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I used to like Slamtoons, but I think they went too far this time.

In the telestial pictures, the very first one is blatantly pornographic. I was showing a questioning Mormon acquaintance the celestial pictures. She actually thought the site was funny--that is until we went to the telestial picture section.

I was shocked and angry at that section. COME ON! That is disgusting, not even one bit funny. When they say "Blasphemy of the more graphic nature", that was an understatement.

My friend now thinks the very worst of ex-Mormons, like we are all a bunch of perverted freaks.

I was so embarrassed. I will not be going back there. I highly recommend that nobody show the telestial section to anybody.

Somebody over there has one sick sense of humor. - 02/20/2006 - Bonnie


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