Pope John, Boyd Packer, George and Laura Bush - Lying in State

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Pope John Paul II: I knew we couldn't trust that Mormon mortician to get it right! How am I going to explain this to St. Peter? - 07/10/2005 - anon


George Bush: He converted to Mormonism right before he died.

Laura: Really? Why?

Cheney: He said that he would rather a Mormon die than a Catholic. - 04/11/2005 - Celtic_jrg


Dallin Oaks: Dammit Boyd, my arm's fallen asleep. I don't know why I ever agreed to this crazy PR stunt!

Boyd K Packer: We secretly replaced the Pope's body with Dallin's. In a moment I will command him to arise and walk. The Catholics will see this as a miracle which will cause even more Catholics to join the Mormon Church, which means more money for the Mormon Church, which means more money for the Republican Party!

George Bush: Well done thou good and faithful servant. - 04/07/2005 - anon


Pope John II: Those Mormons are going to burn in hell for this!

Boyd K Packer: That's quite a prank your Bonesmen pulled off Mr. President!

George Bush: Hehe, yea. I thought the Hinkster would get a kick out of it! Serve's his holiness right for opposing the Iraq war! - 04/06/2005 - anon


Laura Bush:Something doesn't look right - I like the green though. - 04/06/2005 - anon

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