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Swallow your "red pill" and join Neophi on the parody trip of an "eternal life" time.

If Joseph Smith were alive today in Salt Lake City...

Photos From Premier Motrix Casting Party 01/12/2002

Trinity flanked by two Neophi wannabees

Two more Neophi's

The Real Neophi steps forward

Agent Smith packing heat

Mormopheus, Neophi and Agent Smith on more friendly terms

Agent James, side kick of Agent Smith

Neophi greets Agent Smith as he visit the last day of the month

Agent Smith goes packing

Neophi and Agent Smith loading the fiery darts of hell

Mormopheus and Neophi meet at last

Scripts and Comments

Motrix Party Ideas

06/08/2002 - from

In "The Matrix" the "Chosen One" is shown just the purpose of every human being: to be a duracell battery.

In "The Motrix", the hero can be shown the purpose of every newly baptized Mormon: to be a tightly wound wad of Benjamins ($100's).

I imagine the men in black in "The Matrix", the evil guys, would be the missionaries in "The Motrix." Since they can't really think for themselves, but rather let their leaders think through them, every time they are asked about their testimony, their heads morph into the head of some leader they are quoting as they testify.

This would probably look good if done with a program like Photoshop: Along the spine of the recovered member of the Motrix, there are, instead of "holes", other small imprints. From top to bottom: a tiny blue BOM; a Liahona, a Urim and a Thummin, a tiny set of gold plates, a tiny D & C; a bright Temple; a CTR ring, a tiny green hymn book; etc. Soon, the recovered member uses those imprints to go back into the Motrix to help save others.

An innocent new member is speaking to a long-time Mormon (or bishop). When innocent new member asks long-time Mormon a controversial question (such as polygamy, 1978 blacks & priesthood) the long-time Mormon suddenly Morphs into something horrible. Say, only his head turns blood read with hairs sticking up and eyeballs on fire from the fury of such question.

Click on the link to read the entire original screenplay, The Matrix created by Larry and Andy Wachowski in 1997.

Notes from Motrix Party - Ideas & Suggestions

About 15 people screened "Matrix" together and offered the following comments, parody ideas and scripts.

Neo = Neophi (combination of Neo and Nephi), any brave exmo

Morpheus = Eric Kettunen or Richard Packham

Trinity = Maxine Hanks, Sonja Johnson, "Hey we morgbots (agents) can't believe a woman would leave the morg (matrix).

Cipher = Judas (he betrayed Neo, et al), Wade Englund, claims to have once disbelieved the motrix, but couldn't hack it in the real world. - 01/15/2002 - by brainbutter

Tank = a never-Mo

Agent Smith = Boyd K Packer, Bruce R McConkie

The Oracle = The Anti-Relief Society President, Young Wiccan President,


The Interogation Room Scene

Agent Smith: Neophi, you have been contacted by Eric Kettunen and Richard Packham. We will forgive you if you give us the names of all the exmos on your personal email list.

Neophi: How about I give you the "iron rod" right up you righteous loins through the veil?

Agent Smith: That will not do.

Neophi: I know your tricks. I want my dial up connection now. I know my rights.

Agent Smith: What good would that do you when Korihor's got your tongue and you are struck dumb?

Neophi: (struggles mightily, is thrown down upon the alter of the temple by the agents)

Agent Smith: Neophi, do you covenant and promise to never reveal the token status of the Motrix and rather than do so, would suffer you life to be taken? (as Agent Smith makes the temple sign of the son which is left hand to right side with palm down, dragging thumb across abdomen symbolizing disembowelment)

Neophi: (scared as hell) Yes! Please say, "That will do!" (camera zooms in on Neophi's hand hidden behind his back with his fingers doing the King's X-which symbolizes that he is not buying into the coercion and pressure)

Morpheus Meets Neophi Scene

Morpheus: Welcome Neo. (extending his right hand preparing for the patriarchal grip).

Neophi: Hey, I'd know that handshake anywhere.

Morpheus: What is that?

Neophi: That is Masonic Digital Magic from Nauvoo.

Morpheus: Yeah, and it's even funnier coming to you from a black man. (chuckles out loud).


bullets from Neo and Trinity = shots of truth

bullets from Agents = commands, coercions, propoganda and apologetics

large multi legged creatures with gaping mouths - kids in the nursery

the telephone = The Internet

agents = Peter, James and John, The Three Nephites, The Danites, The Home Teachers, GA Wannabees.

white rabbit tatoo on shoulder = The White Salamander

The Book Simulacra Simulation = Sealed portion of the Book of Mormon, Priesthood General Handbook of Instructions.

Dance in the disco = Gold and Green Ball, Stake Singles Dance

The Question = The golden questions: What do you know about the Motrix? Would you like to know more?

Large Office Building = Church Office Building

slimy clear fluid all over Neo after birthing out the tube = consecrated olive oil

Interogation Room = Bishop's Office

the big bug in Neo's abdomen = guilt, shame, "health in the navel and in the sinews"

Adams Street Bridge = Eagle Gate (between Lion House and Eagle Gate condos in SLC), Temple Square

Trinity and Switch - Visiting Teachers from hell

de-bug machine = urim and thummum connecting to

Morpheus welcomes Neo with handshake = sure sign of the nail temple grip

Blue and Red pills = bread and water of sacrament, the morg or freedom

fate = fore ordination

The Matrix = All truth all around, United Order (which also failed miserably)

The Desert of the Dead = The Deseret of the Dead, BYU campus

A.I (artificial intelligence) = church security, total True Believing Membership(TBM), cold fusion

coding = Deseret Alphabet

large bug creature at end of movie = The Strengthening the Members Committee

Why didn't I take the Blue Pill? = twinge of exmo regret at having sent in letter of resignation of church membership,

The Construct = The Correlation Committee, The Church Distribution Center,

No free will after age 8.

Neo's anger at being hoaxed enrages him enough to break free of the Matrix.

What is real Neo? = projected image of Celestial self

dreaming = logging on to or

Could we make the green pill reminiscent of green jello? With stuff in it? :)

Before Neo wakes up in front of the computer, how about a dream sequence filled with TBMs knocking on the door - missionaries, visiting teachers (asked by his mother to stop by), home teachers, the bishop to ask about missing know the drill... :)

Where the big man (believe it or not, I can't remember his name) is being held in the high-rise building, the group together is bearing thier testimonies. "I know the church is true, I know Joseph Smith is a prophet, yadayadayada." (Any way agent smith could be made to look like Ol' Joe?) When agent smith tells the others to leave, he would start talking about having personally seen visions, and about how he would make his personal world a better one than the one we live in today. (Maybe even talk about having laws against drinking, gambling and fornicating...) - 01/14/2002 - Earl


Thanks for hosting the motrix was lots of fun. I would have loved to correspond with others a little longer on the internet, but had to leave.

I had never seen the matrix, and given that I was late and interrupted by phone calls from chillins' plus time chatting on the internet, I didn't really see a lot of the movie. I did see something queerly resembly the three year olds in the nursury (right Cricket?) know, those octopus looking things coming at you with gooey arms outstretched. I was having "Nursury Leader Flashback", a quite severe malady, sometimes requiring hospitalization and copius doses of an antidote.

Anyway, thanks for a fun time!!! - 01/13/2001 - Jana


Mormopheous: Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Latter Day Lampoon is. You have to see it for yourself.

Agent Smith: The great Mormopheus. We meet at last.

Mormopheus: And you are?

Agent Smith: Agent Smith. This is my colleague Agent Young.

Mormopheus: You all look the same to me.

Soon you will realize there is no spoon. Only you. - 01/10/2002 by Neophi of the Recovery Bulletin Board

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