Celestial Slamtoons updated 11/25/2013

Thomas S Monson first responder. Mormon child on Mormonism.

Mormon Child brain on Mormonism with Thomas S Monson.

Thomas S Monson embraced by Pope Francis in spite of Monson's serious spiritual illness.

Thomas S Monson recognized as first patron Mormon saint by Catholic Church and Pope Francis.

Thomas S Monson Rock of Revelation Stone Rolling Forth Memorial Utah.

Mormon helping hands, mormon groping grips, mormon temple patriarchal grip.

Mormon history, tip of iceberg, real history, internet, google.

Mormon trick or treat, twelve days of christmans, smithmas, mormon temple marriage.

Keeping up with the Kolobians Kardashians Mormon Emma Josesph Smith.

Mormon Bull Shit Bingo LDS General Confence Sacrament Meeting Games.

Thomas Monson glum fish general conference fish faces and lips.

Mormon Sheep Ewes Denied Entrance into Priesthood Session of General Conference.

Michelle Obama Mormon Relief Society President.

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