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General Conference speaking of tongues Jeffrey Holland.

image by Blash

Elder Holland spots a cute young lady in the congregation, and signals to her in his unique, irresistible way. - 03/24/2009 - nomomomo

"In a brief lapse of concentration, Elder Holland inadvertently reveals to the world that he is, in fact, a shape-shifting reptilian." - 01/15/007 - D. P. Gumby


Having grown tired of hearing the lies uttering from Elder Hollands mouth God causes his tongue to swell within his mouth so that he cannot speak. - 04/28/2006 - anon


Elder Holland bites his tongue to fight back urge to scream "It's all a LIE!!!!" - 04/28/2006 - anon


In a bold act of rebellion Elder Holland's tongue refuses to allow any more lies about the truthfulness of the church to escape his mouth. - 04/28/2006 - anon


While contemplating the fast approaching death of President Hinckley, one thought begins to occupy Elder Holland's mind..."mmmmmmm, funeral potatoes!!" - 04/28/2006 - anon


Jeffrey sticking his tongue out at the entire Church? Where did he learn his manners? Didn't his Mommy wash his mouth out with soap enough times? - 04/20/2006 - Blash


I've been speaking in tongues so much, so long and so fast I've got blisters. I won't be able to give the Saints the tongue lashing I was looking forward to. - 04/20/2006 - cricket



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