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Sigmund: My initial diagnosis indicates deep melancholia.

Boyd: Yes?

Sigmund: You must have committed a serious sin, perhaps chronic masturbation? - 04/11/2005 - anon


Sigmund: Tell me about your childhood.

Boyd: I remember sitting in the Tabernacle. I used to love gazing at the large organ. It's multitude of long hard pipes filled me with a strange mix of emotions that as a child I didn't understand. It is the same feeling I get when looking upon the massive spires of our temples which shoot skyward attracting the gaze of all around.

Sigmund: This is a clear case of penis envy. Tell me do you have a small factory? - 04/07/2005 - anon


Siggie: Tell me about your mother, and how she would touch your little factory! - 04/05/2005 - anon


Siggy: Tell me about your mother.

Boyd: She was so jealous of father's other wives that she used to beat me. A LOT!! - 04/05/2005 - anon


Sigmund: Your mental problems are all caused by your selfishness. - 03/30/2005 - AxelDC


Sigmund: Tell me about your childhood.

Boyd: I liked to play with my sister's Barbie dolls. One time I put Ken and G.I. Joe in the same tent.

Bottom caption: How it all started. - 03/27/2005 - Peter Doubt

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