feeling a relief when I walked out of the temple back into the sunshine of the real world. The temple creeped me out, and I never attended after the changes in 1990.

Even though there are no longer the blood oaths, there is still nothing special about the temple ceremony, it is nothing more than a Sunday School lesson on creationism played by bad actors. If that is of God, then he is a sadist to make people go through that over and over and over and over and over....

True Believing Mormon's (True Believing Mormons) are starting to complain about the church having too many temples

04/30/2008 - by Rubicon

The church massive temple building is starting to hit diminishing returns. I'm hearing complaints about the new temples in idaho stealing temple workers away from the existing temples. Not to mention the whole mystery and magic of the temple illusion becomes dlluted when they become downsized and pop up everywhere.

People actually enjoy traveling long distances with friends to a a beautiful large architectural masterpiece or a historic icon of a building once a year. They hate being guilt tripped constantly about attending or serving in the little box next door to the stake center. I think the church has done a fine job of ruining the temple mystery and magic it once had. They are turning Moroni into the golden arches. It's become a joke and even True Believing Mormon members are irritated about it. I hear it all the time.

Familiarity breeds comtempt - by Jay

I agree, as a teenager I would look forward to the youth temple trips. It meant a day or two of hanging out with friends, rocking out to mix tapes in the car (if you had a cool driver), and having pizza-eating contests at CiCi's. All for the price of an hour or two sitting around in the temple trying to act spiritual.

I imagine it takes a lot of the fun out of it when the temple is right down the street.

A trip to the Stake Center temple - not too appealing - by Nacho Smith

The Hinckley expansion efforts will come back to tarnish the reputation of the LDS church IMO and burn out life-long True Believing Mormon's. The Spokane WA temple, which held the distinction of being a flagship for Mctemples in terms of attendance chugs along due to the tired efforts of the Senior missionaries that didn't save enough pennies to go on a "real mission".

If you look around or looked around at the demographics of the temple attending people, you realize that beyond the usual suspects of Bishoprics and Stake Presidency members, what is left is a bunch of single sisters and a smattered bunch of people guilted into going back to the Lard's house.

My point: There will not be enough replacement temple workers once the baby boomers get burned out or flat out decline to serve in that local temple mission capacity. You go spend hours of your day drooling, standing up, sitting down, not talking to people and wishing you could be hanging out with your grandkids. Meanwhile, current Mctemple workers' kids are watching their parents contempt for the temple grow. So, they make notes to themselves not to accept that calling in the future.

Good luck finding future Mctemple workers. Thanks Gordon. Future inactivity is in the works.

True Believing Mormon forums register complaints and concerns - by bender

I was lurking on some True Believing Mormon forums (like and others)looking up another subject when out of curiosity I clicked on the threads about the new Arizona temples. I was expecting it to be alot of gushing over how great it is, and how it shows how fast the church is growing, blah, blah, blah. And there was alot of that, but there was also concern and questioning among alot of them.

Some question why a temple in Gilbert when the Mesa temple wasn't that crowded when they went. Others worried about how many workers would the Gilbert temple take away from the Mesa temple. Some gave examples of how new Mctemples have hurt larger temples that they were built near. One talked about how when the Sacramento temple was opened the Oakland temple lost over half it's workers and is still havng trouble filling them. Another who works in the LA temple talked about since the Redlands and Newport Beach temples opened the LA temple frequently has to cancel sessions because there's no one there, attendance is way down.

It was suprising and nice to see actual voicing of concerns and questioning on some True Believing Mormon forums.

The Mormon Memphis temple brings down property values

04/28/2008 - by NoLihoma

I work with a woman who lives in the subdivision next to the Memphis temple. She said everyone hates it and they claim it has brought down their property values with the traffic, the lights and the fact that the Mormons have so much there with the stake center and temple and all.

What I thought was funny is that she asked me what goes on in that temple because all this stuff that's been on the news about the FLDS temple and the bed in it and everything. Her neighbors want to know what kind of creepy rituals are going on in their neighborhood.

I told her to tell them not to worry--there seem to be plenty of Mormon virgins to use for sacrifice so they shouldn't need to be combing her neighborhood looking for some unless they run out.

I also told her that if her house was in Utah and the temple shone right through their dining room window, it would probably double the value of their home. She didn't believe me. But if the property values go down some, they should be able to sell their homes to Mormons. I told her to tell her neighbors to try to find a Mormon realtor if they're trying to sell.

Funny Story About Temple Handshakes at School Today

04/04/2008 - by lolaboona

Just a preface, I'm a student at the University of Utah law school, and I've told some of my fellow nevermo classmates who came from out of state a few of the weirder things about Mormonism. One of which was the secret handshakes learned in the temple that are supposedly needed to get into heaven. As nevermo's, they realize the Mormons keep it secret, but aren't really familiar with the attitude they have about it.

So today a group of us are talking about the upcoming Barrister's Ball for school, and one Mo-girl (temple endowed) pipes up that we should crash BYU-Law's ball. So we all joked about showing up drunk and what not. Then one of my "informed" nevermo friends said something like, "I wonder if they require you to do the secret handshake to get in?"

After that you could tell the Mo-girl was uncomfortable and she decided to play dumb. She was like "What? Handshakes? Mormons don't have handshakes." I didn't press her on it, because I don't want to be a jerk. But I couldn't help but find it hilarious watching her squirm and lie for the Lord like that.

Mormon temple weddings began and arose out of the secret introduction of polygamy

03/26/2008 - by Lando Moron

Polygamy was like a secret, elite club within Mormonism. Secrecy and attendance by "initiated members" only was necessary to avoid drawing attention to the practice of polygamy.

Later, the secrecy and exclusivity became a long-standing policy and using temple recommends as stick and carrot became a tool of control and manipulation.

After the end of polygamy as an overtly approved practice, wothiness to receive the temple recommend (essentially a membership card) remained linked to the payment of tithing and other rules. This is important leverage for the Church leaders, since they have no real authority, moral or otherwise.

There is no good reason, for a church that cares about its members, not to not modify the temple ceremony to allow participation by all who want to attend. But the LDS Church doesn't care about its members, so much as it regards them as plantation workers. The continuing exclusive nature of temple weddings and the manipulative use of temple recommends is continuing proof that the LDS Church does not really care about people.

In Mormon temple sealings the kids are allowed in!

03/26/2008 - by Anubis

I can't stand the double standards set forth by the old farts in Salt Lake City. MY wife and her family joined after her birth. Both her and her older sister were went into the exact same temple room we were married in.

They lead her down a small hallway off the main floor and finally into the wedding/sealing room. She didn't see anything until she got to the room. She then knelt at the alter with her parents and sister to be sealed to them.

So it's ok when you are getting sealed but not to see the same sister's marriage in the same room.

PPPPissed for anyone involved and enduring.

How about a temple drive through?

03/20/2008 - by What me worry

I was thinking. Maybe as part of the expanding number of temples, and the smaller, more user friendly temples; the church might institute a drive through service at some of their temples.

Of course the procedure would vary from a common drive through. You would have to memorize a dialog that would go something like this:

Kid at drive through: What is wanted?

You: Adam, having proved true and faithful in all things, and having a large appetite, desires to speak with the Lord and place an order through the speaker phone.

Kid at drive through: Present him at the speaker phone, and his request shall be granted. Would you like the special?

You: What is that?

Kid at drive through: The chicken sandwhich.

You: Has it a name?

Kid: It has.

You: Will you give it to me?

Kid: I will through the speaker phone, The number one combo.

You: Hmmmm, I see the number two combo. What is that?

Kid: The second combo of the temple drive through.

You: Has it a name?

Kid: It has.

You: Will you give it to me?

Kid: I will through the speaker phone. (The name of this combo is your first given name, or if you are going through to get food for someone else, it is the name of the person for which you are purchasing.)

You: Hmmmm, My kids are hungry too, Do you have any meals for them?

Kid: I do.

You: Do they have a name?

Kid: They do.

You: Will you give them to me?

Kid: I will through the speaker phone, The Kid's Meal, or sign of the marketing toy. (The marketing toy, meaning the marketing toy from Disney.

You: Hmmmm. I am having a hard time making up my mind. Plus, Peter, James, and John are being so noisy in the back seat.

Kid: Can you tell me what you feel like?

You: I cannot. For this purpose have a come to the speaker phone to converse with the Lord of the drive in. Do you have any suggestions?

Kid: You shall receive your suggestions of the five meals of fellowship through the speaker phone. (Whispering)

This is the name of your order:

Cheese on the burger, Mustard on the bread, Pickle of the Priesthood, Be upon the FARMS guys and their posteriors, through all gyrations of apologizing, and throughout all idiocy.

What is that?

You: I think that is my order. Adam, having spoken with the Lord through the speaker phone, desires now to get his food.

Kid: Present him at the second window with lots of money, and his request shall be granted.

(Adam then pulls to the second window, and receives the food from the Lord.)

I predict the drive throughs will be a big hit. Why would you go through a two hour session, when you can just do the in -n- out?

Sugar cube Mormon temple.

Sugar Cube Mormon Temple

3/04/2008 - by Susan and others

Hansel and Gretel go to a sugar cube temple! - by Ames

I like the idea of the fairy story where the kids go to the sugar cube temple - or something. You know how a lot of people have gingerbread houses for Christmas? Mormons have sugar cube temples! LOL

If you want it to be edible - by sunflower

You can use frosting to stick them together.

"Here honey you can have the celestial room, save the holy of holies for your daddy."

How Wonderfully White and Delishsome - NOT! - by notamomo

Ah, the bitterly sweet thought of crunching cubes of sugar chased down with a swig of purple koolaid! Arf!! :-0

And speaking of drinking the koolaid, my favorite part of the ingredient list was: Tin foil (optional).

The tin foil is only optional if you actually decide to make the sugar cube temple - and it goes on your head!!

Perfect to sweeten a giant cup of coffee. - by otherstever

My Vote for Stupidest Temple Name - Winter Quarters Nebraska Temple

03/04/2008 - by anon for this

I mean really, this temple is the Omaha Temple. "Winter Quarters" means absolutely nothing in contemporary geography for that area and is a rather cultish sounding name despite its significance to the pioneers.

The Morg (Mormon Church) doesn't call the Palmyra Temple - the "First Vision New York Temple", the Nauvoo Temple - the "City Beautiful Illinois Temple" or the Salt Lake Temple - the "This is the Place Utah Temple".

The Non-Members in Omaha must pass by the temple and go HUH???? What in hell is the "Winter Quarters Nebraska Temple"????

Another Palmyra possibility "Sacred Grove New York Temple" - by shouldntgivethemorganyideas

C'mon let's get some real gold in those temple names - by cricket

The Temple Mormon body. The Sacramento Gold Rush Temple

The Golden Gate Oakland Temple

The Golden Years St. George Temple

The Jackpot Las Vegas Temple or The Gold Nugget Las Vegas Temple

The Gold Digger Palmyra Temple

The Miracle Mile Los Angeles Temple

The Inca Gold Peru Temple

The Swiss Bank Account Bern Temple

The Yearning for Yen Tokyo Temple

The Thrilla in Manilla Philippines Temple

The Please Cry For Me Buenos Aires Argentina Temple

The Show Me A Sign St. Louis Missouri Temple

The Martin Luther King and Priest Atlanta Georgia Temple

The Mr. Potato Head Rexburg Idaho Temple

The Ididarod Anchorage Alaska Temple

The Undercover Polygamy Ciudad Juárez México Temple

The Dallas Consecrated Oil Texas Temple

The Grapes of Wrath Fresno California Temple

The Book of Mormon Tours Guatemala Temple

The Where in the Hell is Vernal Utah Temple

The Outback Stakehouse Perth Australia Temple

The I Hope The Millennium Comes Sooner than Later Oklahoma City Temple

The Timothy McVeigh Baptized for the Dead Oklahoma City Temple

The Tithing Sucker Temple - by JBug

The We Have A Problem Houston Temple

The Disney World Orlando Florida Temple... we're right next to Fantasyland

The How the Hell do you Spell Timpanogis, Timpanoses, Pimpanogus, that dang temple in American Fork - by Jack Donkey

The Hie Unto Kolob Maui Wowee Hawaii Temple

New temple ceremony revelation announced by President Monson

by Blash - 03/04/2008

Salt Lake City (AP) - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints held a press conference today on the steps of the East Door of the world famous Temple on Temple Square in Salt Lake City. President Thomas S. Hinckley announced that the Lord had revealed unto him a new and everlasting covenant and ceremony to begin officiations immediately in each and every House of the Lord (Temple and McTemple) operated by the Church worldwide.

Thomas Monson flash freezes Uchtdorf. As background context, President Monson shared his observation that during the various Handcart Company anniversary celebrations and parades held throughout Utah and other regions, many members regretted that they had not had the opportunity for the extreme faith promoting experience of crossing the plains in the dead of winter with nothing but a rickety handcart for conveyance and shelter.

Many modern-day saints (members of the Church) wish they had the iron clad testimonies that one can acquire only by faithfully enduring extreme hardships, such as fighting for survival through winter blizzards and experiencing several (if not all) of your own children being frozen to death along the trail to the Promised Land of Zion.

Starting immediately, temple patrons worldwide will be offered the extreme faith promoting ordinance to be known as "Freezing Your Children for the Dead". Faithful Mormon parents will be allowed to bring one or more of their own children to the Temple for the purpose of experiencing a moving and testimony building ordinance, the details of which were revealed by the Lord Himself to his Prophet, Seer and Kelvinator, Thomas S. Monson.

All Temples have been recently outfitted with a state-of-the-art Flash Freezing System powered by liquid nitrogen and engineered by Aire Liquide. First, the temple officiator directs the mother, father and candidate children to join hands in a circle of familial love, the circle signifying the unending lifetime of sacrament meetings and excruciating High Councilor talks the children will be spared from having to sit through. Then the officiator raises his right arm to the square and recites the following ordinance prayer revealed to President Monson:

"Brother and Sister Smith (or their actual family name), having been commissioned of Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, and by the power of the Holy Melchizedek Priesthood under direction of our Living Prophet, I now freeze your children for and on behalf of (list of names of already-dead children who were not able to enjoy the faith promoting blessings of being frozen to death during a midwest handcart crossing in the dead of winter). In the name of the our Grandfather in Heaven, our Father in Heaven, and the Son, and the Son's girlfriend, and the Son's neighbor's wife, and the Holy Ghost and his girlfriend, Mary, whom He knew in the Biblical sense. Amen."

Liquid Air for flash freeze temple work. After the ceremonial ordinance prayer, the Temple officiator ushers the children to huddle together standing at attention with arms at their sides - in the center of the circle - facing outward as their parents witness the proceedings. The temple worker then reaches over and operates the liquid nitrogen valve and showers the children with a cascade of supercooled liquid -- flash freezing them immediately. The flash frozen children are then stacked like cordwood around the perimeter of the ceremony room, as if being stacked along the Mormon Train by their parents participating in a Handcart Company winter crossing of the plains to the Land of Zion -- and fortunate enough to have their children Frozen for the Lord.

Reporters then asked President Monson if the children frozen during the "Freezing Your Children for the Dead" ceremony would be actually frozen to death, or if they would be merely in a state of suspended animation, able to be thawed out later and brought back to life. President Monson corrected the reporter by clarifying that the children frozen in the temples would be rendered into an eternal state of "suspended intelligence", with no opportunity to be resuscitated and forced to attend Sacrament Meetings for the rest of their lives.

President Monson explained that focus group research had determined that the only way to induce otherwise healty and happy Mormon children to agree to be frozen to death in a temple ceremony would be to promise them they would never have to sit through another sacrament meeting again -- ever -- for all time and eternity.

President Monson further announced that there would unfortunately be a long waiting list at the temples for access the new ceremony. He reported that 95% of the children in the entire LDS Church have already requested to be "Frozen for the Dead". (The other 5% of the children have not yet been contacted.) Parents are equally enthusiastic about the new temple ordinance. It seems that being able to get rid of all of your Mormon brat children in one fell swoop is equally attractive to nearly all of the Moms and Dads throughout Zion.

President Monson closed the press conference by predicting that temple attendance is expected to increase by over 7000% over the next few years that it will take to complete the freezing of nearly all of the children in the Church. Lines have already formed circling around the block at nearly every Mormon temple on the planet.

Bar Coded Temple Recommends Start 2007

Mormon Temple Recommend Bar Code. Regarding new temple recommends with bar codes

I guess they don't teach correct principals and let them govern themselves anymore, they just now teach incorrect principles and govern the hell out of the members. - 10/06/2007 - old carabou

The mark of the beast

I just had a funny thought.

With the bar codes on a temple recommend it's like having a chip in your hand and the stupid baker's caps create the mark on your head.

Anyone remember the Priesthood talks about the sign of the best?

"Chip in your hand and a mark on your forehead." 10/06/2007 - Anubis

How many times did you go to the temple and how many temples did you go to until you said: ENOUGH ALL READY?

I look back and wonder how I lasted as long as I did. - SusieQ#1

Even my school chums from grade school and high school wondered too! :-) I had some incredible stamina!

The only explanation I have is that if I said I would do something, I kept my word. I came from a family that taught that "your word was your bond."

If I got involved in something I wanted to do it "right," the best I knew how. Even when things went terribly "wrong" I persevered! I was not going to give up.

Even though something kept telling me that this whole church and particularly the temple is just "off" contrary to the claimed teachings, weird, strange,something was "wrong" with the picture they were painting, but I couldn't figure what it was, I just knew I was uncomfortable. But, like a dress that was bought on sale that didn't fit quite right, I was going to continue to wear it!

With all these concerns,, who was I to argue with GOD! I just needed to pray for understanding and to be humble I was young and impressionable and gullible and thought that a world wide religion was to be respected and honored! After all, my grandmother Lessley [maiden name] was a preachers kid and I had a newspaper article from 1930 when three generations of Reverend Lessley preached on the same day. Believing and respecting ministers was our family tradition.

Of course, I stuck it out because, like all of us, w I had a lot of help with the repetitive, droning, hypnotizing imprinting and programming that went along with my desire to represent Mormonism fully and not displease Heavenly Father.

So, I got busy and I got serious and honest and forthright. I went to the interviews, I prayed, I read, I studied.

I went to the temple in 1962 until 1995. I attended dozens and dozens of "sessions" including special repetitive "Washing and Anointing" sessions. Special sealing sessions doing dozens of them at once.

Over the years, because of my musical training and memory training, I memorized, almost word for word, three different temple dialogs.

I saw three movies, and witnessed the live ceremonies in Manti, barely alive, that is as they were very old actors, rattling off the words in a monotone, and I won't even go into how funny it was to see an Eve played by what was probably a 50 to 80 year old woman!

As I recall (hopefully memory is fading!!) I attended a minimum of seven temples in at least three states, one in Europe.

We used to attend monthly and do two sessions at a time, so I estimate that I did about 500 sessions of one type or another in my temple-attending days.

In 1962, we were still renting the temple outfits, including the union suit-long john garment [I still wonder how it was OK to rent used underwear] which went from neck to wrist to ankle and was put on us in the Washing and Anointing room by the temple matron whispering in my ear with a breath mint in her mouth. She could chew on a breath mint but I was ordered to take gum out of my mouth!

I attended the temple when the whole Endowment, including the Washing and Anointing was done in one session.

I attended the temple when we generally only did the Endowment session, usually two in a row.

When I was married, as a convert, to an RM in the temple and "took out my Endowments" in 1962, I wore the one piece temple garment, with the "over-flap" :-) before the two piece ones came out in about 1978.

I attended the temple, keeping my temple recommend interviews up to date, even though I knew something was really, really weird,[ because I refused to be kept from attending my last child's temple sealing. The next day, I took the official, regulation 24/7 Mormon skivvies off and never put them on again! Then some time later, I threw them in the trash!

Recently, cleaning out the house for the move, I found a bag with my temple outer costume in it including the veil, the apron, the robe and sash! Now I am trying to figure out what to do with it. Do I save it for posterity, burn it in a ritual, give it away, sell it, throw it in the trash, give it to a thrift store? Maybe I need to pray about it. :-)

All along, I knew something was not adding up, I kept seeing of red flags popping up and grabbing my attention,but it took a lot of them to really get me to pay attention.

Interestingly, even though my first difficulty was accepting Joseph Smith Jr. as a prophet, it never entered my head that he was a lying little snot who got away with making up a huge fraud from the get go. One of the happiest days of my life was when it sunk in: The Book of Mormon is fiction about imaginary people and imaginary places and plagiarized other works. What a relief!

Oh sure, he created a "true church" as he borrowed and plagiarized Christianity and a bunch of other authors, to create an unique American God Myth, but when I stopped attending,[the last straw was the man in the women's bathroom story], I hadn't figured that out yet.

I had been too well programmed, for too many decades with the rote answers in the socially, emotionally, familial, closed, exclusive Mormon society, that I believed sincerely, the lie that anyone who did not accept their claims was trying to destroy the church, destroy my testimony and faith, and were angry, anti-Mormons who had an ax to grind. Of course, the party line held that behind it all was that wily character, Satan, Lucifer the father of all lies.

I had a sharp mind, I was no dummy, and I could easily over ride the cognitive dissonance, the mental gymnastics; terms that I eventually learned explained my thinking process. In fact, I got quite good at it! :-) Of course, it could have been because I read a lot of mystery stories and loved being an arm-chair detective, but that's another story!

After some contemplation, and not attending for about a year, it occurred to me that they had it backwards. They were lying from the get-go and therefore, they were in the Satan camp!Ah ha! That was a clever ploy, but I was not falling for it anymore.

I had seen the magic trick and now I knew how it was done. I was no longer taken in. My love of the supernatural, metaphysical, magic was replaced by reality.

All I can say now, that the teaching from Mormonism that "The Glory of God Is Intelligence" is true, and I am glad I used my intelligence and got myself out of Mormonism! Well, actually, I got myself out of the church before I got the church out of me. That takes a lot longer.

Once was enough for us. - Margie

We were "sealed" at the St. George temple 1979 or 1980 so we had to do the blood oath thing. The temple and reading The Miracle of Forgiveness was enough for us to never go back, I don't even think we went back to church after we went to the temple. We lived in Hurricane at the time and so I got a taste of Utah Mormons and I did not like them one bit. We had moved there from California.

I went one time--My "Endowments/Sealing". I NEVER went back. - Victory & Freedom

Probably a dozen times, last time was disastrous. - Jenny

I went probably a dozen times or more, usually doing multiple sessions on each trip as we didn't live close and I wanted to be as "useful" as possible. Ahem.

I said "ENOUGH ALREADY" when I went the last time. I had a specific mission and that was to ask someone, a matron or someone in the temple presidency to help me understand to whom i was sealed for time and all eternity now that I'd found out that my husband had lied his way back into membership from excommunication, had lied his way back into the priesthood, had lied his way back to his temple recommend, and had lies his way into our sealing. He'd been having affairs all during this time. So my question was simple, Who am I sealed to?

So I went through a session and then found the temple matron and asked her my questions. Well, no mere woman is fit to answer such a deep inquiry so she pulls over a white-suited member of the presidency and he drags me back to an office and closes the door. Sits me down and goes through these sort of gay musings about ... nothing really. Then when I ask my question for the fifth time he gets around to saying I'm sealed to Jesus Christ. Gee, Brother President. I'm MARRIED to Jesus?

Anyway the meeting ends and I'm left all cold feeling. None of that testimony/spirit/teary-eyed stuff. Not at all what I expected. He stands up and says "You need a hug!" I'm thinking, "I need to get out of here." So he hugs me. And hugs me. And hugs me.

You know when a hug is over and you draw back and the other person instinctively ends it, too? This man hadn't had that lesson. He just held on tight.


I could barely say good-bye to him and his "sweet" wife outside. Got changed, felt dirty and left. I knew I'd never go back. It wasn't just because of the creepy presidency guy. It was all of it. It was just over. He was sort of like the camel that broke the temple-is-so-peaceful-testimony's back.

funny. I felt kind of sick when writing this, just like I felt that day.

After going through the temple for the first time did any of you wonder to yourself:

"So THIS is the big secret/sacred temple ceremony? Rearranging our outfits?! Secret HANDSHAKES?! A movie about the Garden of Eden?! This is IT?! This is the big deal?!"

Yes--that's what I thought, too. - Deenie, the dreaded single adult

"Where's the big 'learning experience' that I'm supposed to be having? I guess I'm not spiritual enough..."

Aside from that, the whole thing creeped me out. (Let's see--I've been to 4 temples; can't recall how many times, though.)

I was TOTALLY not comfortable with the initiatory part of the ceremony. I really, really felt violated.

The 'pay lay ale' chanting made me think of "Rosemary's Baby;" I felt like I was at a Satanic worship service.

I felt like Eve sure gave in awfully easily to Satan, in the movie--and, furthermore, what choice did she have? Why was it a sin, when it was the only way for their actual "life" to begin? What was up with God, for him to make a "don't eat from this tree, but you have to, if you want to know good from evil" rule? There was NO WAY to do it right...

I hated having to veil my face.

The weird thing for me was--after going for awhile, I sort-of got used to it. I was basically numb; the creepy stuff didn't bother me so much, anymore (and a lot of it was taken out; I'd originally gone in the mid-80's). I went to the temple with friends, and it was just "the thing to do." [The only exception: I wouldn't agree to do initiatories. I got roped into it ONCE, when I went with the rest of the RS presidency, and the temple matron had asked the pres. if we'd do initiatories, since they were "behind" on them. She said 'yes,' and came back to tell the rest of us--and I felt my heart sinking. Sure enough, I was as uncomfortable this time as I'd been when I'd done my own--only, multiply it by 20x...yuck!]

So, rather than becoming increasingly creeped out, and finally saying, "That's enough! No more," I became increasingly compliant, saying, "Oh, well, it's something I'm supposed to do..."

I was actually surprised at the total relief I felt, when I walked away from the church, and realized that I'd never have to go to the temple any more!

Thinking about this makes me cringe. - Truth Without Fear

I used to have a goal to attend as many temples as possible in my life.

I was a true blue throat slashin', boob rippin', self eviceratin' pay lay aler!

Regular endowment sessions, Regular washing and anointing sessions, Regular sealing sessions, Regular youth baptism trips, Veil worker, Ordinance worker.

Now I flush with embarrassment when I think about all of the time I wasted doing all that crap. B A R F

I drove the three hours back to Austin - lilmama

I took my endowment out at the Houston temple, by myself, a matron was my companion for the day. I drove the three hours back to Austin in wonder, thinking, in shock, embarrassed. I, like the original poster, am a person of my word, and decided that the 2nd time would feel better, so I went again, and again was pissed at all the on - off change shoulders, put your veil over your face, give me a freaking break one knuckle, the 2nd knuckle what the hell.

I then went to the open house in San Antonio, and took my son, and then of course he participated in the jubilee and we went to the dedication. Felt weird. Hinckey Dink reached out and grabbed my son's hand and of course that made him a celebrity. Then I lent my dress to someone and never got it back and realized I felt relieved instead of pissed, and then I found this site. Thank God.

They're all the same - lightfingerlouie

Salt Lake, Hawaii, Manti, and Provo. They were all the same, all dreadful.

I went a total of about ten times, I guess. Tried and tried, but could not come to terms. You can't put powdered sugar on a turd.

Once was enough for me - Wintermoon

Once was enough for me. I knew when I walked out of there I was NEVER coming back.

My uncle took his garments off after his endowment and never went back to church. - Cats

He is considered "bad" because of this simple act of defiance. Now I'm working on being the "bad" guy in the family.

His was in the 60s while today much more disbelief and temple eschewing seems to be taking place.

Too many times. - KimberlyAnn

As a True Beleiving Mormon I took my duty to save the dead seriously. The closest temple to us for many years was the Dallas TX temple. DH and I set a goal to go quarterly and we did. After a McTemple was built in Oklahoma City, we went monthly and did two or three sessions each time.

Admittedly, I was a little bored during the sessions, but I truly believed I was on an errand for the Lord. To be completely honest, I was proud of myself--I was on the fast track to Goddesshood.

As my doubts about the church began to surface, I increased my temple attendance in an effort to find answers there...but I found the ritual increasingly meaningless.

As an exmo, I'm embarrassed by the extreme loyalty I had for the cult. I wish I had been smart enough to figure it out before I wasted so much time.

Only when required. - tbirdguy58

That would be the first time, 8x during the MTC, and when my parents made me participate in a dead-marriage ceremony for my grandparents. I never would have gone on my own. It was all too stupid.

I was so nervous and scared - Kat

Once in 1992 and that was once too often. Scared the crap out of me and I never wanted to go back. In fact I have been inactive ever since.

I was crazy about this guy who was very in tune to going to the temple. I had always heard how wonderful and spiritual it was. I guess I must have expected to see angels or to be exceedingly blessed. This guy said he would take me to the temple. I had no idea what to expect as none of it was ever discussed in the temple prep classes. Didn't have a clue that he couldn't be beside me the whole way - that I would be pawned off on a matron as my escort. Never expected to sit on opposite sides of the room or to do strange things (which I barely remember or choose to forget). Never expected the strange clothing or how the annointings was administered.

I was so nervous and scared, it was even hard for me to do the secret handshakes, I couldn't concentrate or think straight. I'm surprised they let me cross over as I was so absent minded that day. I just couldn't wait to get out of there.

A few days after this guy had taken me to the temple (I thought he was the one I wanted to be with the rest of eternity) I find out he is going back to a previous girlfriend that had just finished her mission. Talk about a slap in the face. Guess being a convert made me less desirable to someone that came from a long generation of Mormons and whose returned "girlfriend" also came from a long line of Mormons as well. I never did tell him my feelings about the temple or how scared shitless I was.

It has been 14 years and I just found my garmies in a shoe box in the closet. I don't know what to do with them. Do I burn them, or just pitch them for the garbage man to take away.

Seeing the deceased - lilmama

My sister says she sees our Mother and Grandfather quite often when she's in the temple, but she also hears voices in her head.

Rosemary's Baby - Walking in Darkness

Once, the day before my wedding in 73. Fiance and I were freaked. She said, "It was right out of Rosemary's Baby. I don't know if I even want to get married tomorrow." The next day we did get married and I freaked again when I had to pledge my all to the church in my own freakin marriage ceremony. I had already studied some of the "mysteries" in college so I knew about the Masonic connection, the weird costumes, etc. but didn't know about all the weird signs, tokens and penalties. The slitting of your throat and disemboweling was disgusting and reprehensible to me from the very beginning. I didn't go back for another 3 years and experienced it all over again. The revulsion was almost beyond my tolerance. I only went back when we sealed our adopted son to us in the SLC Temple in 1978. You know what the main reason for my disbelief in the temple ceremony? When I was younger I could see auras and feel people's intent. I felt that if I could do that surely God could see into a person's heart without all the fancy dancing to get into heaven.

Total disaster - JoAnn

The first time was a total disaster - we had to endure a 12-hour bus trip (right on the heels of a busy work week.) I was almost too tired to care.

One of the mishies who first taught me told me that there was a "final exam" that you had to pass (with an A+, yet)or else they wouldn't let you out of the temple. So when they got to the Q & A part, I focused my tired brain as hard as I could. I thought I had most of it down pretty well by the time we went to the veil. At the veil, a geezer with bad breath told me "oh, it's your first time through. Well, repeat after me. . ." I said, "No, I think I've got it. I'll do it myself" And he started getting pushy with the "repeat after me" stuff. Finally, the friend who was "escorting" me whispered, "You're not allowed to fight with the temple worker. Just do what he says." I was so keyed up with adrenaline, so anxious to show that I "got" the answers - this really pissed me off. So I ended up repeating what the geezer said, but I was just seething with anger.

Of course, that made me feel highly unrighteous. I left the temple feeling confused, rebellious, and let down. It hadn't been a spiritual experience at all - but undoubtedly, it was my fault.

My second and final time, years later, confirmed my opinion that it was all a crock. The only reason I had a TR was because I had lied through my teeth so I could attend my son's wedding. A friend invited me to go with her, and I thought "I'll give it an honest try." Well, I did. To this day, I respect my friend's faith and her sincerity, but the whole temple thing is absolute nonsense.

How many times did you go to the temple and how many temples did you go to until you said: ENOUGH ALL READY?

The International House of Handshakes. - esteban

You HAVE to laugh about it now, thinking back on actually spending time dressing in white garb, baker's hats, learning secret handshakes and passwords to get into heaven! OMG! The HEIGHTH of my spirituality was THAT? What was I thinking???? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

The baker hat - my 2 cents

I got sealed this past december and had never been before that. I knew something was really off when I saw my husband with the baker hat and he looked like a representative of pilsbery. The initiatories didn't really bother me. I know the rituals have been changed anyways so there not as strange. But when that long movie was over and they made us repeat things and do the weird hand tokens and adjust that sash thing I was freaking out. I think the icing on the cake is when they did that prayer circle with the chanting. Good thing my veil was on so nobody could see my eyes welling up with tears. (yes i WAS so embarrassed that I was taking part in something so weird). And then when we went to the veil and did our little hand tokens with my husband I was so done! At the end when you are in the celestial room with everyone I just wanted to get out of there as fast as I could. I only went back in february because some friends of ours were going and only doing sealings. Not as weird just kind of boring and seemed pointless the whole time. I kept thinking this is so lame. I am making a point to stay away from a temple for as long as I can!

can I share mine? - cl2

So--you didn't get to be groped by an old man at the veil for the five points of fellowship?

I thought I was the only one that was uncomfortable with all this. Everyone always tried to talk me into going more often. I hated all the changing of clothes--thought the movie was basically stupid. When I mentioned to my son the other day "the temple movie"--he couldn't believe it--A MOVIE, IN THE TEMPLE?

I'm the one who went a whopping 4 times. The last time I attended the temple, my kids were 3 years old. They are now almost 21. I didn't go inactive for over 5 more years after that and I never went after 1990. It was all just too much.

Personally, I'd take the veil over that baker's hat anyday.

My experience - Victory & Freedom

The strangest things to me:

The circle of people chanting. It seemed pagan or Satanic to me. I wasn't afraid of it, I just thought....this ISN'T supposed to be part of the LDS church.....what the heck is going on? I didn't expect for that to look the way it did.

Why did we have to keep adjusting our clothes? This shoulder then that shoulder... Why not just put it where it is supposed to end up and be done with it? It seemed like busy work, just there to take up time. Why wasn't anyone else noticing that all this was just a time waster?

How could those secret names have any significance when they are assigned by the day that you first attend? Why not just use our real names, not some ugly Biblical name that is just like everyone else's going through that day?

The STRANGEST part to me was looking around the room and seeing just how SERIOUS the whole thing was to everyone!! It struck me as quite SILLY and a couple of times I started to laugh. (I got it under control real fast, I didn't want to look like I was mocking or being disrespectful and I wasn't trying to be.)

I went to the temple under strange circumstances. I had researched the whole thing a few years earlier (ahem...the internet) I wanted to know what I was getting myself into and nobody would tell me. I wouldn't sign a contract without reading it first...I wanted to make sure there wasn't going to be any animal sacrifice or orgies (I had heard rumors about that kind of thing) I had read the Godmakers, etc. I was quite convinced that it was a load of bunk (though basically harmless bunk)......but, I WANTED TO BELIEVE. I read scriptures, I went to BYU, I was TRYING to be a good LDS person and I was trying to have a testimony. I REALLY WANTED TO BELIEVE THE WAY THAT OTHER PEOPLE DID!!

I was willing to make a "Leap of Faith" for the sake of my spouse. I thought that if I had an open heart and an open spirit that the truth would be revealed to me. I did go in with an open mind....and an open heart.

My Grandmother was so PROUD of me and my True Believing Mormon parent was actually accepting me for the first time.....I wanted everyone to be happy. I wanted the other kids in the temple club to accept me too.

I didn't decide to never go back at first...I just didn't go, the rituals are a waste of time. A few months later I knew I would never go back. For me the experience wasn't shocking or horrifying (it was after the bloody oaths were removed and the naked touching was minimal,late 1999) But it was an enormous WASTE OF TIME. Silly rituals and passwords to get into Joseph's Secret Clubhouse.

I, like Deenie-TDSA, wondered where was the BIG spiritual experience? Was THAT all there is? This was the BIG deal?

It was a serious letdown.

Even now, I wish that I could have believed the way some of you did. I know that is irrational. But for me, the Emperor NEVER had any clothes and no matter what I did he was always naked.

I have always wondered: If the temple clothes were black instead of white (with the ceremony remaining EXACTLY as it is) would people have thought differently about the ceremony? Imagine that chanting prayer circle with the people dressed in black robes???? Tell me THAT wouldn't look Satanic?????

Cross a cult, Simon Says and Hokey Poky and you have the Temple. - Dagny

Simon says move your robe to the left shoulder. Simon says lower your veil. Put your right hand in and shake it all about. Remove your shoes. Whoops! Simon didn't say that, now sit down.


I kept thinking, "Man, this is so cultish!"

Yet I went back probably over a hundred times over the years, each time wondering why I wasn't "learning something new" and deep each time. Heck, I had it memorized after a couple years.

I remember my extreme disappointment that God was so petty that he was running things like a boy's tree house club.

Now I realize how rituals are used for the initiate to be introduced to higher cult levels so he forms more stringent bonds. The symbolism and mysticism are part of the process.

Mormon Temple Meditation Moments

Book of Mormon Action Figures

I go every week for the new Book of Mormon action figure! When Nephi swings his sword, Laban's head falls right off!

(Warning: Laban's head is a choking hazard for children under three. LDS Doctrine is a choking hazard for adults of all ages.) - 10/04/2007 - Dbradhud

Parody Eclipsed by Reality - Mormon Church to build Temple on a Cruise Ship

I about gagged with laughter yesterday as I attended Fast and Testimony meeting with my wife. Some Church Office Building employee was bearing his testimony when he kind of slipped and announced that the church is thinking of building a temple on a cruise ship. The purpose is to take the temple to the people of the Pacific Islands. It was all I could do to keep from busting a gut.

Imagine Capt Stubing AKA Temple Captain already dressed in his white uniform and white captain's hat putting on his green apron to officiate an endowment ceremony while Yeoman Gopher goes around and gives everyone their signs and tokens.

The Black Bartender, Isaac could hand out tropical drinks with little "Angel Moroni's" stuck on the top of tiny umbrellas to remind the mind of the Provo Temple as the patrons enter the Celestial "Cabin".

Cruise Director Julie McCoy could direct the geriatric throngs in shuffleboard and scripture chases as they wait to enter the endowment "cabins." OH the slashing of the throats that would take place!

All the while in the background could be heard playing on the ship organ the tune:

Love, exciting and new,
Come aboard.
We're endowing you.

Love, no more touching allowed.
Bow your head,
as you're instructed to.

The Love Boat
Endowments for everyone.
The Love Boat ... The Pay, Lay Ales have just begun.
Set a course for Indenture,
Your mind on Obedience.

Love .. Once endowed you're ours till the end...
Fake a Smile .. Anti-Depressants Depend.

It's Looooove!
Welcome aboard - It's Looooove! - 10/04/2007 - Craig Paxton

Handshakes, Hats, and a Superhero Apron Cape

Today I decided to clean out my closet. It has been a while since I did this, and my closet in particular was screaming for attention. As I removed my sweaters, shirts, shorts and a sundry of other apparel, I came across my black temple clothing bag. "Let's have some fun with this," I said to myself.

I called my ten-year-old son, as well as my seven, six and four-year-old daughters into the living room, "Come in here kids, I have something to show you!" I then proceeded to don my cap, robe, apron and sash all the while explaining to the kids that Mom and I dressed like this during our visits to the temple.

My son began to laugh, exclaiming, "I am so glad we are out of the church and I won't have to wear those stupid clothes!" I laughed and then my seven-year-old daughter said, "Dad, you look like a cooker man!" By now, we were all laughing and having a great time.

They were all fascinated with the slippers for some reason, and wanted to take turns wearing them around the house. My four year old took the apron and wore it in a Superman fashion while whisking too and fro throughout the house. My seven year old took the robe and wrapped herself in it while exclaiming, "Look Dad, I'm a mummy!" My son took a shine to the cap and asked if he could keep it and wear it around the neighborhood.

I then told them about some of the handshakes and things that we did while there. My seven-year-old daughter looked at me with a "you have got to be kidding me" expression, and my son just laughed. I then told them that at one time I looked forward to taking them to the temple, as I believed it was a special place, but now we know it's a lie and made up by Joseph Smith. "It's all a pile of crap!" exclaimed my ten-year-old son.

Part of me still had some reservations about doing this due to Morg (Mormon Church) programming. Nevertheless, I wanted my children to see the utter silliness of the whole dress up thing. My seven year old caught on how stupid it was ever to think that some handshakes would be necessary to get back to God. A sweet seven-year-old mind, uncluttered by the baggage of Mormonism could see right through the completely stupid mess, but I at one time could not.

I have to go now; Apron Girl and Cap Man are here to take me away to spirit prison. - 10/04/2007 - Swedeboy

Mormon Temple Oklahoma City.

The tale of three members of the Oklahoma City Oklahoma Temple Open House Committee

10/06/2007 - by Odell

Life can be so strange. Here is a story of three different people and what happened in the space of just five years.

In March 1999, the LDS First Presidency announced that a temple would be built in Oklahoma City. The stake president made the first public announcement in the ward I attended. He announced that he had some good news and some bad news. The bad news was that the ward was losing its softball field, the good news was that it was being replaced with a temple. Tears flowed from the congregation at this unexpected announcement. I could never have imagined how this event would change and shape my life.

In the subsequent months, the General Authority assigned to the area called on H. Jerrell Chesney to become chairman of the Open House Committee. Chesney had served as a stake president in the area and was a temple worker in the Dallas Texas Temple. He was a respected member of the community having served for many years as the Executive Secretary of the Oklahoma State Board of Regents, a position he resigned as a result of its decision to permit the showing of the “God Makers’ film on OSU campuses.

Chesney assembled committee members to serve in various functions. Later, I was asked to help on the committee with public relations issues. I may have been the youngest member. The committee met on a regular basis to discuss various open house issues. There I met many capable and good people. A committee member I had already known was Oklahoma City Mission President, James Engebretsen.

I had been a Ward Mission Leader when I first met Engebretsen. He was a youngish man who had made a lot of money in the Philadelphia area as an investment banker. We both shared a common goal. I had wanted to establish a branch in the small city of El Reno, Oklahoma. The town was within the ward boundaries, yet distant from the chapel. The missionaries could not find transportation for its investigators to attend church meetings. The town had a few strong families that could have served as the back bone of a branch’s leadership. I suspect that Engebretsen wanted a new unit created to show off to church general authorities. Despite our intense efforts, the stake president had opposed any new unit in El Reno.

We found ourselves together again on the temple committee. The open house was a great success. Shortly before dedication, my new friend, Jerrell Chesney was called to be the temple’s first president. I was called to be a temple worker. Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, I left work early to serve in the temple until late at night. During this time, my friendship with the Chesneys grew. They were totally committed to their temple assignments and worked very hard at it for the next five years.

After a couple of years as temple worker, I was released when I was called into a new bishopric. I would serve in two more bishoprics in the next several years and help with difficulties caused by relocation of ward boundaries.

The Chesneys served “faithfully” in their duties. The Oklahoma City temple became a model of temple efficiency with greater temple attendance than other larger temples. After being released as temple president in 2005, Jerrell was asked to serve as a bishop once more in the hometown ward in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

Engebretsen was released as mission president in 2001 and returned to the Philadelphia area. During his tenure he had campaigned hard to gain the attention of general authorities. He possessed a very apparent desire to be called into one of the Quorums of Seventy. Prior to his departure, he told me that he was founding a new bank with others “back East.”

I continued to work at the law firm and to take care of my family and church responsibilities. That all changed when I began looking for answers to my church questions. Research eventually caused me to leave the church. I was fortunate to depart it with my family intact. Today, I work in my own firm and my life is different than it was during my LDS years. I am involved in my community and have friends and interests much more diverse than I could have ever imagined.

Jerrell Chesney and his wife left the LDS Church nearly two years ago. He is very private and reserved about his departure. Yet, it was his unswerving integrity, which had caused him to be so committed and faithful as a church member, to force him to abandon a faith he had given his all.

And James Engebretsen later was an assistant dean of corporate relations at the Marriot School at the Brigham Young University, chair of the Peery Institute of Financial Services and a co-founder of the More Good Foundation, an organization established to provide “tools, support, education, and content to help LDS-oriented Web sites” – in order to combat the increasing knowledge members are learning from the internet regarding their own history. He is still not a general authority.

Three lives, three tales.

Mormon Temple Winnebego brings work for the dead to your home town.

The Mormon Church really should do the Winnebago thing

04/08/2007 - by D. P. Gumby

Seriously. It's a win-win situation for everybody.

1. The Corporation saves money. For the cost of building one traditional McTemple, they can buy a whole fleet of mobile McTemples. Ship them to Salt Lake, give a GA relative a lucrative contract to do the modifications, and roll one out every two weeks. Then, just dedicate it, and off it goes.

2. Hinckley gets more PR opportunities. Every two weeks he gets to dedicate another temple. KSL's Carol Mikita and the Desperate News would make every one front page news. GBH gets to bask in the public adulation of the Morgbots every couple of weeks.

3. Senior citizen Morgbots benefit. Instead of spending their retirement doing frivolous things like driving around the country in an RV seeing the sights, they can spend it driving around the country in an RV doing the Lard's work. Isn't it spessshhhulll.

4. Members outside of the corridor will find it more convenient. Since many of the McTemples are appointment only, they won't have to make an appointment to go to the temple, they can make an appointment for the temple to come to them. For example, the faithful members in Norfolk, NE (both of them!) will no longer have to travel two hours each way to the Winter Quarters temple do the endowment for Christian Lars Nielsen (b.1757, d.1809) for the 37th time. No. They can wait in the comfort of their home for the Winnebago to arrive, and then just nip down to the wardhouse for a couple of hours.

5. It will further the illusion of growth. The number of functioning temples can double in the next two years. Talk about a stone rolling forth! (Probably a Firestone)

6. Local bishops will be able to play the guilt card more effectively. "What do you mean you don't have time to attend ward temple day? It's going to be right here in the church parking lot."

7. Drive in temple weddings. Saves the young couple lots of time and money so they can start "multiplying and replenishing the Earth" sooner.

8. It makes the return to Missouri easier. Don't own the temple lot in Insependence? No problem. Just pull the Winnebago into Walmart and we're ready for the second coming.

The brethren really need to get on this one.

Kimberly Ann and Tom's Most Excellent Temple Toga Party

03/13/2007 - by KA

Kimberly Ann and Tom invited their friends over for a toga party. As former Mormons they thought their official temple clothing would come in handy in the costume department. They were the only former Mormons at the party so no one else their had a clue about where their pleated toga robes had come from.

Now if we can just get photos of their fig leaf aprons when they next cook at the barb-e-que.

Tom and Kimberly Ann temple toga hosts. Tom in his temple toga again. Tom in his temple toga.

For about 5 months after my first 2-3 temple sessions

02/09/2007 - by Timmy Teaboy

For about 5 months after my first 2-3 temple sessions I tried to convince myself that it was all very special and wonderful, and was all the great things that everyone talked about. But despite my efforts to think that way and despite talking about it that way to others, I never really felt a desire to go back. It was never really a place I wanted to go to in order to get good feelings. The only reason I would go would be out of a sense of duty or guilt, or being asked to go with some group.

Then I ran into this guy who was a bit more honest with his own feelings. He was a convert, so maybe that explains it a bit. I mentioned that I was going to the temple the next day and I expected that his response would be the usual, "oh, isn't that such a special and wonderful opportunity" or similar blather.

Instead, his first words were along the lines of: "Yeah, man, I can tell you I was sure freaked out the first time I went. Wasn't that a freaky experience? It really blew my mind and I still don't know what to make of it. But I guess I'll figure it out some day."

For some reason, those thoughts instantly resonated with me. I was suddenly ashamed of how I had been repressing my real feelings. I was asking myself, "why is this person saying the things that I have been feeling all along about the temple and why have I been so afraid to say them when they are my real thoughts and sentiments?"

It was a major eye-opener to me about how I had become an agent of my own deception in my desire to fit in with all of my worthy True Believing Mormon (True Believing Mormon) family members and friends.

Memories of my brother's pre 1990 SLC temple wedding

01/24/2007 - by Garment Wedgie

This was the typical Mormon temple "wedding", for the life of me I just cannot understand why they can even call that a wedding. It is so far from a real wedding. You know the "civil" weddings wherein everyone is allowed to enjoy the union of two lives, everyone is happy, where its not rushed and the photographer is free to roam and capture every precious moment of that single most important day of the beginning of their lives.

NO NO NO! This was the typical morning Mormon wedding. It was rote, dry, cold, extruded and void of any color. Hurry here, wait there, hurry here, no not that room, this room, wait. Where are your relatives? The wrong room? Wait, hurry, wait, hurry. Finally we meet in the sealing room.

Oh I almost forgot. This was pre 1990 and they requested an "all white wedding" Where we were all dressed up in our stupid Masonic outfits with the ugly aprons sashes belts and the look-at-the-retard-in-the-mini-bakers-hat HAT with that floppy plastic disk in it and the shoelace string thing.

Back before they had plastic, what did they have before the floppy plastic frisbee in the baker's hat?

Most of the temple garb is too big and it is the most hideous sight to see a room full of your close family, friends, and relatives dressed so sloppy! Sashes hanging down, bakers hats flopping here, there, left right, front back.

ACK! crooked veils on the women and they attempt to keep it from screwing up their nice hair doos and most of older realatives are FAT. A bunch of fat slouchy Mormons dressed in the most godfersaken dingy white outfits topped off with a crooked green apron that looks damn small against their size 44 inche Word of wisdom waistline.

If that was an awful sight to see my older brother, poor sap, forced to wear all of that cockamamie garb on HIS wedding day.

He paused before he knelt at the alter to look in the mirror and adjust his little hat one last time. "Don't bother!" someone joked. "Yeah something is wrong with the plastic. Oh never mind" my brother started but was stopped by his bride pulling him down.

His bride could not even show off her dress, NOOOO!!! Why? Well it was covered up with the scared dingy off white rental temple clothes piled on top, the sash, the green apron, the belt thing, the huge veil. PLUS when Mormon girls go shopping for their wedding dress they are limited on what they can get!

Most Mormon wedding dresses are basically a shiny t-shirt with a poofie skirt. The stupid top garment cannot be shown, so no bare shoulders, no strapless, no spaghetti straps, nope! Just a low cut t-shirt that the only thing they can attempt to do is to push their breasts up and out of the shirt top, so long as their molly Mormon mommies don't chastize them by saying "sweetie its the temple, now quit showing so much tit biotch!

This is the house of the Lard and you sissy sister had better stop trying to amke any of this day YOURS!

Damn cult has control of every damned thing in their stupid pathetic lives, even on THEIR DAY, the one day they are supposed to be in charge, the day they are supposed to be dressing up, to be beautiful. No!

You need to put on that shiny t-shirt with the poofie skirt because we are men and you are a girl and this is the godfersaken house of the LORD and they are both MEN, so do what you are told to do BY THE MEN!

Another thing.. "WEDDING" was a dirty word in there, the old depends wearing fool said the proper term was "SEALING" . Oh yeah old unwashed-just-soilded-your-depends man???? seal this!

Then the old geezer assigned to the room robotically starts on command with the rote speech:

INSERT_NAMES_HERE, Today, the INSERT_DATE_HERE day of INSERT_MONTH_NAME_HERE, INSERT_YEAR_2K_COMPLIANT_YEAR_NUMBER_HERE is a wonderful day to start the eternities together isn't it. INSERT_GROOMS_NAME_HERE, as you come here with your bride INSERT_BRIDES_NAME_HERE, to kneel at the alter, you are surrounded by the INSERT_GROOM_FAMILY_LAST_NAME_HERE and INSERT_BRIDE_FAMILY_LAST_NAME_HERE, in the SLC temple blah blah blah blather blather yack yack, priesthood, yack, yack blah no other positions except the missionary position blah, forever, blah blah, Jebus, yadda yadda, blah blah celestial kingdumb, yippity yippity yap yap yap, blah sex is for kids not pleasure blah blah joe smith, blah blah no mutal masturbation blah, no oral sex, blah blah go ahead INSERT GROOMS_NAME_HERE and give INSERT_BRIDES_NAME_HERE that stupid modified Masonic deathgrip handshake over the alter and if you don't do the pinkie finger right I will touch you with my cold scaly hands, as I force you to smell my halitosis week-old-denture breath, INSERT_GROOMS_NAME_HERE you may now give INSERT_BRIDES_NAME_HERE a pathetic passionless grandma kiss with no tonsil hockey, swapping spit or sucking face.

Then we all stand up to hug and try to enjoy the moment of these two lives being joined together. You totally forget where you are at, just basking in the extruded joy of the two people beginning their lives together when suddenly you freak out of your mind as you get a glimpse of someone that looks just like you wearing the most screwed up outfit and you realize its you in the mirror!

GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!! I AM IN A CULT!!! Screams your subconscious... as you look around trying to ajust to EVERYONE wearing the same slouchy sloppy dingy white and worn out green apron.

Damn thing the wedding production line conveyor belt screeches back to life as the old smelly ladies hurry in to herd us OUT by barking at us to "MOVE ALONG we got a-nuther sealing party comin in!", OH! WHAT A RELIEF! ITS ALMOST OVER! I did not want to stand there any longer in sheer amazement and look at myself in the mirror mingling with a bunch of fat slouchy cult members with the only thing on my mind except "AAHAHAHAHAHAHHHHH!"

A quick trip into the gaudy celestial room and we hurry back to the locker room to change out of our masonic PJs. Then we run outside for the obligatory god awful cluster family shot on the steps of the temple. But only AFTER we wait in line for god knows how long. Talk about sorry sardines in a can kind of shot. LINE UP ON THE STEPS SO I CAN SHOOT YOUR SORRY ASSES, thinks the photographer.

I hope to repeat my vows with my wife someday, as far from the Mormon cult temple as I can!

One thing the digital era has brought to Mormon wedding photography, which is VERY LIMITED, is the healing brush in Adobe Photoshop. With this tool, photographers can FIX the line across the groom's forehead that was caused by the elastic headband on the bakers hat. Screwed up huh?

Seriously, you go out for the only pictures of you and your new bride, and you have a red crease across your damn forehead! How ame is that? Its a sign of the beast or something.

Anyway, hope ya enjoyed my RANT about how the screwed up and slimy temple weddings really are!

I missed my sister's temple wedding thank god - I chose the typhoon instead by meatyboy

My sister got married at the Los Angeles Temple in February of 1998. I have lived in California my entire life, and that February was the rainiest month that I have ever seen in all my life. It was the year of El Nino. Anyway, I was not worthy enough to enter the temple, but my sister had asked me to be in her wedding party anyway. I got dressed up in my tux and went down to the temple so that I could meet her and her new husband as they exited the temple so that we could take some family photos.

Anyway, the clouds conspired that day and unleashed a torrent of rain that would have made Noah shit his pants. Of course, the lobby of the temple wass packed with people trying to flee the rain. I had a choice: stay inside the lobby and listen to all these Morgbot sheep murmur giddily about their anticipation of entering the temple or stand outside in the rain and wait for my sisters wedding party. I chose to wait outside.

The rain was coming down in sheets, accompanied by a strong, cold wind. Inside, I imagined my sister and other members of my family going through their masonic rituals. Outside, I attempted to brace myself against the squall that had formed over the temple. It was no use. I stood in that rain for an hour, soaked to the bone and getting colder by the minute.

I briefly thought of joining the members in the lobby of the temple or going over to the Visitors Center to listen to the sister missionaries give me their mindless monologue. It was either that or possibly catching pneumonia while I stood, drenched and shivering, in the middle of that typhoon. I chose the typhoon. It was one of the most miserable experiences of my life, but it sounds like paradise when compared to the account given by Garment Wedgie regarding temple weddings.

When my wife and I got married a few years later, we had an outdoor ceremony in the local botanical gardens. We invited all of our friends and family and had a wonderful feast, lively dancing and just a wonderful time, surrounded by all of those that we loved, not just those deemed worthy by some warped, controlling institution.

I don't understand "the temple" at all

01/19/2007 - by et in Utah ego (a non-endowed ex-member)

I was doing a stupid and wasteful thing the other day....reading around on some of those mormon group blogs. I can't remember which, doesn't matter really. I ended up posting a reply for the first time because---I don't know why, I guess I was just so baffled at the discussion.

The initial post was about how there is a divide in mormonism between the ultra-mundane "business meeting" feel of what goes on weekly in chapel meetings and the rituals of the temple.

Well, yeah. I've gotten that point loud and clear without ever having been to the temple. Just reading the online scripts of the temple routine, and looking at the pictures of the get-up, makes that crystal clear. Nothing in day-to-day mormonism could prepare one for THAT! So I've never been surprised to read the myriad freak-out responses to the first temple trip that are posted here.

What puzzled me was how the initial writer and the responders could take the temple hoo-ha seriously as a form of "religious mystery" worship akin to the sacred rituals of the Eleusinian Mysteries or the Cult of Isis, or even the more well known paradoxes of Christian Trinitarianism or sacramental transubstantiation. These were all college educated professionals, many living outside of Utah. This is how they represent themselves, too, as people you'd expect to have been exposed to, well lots of things.

So, seriously, wtf.

First, look at the script. All it is is a clunky, fakey Bible description of known things: the creation, the fall, prayer, baptism, etc. Nothing much new is revealed and its all intoned in language that is as far from something poetic and moving and amazing as possible.

Then there's the handshake ritual. Ok I guess things get a bit mysterious here. I'd sure want to know why "the nail" was being refered to when the crucifixion is as downplayed as possible in the rest of mormonism. While I guess repetitive movement does comprise the most basic definition of a "ritual," the grappling handshakes and arm squares are not beautiful or graceful or pleasing in any senses I associate with "the divine."

The new name business is like the identity-rebirth inductees in the sacred Eygptian/Greek mysteries encountered, but again, in the mormon temple its the very inverse of anything otherworldly and "special." Everyone that day gets the same name! While there are a few BoM derived howlers, often its just some everyday apellation like "Susan." I don't even want to address the sexist pretzel logic of one's husband calling one forth with the name, etc., and the image it conjurs of some Resurrection Day stampede as all the "Marys" have to get sorted out to the right "Josephs."

Then there's the set decorations. I'm an athiest, but even I "feel something" when a Gothic vaulted arch directs my attention heavenward. I've seen pictures of various "celestial rooms" and I have to say at best they're reminescent of a sumptious lady's powder room, at worst a hotel lobby. Why the stifling horror of middle american bad taste? Why no Zaha Hadid designed temples? Why is the cutting edge of architecture never even referenced?

And the costumes! Again---why isn't the apex of clothing design utlizied in the most wonderful and special place on earth? Why can't an austere white Jil Sander or an etherial Olivier Theyskens qualify as a women's temple dress? Are there no mormon FIT students who could be given temple fashion as a calling?

I'm not being facetious. If the temple is such a portal to the divine then why is the cream of creation---the best most beautiful and astonishing products of human creation---seemingly banned from it?

I could go on---the wedding "mirror trick" has always summed up the whole third-rate magician's effect, shabby con feel of all of mormonism to me. And it is a pretty potent symbol. Endless repetition, endless reproduction of Exactly the Same Thing---no change, no variation, no difference.

So how does all this constitute something on par with the most developed forms of spirituality in the history of human civilization? And how does any of this move someone to tears? Where in the factory assemply-line routine, where one is passed from station to station by the mumbling elderly, hurried on and tut-tutted at before you start the whole thing over again, does one even have pause to feel anything?

Ok I know some of the answers here---cog dis, etc. Human being are bascially idiots, etc. People can convince themselves of anything, etc.

Odd thing is how quickly the shock wears off - by substrate

The odd thing is how quickly the shock wears off and you find yourself bored stiff by the mindless repetition. I used to go regularly to the Provo temple, where old men literally had biologically programmed themselves to awaken only when they needed to.

The last few years I was attending the temple, it seemed oddly like a manufacturing process. Maybe it's that the Houston Temple always smelled like there was a natural gas leak when you went in the front door. I don't know, but it all seemed like so much going through the motions (literally).

Years ago, I rebuked a colleague for suggesting that there was no place in the temple for meditation, for communion with God. I said that its purpose was to serve others, not yourself. Now I'm sure that it serves no one, except the church that built it.

The Temple: Washing and Anointing a Perverse Irony

01/15/2007 - by SHOCKLEY74

Female dressed in Mormon LDS temple shield during washing and annointing. This ritual is very similar to the Masonic initiation ceremony of the 1840s. Contrary to what the Church claims was designed by way of "divine revelation", Joseph Smith introduced it to his followers two months after he himself was initiated into Freemasonry.

The "Endowment" kicks off with the patron completely undressing and then slipping on an open poncho called a "shield." During this ordinance, the patron greets a stranger in a small enclosed cubicle where certain parts of the patron's naked body are touched with water and oil under the shield, including the forehead, chest, thighs, and small of the back.

Ironically, the Church makes such a big deal about how Catholics baptize by sprinkling. So how on earth do you wash with a fingertip dipped in water?

This "washing and anointing" ordinance is quite bizarre and in my opinion, borders on being sexually offensive. Clearly, it is designed to tear down the last defenses of personal space and boundary not yet penetrated in the Church's indoctrination program and gives the Church the right to all of you, including your naked body.

It is the ultimate in total and complete mind control of a person and is done almost without them even knowing what happened. The perverse irony is that the Church mandates execution of this ceremony and ritual as one of the prerequisites to eternal salvation. It is so transparent what Joseph Smith was trying to do, yet faithful members continue to give it a pass. I have to give ole Joe credit- his brilliance and cunning have conned a lot of people.

Male dressed in Mormon LDS temple garment during washing and annointing. One of the most disturbing aspects of this ritual is that first-time temple patrons do not consent in advance to the naked touching. They typically attend "temple preparation classes", but those informal sessions do not reveal the rituals performed in the temple for fear people might feel really reluctant to go.

Furthermore, Mormons are not allowed to discuss temple rituals outside of the temple. I only found out about the naked touching as it occurred.

After the initial washing and anointing session, the new patron goes to the locker room to put on the "holy garments" which represent the garment given to Adam when he was found naked in the Garden of Eden.

This you are instructed to wear throughout your life. You are informed that it will be a shield and a protection to you if you are true and faithful to your covenants.

The locker rooms are composed of rows of dressing booths with chest high partitions. The booth contains three tall lockers with locks and keys. Why there should be locks in such a holy place is a question that remains to be answered.

Bulk Baptisms for the Dead

12/28/2006 - by Oracle

Mormon bulk baptism for the dead. Let us illustrate the nonsensical nature of ordinances for the dead.

The church has a conundrum. One of the three missions of the church is to redeem the dead. It is unfortunate that God in all of his wisdom did not have the foresight to make the Gospel available to more humans when they were living, contradicting many a scripture saying that "this" life is the time of testing.

At best estimates, less than one percent of all humanity have had access and knowledge to these salvation-pertinent ordinances.

Why does the bulk of the remaining people fall onto these poor 1% folk? And really, just really, how important is it that their clerical abilities would be the critical factor in saving the dead?

Would it not be easier to just "bulk" redeem? Save individuals by eras, ages, rather than trying to track down, obtain erroneous and/or incomplete information, and run the risk of offending the posterity of all of these dead.

"We baptize for and on behalf of everyone in the 16th century, who are dead." It may be less personal, but it would be more effective.

If more personal is wanted, perhaps God could explain why he chose to omit his "ohsoimportant" gospel from so many of his humans while they were here on earth............because it is more logical that a person should do their own, learn and be responsible for their own lives. He either loves his people and wants to provide a way for them to return to him, or he does not.

Statistics back up the apparent fact he does not.

Haunted House of the Lord

11/24/2006 - by Sage

Some time ago I attended a fireside that featured a temple worker. I became fascinated with his talk because he spoke of spirits being present in the temple, and not just a few. He told a number of stories about spirits making their presence known in the temple. He said the spirits of deceased individuals who are having their work done are invited to attend at the time of the ordinances and many do. After thinking about this an idea hit me. Let’s have a Halloween party at the temple. The flyer could include the following:

Official Halloween Party

Place: Temple of your choice Date: October 31, 2007 Time: Every half hour throughout the day. You are asked to attend as many times as possible

Costumes: You choose the costume. If you don’t have one, a green and white one will be provided. Those dressed as vampires will be able to officiate in the blood atonement ritual. First timers will be provided with a temporary ghost costume with slits up the sides. No underwear is to be worn under these.

Activities: Blood Atonement, spiritual wife swapping (you might not go home with the one you came with), bobbing for apples in the font, naked touching (for first timers).

Age: Females must be at least 14 to participate in the spiritual wife swapping.

Who may attend: Everyone is invited. Don’t worry if you don’t have a partner. Men can take home more than one wife.

Refreshments: Served in the cafeteria

Admission: 1 recommend per person or 10% of your gross at the door.

Temples to Dot the Land

Mormon Temple to pock the land - Mormon epdidemic.Mormon McTemple.

"Our predecessors have prophesied that temples will dot the landscape of North and South America, the isles of the Pacific, Europe, and elsewhere." - Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson page 247

Temples to dot the earth

It took the Church just over 167 years to build the first fifty temples (St. Louis was the 50th temple, dedicated June 1, 1997) and it only took 40 months, to the day, to dedicate the next fifty temples (Boston was dedicated October 1, 2000 as the 100th temple).

Now that is an exciting acceleration of the work!

McDonald's is the one and only true institution on the face of the earth!

I want to bear my testimony that McDonald’s is the one and only true institution on the face of the earth. I know this because Ray Kroc said so and his restaurants now dot the face of the earth.

It is miraculous to think that his first restaurant was opened as recently as 1955! That was only just over fifty years ago. The first non-US restaurant wasn’t opened until 1967, in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. Now, a McDonald’s is on every corner of every city in most nations on the earth. They literally dot the face of the earth.

In fact, when a McDonald’s was opened in Kuwait City, Kuwait in 1994, only thirty-nine years from the organization of the restaurant chain, over 15,000 people waited in line to taste a hamburger!

McDonalds "blesses" the lives of people from Argentina to Yugoslavia. Today, McDonalds operates over 28,000 restaurants over the face of the earth and serves over 45 million children of God every single day. - 05/04/2006 by Skeptical

Oh Yes, spreading exponentially

and dotting the earth like small pox dotting the body of an infected victim. Mormonism is a virulent disease and human society is sick with it. - 05/04/2006 - by Lovechild

Until now, I didn't know "dot" actually referred to the SIZE of the temple. 05/04/2006 - Dave in Hollywood

You know those statues on Easter Island?

While the society was relatively healthy and when they still had lots of trees they actually didn't erect very many statues and the ones they did erect were much smaller than the ones we think of today.

As the different groups on the island started competing with eachother more for the limited resources (not all groups controlled land with suitable rock and trees for erecting the statues) the statues got bigger and bigger. Not to mention the huge number that they erected during the last days of their civilization.

In the race to show eachother up they cut down their last trees. In fact, there are completed statues still in the quarries - they couldn't be erected because the last suitable trees were cut down as the statues were completed.


Read "Collapse" by Jared Diamond. I see many parallels with dead societies and the way the Mormon church is acting.

One of the common threads of collapsed societies is that the goals of the leadership (no matter how "good" those goals seem to everybody at the time) work against the sustainability of the culture. Like erecting huge monuments instead of cultivating dying forests, eroding fragile grasslands by raising cattle (prestige food) instead of sheep like the Norse Greenlanders, or shunning or fighting with neighbors instead of developing trade with them.

Mormon leadership seem more concerned with things like building empty buildings and fretting over double-pierced ears than addressing the massive (8 million strong) inactivity rate, the sexual abuse cover-ups, the financial welfare of their members, etc, etc.

Mormons look at all those temples and see growth or truth or whatever but when I see them I think of the lonely statues on Easter Island. - 05/04/2006 - Shane AK

Temple Movie Tedium Takes Toll

Same movie, month after month, year after year.

I am amazed at many things about the temple, so this is a pretty minor one. I know that if I were planning to join a church and they told me I was going to be asked to watch the same movie (and a very boring one at that) over and over again over the years, that alone would keep me from joining the church.

What do you think? What movie would you be willing to watch once a week for the rest of your life? Or once a month? - 11/11/2005 - KathyWUT

I saw it just a couple of times, and you're right, BORING!!!

Actually, in the MTC (Mission Training Center), we had to go to the Provo Temple once a week, so I sat through it probably 7 or 8 times, although we had to go so early in the morning, I'm sure I slept through much of it. As I recall, there were two different films then. (This was 1979.) There was one with a blonde Eve and one with a brunette Eve. I got the impression that people (or at least the pathetic missionaries) gave themselves enough excitement to want to go just in anticipation of which Eve they'd get to see in the film.

But, both films were definitely yawners. I went to the Jordan River Temple twice after my mission, and I think I saw the same films there. I went to the Salt Lake Temple twice too, which was not as boring to me, but surreal and bizarre at the same time when very elderly people played the parts live and with very bad acting skills.

1983 was the last time I attended. I imagine they have new films since then, but I don't know. Even if they do, I cannot imagine them being any more exciting.

Hell, they took out the only "exciting" parts...the throat slitting and dis-emboweling...although those parts weren't in the film. They stopped the film to allow everyone in the audience the fun of slicing their own necks. - 11/11/2005 - Kim

Yes, they should really show Adam and Eve naked in the garden, I ean its and adult audience. You need to have a Temple Recommend and have to be at least 18 or 19 years old. They should offer something for that exclusivity. And a new version of film at least once a year. Or a cartoon version. A Simpsons or South Park version? The morg is missing out an opportunity to keep their members at the iron rod. - Ramses

The girl that played Eve was really cute. But that wasn't enough to keep me going.

That smell of olive oil was just nasty. It took me a year or so after my last temple visit until I could eat anything with olive oil. - 11/11/2005 - T-Bone

My funny dream about the temple--all y'all

10/07/2007 - by KimberlyAnn

Recovery from Mormonism folks were there!

Don't you love those funny dreams that you can remember perfectly after you wake up?

I've had a hard time falling asleep lately--there's been a lot on my mind, and I think it's resulted in some really bizarre dreams. My temple dream from last night was so funny, though, I was disappointed to wake up.

In my dream, my husband was taking me out for a surprise. We kept driving until he pulled up in front of the Oklahoma City McTemple. I was really angry, until I noticed there was a large gathering of people in white outside of the temple--but they weren't temple clothes--they were just regular clothes that were white.

There was a band playing outside the temple doors and a crowd was gathered around listening. There was a bar across the walkway and most of the crowd was drinking. I got out of the car and DH handed me a bag of clothing and told me to go inside the temple and put them on. As I walked through the crowd into the temple, I realized it was a gathering of people from RFM. I don't know how I knew who was who, but I recognized everyone. Tal was singing--Seven Bridges Road by the Eagles, and Deenie the DSA met me at the temple door and walked me to the Bride room to put on my white clothes.

Cheryl was the Temple Matron who helped me put on my outfit, which was nothing but a white corset, white panties, and a see-through robe. Cheryl pulled the strings on the corset tight--and sent me out the door. I was embarrassed by my attire, and Deenie said she had a prairie skirt in her car I could borrow. So I wore a white corset and a prairie skirt...(Strange--but it's a dream, folks!)

There were people swimming in the baptismal font--and Randy J. was managing a huge karaoke set up in the telestial room--the words to the songs scrolling across the screen that once played the temple video. I sang Blondie's "Call Me" and SuzieQ#1 brought me a shawl and told me to cover up, which I did.

I will not mention what went on over the altar in the Sealing Room--except to say those mirrors are good for something after all!

Stray Mutt and a bunch of you RFM guys were discussing the United Nations and whether or not the US should make a preemptive strike against North Korea...a lively conversation that drew me in until I awoke.

Really, it was a fun dream--if the Morg ever decides to sell one of the McTemples, it would be a riot to purchase it and turn it into a night club!

I wonder if my dream was a premonition of the Exmo Conference in October?"

Imagination in Temple Work for Handicapped

07/07/2007 - by Susan and others

They usually try to accommodate. For example, people who have lost a right arm, and therefore can't actually raise it to the square or do the handshakes, are told to imagine they're doing it.

Hmmm, imaginary? by Otremer

Being left-handed, I've had similar questions. I asked some self appointed expert about doing things left-handed, rather than right-handed and was told the hocus pocus had to be done EXACTLY as required. That seemed a bit pedantic to me, but I suppose its perfectly consistent with the ritual magick paradigm. Too much newt's eye and too little bat wing and well...

Now being told that one's mental visualization is what counts is interesting. Why not just skip the whole Temple trip, log onto one of the web sites that posts one's preferred version of the Temple ritual, and visualize.

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Sad! If the Mormon church is SO weird and messed up, let it destroy itself. Oh yeah, it hasn't. SO, you feel the need to do the world a "favor" and "expose" sacred and holy things. Not all Catholics, Jews, Protestants are perfect either. Stop pointing fingers because you feel guilt for your your pathetic life. People who spend their time and energy to destroy ANY religion are wasting their breath. Hope I'm not in line behind you at Judgement Day, it may take a while! - - 07/27/2014 - ChefMary


Nice how you print things that you know are not true. Even your website name comes from a forgery. It makes me sick every time I see that hideous pig trying on "garments" when I do a google search for something. I am not LDS, but have family members who are, and I find this website ridiculous and disgusting. If you spent the same amount of time on some positive activities instead of this negative garbage, your life would be much happier. - 06/18/2014 - SWS


I personally think its great that you created a site where you can openly express your feelings about your own experiences. To all the people who criticized you for speaking your truth I say "get over it." This has nothing to do with God -- but rather, the hypocrisy and brain washing and foolishness that goes on in organized religion. - 06/16/2014 - Dburgewatson


The things which take place in the house of the Lord are not secret, but the most sacred. We who have received our saving ordinances make szcred covenants and if thosr covenants are not held up, then we are damned. This is where you brethren and sisters get mixed up and miss the very fact within the symbolism in the word, "damned." Damned means to shut, or cut off. Water, when damnd up, ceases to flow. The spirit of our Savior and knowledge of the gospel are of the exact same principle. My heart sorrows for all those who have chosen to throw such a wonderful thing they have away and mock our Father in heaven. To those who do not know of the truths of the temples to the fullest.... I invite you to search diligently, but with respect of those things. For we are promised by the God of all Israel that if we ask, we SHALL receive. And if we knock, it SHALL be opened. Be patient and you will find your answers. I promise in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. - 03/14/2014 - Latter Day Saint


Wow how hipocrisy hastens to defend itself!! These comments reveal the real nature of the true devout Mormon. Thanks to all of your comments and not even having the backbone to leave your name! You are excellent representatives of The Lord. - 01/21/2014 - Shayn


First time I have actually read an anti's blog, very interesting. Do you think you will ever have room for the truth in it? I have tattoos, a big beard, and ride in a Motorcycle Club (not an LDS club, but one of those ones you don't want to make angry), I have been going to the Temple for years, I still am. I am a strong member of the LDS church and will always be. Maybe the things you find "silly" and insane and stupid, are just your scape goats. Go ahead and mock us, mock God, to try and feel better about your decisions, but, maybe you should try to use the truth when mocking makes you look somewhat more intelligent. Good luck in your life, I hope your heart is softened one day. - 12/20/2013 - Sean


you are a fool and a son of perdition.GO DIE i am proud to be a mormon! - 10/14/2013 - - mike moroni


I think you should all be ashamed! the temple is not to be mocked! The lord will judge you harshly for this and i am offended that people would mock the lord in this way! I hope you pay in the afterlife for this garbage! - 05/21/2013 - anon


Holy WHAAAAAA????.....there is NO naked this or that men OR women in the temple. EVER. And I am a full time practicing mormon. (One that I think is a little more open minded than some Mormons I best friend is an athiest.) I think its sad that you feel you need to lie about all this. The temple is a pretty cool place and they don't need your polka dot socks;p. Anyway. I hope whatever happens, that you find peace. - 05/20/2013 - Heid





Honestly, I thought that this article was hilarious. My parents are very devout Mormons, I am not, but I could tell that most of this article was for comedy purposes, and to also rile up all of these angry mormon commentators. Very entertaining. - 02/26/2013 - Jared


Thanks for making all this material available. More people should find out about the crazy bullshit that Joseph Smith made up. - 02/11/2013 - tom


Whoever runs this webpage, ever considered going to the psychiatrist? Looks like you have a huge problem with this topic, wasting so incredible much time and effort, telling so much nonsense about things you never understood and you obviously never wanted to understand. You try to put dirt on a sacred thing like the temple. Who do you think you are? Do you really believe your activities have any positive effect on anybody or anything? In opposite, with your negative and destructive thoughts you just feed the minds of people who are of your kind. You will never manage to accomplish anything else. Are you happy with that? Feel lucky and have peace in mind? Why don't you just let it go, leave people happy with their religion if they are happy with it, and simply go your own ways if you think yours is much better? - 11/26/2012 - Anonym


As I read the complete posts I was amazed and stunned of the lack of true tolerance our society has become. I boldly declare that I am a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ, which means first and foremost I afford the right for all to believe as they see their conscience to do so. I am thankful for the witness I have gained through patience and much work. I am not professing I know all the answer's to all my soul desires to know, however I do believe that the answers will come. It will not come from hate, malice or dis-contempt. So whether you are an active mormon or an exmormon is not tolerance, respect and love a more defining point to your character? I stand on my faith that the love if Christ is for all not those that just subscribes to one specific way of thought or belief. I ask for truth be told not lies or declarations based in hate or prejudices to be used in trying to persuade one in looking for truth. - 03/23/2012 - anon


May our Father in Heaven have mercy on your souls for this content. Remember that mercy cannot rob justice for your actions. - 02/25/2012 - Anonomyous


Even as someone who is not a member of the LDS church, I find this site and others like it to be sad. If people find themselves at odds with the church they either joined or were raised in they should simply have the good grace to leave---that's what I did. I find the invective to be unnerving, and the shallowness of some of the writers just amazes me. It would never occur to me to put down another faith this way or dedicate this much time to doing so.

As a former counselor with a degree in psychology, I truly feel that not only the founders of this site but many of the contributors are in need of serious professional help. This kind of venom-spewing isn't helpful to a persons' mental health; quite the opposite, in fact.

Remember, blame is the ultimate surrender of responsibility. - 02/02/2012 - Lone Wolf


There are truths and lies to everything, especially if it involves man... to those who read without knowing the definition of cult it is Cult: noun

1. a particular system of religious worship, especially with reference to its rites and ceremonies.

2. an instance of great veneration of a person, ideal, or thing, especially as manifested by a body of admirers: the physical fitness cult.

3. the object of such devotion.

4. a group or sect bound together by veneration of the same thing, person, ideal, etc.

5. Sociology a group having a sacred ideology and a set of rites centering around their sacred symbols.

So therefore ALL religions are a cult, just like ALL politics are a cult, basically everything is a cult if you do it in a certain way, or it has followers also some truths about mormonism, their humanitarian aid has helped every disaster since being organized, it is one of the first on site and strongest in the world.

I am not saying this because I am an LDS member, although I used to be, Technically I still am, I quit going to church because as a gay youth i felt like there was NOTHING that was going to go good for me through the eyes of the church. and still I do not go to church because of the rude things said, the past 7 times i have gone to church the only thing talked about was keeping the family morals uncorrupt and values as they should be (interpreted in my mind as basically saying make sure all of your kids get married to the opposite gender and mass produce children)

Since coming out in 2009 I have lost all but 4 of my dearest friends (because of my homosexuality being "undesirable" rumors of me being a bad person went around, when in fact I was the last person in my age group to have their first kiss, the last to go on a date, the last to lose my virginity, all of the other kids are on their missions or have returned, and are now engaged, or have had one or two kids which I find sad seeing as we are all around 21 years old, so i guess here is the gyst of what im saying, there are always good things, and bad things about everyone and everything... being rude towards people only makes things worse, BUT being perfectly peaceful in every situation, cant do any harm, every christian religion i dont care what and who it is, has taken things, symbols and traditions from pagans, as the pagans took from more ancient beliefs, you can NOT base any one belief on anything that man has organized because man by nature involves opinion, even if they are "instructed by god" and to the many who took offence "He who takes offense when no offense is intended is a fool, and he who takes offense when offense is intended is a greater fool." - Brigham Young

You did exactly what was wanted, your reactions were planned and made yourselves look quite foolish indeed. - 01/26/2012 - gaylord




I think Jesus weeps when he see websites that are so filled with hatred and are clearly designed by people who have been decieved by Satan. I understand that you think you are doing right, that Mormons are deluded at least, calculatedly evil at worst, but as one who was under the influence of light, lost from it for 20 years, and brought back only by Heavenly Father's benevolent providence, you are making a grave error in what you choose to put forth in world. As a priesthood holder, my duty is to be a witness and a warning to those who have let go the iron rod. I don't hate you, I am not angry, but I will pray that you might have a change of heart, and leave the camp of the deceiver. When you face Him that died for you, will you say, "Behold my life's work." Please do something else, anything else." - 11/08/2010 - kasims


I'm sorry you're getting so much negative feedback for this. People need to remember this was not a website made by just one person, but by several dissatisfied mormons. I am a Catholic and I do receive a lot of jokes in my direction due to the fact that I go to a predominantly Lutheran school. I have found that it is better to just laugh at the jokes (several of them are actually really funny) and know that what you believe is yours to believe. To all the people who have been writing such negative and rude feedback, look back on the text. Replace the word mormon with another and you will find that these are actually funny jokes. And if you are simply still annoyed and hurt, simply JUST DON'T READ IT! - 10/26/2010 - anon


It is a sad thing to think that ANY human being can think they are more "worthy" than another. Jesus didn't think he was "better" than his disciples, or more "worthy" than his followers. Jesus dined with "sinners", he fed the hungry, healed the sick, and gave His own LIFE for sinners. Jesus died for the Mormons, as well as for Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Chinese, Japanese, He died for MANKIND. He died for Catholics, Mormons, Jews, Christians, Buddists, add any other religion you can think of...It doesn't take a theologian to know that EVERY MAN AND WOMAN is born into this world a sinner in need of a Savior. ALL HAVE SINNED AND FALLEN SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD...Jesus would not bash Mormons, Jesus would love them. UNCONDITIONALLY. I feel sad for people who think their faith depends on their works...on what they "do" or "don't do". The Bible says in Romans "It is by GRACE we are saved through FAITH, and NOT OF WORKS, lest any man should boast"... We are all born into a sinful world, with a sinful nature. NO ONE on this planet or any other planet has ANY right to boast about ANYTHING. Especially if you consider yourself a follower of Christ- Jesus didn't come to Earth and start some "special members-only club" while the rest of the world was left to rot in hell for eternity. What kind of loving God would that be?? He came to offer His life so that ALL who believe IN HIM would have eternal life- to ALL who would accept and believe in Him. ~Don't get it twisted~ - 10/11/2010 - anon


So glad to get to the end of this rubbish. Kept going to see if there were any intelligent contributions sadly no so I never come here again thx 4 nothing - 10/09/2010 - Ros


if you dont understand the temple then dont start saying stuff you know notheing about you have nothing better to do with your life it this is what you spend your time doing you sad little people - 10/06/2010 - ANON


i love this, you all really think that by posting this you offend us, you think you can stop the work of the lord by ridiculing it, you're much better off telling me that i am a fool for being a mormon to my face, and all of you pathetic retards would regret it, but, whether i like it or not, the lord still loves each and every one of you, good luck trying to stop the work by making fun of it ;) - 09/26/2010 - :)


Wow, I hope your proud of what you have accomplished with your life. You have managed to desecrate almost everything that the Mormons hold sacred. Maybe you don't get it, but those are very sacred to them and it is so vary low of you to deride what they do and what they beleive. I highly respect the people in that church, they have a good thing going for them. They a good, faithful, hardworking people and you should respect that. The only thin you probably ever worked hard on was this blasphemous site. A word of advice, get a life, have some repect, and learn to do things of worth. - 09/23/2010 - anon


It is sad when Humans no longer have civility. People that have to bash, attack or defile another Religion, Race, sex, creed etc have no business spreading Hatred like this at all. That is all this site does is Breed Hatred. If that is the kind of person you are that started this page and for those of you that leave unkind or defiling comments about a certain group of people...then maybe you need to take a deeper look inside yourself and find out why you have so much Anger and Hatred and maybe you will come to realize that it has nothing to do with has everything to do with you. I strogly recommend seeing a Professional for your anger. Hatred like this does not belong in Society. If you were a decent human being wether you believe in God or will take this site down and Maybe start a new one of how we can better our Society and teach tolerance to all. - 09/16/2010 - Civility Please


This site is just sick!! Why in the world would you not have anything better to do with your lives than make up blatant, discusting, and absurd lies about people. - 09/09/2010 - You're all misled


GOD have mercy on you! - 08/09/2010 - anon


Mormonism is a lie. It has stolen the precious truths of Christianity and twisted them into something ridiculous. What kind of religion keeps secrets? Cults are secretive and hide their practices from the public eye.

@"elder" Joseph Hicks Why would you tell people:

"You all are going to burn in Out Darkness, the place of fire and brimstone, and weeping and wailing and gnashing of exmormon's teeth, for what you have said. Your sin here is one that Christ's Atonement will not cover, and unfortunately your candid telling of the temple secrets, though they be sacred first and then secret, is enough to damn you in outer darkness forever and forever where God Almighty will torment you because of His deep abiding love for you. The only way you're going to repent is to have your throat slit, or be disemboweled (and you know that from the temple, yet you deny it)."

This disgusts me. As a Christian I believe that there is no sin that God can't forgive, except the rejection of His Holy Spirit. You do not have to do anything to earn God's forgiveness. Believe and you will be saved. God does not torment people, Satan does. Slitting your throat or being disemboweled is not going to forgive your sins. God would not bring harm to any one of His children in order to repent. God loves you so much that He sent His only Son Jesus to earth to live among us without sin, resisting temptation, giving up His life so that those who believe may be saved and not perish. Forgiveness is found in Jesus' love for us, not cruel mutilation.

To all exmo's congratulations on realizing the lie that you were deceived by. - 08/16/2010 - jesuslovesexmo's


I feel sorry for the person/s that made this site. I can only pray that you will someday see the error of your ways. I hope that your heart will change and that you will apply the atoning blood of Christ who's grace covers all our sins, afflictions, pains, and sorrows. - 08/16/2010 - :(


This is the most stupid webpage ever.

You are going to be judge by every word that came out of your mouth. - 08/06/2010 - James


If it's all fake or made up or a scam or taken from the Mason's or whatever, why do you care? Seems to me like you are trying to find people like you who have sinned and turned their back on the truth to justify your decisions to try to make you feel better for making mistakes. Luckily for you you can still repent, if you will. - 08/04/2010 - this guy


I have issues with a religion who is supposedly doing the work of God, yet have provisions for what is to be seen and what is not to be seen...hence the "sacred" and not the "secret" rites. I have read a lot and spoken to a lot of Mormons (one who by the way had an affair on his wife, and is now married to the lover, my girlfriend) - which leads me to believe that Mormons are like anyone else...human, they faulter and make mistakes AND have illicit affairs...does that mean that they lose a "celestial level" for being unclean? Just follow the Bible and know that God is an all loving God and not one to hide "secrets" from you! - 07/14/2010 - Secretnotsacred


Wow, you people are pathetic, anonymously and erroneously attacking a fine religion that has done more good than any other organization that has ever existed. I have been deep in the religion for over 43 years and have known leaders at the highest level, my relative is the Prophet's secretary, nothing you read here is true, I ask you.. would you learn how to operate your new Lexus by reading a Ford truck manual? Of course not! If you want to know the truth about The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints,(THE MORMONS) go to the source, not half-assed idiots that run Anti-Mormon websites,write ludicrous books and make clueless TV series for their own fame and enrichment. - 06/20/2010 - Don Lusko


This is why the Mormons spend millions to make your gay lives miserable. Its because nothing is sacred to you. So I will keep making my donations to keep voting down gay rights. Good job keep it up there is a reason we are the second richest church. We can play this game a long long time we can and will out spend the gay community. You want us to give you your rights but cant give the same courtesy to others! - 04/17/2010 - hooknlure


I regret that so many people had such bad experiences in the Temple. I know with all my heart that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true, that Joseph Smith was called by Heavenly Father to restore His church on earth and that President Monson is a true Prophet.

Going to the Temple is an uplifting experience when you are ready and prepared.

It shocks me to see that people would mock the Temple Garments in such a terrible way. Please re-think your actions. Even though you have had bad experiences, be respectful. Thank you. - 06/10/2010 - Judith


that was the rudest thing ive ever seen in my whole life!!!!!!!!!! - 04/08/2010 - anon

There are two sides to every story, for anyone sincerely wondering about the truth of the mormon church, I urge you to do some research on these two websites, (#1) and (#2)

If you are honest in your search, you will come to know the truth. However, I expect the administration of this website will not allow this post to be displayed. Now who is controlling your thoughts? Or taking away your freedom of thought perhaps. - 03/14/2010 - by No Name is my New Name at the Veil


We're all going to spend eternity in a wooded box 6 feet under. So there!!! - 03/13/2010 - Truth Seeker


I think people who talk about something they have not done research into, religious, political, scientific, etc... make themselves look very foolish. Just because you have seen it, done it, doesn't mean what you say about it is true. I can tell many of you have indeed experienced many of these things many many times, however in the same sentence fabricated lies are professed as true. I think that is pathetic. If you are upset at decisions you made in the past, so be it, but if I had been addicted to cigarettes my whole life I wouldn't fabricate a story about some camel sitting on my face and farting nicotine into my mouth to get me addicted.

You guys amaze me, and if you truly understood Mormon religion you would understand that you can visit someone in a lower kingdom (hell). So they could in fact see you in hell. - 03/04/2010 - greg


This is so sad. You should be ashamed for posting such lies. The temple is sacred not secret, and If you are going to "expose" us- get all your facts straight and stop mixing different spin offs of the Church to make your point. Even if you don't believe in it you should believe in "Thou Shalt not bear false witness" (or in other words don't LIE). - 03/04/2010 - Ali


Please start posting credible information that is true. you are portraying very inaccurate material. instead of twisting information perhaps you would try really researching into the Religion. or asking an LDS member of authority for some answers. until then this is just a little blog you have conjured with your personal opinions. you are notan LDS member so really how credible does that make you? not at all. you should focus your energy on something more uplifting like finding a faith that you do support and believe in. No one is holding a knife behind your back making you believe in any faith so why waste your time verbally destroying ours? i suggest you find something to live for, from what i see you lead a very sad empty life. wish you the best. may you find peace. - 02/24/2010 - IpittyYou


Check out for some very interesting comparisons of the LDS doctrines and Biblical truth. Mormonism is not Christianity in fact the religion uses many of the methods of brainwashing that leaders such as Hitler used to force people to believe or behave in particular ways. God created your brains people - use them and see beyond religious propaganda. It's all about the saviour Jesus Christ - hand signals, ceremonies and other works are useless. - 02/23/2010 - anon


Most of the information on here isn't even true, and that which is true is so skewed that every sane person reading this website must think that Mormon temples are ludicrous. - 02/16/2010 - Dan


its really rude to make a movie mocking the mormons- something sacred, like temples, really shouldnt be joked about - 02/15/2010 - kayla


its really rude to make a movie mocking the mormons- something sacred, like temples, really shouldnt be joked about - 02/15/2010 - kayla


Ask yourself one thing, why when things are bad and not happening to your wish you call upon God to save you, or even ask why does he do this, It isn't him, we all have freedom to choose freedom to say what we think and freedom to believe what we want to believe, if you don't believe so be it, so its alright for you to say what you will and do what you will, but not alright for others, what is that??i'll tell you what i believe, i believe there is a just God, he judges with a pure heart. How can you blame him when there are wicked evil people like you who does what you want to, what we believe is kindness to others, treating them with respect and love, we believe in wholesome good things, when will you feel better about yourself pulling others down to make you feel better about your pitiful, sad, pathetic life, you will only live in sorrow for eternity while others who do good, say good, believe in goodness will have eternal happiness. May you always, always remember the things you have done, not as a happy reminder but with sadness that you had a lack of understanding. Shamefully done, and disrespectfully done too! - 02/11/2010 - Blondie


How come all of these Anti-Mormon sites advertise the same thing? The promise to "Expose the Mormon Church"? The Church isn't hiding anything. How come those that claim that the Church is "fleecing" its' members, sell their "amazing insider stories" for $50-$200? Amazing. A church founded on the principles of Christ's atonment, that provokes its' members to pattern their lives after that of the Savior's, and you're convinced it's a cult? It truly is ridiculous that you people are able to convince yourselves that you're right, without testing the facts. And I'm sorry to break it to you...not every Ex-Mormon is an authority on the Mormon Church. The disparity between the reality of the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ and the "reality" in which you live is gargantuan. You are peddling the signs and tokens of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ for your own gain- whether it be for gold or for the accolade of man, matters not. How dare you slander the name of Christ by taking in vain the ordinaces of the Melchizidek Priesthood. In the gospel of St. John, Christ stood before Pilate and said "Though could have no power over me, except it be given thee from above." {Not Verbatim] The most powerful man to ever trod the roads of Galilee, died so that you could do this, so that you could cast under foot His words, like used chewing gum. I pray for those that fight against the Church, not for your salvation, but rather that you can find peace in your lives. I can't imagine what it must be like to know what you know, especially having attended the temple, and then live with the guilt that must accompany the knowledge of what you're doing. - 02/08/2010 - GetReal


You all are going to burn in Out Darkness, the place of fire and brimstone, and weeping and wailing and gnashing of exmormon's teeth, for what you have said. Your sin here is one that Christ's Atonement will not cover, and unfortunately your candid telling of the temple secrets, though they be sacred first and then secret, is enough to damn you in outer darkness forever and forever where God Almighty will torment you because of His deep abiding love for you. The only way you're going to repent is to have your throat slit, or be disemboweled (and you know that from the temple, yet you deny it).

But with the nasty attitude you throw, I don't think anyone in the Church can even love you enough to give you the great gift of having your blood spilt! Poor you, Christ's Infinite Atonement does not cover you, and no one in the Church cares enough for you to let your blood upon the ground so that it can mingle with the Earth and rise up as a sweet scent into the nostrils of Elohim Who will take it as a sign of your repentance. This is what you get for rejecting the Holy Prophets and they will testify against you at the Pleasing Bar of the Great Jehovah!

And now that Joseph Smith has gotten his exaltation and stands bodily enrobed in all His heavenly Godly glory and in all the powers of this Godhood, He will peer down from Kolob and you will have to stare back into his beaming face of eternal exaltation. Who will be laughing then, HUH?

Even me, I expect to be thoroughly punished with mighty stripes by that Great God Elohim who is our Father and loves us all with a perfect and unmatched love. And I will love it and sing His praises, because he is Dominant and Master, and I am a weak, good for nothing servant. I don't deserve the air I breathe or the dirt I stand upon.

And I am trying to be perfect, and I can tell you by the power of the Holy Ghost that I am much more perfect than you, but what punishment can you expect when you have trampled the truths of the temple and shown them to the world, it is taking our most precious thing and throwing them under the feet of swines, the swine of the gentiles. How dare you! But when I have been beaten with the last stripe, when I am bloody and my spiritual flesh is ripped and bleeding (as I deserve) then God Almighty will say, "That is enough, let Brother Hicks enter my kingdom and take his place amongst the noble and great ones. I will make him a God, and he shall rule over a large posterity from eternity to all eternity".

Then my posterity will become Gods, even the Sons of God, forever as long as they go to the temple and keep it in their hearts, and as long as they will do whatsoever the prophets ask of them. It doesn't matter if the leader is wrong, so long as they comply! That's it, that's all they have to do to become Gods.

Repent if you can. - 02/05/2010 - Elder Joseph Hicks


I would just like to say to all of you. There is a distinct difference between the two LDS and FLDS religions. Do your research and homework before any of you even think about tearing and breaking down a religion. If any of you believe in God, then you know that you are not the person to judge. The LDS church gives back so much. The FLDS is a different belief system and has their own values. - 01/21/2010 - Megan Johnson


i'm not a mormon but you guys who made this shit are so fu&%$ that the worst thing that i have never seen, those coments pissed me off... u r going to hell... i will remember you that some day... - 11/22/2009 - lance


It's too bad all you people that have posted here feel the way you do. It's hard to feel good about being a Mormon when you are living in sin. Try to live a Christlike life and as you do that, Mormonism will feel good and will bless your life. I don't know any Mormons that take the time to trash other churches and make up negative things about other churches. So many people that have posted here were blatantly lying. I couldn't read very much because it is all lies. If these are the things you believe about Mormons, no wonder you aren't Mormon. I encourage you to try going to a Mormon church and reading the Book of Mormon and finding out for yourself if it's true. Our religion is the fastest growing religion in the world because of the feelings people get when come to our church and when they are living a good life. Life is about living happily with your family, striving to be like Jesus Christ, and serving those around you just as Christ would do. - 10/27/2009 - Shan


It takes a really sad and pathetic person, inside and out-whether they agree with something or not - to take the time to set up a website and encourage others to ridicule something they themselves know nothing about. These ppl who posted have every right to feel how they do, but to at the same time to write and misrepresent the sacredness is just that, sad and pathetic. Clearly you all fail to see the big picture. I hope God has mercy on you when the time comes for you to be judged, because as someone said somewhere on your page, sprinkling sugar on you is still gonna make you feel like a turd. if you can sleep at night knowing that you keep this page out there, then clearly your soul is beyond feeling goodness or the love of Christ. Welcome to your heart, Satan. - 10/26/2009 - anon


I'm just curious as to why you dislike the LDS church so much.. This seems like a lot of work to do, to not make any impact at all. In what way do they destroy people, by promoting keeping your body clean of alcohol and cigarettes which are scientifically proven to not be natural to consume anyways, and to wear clothes that don't make you look like a whore.. it just seems like you have no case at all... and at best are only trying to jump on the band wagon of making fun of the church to try and get them to tell their "secrets" to you out of anger. There IS a difference between secrets and sacredness, you know that right. I would love for you to email me and give me one logical reasoning behind why you are doing this aside from a personal hatred of a certain type of people.. Namely: who you are defending and why they can't defend themselves (not that there is anything to defend)?... And I've noticed that all of the people who have made comments against the LDS on this site clearly don't even understand the LDS church nowadays, because they are still speaking of polygamy, which is an EXTREMELY well known fact that they haven't practiced it in decades and decades. It just seems like you at one point in your life were ticked off by the LDS and decided to obsess yourself with getting back at the whole church for that one instance... Even if it was several instances, you still aren't justified. Essentially, what you're doing is a form of racism, only on a religion instead of on skin color. And whoever left the last comment is getting the LDS church confused with Freemasons.. How, I know not.. But it's retarded that they would be so sure of themselves when they don't know enough to comment in the first place. Seriously, please email me. I would love to hear what your reasoning is behind all of this. - 09/27/2009 - Jeremy


There is only one reason this site exists: to self justify and rationalize un-Christian and perverse behavior in its authors. The only real critics of the LDS faith are those that would rather party-hearty and rebel at the strict principles the church teaches. They feel very very small. Check the hands of the authors and see how clean they are. Any rational person sees the hate and loathing seething from the authors of this site. Wonder what creed they follow as they sure don't follow any Christian teaching? Why attack others? Why the hate? Psychological Mirroring fits the bill: accuse others of what you yourself are guilty of! I'm glad truth seekers can "feel" and "see" their way past this type of sick, pathetic, negativism. - 08/12/2009 - Cheers! - pathetic diatribic site


Keep working for the cause, Brother! Love, Satan - 06/29/2009 - FaithfulOne


Wow! I can't believe some of the comments - that people actually believe all this nonsense! I really do feel sorry for Mormons, and I hope at least some are able to come to their senses and relinquish what seems to be a sad, superstitious, and downright weird lifestyle. Please, please start using your MINDS and get away from this foolishness. - 05/20/2009 - Itchy


Technically the only part of the Endowment they're not supposed to talk about outside the Temple are the actual signs and tokens and grips, and the new/secret name. But True Believing Mormons don't realize this. Actually you can talk about the rest of it. - 04/06/2009 - A. Nonimas


Big Love gets a Big Shove: While serving a mission, a wonderful investigator was given a cassette tape by a "concerned pastor" which included a recording in the London Temple of the entire endowment ceremony. The pastor's superior had also displayed in a shop window the temple garment on male and female mannekins. I started to listen to the tape (not knowing beforehand what was on it) and then heard the beginning of the endowment. We destroyed the tape. The investigator was baptized. The pastor met with her and us and made a fool of himself--angry, vindictive, demonstrably given to false claims and deceptive quotations. The girl moved to her Aunt's in Bath, England and last I knew was attending college and Institute there. God is at the helm. Big Love will get a Big Shove. Nothing like this will ever succeed or prosper. Oh, they will seem to have their victory and cling-on bigots will have their hatred confirmed, but truth will carry on nobly and surely. I hardly feel my blood pressure rise at such things and I am more amused than appalled. The Church wisely wonders whether to dignify the production with a response, or to provide more publicity by objecting to the production. Note the author refers to "our culture," and the producer as knowledgeable thereof. Be certain you are not a cultural mormon, but rather a sanctified disciple. Mormon culture is not the gospel and Mormon tradition is not doctrine. Follow the brethren, hold to the rod and your temple worship will have meaning beyond words and beyond worlds and these poor unfortunate souls will continue to cry out until their vitriol turns to terror and their pride to horror and abject sorrow when the face the Being they mock. They are more to be pitied than anything. What a way to make a living. - 03/25/2009 - Big Ron


I'm not sure what the purpose of this site is. It's obvious that TMBs (True Believing Mormons) will never open their eyes and minds. This is why Utah is the fraud capital of the world. If you believe this stuff, you will believe anything. BTW, I have a bridge I'd like to sell. - 03/25/2009 - Sacred /= Secret


how do i make sure my family name is not part of the desd baptisms? - 03/25/2009 - truchristian


OK, I read this whole sorry webpage. Wow. I mean, W O W. Here's the deal... If it doesn't work for you, go find something else. Please, feel free to find your peace elsewhere. You folks all need a life! Go do something useful instead of ragging on the beliefs and sacred things of other folks.

On the other hand, consider this: Joseph Smith founded The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1830 with only six members. As of 2007, the membership of the Church was 13,193,999 with congregations in over 165 countries. That?s over THIRTEEN MILLION folks who disagree with YOU!

You call Joseph Smith a fraud but I challenge you to do something even remotely as important or successful with your life. Please blog how you intend to come anywhere close to this kind of accomplishment! I?d love to hear it; I?d love to see it. In other words, put your money where your mouth is. Don?t just snipe at the life you left, show us the better way! Oh wait. You can?t.

What is that troublesome little scripture? ?By their fruits ye shall know them?? (Matthew 7:20)

Oh, and by the way, Hyrum Smith, the brother of Joseph Smith is my 6th great-grandfather. They were both murdered by a mob of angry, intolerant people very similar to you. The point is, you and your society are not just knocking my religion and heritage, and you?re messing with my FAMILY. And you KNOW how we LDS folk feel about our families.

But just so we?re clear, remember that YOU are part of OUR family too. You are our brothers and sisters, and we are inviting you back. Don?t worry; we won?t hold all the bad things you?ve said against you. We?ll just say, ?Welcome Home?. - 03/11/2009 - astonished_at_the_hate


You people are rediculous. I have read almost everything you have put here and it's nitpicky and childish. You didn't get what you expected? Boohoo. For all of you ex-mormons who quit because it was either too hard or you're too proud, I feel sorry for you. To all who have blatantly mocked what the Lord does hold sacred, you will all be accountable for that. I know the LDS faith it good and true. I have lived its teachings and I could never leave it. Joseph Smith did see God and he did translate it through the power of God. Jesus Christ does lead and guide this church and I have spent my whole life looking forward to the day when Christ will come and you will all know that we were right...all along. - 03/11/2009 - Jrad


I guess there IS opposition in all things. This site is living proof. I did not go searching for this site. I was sent a link to show that there are actually people out there who misuse their freedom of speech to attack others. I will not be forwarding this link, as I choose not to spread hate and discontent. My question to your society is, how do you find joy in mocking something that is sacred to someone else? It makes me wonder if there is nothing you hold sacred in your own lives. If I am mistaken, I urge you to look at things that are important to you, and ask yourself how you would feel if those things were attacked in a false and degrading way. - 03/10/2009 - why?


You people are awful. - 03/10/2009 - anon


I sure hope that anyone that has participated or who views this website with any degree of gladness isn't a christian. They had better be atheist. Why? Let me put it plainly. Any person who can go out of their way to insult, degrade, or slander one's beliefs is not a person who can believe in anything. I'm sure there are many things that other "Christians" have done that nobody talks about. Let's mention a few, especially the atrocities done TO Mormons. If many are aware, the Mormons were persecuted, raped, killed, and exiled in the very country which sought religious freedom. These things were done by Baptists, Methodists, and many other sects that decided to judge this group of people because of their beliefs. This didn't happen just once, but numerous times. Hundreds of innocent people were killed by supposed "righteous men of God". Pathetic! Here you have the downright gall to find this entertaining. As I said before I do hope that those who made this and those who find enjoyment out of this are Atheists, because only someone who doesn't believe in God could find humor in something that judges, and degrades men, women, and children in this manner.

You may think you are spreading the "truth" to people. I will ask you this, what if one day you find out that you have been wrong, and this whole time you have had a cloud of pride and anger, or resentment covering the truth before your eyes? What will you do then? "Oh sorry." How would you feel if, assuming you have kids, one of your children was slandered, laughed at, hurt, pushed around, or had something very precious, and personal thrown about as though it was public media. I'll tell you what you would do, you would throw a riot. Do you realize actions such as this cause that very same situation to happen to families everyday? Children have been hurt, laughed at, ignored, and shunned because somebody thought that they in some way deserved it.

If you have a problem with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, fine. I respect that, but keep it to yourself. Members ask for the same respect that they give you, and lastly, don't let one person's actions make you act like a jerk to everyone else. "Christians, Catholics, and other denominations have had groups, and individuals do things, but should their actions make anyone think the rest in such manner? Of course not.

This is a common saying, think before you act. You never know who you actually hurt. - 03/10/2009 - Blank


Clearly no one on this blog understands the doctrine or theology, because the comments make no sense. Why are God the Father and Jehovah presented as persons in th film instead of just voices? That is done to re-inforce the doctine that they are distinct real personalities of flesh and blood, a key Mormon doctrine. Clearly also no one believes that God has any standards or rules, or they would understand why He wants to exclude the likes of you from the Temples so long as you have this dis-respectful and profane attitude. - 03/10/2009 - dismayed


You people are so sad. You have nothing better to do with your lives then to bash someone else's religion? How do you find the time? You all must hate yourselves terribly to have the thoughts/feelings/reactions you do. Heaven help us! I'll say prayers for all of you (not that you give a rip). - 03/09/2009 - saddened


2 Ne. 25: 14

14 And behold it shall come to pass that after the Messiah hath risen from the dead, and hath manifested himself unto his people, unto as many as will believe on his name, behold, Jerusalem shall be bdestroyed again; for wo unto them that fight against God and the people of his dchurch. - 03/09/2009 - diane


You all are either half or all the way full of crap!!!! Do some real research. PS: Sacred does not equal secret! Duh!!!! - 03/03/2009 - True Life long Mormon


How sad that you all feel the need to talk so disrespectfully of other peoples religions, or to denounce your own this way. It makes me sick. This is wrong and you all know it. It is no one's business to bad talk ANY religion. - 03/09/2009 - sc


The Devil made you do this for he has gained control of your heart and soul. - 03/09/2009 - things that make you smile


When I first attended the temple, the whole experience was very surprising and I can sympathize with some of the comments here. However, it soon occurred to me that if the ordinances were indeed what they claimed to be, then they necessarily SHOULD look totally different and unique. Now, I enjoy the temple ordinances immensely and find them to be very satisfying and beautiful.

On a side note, the item written by Blash on 03/04/2008 titled "New temple ceremony revelation announced by President Monson" is by far the best item written here. In my estimation, most of the other posts attempt to use a thin veneer of humor to hide some rather tumultuous feelings and generally are "humor fails". I would suggest that future posters familiarize themselves with better examples of tongue and cheek humor (for example, articles published by "The Onion") before any further attempts at humor are made. - 03/09/2009 - MS


"false statements about something you don't know or understand?" <<< commet made by somebody here, well to that somebody this is ture facts, if you went to the temple like i did in the 80 and 90's, this what goes on, I guess you never went to the temple then.... Thank god a left the church last year. - 03/08/2009 - Big Buddha


You know what, i don't have any contempt for those of you who who didn't feel anything. or feel guilty every time you go to a church meeting... ever wonder why? because you know you are doing something wrong. and guess what, i have been attending the temple for many years, and yes, i still go. once a week. and guess what, i learn new things every time I go. and as a precaution, i really hope that you do know all the secret 'handshakes' and 'tokens' when you die and are crossing the veil. and the person who you are speaking with looks in your heart and you look in your heart and realize just because you 'know' what they are doesn't mean you are worthy to receive the blessings that come with them. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? for those of you who went and are now not going for some reason or another, good for you, i am glad that you made that choice, but, you get to be honest with yourself and with GOD. you made promises that you get to keep. and sooner or later, HE will come to you and ask what you have done with your promises. and you will look back and know what you did. and you will shrink. For the judgement of God is according to truth.' (ROM 2:2) Do and say what you will, but DO NOT mock me, or my fellow brothers and sisters for our beliefs, that is where i draw the line, you may say anything you want about me and my person, but do not mock my beliefs. DO NOT MOCK GOD.

I would ask you one favor: If you haven't read the book of mormon, if you will not or have not, go your way. If you do, follow the council therein. Live it's principles, Follow Christ. 'Behold, I stand at the door, and knock; if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. To him that overcometh will I grant to with with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne. He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith...' (Rev 3: 20-22) It's as true now as it was then. Christ asked, come follow me. Let us follow in his footsteps. Do you really think that he would be here arguing? or would he be out helping?

In Response to the person who wrote about how The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is using fine things to build our temples and churches.... Who was the first to come to those in need after Katrina hit New Orleans?

Mormon 8: 37 For behold, ye do love money, and your substance, and your fine apparel, and the adorning of your churches, more than ye love the poor and the needy, the sick and the afflicted.

You really think that this is true? you really think that we are more worried about our 'things' than others? You obviously need to be re-educated. Take a look at what our leaders teach:

Get out of debt - The LDS church is debt free

Food Storage - ever heard of a bishops storehouse?

so, please, before you put some obvious crap and show us how uneducated you actually are... do some research, please.

May God have mercy on you, may you have mercy on you. You will all be in my prayers.

For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation...' Rom 1:16 - 03/07/2009 - Ben Harwa


Whew, I must say, what an Eye Opener. To you who were Mos and no longer are, Congrads With a BIG WOOOT WOOOT, you made it out alive. To those who are still stuck in Mo mode, maybe you will be fortunate to open your eyes someday and see the truth. What really has struck me, is from the research I have done(I suggest all people research a church before joining, or even while in it, to learn its true history), Lucifer is actually a part of the Temple ceremony. That just really blows me away. I once remember someone once told me, that is the craftiness of the devil, for he will shroud his ways in a blanket of truth. So yeah some of the truth the devil will use to get you right where he wants you, and whew from out here, and thankfully some of you ExMos even see from in there, What a deception this church lives in. Earnesty and helping others is all great, but being earnestly wrong is still being wrong, no matter how you look at it. And how about this Whole Joseph Smith thing? I mean comon, its only been just over 160 years. Do the Mormons really believe their church is the true church? Look at the real evidence? JS said, that Lamanites were direct descendants of the Tribe of Ephraim, yet now, DNA tests prove that whatever nations have lived on this US & South American Continent, during JS's time, were 99.4% direct descendants of Asian Tribes, Mongolian Rooted. The other .6%, African and European Descent. HMMMMM Scientific proof to Contrary of Claims JS' made. Oh yeah and Polgamy? Not a Part Of the Church? Even that lie couldn't be kept locked away for long. JS publically Denied and such doing, yet privately and with records of just 160+ years still pretty fresh in the Anals of Overall History, not only indicate contradictions to JS Public Denial, but actually can be proven that yes JS and his founders really did engage in Polygamous Behaviour. So how about this, IF you are not Mormon and are considering it, Look up Mormons in Google, take the time to read some things, find out about Joseph Smith, and then decide. And for you who have been Born into the Church, wouldn't it be prudent to do some extrachurchial Research to see what many of us are seeing from the outside? Because you say it is your religion, but is it really? Have you really even been given a chance to decide for yourselves, or has it simply been programmed into you? Programming goes a long way in how people believe. For instance, Prejudice. A young man hates others of different color, why? most of the time, its because his father did before him-programming. Of course you can say, I do research it, hmmm really? from what? The books that have been handed to you and told to you, that is all you need? The BOM, D&C, PoGP? Do you even read the Bible? and I dont mean Joseph Smiths revised Edition, I mean, a bible, straight from a motel room, or even those small free New testaments you can get in any Christian Church? And yes I can hear you Morg already saying, that isn't the true word of God, the BOM is. Really? Hmmm interesting point there, the Same Books that JS himself said is the most correct book of all the earth regarding God? The same one that in just 160+ years has been modified over 3000 Times, from as little as spelling and grammer to as much as full word,sentence, name, and story change? The very same books that when read with the Urim and Thummim, by JS himself? OR with his seers stone of brown egg shape and size in a hat, that when he covered his face, in his hat, to read the English translation, that would not remove the word in front of him until his scribe(s) wrote as it was, and dictated back, before that word disappeared and the next was revealed? Because if you are referring to that set of books as your foundation for your Belief system, How could something so divine, and read and translated in such an infallible way, be corrected? It after all, was given by divine nature, right? And spiritually Discerned, Right? As accurate as accurate could be given, right? Doesn't that right there bring question to your Mormomized mind? Even a little? Or are you actually going to brush aside whatever uneasiness you might be feeling right now, and blindly reiterated what has been ingrained into your mind to blindly believe? According to the LDS, those three books are suppose to be a companion to and in agreement to the bible(so long as the bible has been translated correctly, let's not forget that part). If that is the case, how is it the LDS hardly ever study the Bible, but focus more on the Other three? What, was God really that weak that if the Bible could be true, that he couldn't Keep it true to form? After all, if God is Perfect in every way, what would stop him from keeping the teachings of the Bible perfect enough, even through the fallacies of man, to have the strong clear message it was intended to have? Which brings another interesting Question, if the Bible, and all the practicing churches are wrong in how God is, wouldn't a wise God have been quick to make sure that we were either steered in the right direction, or a city Sodom and Gomorrah'd again to bring the rest to repentance? Or maybe put in a Desert for another 4 yrs to bring forth a new generation to light of his Love and Truth? Doesn't that strike you as odd, that he waited so many years in, Dangerous to our Souls, cold silence from Christ's Death to 400 AD, to now? My friends, that is a long time for even the God of the Bible to keep silent, if all the churches of the world were waning even remotely from the truth. It is also interesting to note, that its been over 2000 years since Jesus, and yet, there seems to be lots of historical landmarks, sites, History trails if you will, that lead to some large semblance of existence. However, the stories of the Books that JS proclaimed are real, seem to lack achingly, in evidence of existence of any Historical markings of truth, other than those that may have been Fabricated by the LDS FARMS. Aside from what scant Biased info the FARMS has come up with, there are no other trails found by many unbiased archeologists and scientists to date, of the existence of records dictated in JS' books. And yes, I know I am bird hopping from tangent to tangent, yet I am merely writing things to be considered, as they flow from my mind. Which brings me to another point, What of the symbols on the temples? The Eye of Osiris? The Upside down star, often seen in Pagan and most pointedly in Satanic type cults? Or the secret handshake above the door shared with the belief system of the Free Masons? It would be easy to research and find that JS brought those symbols with him, to start his church, after having been joined and become a member of Free Masons just 2 months before. In fact, it is fairly easy to research many things that could make a person go hmmmm, when it comes to any religion. Ohh ohh ohh, another thing, how is it, that the bible all through, says one thing about The Devil, Lucifer, Satan, what have you, that he was an angel(NOT A SON) of song for God, and decided to challenge God and take a third of the Angels of heaven with him when he was cast out of heaven? But in the JS Books, he is a brother to JESUS? Some companion to the Bible there, and when you say Another Testament of Jesus Christ, How so different it is, that so many parts of it Contradict the Bible. That is where I look out with Saucer sized Eyes and Go WOW!!! As for LEAVING THE MORMON CHURCH ALONE? Oh I don't know, I find that dangerous, I personally think it's important for the people who have been in it, and fortunately gotten out of it, and realized it for what it is, to BE WILLING, ABLE, AND DARE I SAY DUTIFUL IN EXPOSING The Apostasy that THE LDS CHURCH IS. For by uprooting a weed and exposing it to the light, it can wither and die. IF you are so sure your Church is so strong, Why must you whine that it needs to be left alone? If It can stand on its own foundation under the heaviest of public scrutiny and exposure, why must any Mormon worry and fret over what others say about it so much? When exposed to the public eye, that is to be warranted, expected, and even should be welcomed, for if the truth is the truth, then nothing can move it. But if it is not the truth, then everything in the power of mankind should be used to remove it. But then money does have a lot of power, and that church does have a lot of money. Oh If JS was such a Prophet, how is it that most, if not all, his prophecies, fell asunder and did not come about? How is it a prophet can prophesy about a mission with another member of a church, when the member of the church who was suppose to help JS fulfill the prophecy, die beforehand? If a prophecy is truly from God, then God is not going to take a man from the terms of that prophecy before it could be fulfilled? Wondering what I am talking about? I hope it causes you to do some research to find out, and settle it in your own mind. Think of this, if a man is a true prophet, then he is speaking divinely from God, and nothing can change that prophecy. If a man makes many prophecies, and gets lucky to strike on one or two, that doesn't not make that man a prophet, but merely a man whole stumbles into a coincidence. JS Prophesied many things, and even if one of them came true, he still wouldn't be a prophet. Because God does not throw prophecies out like that to retract them, unless something is fulfilled that God had intention of being fulfilled before the prophecy is reached, as in the Story of Jonah, where a whole city was repentant and God, in his mercy, relented and did not destroy the city as originally planned. Did any of JS failed prophecies reflect that change of relenting heart from mass Repentance? Read up on the Prophecies of JS and the resulting repentances(or lack thereof) and decide for yourselves. Many may ask why hasn't God interceded in all this? Well According to Christian Beliefs, He has, through the Blood atonement of his Son, on the Cross, for our sins, to bring us to repentance and salvation. Look folks, God tells us to test the Spirits, to work out our salvation(not to work on our salvation) but to work it out in our hearts and minds to discern the true from False. God also says to not trust our hearts or our feelings, but to look to the truth in spirit by the word of God. It may help to look at the Bible as Love letters from God to Us, We cannot see Him, because of how immense and intense God is, but we can learn from him through the Bible. The Bible Clearly States no man has ever seen the face of God and lived, yet JS, after having changed his story of his revelation 9 times, had said he had seen both God and The Son. The Bible Says not to trust our feelings, but the LDS say read the story of BOM, pray and let the spirit guide your feelings.....hmmmm(and excuse me if I am paraphrasing here). That to me, is direct Contradiction from what the Bible says, and what a Mormon missionary, standing at your door, asks you to do. If it were me, I would simply say to the missionary, if you want to come in and share with me, that is fine, but all I ask of you, is you give me equal time to share with you. Look here is the thing, If you Question Christianity, that is fine, because there is a lot of information about how Christianity may be no more than any other Myth belief System, As there are at least 6 other Godlike characters in Pre-Christian history, with the same stories and lifeline that Christ apparently went through, but at least start with the Bible to make your contrasts and comparisons with JS books. Be Informed, there is nothing worse than a Blind Believer who unquestionable follows a church just because one was born into it, or never checked into it before converting or becoming a believer. So be smart, or better yet be wise and search out the truth, and truth is truth, and it will shine through. But how can you know that Gold is gold unless you first see what copper, or silver, or rocks look like? Are you going to take the word of just one for it and hide it away thinking you have treasure? And years later when you bring it out to spend it, discover it is nothing more than a lump of coal, because you did not first check it out? Sadly, that is how many enter into a Religious belief, whether it be the right one or not. No comparisons, no checking it and others out, no testing it for authenticity, just taking a feeling, running with it, and blindly falling into it. Look back in your own life? If this sounds familiar, then consider what is said here. Take it for what you value it for, if for nothing, then nothing it is to you, but if for something, then find out what the value of that something is to you, after comparing and contrasting. The make your informed decision, If you are still settled in where you are, fine. But at least you will know for sure where you stand because you have fully tested it, not just in religion, but in anything you believe or do... - 02/05/2009 - anon


I love the feeling when I go to the temple. I have investigated many religions but I never felt the spirit like I do while at church, temples, personal study, etc. - 01/13/2009 - Chicago5


It is not the fault of the church that you went unprepared. If you didn't want to go you didn't have to. Each person has the responsibility for their own progress. The fact that you didn't prepare yourself and lied on the recommend interview is not the fault of the church either. The fact that you had no interest in knowing what you could ahead of time is not the fault of the church either.

If you wish to not participate in the ordinances of the temple that's up to you. Showing disrespect for others by ridiculing what they find sacred is up to you also, but beware of the double standard. You have to be willing to take it as well as you give it.

I have been an ordinance worker in St. Paul, Minnesota, and I find the spirituality of the smaller temple to be just as great as any. The fact that you didn't feel it doesn't mean it's not there. The idea that all workers are old people in their 80's is false. I don't think I could name even 5 workers in their 80's at our temple. I could probably name at least 100 that are in their 20's or 30's, including me.

I first went through the Temple in 1989 so I have seen a few "changes" in the administration of the ordinances. The basic ordinances remain the same. I know that the world has a vocabulary issue with the words sacred and secret. They sound a lot alike, but they aren't. We want to share the temple with everyone, but, as you have demonstrated, some are not prepared to enter when they do. This is not the fault of the church. We try to share a truly spiritual experience with people who should be to a level where they can comprehend the ordinances. If they are not to that point they shouldn't be coming. - 01/05/2009 - ActualTempleWorker


what a bunch of crap. honestly i'm dissapointed that so many of you good christians make up this crap. i've been through the temple and it's nothing like what has been said here. it is a sacred place but only to those who seek to understand it. christ would always teach in parables because everyone was not ready to hear his true doctrine yet. things in the temple are done with symbolism because some are not ready. as for the handshakes and clothes i don't know what the bug fuss is. look up your history its the same clothes that the ancient israelites wore to their temples. instead of bickering and shouting our opinions before all the facts are gathered lets all just try to be accepting of eachother. what you believe is great for you. only god can be our judge. lets do better. - 12/27/2008 - anon


wooooooooooow that's all i have to say you must be a devil worker with lots of time - 12/22/2008 - spooked in Provo


This is half funny... After reading most of this I find nothing that could in my mind prove or disprove the practises of mormonism. So many people are too easily influenced by what other people might think or pressure them to do. I think there are plenty of jerks who are mormons who will make you feel nasty, but that doesn't mean the religion isn't true. I believe people can find peace and happiness doing the right thing - whatever that is for that individual. - 12/19/2008 - snappy


you guys are going to HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 12/10/2008 - anon


you are so stupid the temple independet of religon is divine, - 12/10/2008 - anon


If there were secrets in the LDS church, do you really think that they'd let you join? I mean really, do you guys know how rediculous you guys sound? Do you even have any idea what the LDS church believes? Get your facts straight before making a fool out of yourselves. And what about Joseph Smith's prophecy about the Civil War? I am not trying to offend anyone, but I want you to read my next question: To all of those ex-Mormons out there, if you never had a real testimony to begin with, then why did you join the church in the first place? Think seriously about that question for a minute.

Romans 1:16. Look it up. - 12/09/2008 - LDS Logan


The things you are saying are not kind, are not intelligent, and do not serve the greater good of anyone. A person interested in the church is not going to find anything helpful on here when it comes to deciding for or against joining the LDS faith. Sites like these are only used for people to take out their pathetic anger against humanity, religion, and people who have a real purpose in life. Find something better to do with your time, really. - 12/08/2008 - anon


Great site, very informative from the oher side of the coin, some interesting brainwashed responses. - 11/22/2008 - Ritaro


PRAY PRAY PRAY PRAY PRAY PRAY AND PRAY MORE - We have seen what the power of prayer can do. PRAY - Pray for this site to be destroyed or pray for those who are creating it to understand their dire mistakes. - 11/21/2008 - FAITH


Wow, talk about false doctrine. For those of you who want to know the truth about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, go to - 11/17/2008 - TruthRestored


i don't really know what this site is about, i just happened on it, but from what i saw most of the information on the church is wrong and rather insulting. and to those of you who insult my beliefs...i won't say 'see you in hell' because i don't think very many people will go to the 'Outer Darkness', but i do hope that your hearts are someday softened and can at least accept we mormons and allow us to live in peace. - 11/12/2008 - A Mormon, quite simply


ur rotten - 11/05/2008 - anon


I am a member of the Restored Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, our church was forced to split when the former RLDS (Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)began to silence priesthood members and began to introduced women in the priesthood, joining the world church, rejecting the book of mormon, and plans to build a temple in Independence that we believed were false not being the land dedicated by Joseph Smith. The RLDS church is now the Community of Christ and did build a temple in the Centerplace. Our church due to the seperation from the former RLDS church in not in full function and we do not have the presidency of the church, our beliefs are the same as the church established by Joseph Smith Jr. on April 6th 1830. Anyway I read this looking up mormon in google, I went to the LDS visitors center here in Independence (beautiful painting)and a young woman missionary said that the church when they were not able to stay in the centerplace, were instructed to create zion in their hearts. Truely the LDS church has done this,to the full extent I see. I believe someday people from all the latter-day saint faiths will be brought together as one as it was before. I think we have to realize no matter if the LDS church has beliefs we do not agree with they do a temendous amount of good in the world, there is no good that can come of negativity. We must be positive and respect each other and understand their point of view. I have never met a mormon I didn't like and respect. - 10/23/2008 - SA


what moral capacity have you left within to make any of your remarks credible. your carrying on and on simply discredits all statements made in your desperation to convince yourselves that its not true. good luck at the judgement bar. - 10/23/2008 - anon


Well, hi. I just got on this site b/ i was looking for toga pictures for my Halloween Then I realized what it was! I happen to have been raised Mormon, but i refused to go anymore when i was about 13. I just sort of skimmed through some of this site, so i don't know what all is written but... i do know that any Mormon who reads this page and gets angry-resulting in them leaving rude comments-or even mean ones, isn't really acting on gods behalf ya know. they might think they are-but, how christian is it to to call someone pathetic and tell them "they'll pay for this". They sound like my mom. I know the "True Believing Mormon"s as they may be called feel like they should stick up for their religion, but-hello, people have a right to believe what they want, regardless of your own beliefs. The only true thing i know about being religious is that you should love your fellow man, be good to one another, and set good examples. I don't think calling people names and putting them down is loving or a good example for anyone. maybe this is something you should ponder the next time you think you're being righteous. I don't have anything against Mormonism-or any other religion. You can worship the devil for all i care (I mean you shouldn't) but that's none of my business! Its your choice, and that's why we're here on earth. -to make our OWN choices. And, if you feel you need to stand up for something, don't sink to a low level to do it. Thanks for reading this. - 10/22/2008 - hahaha


I believe that every member of the church should have the chance to attend the temple not only for themselves but for thier kindred dead. Our responsibility is to endure to the end and to help our families become eternal, not to enjoy entertainment or the beauty of the temple for ourselves only. I have very much enjoyed serving in the temple and I am not a senior. I am moving far from a temple and will miss being able to make the choice to excersize my faith on behalf of myself and my kindred dead. I pray that you will repent and know in your hearts the sacredness of temples whether big or small. I pray that you will know that they are a blessing and that this network of good that is spreading across this land is of Christ, our Saviour. If you are a member I urge you to talk to your bishop and pray diligently for a renewed testimony of the temple. You may still travel. You may still see many other temples. This is a blessing to so many who would now have the chance to step up and take the place of those who have moved, as workers, to closer temples. More of the lords servants may now obtain the blessings of working in the temples. I am proud to not only be LDS but to be an Active member of the Church and to desire to emulate Christ, not only to show friends and relatives I am still going to church. I would urge you to choose to put the Lord deeper into your heart. It is not easy, but it is worth it., - 10/05/2008 - prayerful


you´re a loser you know poor boy or girl maybe you´re gay or something - 09/29/2008 - me


your a dumb ass! - 09/27/2008 - Elder Don Key


This site is a waste of any intelligent persons time. You have spent so much time here finding fault and misleading people as you are so obviously mislead that it is sad. What an idiot you are. You obviously didn't listen to church doctrine and teachings because you obviously don't comprehend any of it. Why don't you get down on your knees and beg your Heavenly Father for forgiveness that maybe, just maybe he will have mercy on your poor stupid soul. If you don't you will be very surprised on the other side when you get there to find that the church IS true and you have gone against God's wishes. SO DON'T BE AN IDIOT ANY LONGER AND TRY, JUST TRY TO GET A CLUE IF YOU CAN.

What an idiot! - 09/26/2008 - - You're and Idiot!


wow buddy you have made an interesting site and what a shame you will be very harshly punished for it, you took an oath and you will be judged very harshly and you really need to grow up - 09/25/2008 - strippling warrior


Well, after stumbling upon this page, I hope you feel good about degrading another person's beliefs, regardless of whether or not you believe them. If you were to tell me what you believe, no matter how different it may be from my own, I would not expose and make fun of you. Not only would Christ not do that, but mature adults should actually be mature and respectful. I hope you might rethink how you are treating people. - 09/22/2008 - An LDS person


Im appauled that you would expose something that is so sacred to so many people. You may not believe it, but you should respect things that other people hold sacred. I guarantee they are doing nothing wrong to you. These are good people trying to live in a way that will help them be better. By living the teachings in the LDS church my life has been nothing but better, and to suggest otherwise to those who dont understand what Latter Day Saints strive for is dishonest and wrong. Clearly, the negative comments about Latter Day Saints posted on this site are not the work of those seeking to lift up others nor those striving to understand and live the teachings of Christ. - 09/20/2008 - Adam Black


I got into this page by mistake....i´m sorry for you guys, I really am... You don´t need to go "vomiting" all the things you don´t believe anymore, just show some respect to others, would you like somebody else making fun of whatever you think is sacred?, i bet you wouldn´t. God somehow is in evry religion so ... - 09/19/2008 - Claudia


Temple trip memories- Silly clothes, clueless temple workers, bad/expensive food, and most of all - if I wanted to be a Mason I'd join a lodge. - 09/11/2008 - u812yes?


I feel sorry for you. I agree some things are hard to understand, but if it were easy it wouldn't be worth it. If you really apply what you learned in the temple to what you "think" you know about everything else you'd realize the importance of it.

I'm praying for you. I hope you find your way soon. Please find something else to focus your energy on and let those of us that believe do so. - 09/08/2008 - sorry


funny........even the "true believers" are reading from this site and being judgemental! Even the faithful have some doubts and further, they're just as crude as the non-believers! Maybe those of you who are "true to your Church" deep in your hearts you have some thoughts of being lied to all these years!

Think about it! "Judge not least ye be judged" - 09/07/2008 - java


Que vergüenza que sean capaces de decir esas tonterías, sobre todo si hablan sólo de "oidas" y se prestan a palabrerías e insultos vanos. Si les desagrada el templo, aléjense! si los miembros de la iglesia los "traicionaron", no los frecuenten! pero sobre todo, no guarden rencor. Es lo que tienen: rencor, odio inútil y vano. No les sirve de nada, tanto como mantenerse en el anonimato para decirlo. Curioso, no? se quejan de lo que ustedes consideran "secretos" y miren!!! ustedes se escudan en que nadie sabe quienes son ustedes. Qué patético!!! - 09/03/2008 - LMM


This is the saddest thing I've ever seen. If the church isn't true then why are you so bitter? Let it go. Move on. You are acting like a bunch of children that just found out your chocolate chip cookie is actually raisin and now instead of just dealing, like an adult, your going to throw a huge embarrassing fit. - 08/10/2008 - stillabeliever


Shame on all of you naughty critics of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latterday saints. If you were literate enough to read third Nephi, after Christ left the people after 200 years of happiness the fourth generation became wicked and fell into darkness and war. You who make light or fun of the church and the temple procedure will join with the evil ones to destroy yourselves and your children. Heavenly Father knows your evil actions and will not come to your rescue when hard times comes.SHAME!SHAME! - 08/08/2008 - 80 YEAR OLD ACTIVE MEMBER.


Several people have said they were offended at these posts of people sharing their bad experiences at the temple and that these individuals shouldn't post such things on a website. But now, I'm offended at the complaints of the people complaining about offensive posts because they're now dictating to these others against their freedom of speech and the right to share what happened to them. Some have complained that these individuals and their bad experiences at the temple is all a pack of lies. But how can these other individuals and their belief of their experience, good or bad, be a pack of lies since a belief is a belief and therefore cannot be a lie, simply a belief. Their belief of what they experienced, good or bad, can be NO more a lie than any other belief, including the belief of the LDS religion. - 07/28/2008 - OffendedbytheOffended


There's no reason for all of this contention. It's not progressive in any way. You are entitled to your beliefs as much as we are to ours. I love this gospel and it offends me when it's being besmirched by sarcasm and low blows. You're human, can't you see how offensive and hurtful this can be? The contention isn't just one-sided. "Pissed Off" approached it in an embarrassingly inappropriate way. If we're going to broach the controversial subject, we need to remain civil and nonjudgemental. Can't we both agree that on the basics, we believe some of the same fundamental ideas? We want to be better people. We believe we should treat people fairly and try our best to be loving. We believe that everyone is equal and deserves an equal opportunity to establish their own perceptions on religion without the threat of being attacked for it? I respect and praise everyone's free agency to live how they see fit. I'd hope for the same in return. - 07/25/2008 - Megan


I'm So Laughing right now ! Who ever made this SITE ! is ONE LOST CHILD ! One day you will all regret what you have posted May the Lord bless you LOST child ! lOl

LDS REPRESENT ! CTR ! - 07/20/2008 - JEALOUS ! LOL


Well i have gone through the entire work here i want u to know that this site contains false ideals about Mormonism,any one who is interested in knowing the truth will not tow this line of thought u people are towing,now,i accept the fact that humans have their weakness or rather that humans are subject to weaknesses,but that does not give any human the right to distort the work of God,in the realm of reality of Godhood things are subject to changes to suit humans in there different generations,but God remains the same he has in his palm all the earthly agenda that take care of every generations as they come or unfold. God in his infinite wisdom lead his people in a way that they can not run out of the vitality think about this. Don't cultivate the habit of criticism. that's all i can say for now plus that the doctrines practiced by Joseph smith and every other prophets that followed after cannot be the handiwork of man nor the making of man because man cannot fashion out such things with their limited power of reasoning as humans,it takes the sixth sense to do what this men of God did,and the sixth sense known in human philosophy or psychology is known as the spirit of revelation,inspiration from God and that's what Joseph smith and other prophets that came after him used,i say this and rest this case knowing fully well that all i have said are real,and i urge you to refrain from such heresies because you like every other human beings will be judge the last day by God himself so be careful the way you destroy the works of God - 07/16/2008 - Lucky I.A.O


I just think that this site is such a sad thing to those who really believe on the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. I do believe it is true with all my heart. I know that God loves us! How can you say all those bad things about us? Have we ever done anything wrong to you to deserve all of that? If somebody did, he wasn't a good member. I went on a temple trip last week and it was amazing. Not for eating pizza or being with friends, because i can do that in my city, but for being inside the temple and feeling His love for me. Just relax and think about how great life is when we are happy and we don't offend anybody. - 07/08/2008 - Irene


how intresting!! you go out of your way to share all that i daresay you think about these things way too much - 07/07/2008 - anon


What a pitiful waste of time and energy. It's like the Gates of Hell - "Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here" - and I mean this web page, not the LDS Temples. - 07/04/2008 - DWmFrancis


I know that my Redeemer lives, what comfort this sweet sentence gives. He lives, He lives who once was dead. He Lives, my ever living friend, He lives, to bless me with His love, He lives, to one day plead for me above, He lives my hungry soul to feed, He lives to bless me when I need, He lives to grant me blessings from on high, He lives to guide me with His watchful eye, He lives to comfort me when sad, He lives to make my heart glad, He lives to silence every fear, He lives to wipe away my tears, He lives to calm my troubled heart, He lives all peace to give my hurting heart. He lives, my kind, wise heavenly friend, He lives and loves me till the end, He lives and while He lives I'll sing, He lives, my prophet, priest, and king, He Lives and grants me daily breath, He lives and I shall conquer death, He home to prepare. He lives to bring me safely within His care. He lives all glory to His name, He lives, my Savior still the same, how sweet the joy this sentence gives, I know that my Redeemer lives, He lives, hallowed be His name, He lives my Savior always the same, how sweet the joy that this sentence gives. I KNOW, that MY REDEEMER Lives. Though this world may not accept what we as faithful latter days saints may say, it does not matter overall, the world shall know Christ and that He truly does live. Anyone can put this church down, but cannot deny that it is moving forward, and no one can ultimately deny that there is something about this church that is true. How wonderful that everyone can know where they came from, who they are, and their purpose here on earth. We uphold marriage and families and believe in forever, We believe that Christ stands at the head of this Church, it was never ours, it is His, We believe in personal revelation, We believe in giving to those in need, None of our church leaders get paid to do what they do, We know that there is a Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ who died for us, and a Holy spirit. No where in the bible has it ever mentioned the Trinity. It has mentioned the Celestial and Terrestial kingdoms. There is no way that an ordinary man could have written the Book of Mormon with such precise detail and within such a short amount of time, and with a third grade education. Only an ordained Prophet of the Lord could have done that. We believe that all men whether dead or alive can hear the message of the gospel. Who does that? We believe that you are saved not only by the works and life that you do and live, but also by the testimony within your heart. We believe that we have a Prophet on the earth today, in the bible there have ALWAYS been prophets, why would it suddenly change? Why would God say that we suddenly don't need one anymore? Marriage is still between a man and a woman, no life can come from same gender relationships, and there is a reason for that. How many churches have grown from 1 to 13 million within 180 years? Can it not be that this church is true? Christ has come to the America's, Christ will come again. The world is starting to slowly fall apart and when you are ready, look to us, for though the world may fall, We and many others are still built upon Christ, and He will NEVER Fall, and when He fell, it was for us, to grant us resurrection. We came from somewhere, we are here for a reason, we have a purpose, and we are going somewhere. Christ Lives, This is His Only True church upon the earth. I know that with all my mind and heart, I know. Watch, because He will come again and it will be terror for those who deliberately shun Him and ridicule His Saints, who deliberately choose wrong over right, and for those who strive everyday to stay near to Him and stand for what is right, it will be glorious beyond words. Choose ye this Day. I say these things, in the name of my brother, my Savior, my God, my Redeemer and ultimately my friend, in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, Amen. - 06/30/2008 - Emily


You, sir, tell the truth, and all those that hate you are under mind control. Read a real book, people. Joseph Smith was a fraud, a liar, a pervert. He was a human, not a prophet. The Mormon cult is sick and hurts many people. Do you think God would want that? - 07/21/2008 - Lisa S.


There are many of you that remember the temple cerimoney, do any of you remember what the punishment is for "crucifying christ afresh"? Repent of your foul works. The lord is still there to accept you. - 05/30/2008 - soulsaver



La verdad es que me dan pena ustedes y toda aquellas personas que sólamente intentan destruir la Iglesia de Jesucristo. Ni siquiera he tenido que leer esta página, sólamente con darle un vistazo pude ver que realmente no merece mi tiempo el verla, la verdad me da flojera leerla, y que pena que ustedes gasten su tiempo en este tipo de estupideces, habiendo tantas cosas que hacer..

Por que no mejor, usan su tiempo en algo de provecho..

Realmente son ustedes pateticos! - 05/13/2008 - Rebeca


I'm sorry for the bad experiences many people have had in the temple. I would just like to remind you all that there are different points of view to every issue. You may not like the temple and and condemn certain church practices, but there are others who truly see it as something sacred and special to them. So if you must vent about it, please don't do it on a website for everyone to see because it defiles something that is sacred to many people. I don't have a problem with your opinions, you can think what you want, but I do have a problem with the lack of respect and caring for other people you show by posting your complaints about the temple in a public forum.

Many of you may be right in your conclusions about the LDS church, but that doesn't change the fact that it hurts people to see these kinds of comments. So please have some consideration and refrain from whining about it in this manner.

Thank you. - 05/10/2008 - Sarah who writes whining email


CTR: Choose the Refrigerator. Haha wow. Your temple clothing diagram was hilarious too. If this was trying to be serious, then you've only proven yourself to be a laughing stock. Only an idiot or a full-blown anti-Mormon would believe such nonsense. Find something meaningful to do with your life. - 05/10/2008 - anon


Why do you all feel the need to put so much effort in spreading hatred and discontent to others? Talk about sad and meaningless lives look at yours. If their's one thing I can't stand it's an ignorant uneducated person which is exactly what you are. If the devel is the author of hate, who's persecuting us? Some day when this is all over we will know. I know where i'm going what to look forward to and that because of the temple i can be with my family forever. I can not judge but i know you can't say the same. I feel sorry for you all. - 05/06/2008 - noyb


Wow! So much hate in one place. So true that people can leave the church but they can't leave it alone. Reading this drivel is the most hilarious waste of 15 minutes I'll never get back.

Especially the "creepy temple whiners", What a bunch of FOOLS. You don't even get what it's about. It's not the handshakes and outfits. It's the bigger picture. What a bunch of morons you people are.

And the blogger is a LAW STUDENT. OMG, no doubt he's at the U. - 05/05/2008 - astonished


Good and Evil is Subjective Material (it depends on the authority)

When I was living in Utah I attended the singles ward at BYU. At this stage of my life I was about as bored as one can get with church in general. As any of you who have attended a BYU singles ward knows, it is a combination of cookie cutter speeches from fresh off the mish True Believing Mormon's and ignorant young girls who spourt a cryamony on cue and marry at the drop of a hat. In order to get through the ordeal I started bringing books to secrement. I would read a few chapters and go home feeling a good compramise had been made.

One day in a bout of guilt to save my sole (HA) I went to the bish for a temple recommend. He responded with "I see you reading books during sacrement." I, feeling that this was no big deal said "yes, but I am there aren't I." Lets just say thing escalated and I walked out about a couple of seconds before I would have strangled the man. I continued to follow my apostate ways and eventually had sex with a young girl in my ward. Right on cue the guilt struck again, that train is never late. I had a new bish at this time and decided I would try for that recommend again, with little hope of actually getting it. I went in, sat down and said point blank "I had sex." I expected all manner of calls to repentance and what not but instead got "don't take the sacrement for a couple weeks" and "lets get the recommend for you."

I couldn't believe it. Your telling me that reading books in sacrement will keep me out of the holy brainwashing booth but getting freaky with a young girl gets me two weeks of missing sacrement (I use the work missing lightly). Holy Shit! Lets just say I had a lot more sex after that, I don't really care for white bread anyway. - 04/12/2008 - proudapostate

you should not make fun of mormon standards, and things that holy - 04/01/2008 - anon


Don't you have anything better to do? Who cares if you don't like the mormons, your energy is totally being wasted and you look like a self centered pompous ninny who has to pick on people to sustain your self esteem. Ask yourself if this does any good at all - what is it worth to you or anyone who reads it, really? - 04/31/2008 - Amused and Annoyed


It was a stupid, stupid day, and a stupid, stupid Bride's Room, and a stupid, stupid ceremony, and I had a stupid, stupid dress as well as a stupid, stupid reception. Talk about stupid. - 03/04/2008 - Tahoe Girl


Inacurate and offensive. Try promoting something good rather than being disrespectful of others beliefs. It's always easy to tear apart things, especailly things we don't understand. - 02/29/2008 - anon


God bless all the men of good faith¡¡¡ Doing all these dirty work will just take you far away from God. You're laughing at something realy serious and important for LDS members, but God will judge you not us¡¡¡ - 02/27/2008 - anon


I am 14 years old and this site has seriously offended me. You have the right to say what you please but lies are not the answer. Mormons have helped the world through Katrina and other catastrophic events. I myself have gone to the temple and it is a place full of the peace the spirit brings to men. I am sorry that you find it funny to make fun of mormons. It only shows your own immaturity to the religions of others. - 02/20/2008 - Taylor


I understand bitterness and people upset with the Mormon church. You have the right to freedom of speech. Why would you post things that others hold dear...even if you do not believe or think it is foolish. I would never mock a Jewish or Mason for their beliefs or post pictures of things they hold dear. That is just human desency. I guess it is really a rhetorical question. I know that this comment will mean nothing and that you will laugh and think...oh man this person is a fool. I do know what I believe is truth. You do not know if I am a member or not..I amy have just been investigating. I feel sorry for those who have so much hatred and bitterness in their hearts. I hope that someday you may be able to let go. Thanks for reading. - 02/12/2008 - anon


You're a disgrace to all mankind! How do you sleep at night you sick bastard?! - 02/08/2008 - Truetothefaith


I learned a lot from this site. It was about 24 hours ago a thought crossed my mind" Hum, I wonder if there are any black mormons". Well, Well, well, as a black I was shocked at the foundation of hatred and evil this cult was built on. What on earth would make a black person want to attach themselves to something so destructive. I have gotten my question answered ( LACK OF KNOWLEDGE AND SELF-HATRED) and learned and confirmed what my MAMA always taught me about mormons......To stay as far away from them as possible!

Thanks, 02/04/2008 - Dr. Martin - Black NOMO-never/ever


I only hope this site opens some minds. The indoctrination in Utah goes so deep that most of the members have never even really thought about how bizarre their religion is, they just live it day to day. Most mormons know nothing about the true history of the church, because it is just easier to not think about it. I think the LDS church has done a lot of great things but that does not change the fact that it is all just made up junk. Think about how much time, money and how much of yourself you are giving to the Church. If it was all just a sham wouldn't you want to know it?

Just do some research into the history don't just believe what they want you to, take your mind back and just try to be smart about it, don't let members or family bully you. I grew up LDS, my parents were not active but I always went to church, I remember feeling so bad about my parents and being ashamed and scared of going to hell, but then when I got into college I took my mind back, How dare this church make me feel ashamed of my own family, I'm not a follower anymore I question things I don't just do something because somebody tells me to. A good example would be islamic extremists, we think they are nuts, but are mormons really any better, no mormons aren't violent, oh but they used to be. People are so easily brainwashed. Just do research there is no harm in that. - 01/19/2008 - anonymous


When I read the Book of Mormon regularly, I feel more love for my family, I feel more desire to forgive, to serve and to love the others, I feel more love for God and peace in my life for I get through the reading a better understanding of the purpose of my life and of the trial that I have to pass through. Because all this change of heart that I have and the feelings that I have, I can testify that I know that the Book of Mormon is true and so is the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints.

I would like to invite all you that have been saying terrible things about this Church that please would stop and take care of your own lives. If you don´t believe on that but if you still believe in God,I dont think that the Lord accepts this kind of behavior. Even if we don´t agree with other churches, we don´t have the right to persecute them and disrespect them. The true christians in history were never the ones who persecute, but the ones that were persecuted. In wich side are you guys? Repent, because there is still time. - 01/18/2008 - Paulo-Brazil


You must have a reason to speak bad of Mormon temples and Mormon teachings. What is your reason and what do you aim to accomplish? - 01/15/2008 - Bruce Butcher


I just got baptized in the church a fe weeks ago, let me tell you that you are a very offensive person, it seems that something happened to you and that is called "spiritual dead". You might not admit it but you definetly should do something about it. You should also be ashemed!!! ..if you are not you will be!!! - 01/10/2008 - Ethan


It sure is sad that you have to write negative and false things about the mormon faith all day to make up for your pathetic life. Maybe some day you will put your talent for writing to some good use. - 01/03/2008 - Golden


Get the facts. Learn how all religions are started by man and all are false. Read the truth. - 12/17/2007 - Paul


As an ex-Catholic, I counted myself lucky to get through without being buggered by the priest. Mormonism sounds like a complete mindf*ck by comparison. Best of luck in your recovery. - 12/12/2007 - Jamie

learn to be a copy image stupid boy............ - 11/24/2007 - anon


To tell you the truth the more I read stories like those of Odell, I find that my testimony of the Validity of the Church grows. I am never surprised when people who never actually had a personal witness from God that the Church is true or that they could trust God to answer them, would so easily fall away.

I testify to you that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the one and only Church of God. I know that this is the most repetitive thing that we say and many say it out of habit and not true knowledge, however God has made it manifest to me and I can not deny it. There is not force on Earth that can change what I know, the Church is true.

I also know through and by the power of God that The Book of Mormon was wrote by ancient Prophets and TRANSLATED by Joseph Smith Jr. He was a Prophet of God!

Believe what you will of the Temple as for me I have covenanted with God not to reveal certain parts of the Endowment and because I know that God lives and because I love and respect him so I will honor him.

Keep the faith my Brothers and Sisters; do not fall trapped to Satan and his minions. Always remember to love them even if they despise you. - 11/15/2007 - Jones


This website is very full of half-truths & lies. I think that most ex-mormons leave the church, but then they NEVER LEAVE IT ALONE. You must still believe that it is true or you would not have spend the time or money to create such lies. I feel sorry for you that you. When most people leave their religion they do not spend the rest of their God-given lives destroying it unless they knew it was true. - 11/14/2007 - Anonymous


do you all have nothing better to do with your lives, then to make false statements about something you don't know or understand? you don't have to belive in the faith but perhaps you should respect those who do by not mocking it. - 11/02/2007 - anon


i'll just leave you with moroni's promise read moroni 10:3-5 and pray to God the Father with Faith in Jesus Christ that you will receive and answer if the book of Mormon is true. you are spiritual sons and daughters of a loving heavenly Father who will listen to your prayers, i know he answers them too. - 10/31/2007 - peace be unto you


you are a moron. - 10/11/2007 - wendell


Temple workers are no different than cannery employees.

"Mo guys seemed to get their power trip at the Cannery. You aren't doing this right or that right. Nothing is to their satisfaction. The safety and health of the free world as we know it is in their hands... yada yada yada... whatever... just give me the d#mned garden hose so I can spray the sh!t on the floor into the drain and I'll go home thank you very much." - 10/07/2007 - BtGR


im sorry you dont seem to understand the whole purpose of temples and im not intending to revisit this site again i have found it to be a total mockery of another faiths beliefs and the things that are sacred to them. i would like you to please think about what im about to say. do unto others as you would have them do unto you, this i beleive encompasses peoples beliefs.

please consider this thought. what if your views on the subject of what you think temples are for and how you have treated this with disrespect are right then you are ok in the sight of god. but what if it is gods will what then?

i would ask anyone involved with this site who has contributed if you have been a member of the church, please look into your heart. - 10/07/2007 - paul


One quote can sum the attitude here: "The girl that played Eve was really cute. But that wasn't enough to keep me going", hmmm... obviously you're pathetic. - 10/05/2007 - I feel sick...


vocês não sabem, e provavelmente não terão a minima ideia do que vocês estão fazendo, eu tenho pena de vocês, vocês , sem saber, estão trabalhando para o diabo, sua condenação e padecimento eterno são eminentes, acreditem em mim, tirem este site o ar, por que se não , perecerão!



i wouldn't trade places with you for anything - 08/20/2007 - anon


In my work for the Genealogical society I was surprised to be offered big money for: Postmarks from the time J. Smith was alive, blank pages from legders and other papaer that could be carbon dated to that time or later, and that they were not only interested in the names they were filming but the deeds and especially mineral rights of the land on the deeds.

These are not the honest people they portray themselves to be. The men are obsessed with talking about sex and polygamy. Part of the Sealing Ceremony as I remember it says," women bow your heads and swear a vow af chastity to your husband" and then "men bow your heads and swear a vow of chastity to your wives" Play on words? It's no wonder they send their boys out of the west looking for wives, the Bovine women of Utah and Idaho leave me longing for Brooklyn. What is that? Will you give it to me? On second thought.... - 06/30/2007 - elder x


Wow, disgusting. Its sad and pathetic that some have devoted their obviously sad and meaningless lives to making fun and supposedly "exposing" the rituals of something very sacred to people. While we're at it, why don't we mock the practice of circumcision? There's no reason for me to get angry, I just have an overwhelming sense of pity for all those who find sense in this. - 06/25/2007 - Kaela


Good work! Keep up the flow of free speech. I have a dear friend who is a Mormon (about 6th generation) and could never understand how such an intelligent, liberal (for LDS) woman could buy this BS so thoroughly. But then all religion is a fairy tale. Someone said that in the real world there are good people who do good and evil people who do evil but to make good people do evil takes religion. Amen! - 06/13/2007 - fivendime


you guys are all pathetic...about 90% of the content on this site is false...why dont you all get lives and find something else to do other than sit and point fingers at something you know nothing're all ignorant people and will answer for this someday....see ya in hell! - 01/15/2006 - pissed off


Well, at least "pissed off" knows where their sorry little mormon ass will be after death, when they say "see you in hell", except they won't be seeing us. Ironic, isn't it?! - 02/25/2007 - imxlds2


I hope that you enjoy destorying people. - 12/18/2006 - anon


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