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Mormon Pioneer Trail Trailmarker
by Hamster - Dec 2003

Heaven is lined with streets of gold? I'd rather be here on earth!
by Hamster - Dec 2003

Taking inspiration from Isaiah (the naked prophet) a new church ministry sends out naked missionaries in an exciting new effort to gain converts.
by Hamster - Dec 2003

According the Mormon Family History Library's "Ordinance Index" main file:


Name: Robert Nesta MARLEY
Birth: 6 Feb 1945, Nine Miles, Saint Ann Parish, Jamaica, Caribbean
Father: Norval Sinclair MARLEY
Mother: Cedella MALCOLM


Baptized: 10 May 1988 - Oakland California LDS Temple
Endowed: 13 Sep 1988 - Oakland California LDS Temple
Sealed to Parents: (this field is blank)

Form submitted for proxy LDS temple ordinances. Lists submitter's name and address (may be outdated) and may include source information. Detail varies. Arranged by batch and sheet number.

Batch: 8803260 Sheet: 08 Source Call Number - 1396492 Type - Film
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Robert Nesta Marley - 6 Feb 1945 to 11 May 1981
Few people know that the cancer that lead to Marley's death was a brain tumor that started out on his foot. It was first noticed when a football (soccer) injury refused to heal. Bob was playing football for hours a day. Maybe we should ban soccer? ;-) For religious reasons Bob refused to have his toe amputated and the cancer spread to other parts of his body. It is amazing that at his young age he survived more than two years with his cancer. It might have been because of his strict diet, the unorthodox medical treatment he received by Dr. Issel in Bavaria, or it might have been the cancer reducing effects of THC, the main active substance in marijuana (a US government study showed fewer cancers in THC-treated animals).

by Stray Mutt - Nov 2003

by Nephihaha - Nov 2003

by Nephihaha - Nov 2003

by Ghoulslime - Nov 2003

by Buffalo Bill Shakespear - Nov 2003
This is the actor who plays the role of Lucifer in the LDS Temple movie of the Endowment. His line to Eve as he temps her with the apple in the garden of Eden scene is: "And this shall make you, partake."


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