BYU New Name & New Motto

The name, Brigham Young is getting old in more ways than one. Since the Lord's university has many nick names already, The Salamander Society wants to further this noble cause. Why was the school named after Brigham Young instead of Joseph Smith? If the Church is serious about BYU being a Divine institution, why not have some form of divinity in the name?

Add your new names, mottos and comments in the text box below.

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New BYU Mottos

Bring us your illiterate, your white children, your inbred yearning to play the banjo. And never forget: a mind is not such a terrible thing to waste. - 01/04/2014 - Zoobie Doobie

Where the Honor Code only applies to dissidents. - 02/09/2010 - anon

Where your guilt level is factored into your GPA.

Where tithing allows us to purchase the best non-Mormon athletes money can buy. - 12/14/2008 - by proudapostate

Where brains are fried, but souls edified. - 12/23/2005 - S. Benson

Where accreditation is only a dream away. - 12/23/2005 - Makurosu

The Glory of God is Obedience
Enter to learn; Go forth to procreate.
Truth is none of your business. - 12/23/2005 - runtu

We've already done the thinking for you!
Where else can you watch the direct decendants of Cain play football!
Enter to learn...and to spy and report on homosexuals.
Property of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. All students and faculty subject to search and intimidation upon acceptance.
We don't let facts get in the way of truth.
The only school where you can earn a 4.0 GPA in the Lambs Book of Life.
Like maps?? You'll love our "Limited Geography" Deptartment - 12/23/2005 - Jonny the Smoke

A mind is a terrible thing to use - 12/23/2005 - Tal Bachman

The Glory of God is the Avoidance of Intelligence. - 12/23/2005 - Et tu, Y?

Abandon all hope ye who enter here. - 12/23/2005 - Dante Aligheri

Fidelity Through Violence - 12/23/2005 - Laszlo

Obedience will make you free - 12/23/2005 - Odin

Magic Theater Entrance Not For Everybody - 12/23/2005 - Bob T

Blind obedience makes perfect faith. - 12/23/2005 - Sine nomine

B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Brains) We Supply The Lobotomies
Tow The Line & We'll Give You A Flatline. - 12/23/2005 - BeenThereDunnThatExMo

Enter to Conform, go forth to Obey - 12/23/2005 - Yup

Don't Step on the Grass. - 12/23/2005 - Skunk Puppet

Where the only beards are those on the statues
Put reason away and learn to obey
The only self-accredited University west of Adam Ondi Ahmen
Sign- Warning- Cattle crossing
Where the flock gets fleeced
Sign- Don't feed the apologists (especially Daniel C. Peterson)
Peer review? What's peer review? - 12/23/2005 - activejackmormon

Fight the Liar Within! - 12/23/2005 - The Apostate Paul

Facts? We don't need no stinkin' facts! - 12/23/2005 - f#m7

If you liked Stepford, you'll love us! - 12/23/2005 - BrerRabbit

The Glory of God is Prozac - 12/23/2005 - DataHavok

Big Mormon Brother Is Watching You - 12/23/2005 - theflyonthewall

Prepare to evacuate soul
Don't cum ye saints
Gird up your brains
The only highlights are in our hair
Your last chance to figure it out before it's too late
Your brain will not leave here alive
Looking for football players

Entrance to law school:

Enter a Mormon, leave free
Deconverting more Mormons than the Tanners

And for those who still intend on staying Mormon even after learning to think critically:

Learning to defend the indefensible
You'll make a great GA - 12/23/2005 - T-bone

Everyone gets what they deserve - 12/23/2005 - Freya

Free Homo Electrocution - 12/23/2005 - LifeIsGreatNow

BYU-Where you can look forward to selling cell phones! - 01/01/2005 - from Go Utes34 31

"Proud Breeding Ground for our Brainwashed Young Youth since 1876." - 03/09/2004 - anon

Destroying Young Minds Since 1876. The Legacy Continues! - 11/07/2003 Johns Hopkins

There's no place on earth like the YBU - 11/07/2003 - Lindsay_Helm

Babysitting Your Underlings
My parents think I'm not having sex here.

Building Yesterday's Ubermenchen
Preparing you to lead the past.

Blocking Your Understanding
Earn a degree without learning to think.

Boyd's Youth Underground
Stormtroopers of Righteousness.

Be-Yond Uptight
There's no righteous like self-righteous. - 11/06/2003 - Stray Mutt

BYU- The Only University That Gives Mrs. Degrees. - 11/06/2003 - BYU not my Alma Mater

If a woman doesn't get a husband, we'll give her money back.

Bring Your own Underwear

We don't care how you bring them, just Bring-um-young! - 11/06/2003 - nonamepls

A university too lame to party.

A university where only the statues have beards.

God help Gary Crowton, he needs all the help he can get.

BYU! BYU! where the girls are girls and the boys are too.

Stand and boo, the cougars are through....

BYU, the second best University in Utah County

BYU, providing brides for U of U TBM's since the days of Lorenzo Snow

BYU, where geology is taught in the religion department

Well, someone's got to be Boise State's bitch! - 11/06/2003 - Activejackmormon

The Thinking Has Been Done.

The Glory of God is Intelligence. Not Much Glory Around Here.

Enter To Learn How. Go Forth To Lie. - 11/06/2003 - SD

The Campus Is Our World - 11/05/2003 - Boyd K Slacker

"Mormismo delenda est!" Or?, perhaps for the Latin Studies Department thereof. semper fidelis. Y pasame la sal, por favor! - 11/05/2003 - from Senator Marcus Cato, chmn. Anti-theocracy Committee

Enter to Serve - Go for to learn. - 11/05/2003 - Molly M

Enter to yearn - Go for to perve. - 11/05/2003 - Emmanuel David

Enter to earn - Go for with nerve. - 11/05/2003 - Johnny Cochran

The glory of God is ambivilance. - 11/05/2003 - Bruce R. McConkie the VIII

New BYU Names

Bringem' Young and Bring - 03/17/2010 - BRR

Brainwashed Young Uneducated - 02/09/2010 - anon

B-Best (Freakin') Y-youth U-University! - 02/25/2009 - Miriam B.

University of Kolob - 04/02/2008 - 3X

Brothers Your Uncle -06/26/2007 - MHO

Boring You University - 03/21/2007 - Rose

Brigham-Jugend Universitaet - 03/21/2007 - Steve Castle

Brigham Young Pee-University - 03/20/2007 - Elder Pee Wee Herman

Brigham Dung University - 02/28/2007 - by Kim Yung Chung

Brigham Seccumb University - 02/27/2007 - by Sir Rendur

Brainwashing-em Young University - 09/09/2006 - anon

Bang 'em Young University - 09/09/2006 - Challenger

Borg-em Young University - 09/09/2006 - BeautifulMind

Braindead Youth University - 09/09/2006 - Lazarus

Bullshit'EM Young University

Brain Yoyo University

Bad Youth University. - 09/09/2006 - Tom Cruise wannabee

The Provo Finishing School - 06/16/2006 - franz

Insanity Capital of the U.S. - 03/27/2006 - Rita

MU - Mormon University - 02/25/2006 - Lynn

B-Y- who? Never heard of ya." - 01/02/2005 - Stray Mutt

BYU--stands for Boy, You're Ugly!! - 12/18/2004 - from Susan D.

The Why? - 11/21/2004 - Sunbeam

The new BYU in southeast Idaho Idaho _ BYU North. I call it BYOMU - (bring your own magic underwear). - 07/28/2004 - anon

Since "the Glory of God is ->intelligence<-"...

KGB - Kolob's Girlie Bar

CIA - College of Idiotic Applicants

FBI - Farming Bigoted Individuals

Mi5 - Mormon Induction for 5 years

SS - Saintly Students

STASI - School of Totally Addled Sexual Inverts

MOSSAD - Mormon Studies and Scripture Addicted Drones - 05/15/2004 - from Nephihaha

Breeding the Youth University - BYU - 03/09/2004 - anon

ByWHO - BYW - 11/16/2003 - Switz1

Brigham's All-Righteous Followers - BARF - 11/09/2003 - from GoUtes34 31

Boyd's Your Uncle - BYU - 11/07/2003 - from Wanker

Bland Yucky Uniformity - BYU

Boring You, Ultimately - BYU

Big Yawn Uncovered - BYU

Buffoonish Yokel Ubiquity - BYU

Bare Your Udders - BYU

Bachelor, You're Unprepared - BYU

Bad Years Unmentioned - BYU

Blinded Young Underclassmen - BYU

Bumptious Yet Underperforming - BYU

Beats Yam Unearthing - BYU

Baby Yield Unmatched - BYU

Behold Yonder Uncertainty - BYU

Bury Your Unhappiness - BYU

Brother, You're Unworthy - BYU

Beautiful Yellow Urine - BYU

Babysitting Your Underlings - BYU

Building Yesterday's Ubermenchen - BYU

Blocking Your Understanding - BYU

Boyd's Youth Underground - BYU

Be-Yond Uptight - BYU - 11/06/2003 - Stray Mutt

Put Hubby Through - PHT - 11/06/2003 - SusieQ#1

Bizzare Youth Underworld - BYU - 11/06/2003 - Reggie Shumway

Bring 'em Younger University. - BYU - 11/06/2003 - Who Cares

Brigham's Striplings - B.S. - 09/11/2003 - submission from what does it spell

Become Your own god for Uncle sam - BYU - 09/11/2003 - anon

Cecil's Crazy College - CCC - 09/11/2003 - Oral Roberts

oBaY U - BYU - 07/28/2003 - cricket

Bigamy Young University - BYU - 07/13/2003 - spinner

Bigoted Youth University - BYU

University of the Underground - U of U

USPooh - USP - 06/15/2003 - chywon

Blow You University - BYU

Bare Your Underwear - BYU

Boring You Unnecessarily - BYU

Boink Young Undergads - BYU - 06/15/2003 - Wag

Brigham Young Uni-thought - BYU - 06/15/2003 - Steve Benson

Boy You Ugly - 06/15/2003 - anon

Bop em Young U - BYU - 05/29/2003 - anon

Brainwash (the) Young University - BYU - 05/03/2003 - misspeabody

Post Mortal Technical College - PMTC - 05/02/2003 - from That time of the month

Big and Hung University - BHU - 03/10/2003 - from rufus

Brigham Bob Jones University - BBJU - 12/31/2002 - Elder Barry Wyon

Bring Your Unawares - BYU - 11/05/2002 - Dolly Lama

Sacred Holy Institute of Technology - SHIT - 11/04/2002 - from exmony

Hogwash School of Theology - HST - 07/14/2002 - from Harry Potter

Brigham's Yeshiva University - BYU

Private Educational Nominal Institute of Saints - PENIS - 05/27/2002 -from Cousin of Jared

Orson Pratt University - OPU - 04/14/2002 - anon

Brainwashed Yodelhead University (BYU)

Buttfuckem Young University (BYU)

Bastard Youth University (BYU)

Backstabbing Youth University (BYU)

Zoo of Crazy Mormon Idiots (ZCMI)

Zionist Cult of Moronic Imbeciles (ZCMI) - 02/15/2002 - Snorkman

Brainwash the Youth University - BYU - 01/28/2002 - Bongboy

Bin-Laden Yeshiva Utahliban - BYU - 12/16/2001 - Yasser Arafat

Planet managment Undergraduate School - PUDS - 11/12/2001 -

Brainwashed Young Utah'ns - BYU - 10/11/2001 - Cousin of Jared

Bully Your Underlings - BYU - 09/29/2001 - Nephihaha

Hick State School - HSS - 09/29/2001 - Nephihaha

Bleach Your Underwear - 07/19/2001 - anon

GYU-"Gee, why you?" - 07/19/2001 - Matthew

Breed'm Young Utopia - BYU - 05/08/2001 - anon

Brigham's Yucky Uranus - BYU - 05/08/2001 - anon

Boyd's Yes-man Utility - BYU - 05/08/2001 - anon

University of theology gone retarded - UTGR - 05/08/2001 - anon

Sexually-Begotten Deity University - SBDU

The Whitest School in America - WSA

Blaspheming Yahweh University - BYU - 12/13/2000 - anon

Sexually-Begotten Deity University - SBDU

Blaspheming Yahweh University - BYU - 12/13/2000 - anon

Brigham Young inc. "We also do degrees!" - 11/29/2000 - anon

Morg Institute of Theology - M.I.T. - 11/21/2000 -

Zions Collection of Mormon Idiots - ZCMI - 11/08/2000 - anon

Bring Your Undergarments - 09/28/2000 - Beli

Brandish Your Undergarments - 09/28/2000 - Beli

Anti-Knowledge College - 09/28/2000 - Beli

Brainwash You Utterly - BYU - 09/19/2000 - R.T.P.

Bonerland - 07/17/2000 - Bart Simpson (BYU 2008)

Utah Poly - UP - 07/15/2000 - anon

Idaho Poly - IP - 07/15/2000 - anon

University of Tehran - UOT - 07/15/2000 - anon

Utah Church-State University - UCSU - 07/15/2000 anon

Brigham-Packer University - BPU - 07/15/2000 - anon

Brigham Young University Idaho - Potato University - P.U. - 06/21/2000 - anon

University of Assimilation - UofA - 06/15/2000 - David

BYU! BYU! Where the girls are the girls And the boys are, too! - 06/10/2000 - former BYU drone

Since some people call BYU "BYWHO?" wouldn't Ricks then be BYWHOI (whoeey)? - 06/23/2000 - C.Dean

Zoobilee Zoo, Its BYU - 05/15/2000 - anon

Bigotted Young Uranuses - BYU - 06/10/2000 - Tami

Lard's Unithoughtory® - 03/24/2000 - Bobby A

Deseret University of Mormon Missiology - DUMM - 01/19/2000 - anon

L.Ron Hubbard University - RHU - 12/29/1999 - anon

Stepford College - SC - 12/29/1999 - anon

Beardless You'll Understand - BYU - 12/10/1999 - Brigham Smith

College of Uniformity in Latter-Times - CULT - 09/21/1999 - Brigham Smith

University of Religious Intolerance Now and Later - URINAL - 09/06/1999 - Brigham Smith

God's Extra Special Testimony Applied Priesthood Order - GESTAPO - 09/07/1999 - anon

Bring 'em Young and Unattached - BYU - 09/04/1999 - AxelDC

UC-Provo - UCP - 09/04/1999 - AxelDC

Brigham Young Univesity Spiritual Servitude Religious - BYUSSR - 09/04/1999 - swedenDC

Why Brigham Young - YBU - 08/13/1999 - unknown

Boyd K Packer University - BKPU - 08/10/1999 - anon

university of people rushing to perform the temple ritual so they can get laid - 08/06/1999 - Theodore

University for the Intellectually Impaired - UII - 07/29/1999 - anon

Waiting On a Returned Missionary - WORM - 07/20/1999 - DC

Further Understanding Responsible Priesthood In Eternity - FURPIE - 07/20/1999 - DC

Celestial Learning Institute of Testimony - CLIT - 07/20/1999 - DC

Fun And Games With Electro Shock Therapy - FAGWEST (hey, I'm gay. I'm allowed) 07/01/1999 - Sparky

Brigham Young and U - 06/19/1999 - dadams

The Mormonic Convergence - TMC - 05/21/1999 - anon

Kolobotomy Kingdom Kollege - KKK - 05/21/1999 - anon

Burn Your Underwear - BYU - 05/20/1999 - anon

Brigham's Institute for Training Church Heretics - BITCH - 05/20/1999 - anon

University of Holy Underwear - UHU - 05/06/1999 - Image 77

College of Personality Repression - CPR - 05/05/1999 - jlaitres

Academy of the Staged Sacrament - ASS - 05/05/1999 - jlaitres

Mormon University of Sacred & Holy Underwear - MUSHU - 05/05/1999 - jlaitres

School of Revisionist Evangelism - SORE - 05/04/1999 - Dave

Brigham Young Orphanage - BYO - 04/24/1999 - anon

Liars Doing Seminary - LDS - 04/24/1999 - anon

Brigham Youngs Aspiring Green Jello - BYAGJ - 04/24/1999 anon

Mesoamerican Origin Revisionist Officers Nudist Insistitute - MORONI - 04/23/1999 - image77

Advanced Mormonic Normalcy - AMN - 04/23/1999 - image77

College of Mormonology - CM - 04/23/1999 - image77

University of Holy Underwear - UHU - 04/23/1999 - image77

Brigham's Ultimate Testimony Tech - BUTT - 04/23/1999 - image77

Brigham's Likeness On New Diplomas - BLOND - 04/20/1999 - Blashoodaloom

A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waist By Attending BYU - AMIATTTWBABYU - 04/20/1999 - Blashoodaloom

Auschwitz for the Mind - AM - 04/20/1999 - Blashoodaloom

University of Fast Offerings - UFO - anon

The University of the Fourth Reich - UFR - anon

Church Officer's Education Department - COED - anon

Satan's Educational Xanadu - SEX - anon - 04/02/1999

Zion Institute of Testimonyology - ZIT - anon - 04/02/1999

Hinckley's Educational Living Lie - HELL - anon - 03/30/1999

But You're Underlings! - BYU - (If BYU were a women's college!)- anon - 03/30/1999

Buy Your Undies - BYU - anon - 03/30/199

Buy Your Undergraduate Degree Elsewhere - BYUDE - anon - 03/30/1999

Half the Truth School for Mormons - HTTSFM - Stormtrooper - 03/29/1999

Censorship is King College - CIKC - Stormtrooper - 03/29/1999

Breedem' Young University - BYU - Stormtrooper - 03/29/1999

Brigham Young College - BYC - (because all those religion classes take the place of *real* learning)-Baghead - 03/29/199

Brigham Young Seminary School - BYSS - Baghead - 03/29/1999

BYWOO - Sue - 03/29/1999

Temple Tech - TT - Sue - 03/29/1999

Brigham's School - BS - anonymous - 03/25/1999

God's Order Of Divinity = Gracious, Righteous, Innocent, Evangelical, Fun! - GOOD GRIEF - 03/24/1999 anonymous

University of Gods and Goddesses - UGG - 03/13/1999 - anonymous

Polygamy University - PU - 03/13/1999 - anonymous

Urim and Thummin University - UTU - 03/13/1999 - anonymous

Jesus Christ University - JCU

Latter Days School - LDS

University of God - U of G

University of God Holy - UGH

Joseph Smith University - JSU

Provo Righteous University Devine Evangelical - PRUDE

Provo University - PU

Book of Mormon University - BMU

Spiritual College All Mormon - SCAM

College of Universal God Always Righteous - COUGAR

Gordon's Organization Devine - GOD

Brigham Young's Order Benevolent - BYOB

BYU Detective


Comments Section

I'm an apostate as well but I'm quite sure that not ONE of the posters here will do anything nearly as significant as what Brigham Young accomplished in his lifetime. That includes the lefty cartoonist. No, my great-great-grand aunt Emily Dow Partridge Young did not think much of him in his later years, but I'm quite sure we know at least as much about the first territorial Governor of Utah as the pompous cartoonist that did not belong to this family. I received a splendid education at BYU. Thank you Brigham Young! Wish you hadn't made the wrong call during the Mormon War though, as that land we bought for $77,000 in California in 1851 that you had us sell is now worth about $2 billion - 06/26/2009 - Edward Partidge Smith Lyman

Awesome!!!! Mormons can be some of the most hard-headed people imaginable. I once argued with a dyed-in-the-wool Mormon for six straight hours. By arguements end he wouldn't concede the smallest point despite the fact that he had demonstrated his almost complete ignorance at nearly every turn. - 12/14/2008 - gurumagoo

Its funny that the faggots on here making fun of mormons probably never went to college. I dont care what church you go to or if you dont go at all. Your all losers to have created a site like this. - 11/28/2007 - everyone

bringum young once said bringum young and bring alot! - 08/13/2007 - truth

if your not married by 27... its all over. - 08/03/2007 - James

I didn't quite get the Latin thing; is that Vulgate or Reformed? - 11/06/2003 - Brews R MeConky

A Word From An Official Representative of Brigham Young - 04/28/1999

I would just like to say that the reason the school was named after him, is because he founded it...I am his great-great-great granddaughter and I find it disgusting that you would want to rename his school.

07/13/2003 - Public Note to Emily1985

Just because you are descended from Brigham Young doesn't mean you knew very much about him. His relationships with most of his wives was not good. For instance eleven of them divorced him and after he died most of the rest were left in poverty with no way to support themselves. It is hard for me to see how these circumstances would facilitate the transmission of accurate information to later generations.

And for the record, the university that Brigham Young set up in 1849 right after entering the valley of the Great Salt Lake, (which was really a transplantation of the fledgling University of Nauvoo) was later moved up on the bench near what became Fort Douglas is none other than THE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH!

The church set up several dozen academies around the state beginning in the later years of Brigham's life and many more after his death. These were not universities but more like high schools or technical colleges. Each was named after Bro. Brigham to honor him and their geographic location, such as the Brigham Young Academy at Prove, the Brigham Young Academy at Logan, etc.

During the "persecution" of the church by the federal government in the 1880's for polygamy the church lost control over most of its property including their best university in Salt Lake and some of these academies. They were taken away from church control and administrated by others, who at times were simply to good members of the local area, other times friendly non-mormons and rarely unfriendly people. Most of the old academies morphed into local high schools such as Logan High School which still uses a few of the old academy buildings.

In the early part of the 1900's the church decided to move away from trying to run many small academies to concentrating their efforts on one larger educational institution. They selected the old Brigham Young Academy in Provo and began to build it into their flagship institute of higher learning. The academy in Rexburg refused to be dissolved and was stubborn enough and far enough away from Salt Lake that it survived as Ricks College and recently was made into BYU-Idaho. When the first generation of people educated in Utah went back east in large numbers for advanced degrees, most of them left the church. They are known in church history as "the lost generation," and included many of the church leaders' children. This provided even more motivation to build up BYU.

But until the salad days of Earnest Wilkinson (1960's), BYU was still in the shadow of the University of Utah. This is why most of the past General Authorities with college degrees, including Gordon B. Hinckley were educated at Utah and not at BYU. Wilkinson convinced fiscally conservative (tight fisted and nearly broke) church leaders such as Joseph Fielding Smith to pony up the money and even more miraculously he convinced highly regarded and educated Mormon professionals to come and teach at BYU when it was anything but a priviledge to do so. It wasn't until the 1970's that BYU was considered a reasonable alternative to the University of Utah for Mormon youth with any academic potential. Don't folks at BYU wonder why today the church often selects a person to be the President of BYU who is from the University of Utah? Cecil Samuelson is the most recent Utah man to hold this honor.

In Provo last time I visited, I saw an obnoxious T-shirt slogan. It said: " BYU- THE University of Utah." In fact the opposite is true. The University of Utah is the historical Brigham Young University. If Bro. Brigham were to rise from his grave and attend a BYU-Utah football game, he'd probably be wearing red.

I think Ezra Taft Bnson had a word for this attitude that is so characteristic of much of the clueless BYU studentbody: PRIDE. And Benson said, Emily my dear, that y'all are on the road to hell because of it. - 07/13/2003 - anon

10/26/1999 - anon

Note to Emily: Being the great-great-great (ad nauseum) whatever of Brigham Young is not exactly a unique title. With as many offspring as he had, is it any wonder that half the state of Utah doesnt preface their name with that connection.


(The following anonymous reply is posted exactly as received. It appears that "standards" are more important than correct grammar and punctuation.) "All that I have to say about this is that all of you that have submitted these degrating names are simple bitter because you can't meet the standards to get in! Kepp your nasty opinions to yourself! Half of you are perverts and if that is just a sampling of who you are I thank God your not going to my school!" 05/13/1999

Pricks College Ricks College BYU Idaho
This humble Elder is definitely BYU bound.

Reich's College - 07/17/2000 -

Thats not the mascot, thats the "Missionary Police" (BYU Police) Staking out dorms for "honor code" violations. - 06/13/2000 - anon

05/29/2000 - anon
This humble Elder is Antarctica bound if BKP "discerns" his identity. - anon

BYU News Flash

By Brigham Smith - Latest In Exalted Stories (LIES)

Stung by the recent vandalism of its main entrance sign by an Antarctia-bound Missionary, Mormon leaders have decided to change the name of Ricks College to BYU North.

Said Mr. B. Packer of the change, "Just see if those D---- intellectuals can satirize the good name of BYU."

In an unrelated story, a spokesman for Mr Packer claimed that he has still not received his subscription to "The Salamander Society".


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