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Packer: Mein Fuhrer, Leave it to Elder Hinkley and I. When we are done, the "faith promoting" version of Auscwhitz will sound like Disneyland. - 07/31/2005 - Dave


Hinckley and Packer enter the Holy of Holies to meet with the spirit of the Furher

Packer: My Furher, the youth rally went off exactly as you suggested.

Hitler: Good! At conference we will call on the youth to report their non believing parents to their priesthood leaders so we can purge our ranks of the wicked who are leading the faithful astray.

Hinckley: That party was bitchin'!! - 07/24/2005 - anon


Hinckley: Hey Boyd, guess what der fuhers favorite Aerosmith song is. "Train kept a rollin"!

Hitler: I'm glad you guys believe in the literal gathering of Israel, cause I just gathered 6 million of them.

Packer: You'll find our Danite organization to be very similar to your SS in both zealotry and insanity. Did I mention penis yet? - 07/09/2005 - cousin


Hitler: We can use narrow bigoted minds like yours here in the Fatherland.

Fudge Packer: My your hands are supple yet strong.

Hinckley: Fudge Packer is worried his little factory will get damaged in the Allied bombing campaign. - 07/09/2005 - cousin


Packer: Well, Herr Hitler, how are you treating our 'Saints', over here?

Hitler: They all kiss our ass, Mr. Pecker; and, we love them, for it.

Hinckley: Yoo-hoo, der Fuhrer. You can say 'heil' to me any time you want to, now!

Hitler: Watch it, Mormon-boy, or you will end up in a pit with all the other assholes. - 05/08/2005 - anon


Title: Mormonism's last days

Packer: We retreating on all fronts!

Hitler: First my baby nazism fails and now your Dummkopf Mormonism is failing. I should have never joined with you!

Hinckley: Damm! He saw though us too. - 04/29/2005 - stevejudy22


Title: The Welcome

Packer: Welcome to the Church, Adolf.

Hitler: I just scratched my asshole with this hand.

Hinckley: Did someone say my name? - 04/20/2005 - Celtic_jrg


Don't worry, we've done all your temple work for you. - 03/30/2005 - AxelDC


Title: Superior - Inferior

Packer: Don't worry about us Mormons Adolf, We believe in being asubject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law. Besides that we also think white Europeans are the superior race, and Africans are an inferior and cursed race.

Hitler: Das is gute!

Hinckley: Hey Addie, while you are killing all those Jews could you also attack the Great and Abominable Catholic Church for us? - 03/26/2005 - anon


Title: The Artists

Packer: You know, I too am a struggling artist like yourself.

Hitler: Really? You should show me some of your work sometime.

Hinckley: He carved me a cute little birdie from the wood of a great walnut tree that I planted as a child. - 03/26/2005 - anon


Title: The Pamphlet

Hitler: Your pamphlet on how to increase factory production was inspiring!

Packer: Umm, you do realize that was a euphemism?

Hinckley: Euphemism? Is that like when a woman fakes an orgasm? - 03/26/2005 - anon


Title: New Membership Drive

Packer: Our numbers are down all over Europe Adolf. Is there anything you can do to help?

Hitler: I'll be sending about six millions jews your way soon. How's that?

Hinckley: Goody. I can build more temples. - 03/25/2005 - by SD


Title: The Second Coming of William Law

Packer: Hey Adolf, while you're at it can you exterminate a few more segements of this wicked society? It is even more wicked than Sodom and Gomorah. I guess that would make you and me the last righteous guys in town.

Hitler: Yeah right, Got any virgin teenage daughters you'd let me have my way with?

Hinckley: Hmmm. Maybe Hitler really is the second coming of Joseph Smith! - 03/25/2005 - William Law


Title: Teatime for Hitler

Hitler: Please join Eva and me in the bunker for tea.

Packer: I'll pass on the tea. Got any Mountain Dew?

Hinckley: Ooh, goody. Can I come? - 03/25/2005 - Skunk Puppet


Title: Boyd's World

Packer: We did it son! We finally got Hinkley out of the way. (wink wink) And I want you to take over the profit position.

Hitler: Jee dad, that's swell! Can I start now?

Hinckley: Isn't it Maaa-velous. - 03/25/2005 - Maya


Title: News of the Recovered Ark

Packer: Our spies have recovered the Lost Ark of the Covenant from Herr Jones.

Hitler: Will you now show me the secret ceremony?

Hinckley: We will go down. - 03/25/2005 - Grape Nephi


Title: Boyds Little Factory

Packer: What do you think Fuhr?

Hitler: Your factory will keep genetically perfect idiots coming to earth for a long time. Thank you.

Hinckley: (Thinking) Dammit, my factory is good too, honest it is. - 03/25/2005 - anon


Title: Factory Out of Service

Packer: I regret to inform you mein Fuhrer that my factory is out of service.

Hitler: That's ok Gruppenfuhrer Packer, Field Marshall von Hinckley has informed me that his has been working overtime. - 03/25/2005 - by activejackmormon



Packer: "Sir, despite what Hinckley says, I am not the church's token gay!

Hitler: "That is good!"

Hinckley: (THINKS): "He isn't? Then which one of the twelve IS the token gay?" - 03/25/2005 - Matt_exmo in UK


Title: Good ol' boy's club

Packer: What is this?

Hitler: The first token of the Melchezedic priesthood.

Packer: Has it a name?

Hinckley: It has! - 03/25/2005 - anon


Title: Ten Percent!

Packer: Hey, for 10% he'd sell his own Mother!

Hitler: So, do you think Gordo will really go for this plan?

Hinckley: 10%? Did someone say 10%? Gimme! - 03/25/2005 - chywon


Title: Boyd's Bunker - Welcome to the Celestial Kingdom

Packer: What is that?

Hitler: Dummkopf! I'm supposed to ask you first!

Hinckley: Oh Geez, here we go again! Another power struggle.

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