2015 Celestial Slamtoons updated 12/21/2015

Cowboy Jesus Second Roundup.

Jeffrey Holland gay focus group.

Sheri Dew vibrator.

Donna Packer Little Lactating Laboratories Mormon.

Dieter Uchtdorf Mormon Flight Plan Doubt.

Kirton McConkie - Kurton McKookie - LDS Law Firm, LDS Legal.

Kirton McConkie prophets, seers, revelators.

Thomas Monson LDS Mormons Gay Drumming.

The Brethren, in their omniscient, Jesus-guided whizdumb, have apparently not only shot themselves in the foot, but actually shot their leg off at the knee. Hopefully this will be the gift that just keeps on giving, giving, and giving, just like what said The Little Stream . . . and the Energizer Bunny. - 11/17/2015 by Beyondashadow

Boyd Packer Australia Kangeroo.

Thomas Blood Moon Monson.

Book of Mormon Musical Playbill Redux by Mr. Happy.







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