2016 Celestial Slamtoons updated 04/30/2016

Saint Holland-Jeffrey.

Mormon Service Missionaries.

We are white and delightsome and we know it.

Kool-Aid drinkers gather for one last sip.

The year is 2030 and the last remaining Mormons gather before heading out to Jackson County, Missouri.

The Seagull Worship Society gathers before their semi-annual tour of the Salt Lake City Landfill.

Donnie Osmond-Tom Cruse-Prince - faith fiascos.

Inactivity-Mormon. p> joseph-smith-seer-stone. p> Joseph-Smith-is-Warren-Jeffs.

Thomas Monson Gay Revelation, Mormon Visitor Center, Russell M NelsonCelestial Circus Sealing.

Mormon Celestial Circus Sealing.

Book of Mormon Twilight Zone.

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