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Any Month, Any Year (Ain't it grand how much free time we have now that we're free of the Morg?) Many of the contributors to this section also post on the Recovery from Mormonism bulletin board.

Please submit your calendar ideas at the bottom of this page.

  • Fast Sunday
  • Church (baby blessing)
  • PEC Meeting
  • Choir Rehearsal
  • Open house after church for baby blessing
  • Temple Cleaning Assignment
  • Family Home Evening (treats at the Cougareat)
  • BYU Devotional
  • New Family Visits
    in the ward
    by Relief Society Presidency
  • RS Correlation
  • Young Men/Young Women Activity
  • Scouts
  • New Family Visits
    in the Ward
    by Elder's
    Quorum Presidency
  • Men's Basketball
  • Primary Super Saturday
  • Wardhouse Cleaning Assignment
  • Get Ready for Sunday
  • Church (home ward)
  • Church (Nephi's missionary farewell)
  • PEC Meeting
  • Choir Rehearsal
  • Family Home Evening (go see Legacy)
  • BYU Devotional
  • RS Correlation
  • Feed Missionaries
  • Young Men/Young Women Activity
  • Scouts
  • Take dinner to Jones (mother is ill)
  • Men's Basketball
  • EQ Service: Fix Widow Smith's Roof
  • Get Ready for Sunday
  • Church
  • PEC Meeting
  • Choir Rehearsal
  • Sealing Assignment
  • Family Home Evening (take kids to Temple Square)
  • BYU Devotional
  • RS Correlation
  • Take dinner to Tanners (new baby)
  • Young Men/Young Women Activity
  • High Priest Dinner Party
  • Scouts
  • Go on splits with missionaries
  • Men's Basketball
  • Scouting Roundtable
  • EQ Service: Assignment at Church Welfare Farm
  • Get Ready for Sunday
  • Church
  • PEC Meeting
  • Ward Council
  • Choir Rehearsal
  • TR Interview
  • Family Home Evening (teach girls how to use glue gun, boys how to use shotgun)
  • BYU Devotional
  • RS Correlation
  • Ward Temple Night
  • Young Men/Young Women Activity (Baptisms for the Dead)
  • Enrichment (a.k.a. Homemaking)
  • Scouts
  • Attend Temple Dedication
  • Ward Pot Luck Dinner
  • EQ Service: Help the Snow Family Move
  • Get Ready for Sunday
  • Church
  • PEC Meeting
  • Choir Rehearsal
  • Family Home Evening (compose new hymn for Ensign contest)
  • BYU Devotional
  • RS Correlation
  • Make and receive HT & VT visits

Please let us know what you would like to see added to our calendar of events we no longer need to attend.

Calendar Items Received

The real financial cost of Mormonism. My family's example.

- 03/14/2014 by newnamenephi

Below is a breakdown a typical month in my family (wife & 3 teenagers - and we live close to a ward building):

Number Miles Hours
4 trips to church for Sunday service. Many times we would drive two vehicles because of one of us would have to stay for meetings either after or before. 24 12
4 PEC/WC/Welfare meetings Counted in #1 - 10 10
1 BYC meeting 4 2
1 Fireside 4 2
1 Stake youth function-at the stake center 15 3
1 Elder's presidency meeting 4 2
1 YM Youth presidency meeting 4 2
YW Youth presidency meeting 4 2
1 Stake YW Adult presidency meeting 15 2
4 Wednesday night youth activities (both cars used each time) 32 8
4 Tuesday night basketball to reactivate/con non-members 16 8
1 Home teaching to 2-5 members for the men 15 4
1 Visiting teaching to 2-5 members for the women 15 4
1 Monthly service project 10 2
1 Scout committee meeting 4 2
1 Ward social function 4 3
1 Scout off-night function 4 2
1 Scout campout 100 12 (if you just say 'working' hours)
1 Clean the church 4 2
1 Splits with missionaries 15 2
1 Adult temple trip 180 8
20 EARLY MORNING seminary 160 20
1 Being home taught for our family in home 1
1 Wife being visit taught by assigned sisters in home 1
Magnifying our callings (doing all the support work with lessons, activities, supplies, scouting, planning, counseling YW/YM, etc.) 20
Month 683 136
Year 8,196 1,632
8,196 miles @ 13mpg = 630gal @ $4 gallon = $2,520 1,632 hours @ $9.10 (Oregon min wage)... = $14,851 Annual real expenses plus free service.. = $17,371

For all this free service and real expenses, I also got to pay another five figures in tithing/fast offerings so I could keep my cult club card!! (temple recommend)

Plus all the extra expense from buying TONS of things for the YW, YM, SS Class, Elders, RS, Scouting, church functions and lessons for which my wife and I never had the local ward reimburse us because it would get taken from their minuscule budgets. All while the big 15 are sitting on billions upon billions!


Time wasted on church

- 12/12/2010 by rambo

I am 28 years old and I left the church 5 months ago around my 28th bday. Lets estimate how much time I wasted on church. Will start from 8 because that is when became an official member and I think church was still kind of fun until I hit 8.

Note: other church things means scripture study, prayer, fasting, hometeaching, callings, temple trips, and whatever else. The ages are up to the end of the year I put. For example 8-11 includes the year 11.

8-11 - 3 hours of church a week, other church things 1 hour a week. hours=4*4*52 = 832

12-14 - 3 hours of church, 4 hours of other things. hours=3*7*52 = 1,092

15-18 - 3 hours of church, 5 hours of seminary, 4 hours of other things. hours=4*12*52 = 2,496

Mission 2 years = 17,520

21-27 - 3 hours of church, 7 hours of other things. hours=7*10*52 = 3640

Total hours 832+1092+2496+17520+3640 = 25,580 hrs

or 1066 days or 2.92 years.

How much time did you spend on church?

How many lifetime hours did you spend on the church?

- 03/29/2008 by Mason

My thirty years =

Sunday meetings: 30 years = 4,500 hours

Seminary: 4 years = 400 hours

YM: 7 years = 560 hours

Mission: 2 years = 10,950 hours

Talks: 80 talks = 320 hours

YM Leader: many years = 810 hours

Gospel Doctrine Teacher: many years = 675 hours

High Council: several years = 495 hours

Bishop and bishopric: several years = 1,420 hours

Home Teaching: twenty years = 480 hours

Church reading: 30 years @ 1.5 hours per week = 2,340 hours

= 22,930 hours


Put another way: 40 hours per week = 573.25 weeks of work = over 11 years of work. Even at minimum wage, that is a huge payday.

Put another way: Imagine 22,930 more hours for family, friends, self, community, service, hobbies, travel, vacations, coffee shops and the local pub? Not to mention that I could have learned Spanish, started a charity, coached a few youth sports teams, had a part-time job, learned to play the guitar, and done a PhD. And this isn't even hyperbole.

I do not consider all of my church time wasted, many benefits came to me and my family. However, my life is great and things just keep getting better. A realistic cost-benefit analysis produces a STAGGERINGLY low return on investment. At the very least, there are too many better ways to get all the benefits and then some, without the nonsense and baggage.

My freshman year of high school I confronted my parents

- 03/29/2008 by ich

With a list of all the things they expected me to do. Between school, homework, after school activities, babysitting my siblings, work, volunteering, seminary, church activities, scripture reading (personal AND family), etc etc etc, my responsibilities averaged out to something like 26 hours per day, excluding sleep.

Their reply? "That's what God expects of everyone your age. You just have to have enough faith!" Guess I didn't have enough faith 'cuz I was constantly getting sick and was perpetually depressed.

Two Years Later

- 03/19/2008 by Sister Outtathere

Sunday morning: stuff myself into pantyhose and a modest dress, gather up 22 pounds of primary materials, wrangle family into the car, smile and make nice while pantyhose slowly strangles me, lead music in Sacrament, turn in tithing and fast offering, teach Primary, help out in Nursery, arrange chairs for Relief Society, visit teach, call inactives.

Monday: Pack up kids and leave abusive Priesthood husband after he breaks my nose for the third time.

Next Sunday: Find myself suddenly and without warning "released" from my callings. Get called into the Bishop's office and be accused of being possessed by Satan.

Monday: Spend the day questioning inspiration.

Two years later: Walk out of the church and live happily ever after!!!

Time requirements of church obligations

- 02/21/2006 by Joshua

The huge time requirements preclude time for much else. When I began adding it all up, I realized how massive the time drain was.

1. All day Sunday because it is the Sabbath and the only things allowed were church related. There goes 14% of a person’s total time for the year right there. If that is viewed as free time for the average person it would be something more akin to 22% (4 hours of free awake time per weekday subtracting commuting, eating, etc. Eight hours a day on the weekend after subtracting shopping, errands, cleaning, etc. = 36 available hours of free time per week. I will compute based on 4-week months rather than 4.33 to factor in putting on the suit and tie, arranging babysitters, extra trips to the gas station, etc.).

2. Family home evening takes care of Monday night. (Down to 32 hours a week available).

3. Home teaching and visiting teaching at least one night a month. If your families need you at different times, this would go up. Then when the spouse HTs or VTs that takes out another night or two. (Averaged over the month minimally down to 31 hours available).

4. Daily scripture study both as a family and individually. (Even if only 15 minutes/day for each down to 27.5 hours a week of free time).

5. Daily journal writing. (15 minutes/day again 25.75)

6. Weekly preparation for lessons or other callings. (Another hour 24.75)

7. Temple attendance at least once a month. Where I lived, that took out an entire day. (Even if only four hours that drops the weekly average to 23.75)

8. Week night activities; scouts, mutual. (Another evening: 19.75)

9. Monthly scout campouts. (A Friday evening and all day Saturday average over the month: (16.75)

10. Then what of the time they expect you to devote to exercise (dressing out, showering etc. another hour shot at least 3 times a week: 13.75)

11. The weeklong scout camp or girls’ camp in the summer. That takes up a significant amount of vacation time.

12. General conference takes two Saturdays a year plus the two Sundays that were a total loss regardless.

13. Running kids to early morning seminary or teaching early morning seminary. Losing an hour of real class time for those in the corridor.

14. The two years lost for a mission when others may be volunteering for real causes during breaks from college.

The average Mormon is likely giving in excess of 50% of their free time to the church. In reality, many members are devoting much more time than this and are actually accruing a sleep deficit because the only thing that can give is sleep. The truth of the matter is, there is no time for Mormons to devote to service for other causes.

The Mormon Church is a leach sucking the members dry financially and temporally to shore up a failing dike of lies.

The church consumed every day of the week

- 10/30/2005 by browniebutton

When I was raising children several years ago, before the three hour Sunday stretch, The church consumed every single day of the week (early 70's).

Monday was Family Home evening --We didn't have it so we did other things and felt guilty all evening

Tuesday was Relief Society in the morning. This took the entire morning.

Wednesday was mutual (I taught)(now called young women's)

Thursday the children went to Primary.

Friday we were obliged to spend the entire evening at our ward helping with the chocolate project or be to some activity, or scout project or activity

Saturday was either Stake Leadership or we continued on with the chocolate project. Or go out and work on the church farm.

Sunday was church in the morning and church at night.

Once a month, homemaking meeting was an all day affair

There was also Seminary every morning and we always heard how we should be scripture reading every morning.

I also usually had at least two church callings and in-between all that I was supposed to do visiting teaching and have visiting teachers come to my house so they could go back and report that my dishes weren't done or that I was still in my nighty at 3:00 in the afternoon.

It was exhausting. It exhausts me just writing about it.

Anyone else remember the good ole days?


Friday night at stipper bar make eye contact with ward member, but pretend you both didn't see each other. And then again Saturday afternoon in Wyoming (hour drive from Salt Lake City) buying porn (the good kind). But nobody could have recognized us because we were wearing our clever "Gentile" clothing, a high collared sports jacket and a ball cap pulled down low. - 05/08/2005 - from KC

On Halloween, dress up like Satan with red face and horns, then put on a missionary uniform with elder name tag, backpack, and scriptures then go trick-or-treating to everyone in the ward. - 11/18/2004 - anon

Fireside on why the B of M is true even when the facts say it is not! - The bull will fly tonight! - 11/04/2004 - from Stephen

Visit so called faith promoting LDS church sites (more like faith destorying sites). - 06/26/2004- from stephen

Monday: Mail resignation letter to Greg Dodge at Church Membership Department.
Saturday: Ignore attending my scheduled church court since Greg should have recieved my letter by now. - 03/06/2004 - from jlorz

Fireside called " Progamming people for our Lord " and " How to learn - don't ask and never tell" - 03/06/2004 - from stephen

Go to camp and hunt for snipes. 02/27/2004 - from danishgrl

Add to calendar: BYC (Bishops Youth Committee) Held on Sundays to discuss events for youth. Our ward had this meeting at the beginning of the month on Sunday. - 02/01/2004 - from jg

Secret meeting to discuss how we can destroy the "non members" children in public school. - 02/01/2004 - anon

Meeting on Wednesday nights with the Bishop a/k/a bill collector wondering why we were behind on our tithing when we could barely keep clothes on our back and food in our mouths. True story for another time! Thank you for this incredible site.

Inviting sister missionaries in with their jello molds just as you're getting ready to spark a fatty! :) - 02/01/2004 - from ExMO from Zion (Independence, MO)

Friday: Talk to Christian's Drama Teacher about letting him out of all Monday night school play rehearsals.

Tuesday: Attend Christian's play rehearsal and point out all of the immoral portions that need to be cut.

Wednesday: Write letter to Drama Teacher condemning him for not upholding church standards.

Thursday: Pull Christian out of the play and his Drama classes if teacher doesn't acquiesce to my reasonable demands.

Friday: Form a committee to boycott the school play.

Monday: Family Home Evening topic: "Living in the world, not of the world". - 10/24/2003 - from MoInHiding

Go out with my friend and his wife...oops his wives - 07/28/2003 - anon

Saturday nite...spend some time on internet talk to other RM's and share stories about how we masturbated without waking up our companion - 06/24/2003 - anon

For Monday evenings; Since the Temples are closed, wash undergarmies before next endowment; accident during last weeks Veil ceremony when "The Lord" wouldn't let me go to pee. - 06/09/2003 - anon

Crying Repentance - 05/18/2003 - anon

Search the internet for information on gospel topics and come upon websites of bitter ex-mormons who really think that filling their calendar with "mormon" activities and then crossing them off is humorous when it is really a sad reflection on their carnal, self-centered state. - 04/12/2003 - anon

Take my neckties off the bed posts and re-hang in the closet...sleep with hands free to touch anything I want as long as I want and as fast as I want. - 03/28/2003 - anon

Please don't forget to add your fast on the Sat. before . You always want to be starving on you days off.Though we know most LDS women are 40% body fat and could use it. - 10/21/2002 - anon

Prepare talks or lessons that nobody will remember. - 06/02/2002 - anon

Home Teaching
Hosting visits by elders.
Visiting the sick.
Temple visits.
Wasting time talking to other brainwashed people at special events. - 05/25/2002 - anon

02/18/2002 - from Zeus
Have dad drive you, half asleep, to flunk (real class) Chemistry at 6:00 in the morning so that you can take (joke class) release-time Seminary, where you only argue with teacher about false doctrine's that he heard from "a General Authority".

10/18/2001 - anon
missionary splits, at least twice a friggin week?

10/15/2001 - jezzy
yuck - who can forget DAILY early morning seminary every morning at the wardhouse before high school from 6:30 to 7:30 AM. I can't believe I wasted all that sleep and got up sooo early for 4 straight years all to hear the same crap you can hear in Sunday School, mutual, or sacrament meeting!

10/11/2001 - anon
July 24th: Go to Wendover (should be mostly deserted)

08/11/2001 - from Lady from Florida (u-no-hoo)
The 25th: Congratulate yourself on successfully escaping: your 20 year marriage, your 18 year church membership, your first multiple orgasm and your growing bank balance which oddly increased by 10%.

07/19/2001 -
Go to mormon household where one daughter is dating a non-mormon boy(me) and argue with him for hours about how it is possible to become gods of their own planets.  (The story of my life)

06/13/2001 - anon
Go to Single Adult dances where there's 100 women for every man (and he's already been married 3 times)

05/08/2001 - anon
Relief Society rally to burn copies of Ed Deckers "The Godmakers"

05/05/2001 -
you don't take any time to wash that sacred underwear

05/02/2001 - onnisgrl2
Make a bigger lacier collar for my Sunday dress.

05/01/2001 -
Splits with the Elders

Splits with the Sisters

Help Ammon prepare sacrament meeting talk on missionary work

Practice being reverant with the two year-old twins

Help younger children write faith promoting letters to their two older brothers and both sets of grandparents who are serving missions

Help children figure their tithing (especially Gadianton, whose birthday was 2 months ago and who still hasn't tithed on his birthday money - maybe we gave him the wrong name)

Write letters to ward members currently serving missions

Fertile period - have sex to provide physical bodies for more sweet spirits

Friday Date with spouse (leave that one in)

Comments Section

Most of you are obviously unhappy and unfulfilled with your new freedoms from "mormonism" that you now can spend hours detailing you past unhappiness with your church activity. If you are so happy doing what you want to do now why do you bother trying to talk bad about and actually calculate what you did for the church. You obviously have a unfulfilled life now. I think you are trying to justify your bad decision to leave. I feel sad for you. - 05/01/2015 - unhappy


Ahh... the people who can't see the forest for the trees. We've all been there. :) - 12/14/2008 - None


I feel so sorry for you guys and the way that you have handled this situation. It really is sad. - 09/12/2008 - Amanda


What could be more worthwhile of your time? My kids would rather be home playing video games or sports, but wow, we have these great activities instead.

Many of the things of the world are very good things, but, not the most important things. My kids have learned and achieved and grown spiritually because of the activities that we do.

I realize it can be overwhelming, but I think a lot of it is optional also. When we feel a pinch on our family's time, we choose to miss an activity or two.

The world today would have you believe otherwise, that sports, mowing your lawn, all of the other activities are more consequential. I don't belive so. - 03/19/2008 - Kristen


WOW, here is my calander dor ya

Sunday= go to church and teach. after church go with friends and chill at there house and watch movies all night. Home work. drive around. get FOOOOOD

Monday= work,FHE for an hour, go chill with friends and family or do what ever the hell i want.

Tuesday= work and school

Wednesday= Institute for an hour. the beauty of it is... I dont have to go. its optional but i go becasue i like it.

Thursday=work, school friends after wards.

Friday= temple once a month. stay up late, party and other various things.

Saterday= take care of mom and make sure she is ok. Do what ever i want. oh and if i have to teach on sunday, i study this night.

thats pretty much it. simple and alot of free time. Who says you have to be in ward choir. i play guitar and im a dam good singer but i dont sing in my ward choir. Enrichment night here is usually a service project for helping OTHER people. My sister teaches scouts so that the parents of the boys can have some free time together and so that the boys can have fun with other friends. 4 wheeling with shotguns was my favorite activity for scouts. oh so was paintballing while playing CTF. nothing like Utah mountains as your palyground. - 03/19/2008 - LT


I believe most of this is blown way out of proportion. There are alot of meetings but if something is going to function and be organized, meetings are how it's done. I'm glad I am a part of something that is organized rather than belong to a church i only have to attend once a year or pay a few dollars for everything bad I have done. God created this world and he is my Heavenly Father the least I can do in return is serve him. - 02/19/2007 - quit being lazy


ooh! don't forget (for singles) institute at least once a week, plus weekly singles' activities, and monthly singles' dances. Visiting teaching, home teaching, being visit taught, being home taught. BYC for youth every month (if you live in a branch or small ward, you may be the only one in your class which automatically qualifies you as president), plus class presidency meetings on a weekly basis. Girl's camp prep meetings, meetings with your youth leaders about "personal progress".

Also, for girls, all the time spent completing all of your stupid personal progress goals so that you can get a necklace that tells the boys you're worthy of marriage. Monthly Stake Youth Activities/dances (Super Saturdays). For boys, monthly fast offering collections. For women (and sometimes older girls) monthly Enrichment meetings. Stake Youth Conference, youth conference committee meetings/planning sessions. All the prep for youth conference done outside of planning meetings. Stake Conference. General Conference. CES firesides. Youth (YW) Broadcasts. Priesthood broadcasts. Temple dedications. For youth, temple baptismal trips. Babysitting (without pay) for adults going on temple trips, for women going to enrichment meeting, etc., etc. Time spent preparing lessons....And on, and on, and on. - 02/17/2007 - SkyChild


I'm an active LDS member, and this has been really helpful to me. You have really helped me see the light. Now I know that it is an onerous time sink to take dinner in to the Jones because the mother is ill or the Tanners because of that new baby. I like your attitude--let them fend for themselves. I bet there is a rerun of Friends on TV I could watch instead. And right on about the widow Smith. She's only 67. She can climb that ladder and fix the roof herself, the lazy bum.

And the Snows can handle their own move. Even though all those people helped me the 5 times I've moved I see your point. Screw them, it?s Saturday and I should be able to just watch college football.

And Young Men's, boy that was a waste. Spending time with my son as his scoutmaster was such a waste when there was good TV to watch. And how can I live with myself for that time I wasted working with those 6 young men (including my son) who got their Eagle Scout Awards. I could have spent that time playing golf. The world would be a better place if I had a 10 handicap instead.

The only thing that is confusing to me is that since I don?t have any time to do anything other than church stuff, I?ll have to tell the local college that it must not be me volunteering for that weekly entrepreneurship mentoring job. Must be some non-LDS dude that just looks like me.

But I really think you hit gold by identifying the big time killer as Family Home Evening, scripture study and journal writing. Why have I wasted all that time with my wife and kids? Now especially that my kids have grown old enough to move out of the house, I really resent all that time I wasted with them when they were young. To think I could have seen hundreds of Monday Night Football games instead. What was I thinking?

In fact, I can see where you are going with this. I bet you think your family is an even bigger time sink than Church. You probably have dumped them too. That would give you even more time to spend on yourself.

Thanks for opening my eyes. I never realized that being a helpful, compassionate neighbor, friend, scoutmaster, husband and father was such a waste. But you've really set me straight. - 12/08/2007 - - Oh Brother


being lds is a lifestyle, what would you rather see on the calendar, tv. tonight, tv tonight yea great influence in your life, friday night at the pub! - 10/24/2007 - anon


sooooo what is your real schedule now? what are you doing (other than watching american idol, drinking beer, looking at porn and internet games etc etc.)

just curious - 04/23/2007 - TBM


For those youth and young adults out there, I think you need to add in seminary 5 days a week, with a Super Saturday activity at least once a month, Institute at least once a week, plus weekly and monthly single's activities. And monthly CES broadcasts. And, if you live in an area of lower mormon population, bi-weekly group dates. If you go out with the same people so many times maybe they'll eventually grow on you enough or you will get desperate enough to marry one of them. - 10/22/2006 - phoenix rising


Saturday- get ready for Sunday, repent heartily and pray for the grace of God! - 08/08/2006 - anon


I dont understand what could be better than spending time with your family, especially in today's world. So what do you do with your time now? Watch T.V? Spend all day thinking about yourself? Sounds Great... - 10/19/2006 - anon


I agree, there are a lot of meetings.

But, let me get this right, you consider Family Home Evening a burdeon? I for one think any time I get to spend with my family is great. Call it what you want, Family Home Evening, Family Night, Leave Us Alone Night, whatever. It's really kind of childish to actually post Family Home Evening on this site as if it is something the Church "makes" you do. I don't care what religion a family is, this world would be a whole lot better off if families today actually took some time to "be" families. - 03/26/2006 - Whatever


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