Prominent Mormon Look A Likes

146 images as of 12/10/2014


Sheri Dew
Pres Deseret Book

Bride of Frankenstein

Sheri Lewis & Lambchop

Gloria Steinem

Sheri Dew

Maggie Simpson

Mary Poppins

Blair Witch

Martha Stewart

Sheri Dew
Prophet Knows Best

Jane Wyatt
Father Knows Best

"Donna Reed"

Kathryn Janeway

Oliver North

trophy cup

Merrill Bateman
Past BYU Pres

Boris Yeltsin

Boris at
General Conference

Kent Brockman

Master Bateman
X-BYU Pres

Aunt Bea

John Gotti
Mormon Mafia

Orrin Hatch
Utah Senator


Orrin Hatch
Utah Senator

Space cowboy
Clint Eastwood

Orrin Hatch
Utah Senator

Orrin Hatch
Utah Senator

Wolverine - X-men

Mitt Romney
Gov of MA

Ronald Reagan

Burt Lancaster

"JFK, Jr"

Jesus Christ

Marie Osmond


Hillary Clinton

Roseanne Barr

Marie Osmond

Beverly Hillbillies


Donny Osmond

Michael Keaton

Ted Garcia
KTLA news

"Knight Rider"
David Hasselhoff

Donny Osmond

Donny Osmond

Wayne Brady

Captain (Quirk) Kirk

Gladys Knight

Lucifer I in
endowment movie

Lucifer II in
endowment movie

Peter in
endowment movie

Gordon Jump
played Peter

Simply Red


Stan Laurel

Christopher Lloyd as
Uncle Fester

Ron Jeremy

Bob Keeshan
Capt Kangaroo

Johnny Rotten
Sex Pistols

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