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Guy on Left: So has the church processed your letter of resignation yet?

Guy in the Middle: Nope. I figured they would have gotten around to it before I died.

Guy on the Left: They processed mine right away after I threatened to put a Voodoo curse on them! Hahaha! - 07/31/2005 - anon


Guy on Left: So how can we stop those Mormons from doing temple work for us?

Guy in the Middle: I haven't a clue but it is getting pretty annoying.

Guy on the Left: I am lucky. My tribe never kept any birth or death records so there is no way to posthumously make me a Mormon! - 07/31/2005 - anon


Guy on Left: So your garments didn't protect you from harm either?

Guy on the Left: Nope, those bullets tore right through them. - 07/10/2005 - anon


Whitey #1: Uh, howd you get in here boy?

Cursed of Cain: Excuse me?

Whitey #2: You heard me boy, git! - 06/3/2005 - anon


Guy on Left: Doesn't it bother what Brigham Young said about Africans?

Guy in the Middle: Yeah, if I was black there is no way I would have joined the Mormon church.

Guy on the Left: I joined so I could marry Brigham Young's great-great-great- great-grand-daughter. I can't wait to introduce him to his mixed race descendants. - 05/15/2005 - Thurl Bailey


Middle Dude: You know, this kind of thing (the meeting of these three) would never have happened even 30 years ago!

Guy on right: Yeah. I'm what you call 'Mr. Dark Chocolate', don't you know?

Guy on left: And, middle guy, here, is 'Milk Chocolate'; and, I am part Native American, so I am 'Light Chocolate'. How about that! ALL BROWN BROTHERS, WE THREE! (Too bad Brother Brigham isn't around: he would have blood-atoned all three of us, right here: right now!) - 05/08/2005 - anon


Black guy: "The difference between me and you is: I make this look GOOD!" - 04/29/2005 - from Uziyahu


Black guy: A bakers hat? On my afro? What the fuck chew' talkin' about Willis? - 04/05/2005 - anon


You are the first black guy I've seen in a Mormon Temple! - 03/30/2005 - AxelDC


Guy on the left: Everything is so white we must be in heaven!

Guy in the middle: Yes, it is just as I had imagined.

Guy on the right: Sorry guys, heaven is full of color and all manner of creations. You two are in hell. - 03/12/2005 - anon


When he exclaimed, "You know, I sure look better in these than you white honkys!", the other two had to silently agree. - 03/08/2005 - from Searcher68


Black man: If I just keep agreeing with what they say, maybe these dudes won't notice I'm Black... - 03/03/2005 - from Clarence Thomas


Wait, wait--this isn't a karate class? Dammit! ...then why the heck are you queers all dressed up like this? - 03/03/2005 - from Jaeld


(Ammon, guy on left: Ummm, you know your not supposed to be here, dont you. What kind of place would this be if we let you colored folk in?

(center): Relax, Ammon...He is our eternal servent, just like good ol' Joe said!

(right):> Crap, I knew I should have lived a better life... Now I've gone to hell. - 02/13/2005 - from the other brother of Jared


Guy in the middle: "This guy says he is looking for someone name Moroni. Do you know what he's talking about?"

Guy on the right: "He never existed. Joseph Smith made it all up. I tried to tell you guys that Mormonism was false while I was on earth but you wouldn't listen!" - 02/12/2005 - by anon


Rick is informed that all the righteous virgins that he thought would become his eternal wives have been taken by Joseph and Brigham. - 01/20/2005 - anon


Elder Stevens (left) is informed by Peter (center) and God (right) that he needs more than some bullshit Masonic handshake to get into heaven. - 01/17/2005 - anon


Guy on the left "So you're Abel?"
Guy in the middle "But I thought God gave Cain the curse of black skin?"
Guy on the right "No, God cursed Cain with white skin and a small penis! Hahahaha!" - 01/16/2005 - anon


Peter, James and John prepare to make a presentation to Elder Boyd K Packer's Committee on Cultural and Racial Diversity and Tolerance. - 01/14/2005 - Bill Cosby


Yo dudes! I can't believe we survived the "War in Heaven" without any blood stains on our whites. - 01/14/2005 - Eldredge Cleaver


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