Re-name The LDS Church

As of 11/04/2014 there are 513 new names.
Since LDS Temple goers receive new names why not bless the Church with a new name.
Call upon Divine inspiration through the veil and submit your new name now at the bottom of this page.

Naming a church - size does matter

03/03/2010 - by cricket and others from Recovery from Mormonism

I googled around with "longest name for a church" because I was thinking what church has a longer and more cumbersome, "gravel in the mouth" name as TSCC.

I was disappointed to discover one is longer. No, I am not making this up.


TSCC (The So Called Church) may not have the longest name but it most certainly has the most "new names." Which prompted me to add the 453rd new name to the morg: The Church of Nonsense of Joseph H. Smith of Secret New Names.

Size matter with church names because there is probably a correlation between the length of the name, nonsense and BS the organization spreads around the planet.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints broken down into nine parts is just looking for parody punchouts!

Many of you recently contributed to this list of several hundred new names for the church which is available here.

Yes, but TSCC has MORE FONTS - by Bob T

(small font) "The Church of (huge font) JESUS CHRIST (small font) of Latter Day Saints.

Long church names - by Tdrd

Well, Llanfair PG, as it is called for short, is actually not a church, but a place name in Wales, GB. They constructed the long name to draw tourists.

Until some years ago, the Utah LDS church was of course beaten by one word by the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (no hyphen!).

For long church names I'd suggest The Church of Jesus Christ with Headquarters at Monongahela, Pennsylvania, which, by the way, is the One True Church and the One True Successor to the Church Founded by Joseph Smith, Jr. (True!)

Another candidate would be the Church of Jesus Christ with the Elijah Message Established 1929 Anew - which, by the way, is the One True Church and the One True Successor to the Church Founded by Joseph Smith, Jr. (True!)

The Big Box Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Shoppers

12/02/2008 - by Rubicon

Mo-Mart greeters sent for by Mormon President 
Thomas Monson. The LDS Church has all the appeal of a big box retail chain.

The church is in it's corporate phase. Before it was a church composed of local congregations that operated fairly independantly. They built their own meeting houses, they raised a lot of their own funds, they problem solved locally. That's all gone now.

Everything in the church now is financed and ran from Salt Lake. There is a manual and procedure on everything. Church meetings are no longer creative problem solving but lectures on following the manual. Stake Conferences are no longer local leaders or VIP visitors but satelite transmission feeds. Temple recommends are bar coded where they can be canceled at any time and your temple attendance data is tracked. All the buildings look the same and what goes on in them is the same.

Like a Wal-Mart store, it can be Ft. Meyers, Florida or Blackfoot, Idaho, they are all the same. What's in them is the same. The people in them are the same. You don't go to Wal-Mart for the architecture or the culture. Like Wal-Mart the church even has a fake greeter called a bishop.

What might the LDS Church change its name to in 10, 20 years?

04/02/2006 - by Reinventing Grace

Eventually, ya gotta figure, the COJCOLDS will decide its time for a name change, to give it a name that can be said in one breath and is as linguistically versatile as "Mormon".

An acceptable new name, by my reckoning, needs to have the following properties:

1. Forms a nice acronym.

2. Short (3-5 words tops)

3. Focus on "Christ"

4. Bears enough similarity to TCOJCOLDS that it won't be seen as a "big change", or a deviation from that D&C verse that proclaims "COJCOLDS" as being the One True Name or whatever.

5. Is versatile, has a nice nickname, will enable phasing out of "Mormon"--can't phase out "Mormon" now because all the substitutions are such mouthfuls or can't be used like "Mormonism" "Mormonesque" "Mormondom" etc. 6. Removes the "Latter-Day" reference.

So, I figure we can all brainstorm here, if we come up with some good ones we can post them over at the salamandersociety, so in 10 years when the PR machine decides to make the move, all the good ones will have been already invented by the exmos. Call it a preemptive invention.

My first guess? "SAINTS OF CHRIST" Doesn't meet all the criteria, but it might work. It also preserves the slightly funky grammer of the existing name. It's probably too close to "Community of Christ" to be used, but it's a good start.

The name by which the Church shall be known upon
the records of the land shall be:

The Church of Joseph Christ of Wrecked Families

The Church of Joseph Christ of Throwback Social Positions

The Church of Jesus Smith of Priesthood Covenant Worship

The Church of Joseph Smith of the More to Boast of Than Jesus

The Church of Tithing Collection from Latter Day Janitors

The Church of Gratuitous Use of Jesus Christ Ad Nauseum of the Brethren's Current Opinions - 11/04/2014 - generationofvipers

The Church of "Jesus Christ, I have to clean the toilets again?" - MJ

The Cult of Sex & Death Of Latter-day Pharisees & Philistines - Tristan

Tne Church of New Names of Latter-day Saints

The Church of Joseph Smith of Latter-day Pseudo Christians

The Church of Me-damn-it They Keep Changing The Name of My Son's Church of Latter-day Saints - cricket

The Blue Boydster Cult

Clone Temple Pilots



Pre Existentialists - donbagley

The Church of Joseph Smith of the Not-Translated-so-Much-as-Prompted Scriptures

The Church of Aryan Jesus of I-Don't-Know-That-We-Emphasize-That

The Church of Living Prophets of Let's Go Shopping

The Church of Pickles Bednar of Pretty-Strong-For-An-Old-Guy

The Church of Wasted Lives of Repeated Necro-Sacraments

The Church of Eternal Truths Made Up As You Go

The Church of Grooming Victims with Flaming Swords

The Church of How Can I Respect My Family When They Believe This Shit - NewJesusChurch

The Great and Abominable Whore - hangar18

The Church of Wolves and Lost Sheep

The Church of No Value

The Church of Great Obedience - presleynfactsrock

The Cult of Mad Man MORmON Pervert Smith and His Latter Day Satans - smirkorama

The Church of Morons, The Church of Late in the Afternoon Pagans

Morons, The Church of Later Day Sinners of Joseph and his Cronies

Meatballs, The Church of Later Day Schleps of Simpletons and Halfwits

Mouth Breathers Mormons, The Church of Knuckle-draggers and Dimwits

Cretins, The Church of Schmucks, Bozos and nincompoops - Zenith

The First Church of the Smithereens! - 09/09/2014 - The StalkerDog™

The Church of Jesus Christ of Looney-day Saints - 03/13/2013

The Church of President Christ of Latter-day Presidents Perpetual - 03/13/2013

The Gerontocracy of Jesus Crusty of Latter-day Seniles - 03/13/2013

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The American Church of Jesus Christ

The Church of Jesus Christ of Modern-Day Saint Mormons

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The Crutch of Horndog Christ of Teetotal Gays&Black-Haters

The Cult of the Most Expensive Mind Control Ever

Denial-and-Suspension-of-Reason R Us

A Group of Mostly-Nice People Who Blow 10% of Gross on a Myth

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The Church of the church. (we worship existence of the church)

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Church of Ancient Trans-Pacific Israelite Wooden Submarines

The Church of Truth-Claims Derived from Fuzzy Feelings

The Church of "Even" Jesus Christ

The Church of Jesus H. Christ on a Popscicle Stick

The Church of Christ on a Bike

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The Mega Real Estate Development Corp. masquerading as a Church - 03/01/2010 - Skunk Puppet

Joseph Smith's Lonely Hearts Club Band - 03/01/2010 - Exmormon Robertson

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The Hierarchy Club for Men

The Anxiety Association


Conformists 'R' Us

The Church of Cry-intology

The Indoctrination Center

My Ancestors' Big Mistake - 02/19/2010 - Stray Mutt

Wolfram & Hart in the Latter Days - 02/19/2010 - OfTwoMinds

Church of the Blessed Bloomers

Dead Dunker's Society

Church of Jeebus Smith of Latter Day Morons

Old Men's Holy Undie Association

Sacred Not Secret Church of Masonic Handshakes

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The Salt Lake Mind Messing Metamucil Masticators - 02/19/2010 - Ziffsword

The Church of Seekers of Validation and Deniers of Reality

The Church of My Jesus is Better Than Your Jesus

The Church of Mainstreaming and Suppression of Politically Incorrect Doctrines

The Church of Don't Believe What You Read on the Internet. In Fact, Don't Even Go There.

The Church of Cognitive Dissonance Means You're Unworthy

The Church of I Don't Think We Teach That

The C.U.L.T. (Church of Ugly Lingerie and Teetotalers)

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The Little Dumb Secretive Church of Horrible Lies, Dishonor, and Lousy Excuses

The Jesus Allmighty Church as My Blanket to Reap Billions and Assault Millions

The Cult of My Jesus Is Better than Your Jesus

The Amercianized Self Righteous Extremist Cult Linked to Osama Bin Laden

The Church that Breds'em Young to Keep'em Dumb

Our Jesus Is So Great - No Member is Worthy Of Reasonable Honesty and Rational Logic

The Church of Jesus Wanna Be's and Christian Comparision Addicts


The Church Built on Numbers From The Dead

The Church of REALLY REALLY Great!!!!! People Hindered By Guilt, Denial And Endless Shame

The Church that Only Counts Money and Numbers To Find A Path to Heaven

The Church Of My God-Aweful Inlaws Who Refuse to Enjoy Everyday Life

The Kingdom of Zealots, Incest, Opression, and Narcissism

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The Mormon Church - TMC

09/03/2014 - by cricket and others from Recovery from Mormonism

Thomas Monson's Corporation

Those Mean Christians

Too Much Church

Too Much Cash

The Movie Channel

Threat Management Center

Training Management Corporation

Tourism Marketing Concepts

Total Market Coverage

Too Much Coffee

Two Man Crew

Too Many Connections

Total Mission Cost

Too Many Choices

The Men's Club

The Mother Church


As an ex-Christian Scientist, "TMC" means "The Mother Church."

Oh, the endless times I heard the First Reader tediously intone, "This church is a branch of the Mother Church, the First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts," as part of the announcement time. Every Wednesday night and Sunday morning. Ugh!

Just so you know, Christian Science churches are officially "Church(es) of Christ, Scientist." I'm thinking of starting up the "Church of Christ, Apostate." (Being a believing Baptist I really shouldn't wisecrack like that!)

Only after I had been several years out of Christian Science did somebody point out to me that "The Mother Church" didn't have "daughter churches;" it/she/they had "branch churches!" - 09/03/2014 - by caffiend

LDS or Mormon Church Announces Name Change Contest

04/10/2008 - Primus

AP- Pepper Pond City, Utard

In an effort to distance themselves from any associates with the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, another branch of the Church started by Joseph Smith Jr., in 1830 has announced plans to change their name.

I met with Bishop Rood, Assistant Church Spokesman and asked what the plan for renaming the Church was.

"Well during this time or misunderstanding about the relationship between our Church and the Fundamentalist Church, we have tried to keep ourselves separated, however, the news community is too stupid to follow our news announcement, and the 1st Presidency is to timid to get into a slander suit with any of the major news media. Cowards, all of them. Anyways, so Monson went to the Lord in prayer and asked him what we should do."

"And what did the Lord tell Monson to do?" I asked.

"Well Monson was on his throne reading the Children's Friend when the idea hit him that much like the Churches art contest that is held each year, we should have a contest to rename the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints."

"So how has the response been so far?"

"The members have really come to the aid of the prophet, showing the great courage and valor of the members. We have received hundreds of ideas for names and have finally narrowed it down to 10."

"Can I see them?"

"Yes, they will be printed in the Deseret News for the members to vote on soon, but here you go." Bishop Rood handed me the list.

Here they are. Each is an official name, and a new 'nickname' to replace the term Mormon.

The Church of Joseph Smith of Latter-Day Saints, the Almas

The TWOOH Church, the Nephites

The Community of Christ (Latter removed because of copyright infringements)

That Church in Utah, the Brighamites

The Church of Jesus Christ of the Real, NOT PHONY, Latter-Day Saints, the REAL Non-Polygamous Mormons

The Fortune 500 Church, the well Endowed

The Church of Jesus Christ, Superstars

and Tommy's Church, the Monsons

Submissions will be accepted until a new name is chosen by the 1st Presidency and 12 Apostles.

Comments Section

*Sighs* First off, I'd like to say that I am sorry if an LDS member wronged you in some way that would make you look at the entire religion with such ignorance and dislike. Please, find a way to do something that will make you have a positive effect on you because whatever pent up negative feelings you have towards the LDS faith will most likely only hurt you in the end rather than them. If you truly believe these things that you listed above, then I suppose we'll just have to accept it. I still wish all the best of luck in all of your future endeavors (hopefully something more productive than this particular site) and I hope that you can keep moving forward. -4/20/10 - 04/20/2010 - LDS Member


So why did America spawn the wack-job Xtian religions?

The Amish and Hutterites and the like tend to leave the rest of us alone, and the mainline Protestants are kind of on the dour side, but dress nice and know Robert's Rules of Order.

But the 19th century American creations are kind of out there, and all have sort of an MLM feel to them.

Then there is Scientology, which is in a class by itself. A deliberate fraud right from the get-go, with Mork and Mindy theology, and still some nitwits fall for it. - 10/24/2009 - winter


LDS-LSD = what's the difference? - 10/23/2009 - by Handmaiden


If you accept Webster's definition of hypocrite (1 : a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion 2 : a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings) then everyone of us are hypocrites if we believe in goodness, respect, fairness and happiness. We have all said and done things that hurt ourselves and others when we act against our beliefs or values. It's been said that hurt people, hurt people. Perhaps that's why some of you find it useful to mock other's beliefs in a forum like this. We like it when we find others who think and feel like we do. So if Mormons want to practice their faith to improve themselves, fine. Do you really think this negativity supports your values and brings you peace? How about finding more positive things to focus on? - 10/10/2009 - Jim


I am the Very Joseph Smith Re-incarnated, and if you really love as your lord and savisour you would leave this site immediately, and go fish out your life savings and make them payable to

c/o Mr Avery Chicoine
#111-3215 Prevost Pl
Duncan BC
v9l 5g5

that is all for now .. and thank jesus u have me .. instead of some horrible tyrant - 04/30/2008 - - The Latter-Day Prophet and returned


The church of people who think you are all losers for wasting your time making fun of someone else's beliefs. - 02/28/2008 - sarah


You are all losers to pick on someone like the mormons. Were you picked on alot in school? Now you have to make fun of something you dont seem to know much about?? - 11/28/2007 - anon


seriously;i agree with the person above me;

1-you know nothing of the church,therefore should say nothing about it

2-if you really want to know information,why dont you go to your local church,and ask some questions.they will be more than willing to help you and 3rd-dont waste your time with this outrageous website,its not going to get you anywhere - 07/27/2007 - anon


THE CHUCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS that is the name and it will stick!



I feel sory for all of you that feel this way. - 07/31/2006 - lds mem.


one day myself or mine have accepted it. but then, club kolob is for the suckers. whose number i will no longer be among.

personally, i would rather take my own path. Jesus gave us but ONE commandment- love one another- and if we follow that basic prerogative, then the rest are unnecessary. why would i WANT to remain with a church that believes i require over 300 commandments? and why would i want to appease a "loving" god who thinks i need that many? if my God and Goddess think i'm an idiot, they shouldn't have created me. and if your god thinks i am one, then why would he want me?!

please. if you are pro-lds, i am all for that... for YOU. please keep it on your side of the fence, and i won't go about on your favourite pro sites trying to un-convert you from lds and convert you to spiritual pagan christianity. nice conversing. please now return to your hole.

to everyone else... loving it. keep it up!!!! - 07/26/2006 - I believe in the Lady and the Lord- equal and essential one to the other.


None of this "obey" or "above" rubbish.

How many of you have actually experienced the LDS religion? I hope you all have because if you haven't, you're unfairly judging something. I don't have some crazy, mean, disrespectful name to put down, although I am half tempted to but what would that really accomplish? Nothing! It would just be stooping down to a really low level, and i'm better than that.

I'm a ninth grader and at the end of my eighth grade year, kids in my school all had registration cards to fill out. My friend checked SEMINARY in permanent black marker on my card. I was mad, and still am. Today she wrote me a note during a class and said, "Aren't you so happy that I checked SEMINARY off on your card!?" I replied with, " I'm not really fully happy that i'm in seminary because it kind of goes against my beliefs, but oh well. I've learned a lot! I can now judge it fairly because i've actually gone. I think your relgion is fine but it's just not for me. Some things are too far-fetched for me to believe. Sometimes I feel that some people of your relgion put Joseph Smith before God and I don't like that. I was taught that there is NO book better or more true than the Bible and that NO ONE or NO THING is better or higher than God. I don't believe that you should have to get married in the Temple and wear garments to be a "good" person. When I moved to this city, in the fifth grade, the first question I was asked was, " What ward are you in?" I said I wasn't in one and wasn't LDS. That person never spoke to me again. She wasn't the only person to look down on me because i'm not LDS. I think all people, no matter their religion, should be treated equally. Mormons, not all, are usually just hypocritical and rude. I don't want to be a part of that.

The LDS relgion is fine. I will treat it with respect just as I do every other relgion. But I am sick and tired of being judged because I'm not LDS. I've lived in Utah my whole life and I've grown up around Mormons. They're not bad people.. just very hypocritical.

My dad is LDS my mom is Catholic. When my dad and mom were dating, my dad's aunts would always call my mom the "no good skinny catholic girl" Now my dad's aunts had all been married off in the Temple and they were garment wearers and they were "good people" Well if they were so good... then why did they call my mom such names? I don't know what the LDS people are taught in those LONG meetings they have every Sunday but from what I see and hear everyday, it's not very nice and I think they're taught to look down on everyone who isn't of their relgion and it must start from a young age. One Sunday morning my family and I were going four-wheeling when my little neighbor at the age of 4 came out and said "YOU'RE ALL GONNA GO TO HELL!!" at FOUR years old he is saying this stuff! I think that's ridiculous.

A few years ago, my friends mom was raped by and LDS man. My friends mom was x comminicated from the church but the man was allowed to stay. How unjust is that!? The man said that the way my friends mother dressed just called him upon her and she wanted him to do it. I think that's wrong. It's just male domination.

I am really sick of living here in Utah because the LDS people have just made it hell on earth. - 02/02/2006 - 14 and sick and tired of being judged


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Please learn it. One day you or yours will accept it. - 01/28/2006 - anon


The church that murdured women and children at The Mountain Meadows Massacre (over 100) and then tried to blame it on the indians.(Its o.k. though because they were later baptized for the dead.Thats what they get for being Anti's)

The church of the magically disapearing archaeological / historical evidence.(It all must have been raptured like Joey's golden plates.Or it could be another diabolical plot by the Anti's)

The church of the false prophet of God who can't even tell when someone is selling the church fake documents.(Salamander letters,Book of Abraham papyrii,Kinderhook plates,Book of Mormon)

The church of "Hey,lets keep all our wierd early church history stuff locked away in our vault so that nobody can see how wacko we really are" - 12/16/1999 - John D. Lee


I think you all need a reality check. You obviously no nothing about the Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder Day Saints. You've already shown your stupidity and ignorance on the subject. What does Beavis and Jerry Springer have to do with them? This is a poor excuse for a webpage! Don't you have a life? - 06/23/1999 - anon


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