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Welcome to a virtual tour of Utah. Experience Mormon life from behind The Zion Curtain. Leave your comments behind for others as you pass through the exhibits.

Motoring from St.George, Utah towards Zion National Park through the Indian territory the Mormons colonized, visitors drive along the Virgin River and through the town of Virgin, Utah.
Like many small towns in Utah citizen concern for aesthetics, beauty, landscaping and first impressions is obvious to the casual observer.
Notable is the Utah fixation on the process of securing young virgins, converting them to brides and producing babies as a means of "spreading" the gospel. Virgins who are coerced into Polygamy are brainwashed and placed in spiritual jail.
Tacky trading posts abound in Utah. Fort Zion protects the locals from outside influences such as reason, rationality, logic and the scientific method.
Millions recognize the majestic Wasatch Mountains towering over Salt Lake City, the host for the 2002 Winter Olympics. Yet, few are aware of the origin of name "Wastach" or its real meaning.

The Wasatch Moutain Range got its name from the Paiute Indians, which lived near the mountains long before Mormon settlers arrived in the 19th Century. The Mormon pioneers adopted the Paiute word "Wasatch" as the name for the mountains. But what does Wasatch really mean?

According to Utah Native-American expert LaVan Martineau, the word "Wasatch" means frozen penis!

On page 186 of Martineau's well-researched book on Utah indian legends, lore and language he records:

"Wasatch -- the name comes from the Paiute and Ute Indian phrase pronounced Wuhu'Seai, meaning Frozen Penis. Archie Rogers of [the Shivwit Indian Band] tells the following story about the origin of this name: "The Utes told me what the word 'Wasatch' means. They said that one time many Indians lived there between Heber and Provo. One day the men were out hunting when a big blizzard came up and they lost one of the hunters. When they found him he was dead and his penis was frozen stiff. they therefore called the place Wuhu' Seai Frozen Penis. Francis McKinley, a Ute [indian chief], tells the same story."

This is just a bit of honest to goodness Mormon strangeness. It's a monument in Iceland (!) to Mormon emigrants. I don't know if you can read the part in English. It says:

"In memory of
Icelanders who
heard the call to
build Zion and
emigrated to Utah"

1854 - 1914

In memory? It's almost like they went off to their deaths. I guess going to Utah is pretty much the same thing. - 03/06/2005 - submitted by Stray Mutt

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Just complete nonsense. You have come up with some master cons and lies though. Have to give you credit for taking the time to do some great bashing. Why don't you post your good looks and address so we can do some investigating on you? LOL May prove very interesting. You are certainly a miserable group of people.

If your bashing makes you feel power go with it. I feel more sorry for you than anything. Ugly people making themselves feel better. Why don't you just move to your own island and be miserable. - 04/004/04/2013 - Mark


I love this area of the world, the history & all the beauty. A very special place in American culture. I have a part of UT with me always.. - 02/14/2013 - Mr Tuco


What garbage????? What are you teaching 7th graders who look at this site - 10/25/2010 - george


Without the "Mos", SLC would be cooler than Denver. Thank you Mr. Young! Breckenridge, Co. alone sees 3x the skiers than the entire state of Utah. - 08/06/2010 - POWPOW


Miss my mountians, living in bay area and there are no mountians. - 04/08/2010 - Sad.


Yeah, you're obviously full of crap and I bet you know it too. Anyone who knows what's going on can see that. Though I'm sure there are people out there who will listen to you. - 03/09/2009 - Steve


I have suffered much since my sister fell in with some Mormons over a decade ago. They apparently consider me as daft as she, and have stalked my family religiously. It surpasses all patience and understanding.

Thank you for the amusement.

Sincerely, Plagued by Saints/SFB - 03/19/2008


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