Stepford Ward Wives.
by Mormonismi

Joanna and Walter are the two newest residents in Stepford. Joanna, although a "housewife" is intelligent and creative - taking an interest in photography: she wants to be "remembered". Like many of the men in Stepford, Walter is an obviously inadequate patriarchically inclined husband. Conflict occurs when Joanna complains that Walter is making all of the decisions for them. Walter joins the mysterious Stepford "High Priests Quorum Club", which takes place in an old Mormon meeting house, which is heavily guarded.

Joanna is disturbed that many of the Stepford wives spend their lives in domestic servitude, are unintelligent, wear flowery print dresses eat Prozac like candy. Her friend Bobbie thinks that it might be due to something in the water or something that goes on at church.

At a consciousness-raising group that Joanna starts, the wives begin discussing spray starch, cleaning products and garments. The awful truth is that the men of Stepford are replacing their wives with compliant domestic sex robots from Kolob. Gradually, Joanna begins to realise that all of her friends have been replaced, and that she is in great danger. Her cult-deprogramming psychiatrist advises that she take the kids and get "the hell out of Stepford", but the men are abducting and secretly plural-marrying Joanna's children.

Can she find them, or will she be forced to undergo a "kolobotomy" and be replaced by RoboJoanna a Merry Miss Beehive sex slave? Look at the image below to discover what happens in the next episode.

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