What About Boyd. Coming soon to the Joseph Smith Memorial Theater and a Stake Center or LDS Temple Vistors Center near you. Bring the entire family to this faith demoting, sacriligous and hysterical dark comedy about a control freak apostle's attempts to usurp power from the milquetoast prophet of The Church of Mormonia. Buy it now at Desperate Book stores. 10% of proceeds will go to "Self Righteous Anonymous of Salt Lake City" and the "Feminist, Intellectuals and Gays Coalition of Utah." Submit your screenplay scenes and comments in the box below.

Screen Play Background

With "Plan Ten From Outer Space", "Orgazmo", "God's Army" and "Brigham City" creating a box office smash , The Lampoon is now producing still another blockbuster movie, "What About Boyd?". Since "the glory of God is screenplays" in these latter-days please help The Lampoon write the screenplay for the most spectacular movie since "Legacy."

The story begins with Boyd Kaye Packer and Gordon B. Wrinkley as junior apostles jockeying for seniority positions in the Quorum of the Twelve. The seething undercurrents and smoldering rage of the frustrated junior apostle leak out in hilarious ways through the ensuing decades rising to a dramatic crescendo during the presidency of Gordon.

The action heats up when Gordon's senility pits the ever passive aggressive Boyd against Gordon's loyal side kick counselor, Thomas Monsoon. Will Boyd's dream of being the puppet, sneer and re-instigator of the Lord at His second coming "come to pass?"

Please submit your ideas, scenes, stories, dialog, director notes, filming ideas in the box below. They will be organized into "the one and only true and living screenplay" and posted here. You will literally be able to see the screenplay develop and unfold before your very web eyes. All submissions will be credited in the "movie credit scroll" if they come with a valid email and name attached. Anonymous submissions welcomed but will not be credited. In other words, don't expect to "make a buck" from your contributions. All submissions become the property of Latter Day Lampoon.

This movie is to be made "By the people, for the people and about the people." Hopefully, somebody will nominate this flick for a Salamander Award.

Please submit your name, email addy, and brief bio in case production actually starts on this sacred project. Future productions from Latter Day Lampoon may include: Downhill - 2002 Molympics - The Aftermath, The Temple Movie - Inspired Version, Johnny Lingo's Seven Wives Cow, The God Fakers - ED Decker Goes Undercover, Apocolypse And How - Guerilla Warfare At Adam Ondi Ahman, etc....

Screenplay Submissions and Suggestions

Abstinence makes the churches grow fondlers. - 05/25/2002 - anon

07/22/2001 - Elsewhere

Boyd's attempt to get the upper hand over Gordon B. Hinkley becomes reminicent of the Movie "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane" starring Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. Boyd realizes that Gordon, has heart problems, is getting weak and get's dizzy easily and now walks with a cane. Boyd frequently comes up from behind and tries to startle Gordon into a heart attack. Boyd insists that he take over the nursing duties. Boyd tries to repeat history similar to the poisoning of Brigham Young. Gordon catches on to Boy's plot.

During this time, Boyd tries to take over the speaking responsibilities of Gordon. Boyd takes the church back to the 1940's. Meanwhile Gordon has a revelation in which the emeritus status becomes available to the Quorum of the Twelve and tries to dump Boyd. Boyd catches on to Gordon's new revelation and tries to stop him. Gordon get's the aid of Neil Maxwell, Boyd's arch enemy. A struggle ensues.

Peggy Fletcher publishes an account of the struggle in the Salt Lake Tribune. The Church tries to use big buck to buy the paper and kill the story but fail. They then try to destroy the printing press.

Comments About "What About Boyd?"

12/21/2001 - anon
I was hoping for something funnier.  As an ex-Utahn and distant relative of Boyd, I know there is better stuff to mock him with.  I would start with the fact that so many of his talks involve sex.


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