Celestial Slamtoons updated 12/13/2014

Jeffrey Holland Dodo Smithmas Muppets Mo-ppets Celebrate.

Thomas Monson and Jeffrey Holland gravity enemy of Mormon Church.

I don't wanna go to church mormon child on hood of car by ziller.

Exmo Art by Ziller

This is an example where it is common in Apostate Art for an image to be ripped off the world-wide Internet web and photo-slopped for any excuse to engage in light mindedness, loud laughter and evil speaking of the Mormon Lord's anointed.

A terrified child is seen clutching to the hood of an automobile as it speeds toward the Mormon temple looming in the distance.

In the rear-view mirror we see the driver of the car to be the Mormon Prophet Gordon B. Wrinkly (sp?) or maybe it is some other geriatric Mormon Prophet or maybe it is just a regular old Mormon dude taking his nineteenth wife's oldest son to participate in the Mormon temple occult rituals necessary for his Salvation.

The phrase "I don't wanna go to church!" is used by apostates from the Mormon gospel when they want to engage in sinful behavior.

Cracked Tower - Church Office Building - COB - All Seeing Eye by Ziller.

Exmo Art by Ziller

The Book of the Sub Genius. This is a depiction of the fulfillment of a prophecy foretold by Nephi - that Great Ancient White American Indian Hebrew Mormon Prophet in the Book of Mormon.

Here we see an image of the infamous Church Office Building (C.O.B.) in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The C.O.B. is the Mormon Church's Headquarters for its world-wide empire of real estate holdings and church businesses.

It is the tallest building in Salt Lake City which makes it the tallest building in Utah. Heck, it is probably the tallest building in all of Mormondum which at 30 floors is kind of like saying someone is the tallest person at a midget convention.

The C.O.B. is seen leaning precariously in the midst of ominous storm clouds.

A lightning strike has created a fiery breech in the upper floors of the building which is hemorrhaging money.

The eye at the center of the storm represents that All-Seeing-Eye of the Ancient Hebrew Alien Space God of Wrath who has vowed to punish and take vengeance on every act of wickedness, hatred, murder and such like deeds of ungodliness committed by the Mormon Church in His Holy Name.

The All-Seeing-Eye was taken from a picture of the late Rev. J. R."Bob" Dobbs of Dallas, Texas in his "Book of the SubGenius" which claims the Book of Mormon, Dianetics, and I'm OK you're OK as its predecessors.

Skating around Joseph Smith's polygamy again. Church Office Building.

General Authorities cultivated in church office building.

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