The Action at Cumorah Creative Captions

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Sister: I always knew you had a wild side Tom Trails.. fuck me now!

Tom Trails: But I'm gay for Sam. - 08/21/2005 - by anon


Woman: Free at last! Free at last! Thank God almighty I am free at last!

Man: So you finally received the letter confirming your resignation from the church? - 08/05/2005 - by anon


Sister missionary: Help! Help! I just experienced some doubt about the church and I need something faith-promoting!

Mormon Man: Just repeat after me: I know the Church is true - I know Joseph Smith was a prophet of God - I know the Book of Mormon is true... - 08/05/2005 - by Matthew


Sister missionary: I'm sick of all those balding 20-something Mormon Men. Finally, a man with some hair!

Guy with pony-tail: Her Mother is going to s**t a brick when she meets meets me. - 07/16/2005 - Safa Kassam


Sister missionary: You were soo right! Why didn't I believe you that the church was a fraud before I agreed to go on this pointless mission??

Friend: At least you came to your senses before marrying some Mormon prick. - 07/10/2005 - anon


Sister missionary: My mission has been so rewarding. I am so grateful I saved all my money to afford to go! What did you do with your money?

Exmo Friend: I invested all my mission money in Google stock and now I'm rich! - 07/10/2005 - anon


Sister missionary: This curved path is so much more fun than the straight one I used to be on!

Man: Wait until I show you my iron rod! - 06/03/2005 - anon


Sister missionary: The spirit is burning so strong in my bosom right now!

Man: Your bosom is causing a burning sensation in my pants right now! - 05/11/2005 - anon


Woman: Are your coming Brother?

Man: No, I'm not even breathing hard. - 05/10/2005 - by anon


Floating Missionary: When I stand like this I look just like Jesus coming back to earth in that picture!

Dark haired hippie: I knew she'd like those brownies I made for her! - 05/09/2005 - by anon


Floating Missionary: I am Sister Mahorni Puzi. Would you like to worship my sacred mounds and explore my hidden cavern?

Dark haired hippie: Sweet Jesus the church IS true! - 05/09/2005 - by anon


First person: SISTER, SISTER, You wouldn't believe what I saw!

Second person: Yea yea I know, Joseph is back to his old tricks again, talkng "Section 132 of the D&C, I know, I know, I've heard it all before. - 05/09/2005 - by anon


First person: Come on -Joseph said if we came back in five minutes we could do a three-way.

Second person: Yippee- I want to be on top! - 05/09/2005 - by anon


First person: Help! I just saw the spirit of Joseph and he flashed me!

Second person: What?! That cheat! He told me I was the only one! - 05/09/2005 - by Joe Know


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