Sandra Tanner - Utah Lighthouse Ministry

Sandra Tanner and her husband Jerald direct The Utah Lighthouse Ministry. She completed this interview Feb 2,2000. Sandra Tanner is perhaps the most famous "anti-Mormon" of all time.

Sandra presented Reflections on 42 Years of Apostasy at the 8th Annual Ex-Mormon General Conference in Salt Lake City - October 5, 2002.

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Come on, are you really related to Brigham Young? Some years ago a newspaper ran a story on us claiming that I was Brigham Young's great grandmother. I firmly deny that allegation. I'm old but not THAT old. As to my pedigree, my uncles and male cousins on my mother's side all look just like Brigham. If I'm not related how come I get invited to the Young family reunion every two years? Maybe they are just after my money!

I heard you have a peep stone just like Joseph Smith's. Will you show it to us? Sure! Here it is. One of the fundamentalist prophets came into the store one day and saw it laying on the desk and declared that it was the genuine article. He was going to give me lessons on how to use it but then decided I didn't show the right teachable spirit.

How many pipe bombs and death threats do you receive a day? So far, its been a slow year. Haven't received one this whole century!

When will you get an 800 number for free copies of "Mormonism - Shadow or Reality"? I mean the Mormons have one for free copies of the Book of Mormon! As soon as our income equals the Mormons!

Will you be attending General Conference in the new Conference Center this April? Only if I'm asked to speak.

Tell us your funniest Mormon history story, pretty please. Well, this isn't regular 'history,' just family history.

My Grandmother, widow of Walter Young, in her old age remarried a straight laced Greek convert to Mormonism. That in it self was funny since my grandmother was questioning Mormonism at the time. Any ways, he always got up at 3 AM to have a cup of coffee to help his asthma. He insisted this was alright as it was 'medicine.' Yet he would get after my Grandmother for drinking coffee at 9 AM. Finally my Grandmother told him, "This is MY medicine so I won't have to get up at 3 AM."

One time when my Grandmother wanted to renew her temple recommend the Bishop refused to give it to her because she admitted she drank coffee in the mornings. She responded, "But Bishop, you and I both know that everyone on my block drinks coffee!" The Bishop responded, "Yes, but they didn't tell me."

Who is your favorite General Authority? J. Golden Kimball
Least favorite? Joseph Smith. After reading Todd Compton's book, In Sacred Loneliness: The Plural Wives of Joseph Smith , Smith is at the bottom of my list.

Why do you apparently refuse to subject your own brand of Christianity to the same level of detailed critical analysis you use when examining Mormonism? You are making an assumption that we have not done so simply because we still embrace Christianity. We have done a fair amount of reading on the other side. Besides, it's like arguing that I can't write a valid critique of Chevrolets unless I am also an expert on Fords.

Would the church have been as hard on you if you had submitted a link to their website or encouraged someone to join? Obviously not. They aren't suing anyone else--even others that posted the ENTIRE handbook.

How many years did you pay tithing to the LDS church? Do you have a right to the information since members ultimately "PAID" for the printing and development of the Church Handbook of Instructions? Sorry, my full tithing paid as a teenager probably wouldn't have paid for much.

If the Church Handbook Of Instructions goes to trial what will be the first question your attorney asks prospective jurors? What does the brand tag on your underwear say?

How was it that you and your husband, Jerald discerned from the beginning that Mark Hofman was dealing forgeries when Gordon Hinckley, Dallin Oaks, Hugh Pinnock and many other Mormons were not only duped but paying out big bucks to Hofman for bogus bait? Is your power of discerment still much more accurate than the current prophets, seers and revelators? Absolutely. Maybe they need to borrow my stone.

What do you foresee the future of the LDS Church is, now that its members can privately read and discuss its "ACTUAL" history on the internet sites? This is a such a powerful new threat. Worked for me, a former True Believing Mormon! It's only a threat if a person can read and think. Unfortunately, many of their converts don't read English and don't have access to the internet.

Do you feel that your evangelical Christian beliefs have hurt your reliability as true Mormon historians? I know that because of your convictions, church members feel that they can easily push aside your research as "anti-mormon" distortion and lies, saying that you have your own agenda and religion to push forward. Do you think that if I was Mormon they would accept my research? I hardly think that if I claimed to be an atheist that it would have improved my credibility. It didn't seem to make G. T. Harrison (ex-Mormon atheist author) a household name. Look at the LDS historians that have gotten in trouble. They weren't 'pushing' an agenda of alternative beliefs. The LDS weren't rushing out to embrace their research.

The "MORMON CULT" should be sued for being such con artists. Would that Be possible? Don't think so. The federal courts don't want to get bogged down with 'truth' claims of a church. In fact, I'm not sure how much they want to get involved in any truth claims.

Sandra, do you qualify as a "daughter of perdition?" You are misquoting the scriptures. No wonder you are on this site. It just says 'sons' of perdition. Besides, according to Joseph Fielding Smith I don't think I'll make it. I never had a revelation or 'sure knowledge' of Mormonism, never held the priesthood and never went through the temple. They'll just have to put up with me in the Telestial Kingdom.

Sandra, if you qualify as a "daughter of perdition," then I feel as if I'm in great company! Are you sure YOU qualify? It's a pretty elite crowd. As a young Mormon I was told to you could count the number of sons of perdition the fingers of your hands.

In your opinion, why is Boyd K. Packer such an asshole? Must have something to do with the pre-existence.

Would you be willing to do an "expose" on the "strengthening the Membership Committee" if this outfit is what I hear it is, then someone should expose it. Still waiting for a disk to show up in my mailbox with all the dirt.

Is there any possibility of you speaking at one of the Xmormon gatherings? All things are possible to those who believe.

When, in your estimation, will homosexuals be allowed to marry in the temple? About the same time they let me and Jerald get married in the temple.

How do I find out if my great-great grandmother in Nauvoo was secretly married to the Prophet Joseph Smith and like y'all I have the blood of the prophets flowing in my veins? You can either borrow my stone, contact Todd Compton or go to the LDS genealogy dept. I am sure the church would want to know about another Smith descendent.

Sandra, I love you. Will you be in my harem in the celestial kingdom? Sorry, with my uppity spirit I'll never qualify for the celestial kingdom. Besides, you weren't the first in line. - Sandra Tanner

Sandra Tanner Interview - Comments

God bless this wonderful woman. - 09/01/2014 - Barbara


I served my mission in SLC pre-internet days. I heard about the infamous Tanners from ex-Mormons and my curiosity got the better of me. I figured I could debunk their stuff so I dragged my companion to their store and bought Mormon Shadow or Reality. I thought it would be like the Godmakers. Boy was I ever wrong!! About a third of the way through my testimony was gone. I thank the Tanners and the bold ex-Mormons who told me about them for my exit from the church. - 03/12/2014 - ExCultmember


I think that there is substance to claims made by the Tanners. I have been a member of lds religion since 1974 and remained questioning since baptism, however was told not to delve into the mysteries so I researched on my own anyway it was hard to find anything until the internet but I discovered some church history that MAKES ME WONDER WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME THAT I WAS BAPTISED AND WENT TO THE TEMPLE AND REMAINED ACTIVE FOR SO LONG SENT SONS ON MISSIONS AND now I FEL THAT I made a wrong choice I believe in Jesus and his teachings and was honest and paid tithing, served in my callings, turned the other cheek, prayed, cried, read scriptures, read seminary manuals, relief society books, played organ and piano at sacrament meetings for many years. thought about God and jesus a lot prayed for help, went to thetemple and never felt like at ease I thought something was wrong with me because I COUD NEVER STAND TESTIMONY MEETING anyway I was as sincere a Mormon as I could be but thought I must be a bigger sinner than all the others because I couldn't bear my testimony I wasnot sure that God gave me a testimony I JUST THOUGHT PEOPLE WERE GGOOD AND I wnted o be like them,,,,,I feel so bad about being so stupid how could I fall for this, the missionaries were so nice and I loved how they treated me. - - 08/20/2013 - southern mormon


I went to the place in NY where Joseph smith started the Mormonism. I was given two bibles one for Mormon's and the holy bible. Don't call yourself Christians because you really believe in Joseph Smith. Cultism........

Sandra great job for getting out and showing people who the real God is. - 01/23/2012 - bapistinthewater


I had my name removed from the LDS church in 1985 along with my wife at the time. This was before the age of the internet and the vast availability of information about LDS history that is easily accessible to anyone now. I was born and raised in the LDS church in Bountiful, Utah and am a descendent of good old Mormon stock... well some would say bad stock in that John D. Lee is an ancestor. Anyway, I went on a mission, married in the Temple and a few years later found myself having the courage to explore and research some nagging doubts that had culminated going back to my childhood. I would call most of the original doubts just simple, logical credibility concerns.

I decided to look at all sides, pro, neutral, anti and think, reason and ponder the veracity of it with the mind I was given. It actually didn't take long for the picture to unfold and begin to make more sense for me than it ever had up to that point. I surrendered my belief in Mormonism within a year of beginning this quest and the overriding feeling or sense was the same as when I abandoned the Santa Claus myth in my childhood. It was a great relief to be able to simply follow what intuition, research, logic and inner perception told me and to no longer have to convince myself or hide myself from something that always had credibility issues for me. I've never regretted my decision or looked back with any longing to return. It saved my life in the sense that I have had a full life of wonder, discovery and exploration of every kind after shedding the shackles of Mormonism and it's thought control methods.

Along the way in my research, I discovered the Tanners, who were a fabulous source for information and primary document evidence. I did a lot of verification research before I became convinced that they were not manufacturing their sources. While I did not end up following their Christian path, I found their research and publications to be impeccable. You can disregard their commentary and opinion if you wish, as you may do with anyone. It is the factual information they research and publish that tells the story. It needs no commentary or opinion attached if you have the ability to think and reason for yourself. I owe a great debt to all the years of devotion they have given the subject and so do a lot of other thinking people who have found their way out of the snare of Mormonism.

I would often stop by the Utah Lighthouse Ministry when I was in town (I lived in Chicago at the time) and browse the publications, select a few new ones and usually end up sitting down across from Sandra at her little desk there in the living room bookstore and engage in at least an hour of delightful conversation. Usually it would turn into an entire afternoon and she acted as though there was nothing else in the world pulling at her. Occassionally a customer would come into the little store and she would help them, answer a few questions and then come back to our conversation. Once in a while Gerald would stick his head out from behind a doorway, or come in and ask her something and then disappear as quickly as he had arrived. He was not much for engaging in conversations, probably lost in his research, I know how that can be. Sandra carried out the public interaction and seemed to enjoy it very much. I remember those times with great fondness and appreciation.

Sometimes, I would engage Sandra in conversation about my lack of belief in Christianity and my sense that it was really no more credible than Mormonism when you really research and ponder it. When I applied the same kind of scrutiny to Christianity or religion in general as I did to Mormonism, I came up with serious credibility gaps and simple reasonableness issues. Sandra would engage in these discussions without judgement or defensiveness. She did not go out of her way to convince me that I should accept Jesus as she and Gerald had. One time she gave me a little book about the historical case for Jesus, which I read, but did not find it compelling because I had done a sizeable amount of research on my own and her book was quite a simplistic approach. However, I respected her manner in discussing the subject, or any subject actually. She was a great listener and offered really interesting insights on anything Mormon. She was not bitter, just matter of fact and had a keen sense of humor and a humble demeanor. Often, she would update me on the latest in the Mark Hoffman affair, as many of my visits were during that time.

Frankly, those TBM's posting here who can only say vile and judgemental things of Sandra, never having met or known her are only showing ignorance. I would surmise that most of you would actually like her quite a lot if you met her and spent time talking to her, even if you don't agree with her. I find myself wondering what has happened to some of the TBM poster's sense of decency, common manners or sense of Christian charity and non judgement.

A little psychology 101 probably explains most of that desperate, defensive behavior. - 03/11/2010 - by Rodger


I just wanna say that i hope you have fun talking with our heavenly father in the afterlife. It's people like you that have nothing better to do then to stir up crap. Leave your opinions to yourself. Why do you have to put anti anything up on the internet. I have been a member of the LDS church for thirty years and can honestly say that after reading your crap I am glad to know that I am in the lords true church. I find it funny that the church has grown as much as it has and is one of the welthiest churches in the world if not the most I wonder why Because its true and the members know it and follow the teachings of our prophet and general authorities. Talk about ripping off people for money your books are a joke only losers with no time on their hand have bought your books. - 02/12/2010 - anon


Why the hell are any Mormons on this site? It's against their religion to read anything that apposes their brainwashed views. All of you TBMs better go confess to your bishop for your transgressions. Shame shame. - 12/23/2008 - Barker


Dear Sandra,

If you read this, I want to convey my condolences at the passing of your husband. I am so glad that he met the Savior!

When I first read your publications I was furious as "My" church could not possible have such history nor my "prophets" have said the things you said and I threw them away...until someone else said the same thing and I asked my daughter to make me copies of some of the things you quoted at Seminary. I nearly died. You were right after all.

Needless to say, our whole family left and we now belong to the Jesus of the Bible. Thank you, dear Sister in Christ,

Gracie and family - 12/29/2007


I loved the interview (even if there are some posted doubts about its veracity)! I think it's pretty nice that the Tanners are helping people to find the material to aid in their transitions, especially since, as all us ex-mo's know, it can be a tad traumatic.

Of course, I literally raised a Spock-like brow at the TBM comments on here--a 16 year old(!), the extremely bad speller(it's a twitch of mine), etc. On the other hand, it does kind of justify the comments I have heard from other ex-mo's about the attitudes the church members take against them, not just the usual rejection, but also the apparent need to bear their testimony. I may be rambling here(I've been up all night, it's 6AM, I ramble normally, you get the idea), but it seems to me that the mo comments are not to help the ex-mos--they are to make *themselves* (the members) feel better. Just my random, 6am thought.

Drinker o' Tea - 10/14/2007


I find this all so disturbing. Why would anyone make it their lives work to break down other people's faith or keep people from the truth. I have only been attending the church for 8 years but it has been an incredible 8 years. I have met some great people and have been taken care of by my church family. It is difficult at times to keep all of the commandments and do what is expected of me but the blessing flow my way when I do. I love my church. I love the members and I can't imagine anyone being hurt by this church. Yes, there are some problems but we are all human. There are problems in every church. I think you can see Jesus in the hearts of the members that I know. I have never met a member I didn't love! This is the true church and I only wish I could bottle what I have felt every day since I became a member. Last Saturday I attended the baptism of a 15 year old boy who has a tough family life. The church has changed his life and his testimony is amazing for such a young boy. I don't know what happened to you but it is clear that Satan is at the helm. I will pray for you!

VTsister - 09/27/2007


Tanners are evil!!

EVIL - 09/14/2007


I can still remember the day a young Mormon asked to sit with me in the Mess Hall at Fort Carson, Colorado. He was very careful not to use the name Mormon or LDS, but sat there and explained to me how there were three heavens. 1 for the "righteous people" one for "other people" and one for people that weren't white. The heaven for the "non whites" were to be servants to the two higher heavens. So I asked "no matter how "righteous" a person of color lives, they could never get to the top spot. His answer was No because they carried the curse of Cain. This bothered me a great deal to have some tell me this.

I've since learned the LDS changed their policy (or was it the US Govt threatening their Tax Exempt Status?) towards Non-Whites. Nonetheless, I would never, ever consider the LDS a viable religon.

As for Mrs. Sandra Tanner, I've got a copy of your Testimony and found that you come across as a credible person and after excersing my due dilligence in research could not come up with a single point you erred in. Not one of the critics on this post has yet to bring up anything specific. If you're in the LDS Church, I pray for you to open your heart to the Real Jesus that the "Light" will open your heart and mind to the truth. Mormons and JW's are always welcome at my door. - BOB - 06/04/2007


I was a multi-generation, pioneer-descended Mormon studying to go on a mission when I found Christ through His Word, the Bible. I left the Mo Church and learned many damning things about the Mormon church through the churches own writings and the words of the Mormon "prophets" themselves. I found these quotes, documents, etc. in Gerald and Sandra Tanner's publications. The Tanners have nothing to do with the falseties, lies, and downright hilarity perpetrated by Mormon leaders.

They just publish what Mormon leaders say/said and we all laugh/gasp/scratch our heads! I tried to obtain copies of many of these things from various "Deseret" book stores and most things are conveniently out of print. All you Mormons out there, go ahead and live your life based on warm fuzzies. Lemmings look like warm fuzzies from the documentaries I've seen of them hurtling themselves towards destruction by being blind followers. If you like warm fuzzies, take the Bible with it's archeological evidence, corroborating secular writings, manuscript evidence, AND warm fuzzies!

Bible defenders have always come through with proof, while Mo defenders always resort to going back into their holes because they will not listen to their "prophet" be berated.The Book of Mormon is phony, the Pearl of great price is a proven farce, and the absolute absense of corroborating archeological evidence is being further stacked by injurious DNA evidence as to Native origins on the American continents. Find real peace in the real Jesus Christ; don't follow your fake Brother-of-Satan Christ to "everlasting burnings". - 07/30/2006 - from Eric/Albuquerque


Heh. Can't remember the attribution of this applicable quote:

"One cannot reason someone out of an opinion they did not arrive at by reason."

I AM surprised, as a longtime Utah resident, at the number of comments attacking Mrs. Tanner. A needed reminder that not all Mormons are in on the *nudge-nudge, wink-wink* understanding that the religion is a completely fabricated scam.

And I say that without meaning to attack my Mormon neighbors, who are, as a minority to live amongst, not bad... - 03/31/2006 - from Trollificus


"I read everything objectively, prayed for personal revelation and received the answer that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was where I belonged. I don't know about you and where you belong - that's between you and God. I just wanted to tell you that your bitter anti-Mormon literature was just what I needed to see clearly how subtly Satan works to misinform God's children and keep them from receiving their own revelations. "

And Mormons claim that they are Christian??? How stupid do they think we are. God is so schizophrenic, maybe he needs Ritalin or Prozac. We ALL know that he changes his mind on temple ordinancies, blacks and the priesthood, pologamy etc.. It has nothing to do with JS or BY. Never..

Wait a minute...I feel the spirit coming on.. Oh I just farted...never mind... - 08/06/2005

I don't know what to think of anti morman lit. I was born under the covenant and am a peace keeper. My heart is big and soft. I am in a seperation after 18 yrs. of marrige with four great kids but, one by one they fall away and I don't want to be left without them. I just want truth, not all the (audience laughter). I am exhuasted from trying to live this life. I still love God and Christ. I have had many experiences of a spiritual nature when I was living the gosple teachings. And will allways believe basic things, God, Christ, kindness, charity, love, ect... but, I need facts to have laughter. I know that I do not have to go to church to love God but, I feel the need to fill a deep hole. - 07/10/2005 - Julie


Dear Sister, I am a new convert to the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints. I can tell you for sure that I have not been brained washed by the church or the authorities. I love the church and know that it is true. I have a testimony that it is true. Also I know for a fact that we lived with Heavenly Father before this life. He wants us all to return to him. I will be receiving my endowments in September.

I am so excited I can't wait. I am so sorry that you could not find the peace and love that you were looking for in the Church. - 06/26/2005 - Brother David Gogel -


Wow! This is being intense! I am a convert LDS going in to ex-LDS. All I have to say is that the truth is what WE want to believe it is. I want to believe that there is a unconditional loving Heavenly father. And that when we die we are going to be judged for the good and bad we have done. And that there is not such a place as "Celestial Kingdom" we have to have some pre-requisites to be able to "live" there. I agree with some ideas Mrs. Tanner has, but I don't agree the fact that we have to bad mouth mormonism because I think many people there do what they believe is right, and do good for others. - 06/26/2005 - Wow!


This is being intense! I am a convert LDS going in to ex-LDS. All I have to say is that the truth is what WE want to believe it is. I want to believe that there is a unconditional loving Heavenly father. And that when we die we are going to be judged for the good and bad we have done. And that there is not such a place as "Celestial Kingdom" we have to have some pre-requisites to be able to "live" there. I agree with some ideas Mrs. Tanner has, but I don't agree the fact that we have to bad mouth mormonism because I think many people there do what they believe is right, and do good for others. - 06/26/2005 - Susana


I am surprised to see you're still in business. I just wanted to thank you, actually. Twenty some odd years ago when I was searching for God, I began investigating Mormonism. After speaking with someone who'd only describe their church as a Charismatic Christian Church, they foisted upon me some anti-Mormon literature, much of which was of your publication.

I read everything objectively, prayed for personal revelation and received the answer that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was where I belonged. I don't know about you and where you belong - that's between you and God. I just wanted to tell you that your bitter anti-Mormon literature was just what I needed to see clearly how subtly Satan works to misinform God's children and keep them from receiving their own revelations.

I pity those who accept what you say without prayerful consideration. I also accept that there are those who don’t belong in the LDS Church and may receive contrary revelation. Perhaps you are one. I have no ill will towards you and wish you all the happiness and blessings that you deserve. If you find those in short supply, you draw your own conclusions as to what you deserve.

As for me, I’ve been richly blessed many times over since converting and am truly happy. I thank God for my blessings and am moderately grateful to you in a much smaller way, for helping me find my way. Peace, ~Ann - 05/28/2005



Since the late 60's your important investigations have meant so much. And now again in the last month I have so needed your doctrinal support in interacting with LDS. Thank you for your consistancy and integrity! The Lord RICHLY Bless you and your family. How I wish more LDS could see your living example of how to truthfully know and live for God! - 05/21/2005 - The G. E. Petersons


I would not want to be you when you stand before the Lord and give an accounting of your time on earth. What a waste of a life! - 04/29/2005 - anon



GOD BLESS SANDRA TANNER! At least someone has the guts to stand up to such organizational brainwashing. - 12/26/2004 - anon

You were ex-Mormon...berore being ex-Mormon was coooool! - 11/21/2004 - from lds247365


I used to be an atheist, in-fact I my entire family are and I had never met anyone who declared themselves as Christian. I became obsessed about understanding why I existed, realising that without that knowledge, I was simply filling in time day to day. After an intense search for over two years, where nothing meant more to me, I found it. I really didn't care what the truth was, even if we were simply ants inside a jar to be researched, but I am very glad to say that we are not. Yes the LDS Church is true, I cannot change that and neither can anyone else. Its as fundamental as the process of oxygen transfer with each breath we take. No-one, nothing, no matter how big, strong, numerous or arrogant can change the truth even in the smallest degree. You can only accept it or reject it, end of story. "Seek and ye shall find", I guess you have found what you were looking for, but so did I. I am sorry for whatever has hurt you all. - 11/20/2004 - Chris May


Absolutely no amount of proof or reasoning will dislodge a persons' belief until they are ready to be reasoned with. However, any amount of fear applied correctly will keep a flock from ever being ready to be reasoned with... This is my belief... I will not try to dislodge your beliefs because I feel that if you are truly afraid to to think and investigate for yourself, as I have, then you deserve what ever fate befalls you. Being an ex mormon - I believe that Mormonism is a cult. Go ahead try and dislodge "My Belief" - 11/20/2004 - from Eric, Salt Lake City


Dear Sandra,

I loved this interview!

I have met you on a few occasions and have read several of your books. You and Gerald have changed the lives of my fiance, Ryan and I, and we thank you so much for all that you have been through to get Mormons the information they deserve. Of course, sometimes the truth is hard to swallow, but unless one is willing to "dilligently study" their religion, how can they seriously defend it? Ryan was trying to defend Mormonism, and found out that he couldn't. It was devistating, but he has found truth and is happy now. Mormons are told not to look at any anti-liturature because it isn't "faith promoting". If one wants to "promote" their faith, it is pertinent to be able to dispute and refute when someone has questions.

Too many Mormons I have met have never studied the history of their church, and therefore don't know the truth! You and Gerald are beautiful people and we wish you both the very best.

Thank you and God bless you!

Karen - 09/19/2004


U ppl r sick ... i sat here with tears in my eyes ... thinking how far u ppl have gone into the world ... i am not here to convert or teach ... i just wanna say htat u rather not know and sin ... than for all u ppl that call ure selfs ex mormons ... u ppl know of the covenants ... and u still are so apostate ... thansk for this site ... was wondering whether i shud serve a mission or not ... now I AM GOING TO HELP SAVE PPL LIKE U ... WATCH OUT FOR ME ... I'LL B AT URE DOORSTEP SOON :-) - 08/21/2004 - from Watch out EX Mormons ... here i come :-)


What a great woman! She and her husband have done a tremendous work. Their work and the work of Fawn M. Brodie helped me to leave Mormonism. I will always be grateful. - 07/02/2004 - robertus


Coming out of mormonism has given me a feeling I've only dreamed about. You Mrs Tanner were a BIG part of my enlightment. I truly thank you fr the bottom of my heart. What am I suppose do do about my family? All 15 of them,and generations to come? How can I handle this anger,this rage I feel towards everything LDS? Its not a good feeling knowing you have been deceived and kept in the darkness about something so very serious. I pray nightly to release the anger I have towards the LDS church. I love most mormon people,I despise and abhor the church. My wife is Ex-mormon also and she helps me daily w/my rage. Thanks again mrs Tanner. God has used you to reach many,many people.. Im one of them.. - 0/02/2004 - Leonardo


Sandra---A great woman, heroic for standing alone on the front lines and trading shots with the Mormon Monolith. - 06/05/2004 - anon


Sandra, we have met several times about you bias approach against repentence. We are now enjoying a great victory with the success we had from the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals allowing us to go after the Utah Dissolved Corporation Sole by President Harold B. Lee on November 19, 1973, Corporation of the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (incorporated in 1923) in March, 2003. Many answers to your questions can be found at Respectfully, S. Davis - 04/30/2004 - from


Gee, there sure are a lot of ex-mormons! Amazing how many people have been duped into believing the Bible was not good enough and this Joe Smith guy tried to write a new fairy tale version. - 04/04/2004 - anon


The to of you are like the whoremongers of old, you whore out yourselves for money as you fight against the Lamb's Church and his innocent people. the spiritual blood of any who aposticize due to your lies and disgusting practices of money-changing-will be upon your heads at the last day of judgement-make no mistake, you will be in front of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who will declare to you..."depart from me, sandra and jerald tanner, you who would to wickedness in my name, ye who do evil continually, depart and go to the buring lakes of brimestone prepared for all anti-christs before the foundation of the world..

you have sinned against God, Jesus Christ, His kingdom on earth and if you dont believe this- think of your depression, dark deeds of jerald(immorality) and other punishments of sickness and lack of strenght the Lord is trying to wake you up to repentance, He stands at the door and knocks, will you let Him in? if not, you will continue to be depresses, have sickness and weakness and jerard will continue his unholy practices...i say this in the name of Jesus Christ that you will always be miserable as long as you fight the Church of the Lord, Jesus Christ. - 04/04/2004 - from Y


Sandra, I do not agree with all the things that you say and believe. However, I do applaud you for your beautiful spirit of tolerance. To you LDS Members who say that she is "degrading the LDS Church", I did not get that at all from reading about her personal experiences. I have felt some of the feelings you have shared, and I have known many others who have felt the same way.

I was born and raised LDS, and while I do love and embrace the actual gospel teachings, I also recognize many toxic and unhealthy features of Mormon Culture. While the gospel of Jesus Christ does teach love for all men and tolerance, I have found that the culture this religion breeds, creates a people who are quite the opposite, and very judgemental and exclusionary in nature. There are exceptions of course, but overall, I have found this to be true in my own experiences.

For example, I have met many young men, once missionaries, who were sent home because they committed a sin on their missions. As a young man raised in the Church, this is looked on as a huge failure. As a result, they were suicidal and didn't want to live anymore. They were looked down on by their ward members and judged harshly. Some of them do end up repenting and in full fellowship again.

Yet, most LDS girls won't even date them because they were sent home-- which marks them as a "bad member". And this means, if they weren't a good missionary, they wouldn't make a good husband. Who can blame the young women? The General Authorities have taught that young women should aim to date only returned missionaries.

Yet the gospel of Jesus Christ teaches that we must not judge others, and look at ourselves before looking down on someone else. It also teaches that once we repent of a sin, that the Lord remembers it no more. Mormon Culture --especially Utah Mormon Culture-- seems to support quite the opposite. Perhaps this is to be expected from a people who's religion has such high standards. - 03/30/2004 - from tootenderharted


Having been raised LDS in the Salt Lake Valley, distancing myself from the church has been a very difficult thing to do. I always felt something was wrong with me because I could not gain that "testimony," no matter how hard I tried. I thought I was inherently evil, incapable of feeling. I remember being told that if I wanted a testimony of the church, then I should live its principles. I tried so hard for so many years--to no avail. I suffered from terrible depression for years because I felt so inadequate.

As a young woman, I fell in love with someone not of my faith. But I could not face the disappointment of my parents, friends and coworkers to marry the man I loved. Instead,I married a man, in the temple, that I hardly knew and with whom I was not compatible. I held responsible positions, raised my children to believe, but still--nothing blossomed in my heart as was "promised."

About 3 years ago, my then 15-year-old son decided it wasn't right for him. All hell broke loose in our home. I can't tell you how many hours I spent in church crying because of the scene that occurred at home earlier in the day. But he stood his ground. His father made him feel like a second-class citizen because of his lack of belief. But the courage of that 15-year-old boy gave me strength. I began to distance myself, little by little.

It was during this time that I finally admitted that my marriage was a sham, that the church was nothing more than mind and behavior control, perpetrated by men. When I tried to discuss my feelings with my husband about the church and our marriage, he ran off to the bishop rather than face me and duke it out. Together, they decided I needed counseling. I went to a counselor, kicking and screaming. But once there, what I was hearing from a "church" counselor gave me the courage and the strength to do what I knew had to happen. Unfortunately, my marriage did not survive. My decision to end it did not come easy--and neither did my decision to leave the church. It was like going through two divorces, instead of one.

But it was like the sun came up in my life. For the first time in many years, I was not depressed, I felt good about myself, and I had strength and courage to face the difficulties I was facing.

I was lucky. My extended family members, who are very entrenched in their LDS beliefs, still love and supports me. I know that I am a great disappointment to them. But for the first time in my life, I feel true freedom. I feel true independence. And I am happier than I ever recall being.

I have no desire to "throw stones" at the church or its members. I have worked very hard to quell the bitterness that wells up in me when I think of all those years of feeling guilty and inadequate as a human being. I AM a good person, I love my fellow man, I have more to offer this world than being someone's wife, mother, visiting teacher, or calling holder. I can contribute to the world without the "guidance" of a religious organization.

My upbringing in the church has made me who I am. I cannot hate it, or those who believe in it. But I CAN stand apart--lonely though it is at times in the suburbs of this valley. It is good to know that there are others like me out there.

God bless those of you who are struggling to face the truth.......follow your heart! - 02/19/2004 - from starting over

For those of you that want to met Sandra Tanner in person because you love her.Don't worry your dreams will come true someday i promise.You may not feel to good, but you'll get to meet your idol. - 02/15/2004 - anon


If the prophet said praise Sandra Tanner, you robots would have to do it. Your responses are predictable and sad. It's like being shown volumes of info showing the earth is round, and you would predictably testify that its flat becuase you got a warm fuzzy in fast and testimony. Its not Sandra's opinions that tick off mormons. Its the FACTS she has uncovered. Ill take truth over holy ghost,(warm fuzzy), any day. Sandra doesn't need anyones praise she does fine by herself. I say these things in the name of truth... amen. - 02/08/2004 - from Joel B. Smith


I am an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and I wholeheartedly have a testiony of the divinty of the gospel. It is discouraging to see forums like this where we look to divide yourselves and cause contention. Rest assured the Tanners and their followers are free to pursue exposing what they consider to be false religion. I have never seen an official LDS website that posts anything anti non LDS and doubt anything official will. There are bigger threats in the world today other than what others might perceive (i.e. the LDS Church or Utah Lighthouse Ministry, depending on your point of view). Both sides are acknowledged Christians, why fight against each other? This nation is being challenged by the adversary daily (i.e. profanity and sexual content; attacks on marriage between a man and a woman; abortion; teen pregnancy, etc). Aside the differences, we are all children of God and a house divided against itself cannot stand. Instead of looking to divide yourselves, unity and love should be paramount - it will be the key to our salvation - Mormons, ex-Mormons, and non-Mormons alike. - 02/06/2004 - from


I am a member of the Church. I have been for 7 years. I know with all my heart that it is true. Even if the whole world denounced the church and I was the only member left, that knowledge cannot go away. I feel great sadness when I read Tanner's (and others') garbage.

First of all, because they so blatantly deny the truth and make mockery of the things which are sacred and thus bring upon themselves some very serious consequences. And that makes me sad because they are, like me, sones and daughters of God and thus, my brothers and sisters. Second reason I am sad is because there are others who are lead away by these "anti-Mormons". I feel like Satan is laughing. But he will not support his followers and the last day, neither will he be laughing forever.

Go ahead, laugh too. Laugh at my testimony! I don't care. You cannot hurt me. Because I KNOW. And I always will. With love and sadness, Alex - 11/16/2003


I am so sick of Mormons saying that the church is true but the people make mistakes. Get a grip. First of all, a church is a building that is comprised of PEOPLE!!!!!! Therefore, if the people are mistaken then the CHURCH is mistaken because it is made up of the mistaken people. You may say that every church is like this. Which I would say you are absolutely correct. The difference is that other churches do not claim to be the "one true church" and claim that they get to judge you in the last days. This is a mistaken claim made by a mistaken church led by mistaken people. - 11/06/2003 - from


Dear Miss Tanner,

I would first of all like to say that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has done many wonderful things for me. I have been recently been converted to the church and am PROUD to say that the results were instant. My life has improved immensely since I have joined just two Sundays ago! Since going to Church that first day, the change has been wonderful.

Second of all, I would like to say that you are entitled to your own opinon, and I am truly sorry that you have left the Church. Third, I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the one true church, that Joseph Smith was the prophet that restored the church in these latter-days, and that Gordon B. Hinckley is the current prophet - 10/17/2003 - from Patrick Kenneth Moniz III

I am a member of the church and love every minute of my life knowing the true gospel prinicples. If I werent a member of the church and came upon a more useless people in my life like the tanners that spend there time tearing down a churches beliefs, i would think to myself what bitter people who have really no life. If your going to do good in life leave peoples beliefs alone and work on perfecting yourself with the beliefs you believe in. All in all get a freakin life. you guys make me sick and more importantly you make me PROUD OF BEING A MORMON because of your stupid antics. - 10/11/2003 - anon


This is wonderful. I am so glad that I was raised in another religion and was able to resist Mormon missionaries so easily. I became interested in Mormon history because I teach and write on U.S. history and was curious about the church's involvement in the settlement of the West.

That it tries so hard to cover up Mountain Meadows indicates its involvement with the massacre. If the church wasn't paranoid about the subject people wouldn't keep bringing it up. At the same time, horny conman Joseph Smith, horny dictator Brigham Young ("men on the moon"), and others of the early leaders are so much fun to read about, especially after reading "No Man Knows My History"... if the author was telling the truth, why was she excommunicated... if she was lying, why wasn't her work refuted point-by-point instead of just being condemned?

What a weird institution - and to think that educated people belong to it, that educated professional women I know who wouldn't like their husbands looking! longingly at other women accept that they will have to share their husbands in their funny heaven... I hope readers get through this, not edited because it's being written on my lunch hour.. Keep the good work Sandra! - 10/05/2003 - from rgenini


Dear Sandra: How wise to question and then to live your life as your heart tells you.

Here's another thing to consider, for those in the "Who cares what history says, as long as Mormons are good people" discussion. Mormons are NOT all about goodness and light. I personally had a damaging experience at the hand of a group of prominent mormons-helping-mormons in the business sector. Their basic impropriety was more than simple preference in business dealings - it was an llegal, large-scale, far reaching monetary indiscretion. Should a person (me for example) haplessly get in the way of their operation, strong arm tactics (e.g., extreme physical violence) are applied as a unified group. Mormonism is not just some innocuous (let alone beneficial) religion. It is a wolf in sheep's clothing: it breeds viciousness and mob tactics, all toward the goal of ensuring the advancement of its members and the prosperity of the church.

My life and career were irreparably damaged by Good Mormons. I survived only because I know my children depend on me. I have written much, in moments where I needed to simply to cope, and soon I will fashion my notes into a book that hopefully others can use to avoid falling into the same kind of fate as I did.

In the meantime, those others among you who consider themselves to be religious might do well to ponder whether they want to be involved in any kind of organization in which the most prominent members can in the name of God and the organization be so viciously criminal. - 10/03/2003 - from Karen Lawrence


Why do people spend so much time thinking about the mormon church, must have nothing else better to do. - 09/18/2003 - anon


This is almost better than the naked news. - 09/14/2003 - anon


What a great interview! Until today, I'd never heard of Sandra Tanner. In fact, even though I escaped from the One True Church in 1980, I have pretty much ignored it and its history since then. Recently, though, I've become interested again, and (sorry true believers) must say that the results of my 'diligent thought and prayer' on the subject have only reinforced my decision to leave.

I've noticed that many of the believing Mormons who have posted here haven't tried to defend against the strong allegations, here and elsewhere, that the church has actively tried to hide its dubious history. Rather, they say something like "It doesn't matter, as long as Mormons themselves are good, and the church is trying to bring more people to God." Well, it DOES matter. If even the Book of Mormon can't withstand academic scrutiny, then the church itself cannot be true. Without it, and other aspects of Mormonism that have been repudiated by the church itself (polygamy, white supremacy, to name just a couple), what exactly are the true believers saying is 'true' in the 'one true church'?

I also noticed that the believing Mormons claim that all the anti-Mormon posters sign themselves as 'anonymous.' I myself noticed quite a few of the naysayers did, in fact leave their names, as I shall do so, PROUDLY:

David L. Sutton
Descendant of Morman Pioneers
Son of Devout Morman Parents
Rational Thinker
Amateur Historian
Nice Guy



The tanners are obsessed with the morman church. - 09/06/2003 - anon


I have been a member of the Lds church since birth,I am 29yrs old and have read anti morman literature from time to time. I have found mistakes in anti morman literature. you also need to read lds books to get the other half of the story. I dont trust anti morman literature.I have felt the holy ghost and because of this will not leave the churh. - 09/04/2003 - anon

I never could understand how anyone could follow a snake-oil salesman around and think he was a prophet. Of course you can still find this blind-faith-following in today's Church of Scientology - and that was created by a really bad sci-fi writer. ^_^ - 09/04/2003 - g0@t.boy


I say good riddance! Glad she left as a teenager... - 08/10/2003 - anon


Thank You. It has been a difficult transition but I'm gonna make it. - 07/24/2003 - anon


For all you Exmormon Christians out there... Now that you have read Sandra's interview, check out how one Exmormon feels about this at Antimormonchristianssuck. - 07/22/2003 - by one who did not jump from the frying pan into the fire


My only small comment is that in all my days on the earth I have never heard anyone picket outside the Catholic church.. never outside the methodis or any other church then the Mormons.. I ask you why is this ???

Because Dear brotheren and sisters... why would Satan care if you were going to the wrong church. For by going to the wrong church you would be going to hell anyways..

He cares only if you look into the mormon church. He is scared cause he knows it is THE TRUE CHURCH - 07/12/2003 - from BML


The Mormon church has ruined so many lives, and a big chunk of mine. But hey, I'm only 18, and now that I'm out I have a wonderful life ahead of me. Well, you know, at church they say I must be on drugs and having sex on car back-seats...hahaha. Yeah, you know Mormons, we left the church because "we can't keep up with the commandments"...B.S!

God bless!!! Love, "lost and troubled one" ;) - 06/27/2003 - anon


Sandra Tanner for President!! May the Lord Bless you and keep you!! - 06/05/2003 - yzpilot


05/29/2003 - from
Nobody is proving anything on this site. If your really that upset over something dont take it out on this site by saying things that you have no proof about... I know the Mormon Church is the only true church, sometimes the people in the church make mistakes but that is only human... But the church has never made a mistake. And if you are denying the church then you better have proof on something the church has done.. Which will be really hard because there is nothing.


>05/21/2003 - from melissa464
Perhaps the reason why SOME people are leaving themselves annonymous is because they are afraid that mormons are going to come to their front door more frequently. Just a thought. I know several scary stalking mormon stories, which I dont have time for.

I have been studying mormonisn for a few years now, and having grown up Christian, I am astonished at its paganism. I know several mormons, and my hearts break for them. Mormonism is completly mind controlling. My cousin married into mormonism and moved to Utah. We never see him anymore. He's had horrible nightmares ever since his conversion. I dont think he will last long in the church. Thank you Mrs. Tanner for your bravery and boldness. I'd like to say I'd meet you some day on earth, but I know I'll be meeting you in heaven!! Hallelujah!! Haha, or perhaps jail first, either way. God Bless you, you have done wonders.


05/21/2003 - Rex
Your so sad, and lost. If a word can describe the site that you associate with, it would be Lightminded with no factual basis for existence in the search for real truth. You offer nothing but disgruntled bitterness. Sad so Sad. Your loving brother, Rex. "He lives and his love is real", "he never forgets those who see there mistake and return to his fold".


5/17/2003 - anon
Sandra, you are a sad bitter woman with a crass and rude attitude. Do you really think you preach love and the virtues of God. Reading your interview gave me the creeps.


05/02/2003 - from An Unapologetically Agnostic Heretic

For the athiest and agnostic types out there, here are a couple of thoughts to consider before bashing the Tanner's belief in Christianity too hardcore. There is a huge difference in being able to discern that Mormonism is false and being able to discern if Christianity is false. Mainly it's a question of time. Mormonism has only been around for a few hundred years and researching it's history is much easier. And the historical evidence is more certain. In the case of Christianity, finding out stuff about Jesus and the Apostles and such is a whole other time frame. 2000 years away from the events. I think this time gap leaves some room for ambiguity. Your philosophical preconceptions may lead you to disbelieve in Christianity but it's pretty hard to get tangible historical evidence that would disprove it. In Mormonism's case, it's fairly easy to get such evidence. So although I believe the Tanners are ultimately misguided about Christianity, I don't think it's obviously hypocritical for them to take such a stand. That's just my 2 cents for the well prepared few.


04/18/2003 - from

Hmm...let's see... My wife of 14 years asked me to leave in Mar. 2002. My (former) best friend and best man converted from Catholic to Morman in or about 1997. He baptised my wife Morman in Aug. 2002. My wife hired her bishop to be her divorce lawyer in Aug. 2002. The Colorado courts arbitrarily ordered me to pay his fees. (There goes any incentive for negotiation.) Divorced, bankrupt, broke, and pissed off, Jan.22, 2003. Ex wife marries former best friend / best man in true Morman style Mar.28, 2003.

Presently doing all I can to maintain a happy, healthy relationship with my two young kids, who I dearly love. Thanks for the opportunity to tell of my bit of truth regarding this cult.


03/26/2003 - from

Thanks Sandra for the laugh and the tear. They wonder why you speak out against deception? Maybe the answer can be found in motivation. Humans are motivated by fear, greed/lust, hate and love. I think you love people enough that you are willing to stand up for truth. My own personal opinion, you don't have to look much further than the Mormon sacrament to realize that Christ has been counterfeited. The water (not the fruit of the vine which is Christ's blood) and the leavened bread (not the unleavened bread which is the great prophetic symbol of Christ's sinless life) tell me of a christ who's blood lacked substance and who's body/life was no different than my own. This is not my Jesus.

Yet, I believe in a merciful and graceful Lord -- one who looks at the heart. However, there is one additional factor that may be beyond this scope. The book of Isaiah gives a clear and stern warning: "How art thou fallen from heaven O Lucifer, ... For thou has said in thine heart, ... I will ascend above the heights of the clouds: I will be like the most High." Isaiah 14:12-14 (KJV)

Bottom line is, Sandra Tanner is speaking out in love for the lost. However, if you don't believe me, just ask the Lord. After all, He is the revealer of all truth.


03/14/2003 - anon

Sandra, I have known of your work for many years and I pray that God will bless yours and Gerald's attempts to expose the "Cult" of Mormonism. I grew up in Utah, and have been a Christian for many years and I will always be supportive of your work.


02/24/2003 - from

Praise God for you folks. I am an ex-Mormon, I left the church over 1 years ago. I had joined the church at age 12. Had many questions over the years and NO ONE would answer them. I was told not to question, the man was king and he held the preisthood. I was a good wife until something very bad happened. He left me for another man. Pretty common in the church I hear. When that happened, you bet I had many questions and I was out to get answers. I stopped attending the church and started searching for anything I could read on the Mormons, and the temple work. I was within 6 weeks of a temple marriage. Wow! I was so scared, all I could do was be a good mom and make a living. I really hide from the mormons. It took me SEVEN YEARS of study and praying to find the answers that I needed to find the real true living God. Jesus Christ. My his grace we are saved.

Thank you for your courage, and keep the light shining. May God continue to bless you with a most wonderful life to follow.


02/13/2003 - from dr_frink

Wrong Reasons to Believe in LDS Church:
-I know that it is true because I'm pretty darn confident in myself, and I'll argue to the death with anyone to prove I'M RIGHT!

-Someone said so.

-The facts seems to add up.

Wrong Reasons to Believe in the Tanners:
-I had my feelings hurt in some way in the church, they back me up!

-I have some sort of vendetta againts Boyd Packer, because he is forthright.

-Gee whiz, look at all the papers and stuff that they've researched, they've got to be right.

*As enjoyable as argument is, it has never been used to discover truth. It's only motive is to prove a point. You'll never hear of a discovery in a court room. My advice is to prepare yourself to accept any hypothesis, then gather evidence from all parties, analyse it, then employ an impartial test to see which is correct (this is the hard part). You should be able to use this to find the answer. I've found it.


02/08/03 - from lgevert

Great interview! Keep it up, if you save just one soul from a cult like Mormonism it will all be worth it.


01/25/2003 - anon

Are you not afraid of the consequences of what you are doing? Its APOSTASY that you are doing. It could have been better for you if you have not known the truth and then deny it.The churchj is true, i know it with all my heart. Pls stop destroying it. Remember what happened to Korihor? To Zezrom? We will be judge someday for everything that we do,.Pls stop doing this, if you have fallen away from the church then do not try to pull others down. I pity you for being doing this.



This is very simple. The reason most Mormons have such an intense hatred for Jerald and Sandra Tanner is because they shine the light of truth by simply publishing material the LDS Church would prefer stays in the dark. They don't have to say anything themselves. They just point you sermons in the CHURCH HISTORY, and to articles in THE TIMES AND SEASONS, etc. And it becomes crystal clear that today's Mormonism is not yesterday's Mormonism; it is constantly jigging, and gyrating as it tries to appear more and more mainstream. But to do so it must distance itself from it's heretical beliefs, or at the very least down play them. I even read a Time Magazine article where Gordon B. Hinckley pretty much denied "eternal progression." That says it all. To all my Mormon friends...and I have friends and family in that category. Don't read the Tanners. Go to the publications they cite. It's all there if you're willing to take the time and have the courage to read it.


01/15/2003 from

HAHA, This is priceless, it has provided me a 3rd generation member of the only TRUE church on the earth a few moments of laughter. Ms Tanner i'll remeber you in my prayers tonight, your soul needs alot of savin'


01/01/2003 - from V-

Wow, the Mormon Church as the TRUE church! Novel concept, however utterly inaccurate. Get you facts straight, there were religions before Mormonism, and religions after it. Tanner has the right idea, but of course since you LDS lackies are too busy being mentally masturbated by your hand me down prophets and told all these wonderful things about becoming a God of your own planet (a great selling point, I wager), some of us actually live in the real world, and realize that if any of you were Gods, Earth would be in big trouble. After you finish your cry, and realize that the truth hurts, maybe all that stardust will be out of your eyes and you'll throw them at an actual, genuine HISTORY book or accurate reference and learn a thing or two.Editor's note: Hello V - Hey, we're on your side here. The is a site that Lampoon's Mormonism.


10/24/2002 - from rainbow_89

Wow. I dont think that aanyone will read my comment because it is so low down. When I read things like this I get so upset. There is nothing that I can say or do to change anyones mind on there beliefs. I am 16 years old and have been a member of the church my whole life. I have not been perfect infact far from it. I think it was rebellion. But I have gained a testimony so strong that at times I cry because of its intensitiy. I came on this website not to question my beliefs but to see what propaganda has been written about the church. And to be honest I cried.

I find it hard to believe that people spend so much time writing useless things. When time and effort couild be spent on things that are worthwhile and well. Like community service and helping to make the world a better place to live. I dont know about anyone else but the spirit that is within me when I pray shakes me to my very core. I heard in a talk once this quote that I strongly believe...." Even if this church isn't true, and I know that it is.. What a good way to live" The church promotes good health and service. It teaches good life principles and helps to protect us. I get so upset when I read things about polygamy.

In the arcticles of faith it says that we believe in abiding by the laws of the land. We do that. Something that happend hundreds of years ago is still being used against us. What about slavery? I dont hear things about that used against people!! There is so much that I ahve to be grateful for and the church is one of those things. I repect your decision to chose not to believe but seriously, your time and efforts can be, and should be better spent.


10/18/2002 - from

I think you are a cruel woman. Why must you attack the morman church? Why do you care if people believe in this? What have mormons done to you? Mormons are honest, hardworking people of faith. They serve their God and try to be good people. Yes, some make mistakes but who are you to say how evil they are? Are you God? I didn't think so. I think you are terribly disturbed and you need help.


10/10/2002 - from Bren from Australia

Well all I know is the bible says, no-one shall add or take away from the bible, and you Sandra are just agreeing with God!! Keep it up.


10/09/2002 - from

You wont submit this,but I am not a mormon but a friend of mine is and I notice that everyone who response to mrs tanner has done terrible things that make them not worthy to go to the mormon temple. And what does tanner know? she has never been through the mormon temple? And what is a cult? is it a break away from the major religion? so did christ start a cult?


10/08/2002 - anon

What I really want to know-is why LDS members are making comments on this website-obviously they are searching for the truth-otherwise they would be content blindly following their faith..and not making rude comments.. I appreciate the work the Tanners have done, keep up the good work! It is nice to find someone that isn't afraid to talk about the false doctrine that is being taught in the church..


08/09/2002 -

It was good to meet you last Friday at your humble little store full of books. I have been a Mormon all my life. I have held myriads of church positions, married in the Temple and raised my children in the church. Two of them went on Missions. Three of them Married in the temple. As I was not temple worthy I did not attend the weddings. This was a heartbreaking experience for me.

About 10 years ago I borrowed a book on cults. To my surprise, in reading it I realized the Mormon church was a cult for sure. But I kept thinking maybe it could be true. Most of the literature I got from you on Friday would be considered grounds for excommunication from the church if they knew I was reading it. I have also read most of it, and am in a very sad state. I feel like I was led down the primrose path by the Mormon church--I am angry at myself for never questioning (even when I had legitimate questions), or digging further.

Fear and guilt are emotions that cause many people to blindly accept the church. So what if Mormons are good people? What about the Priesthood Hiearchy, who for years, and years and years have altered, added to, deleted, and professed and lied to people? The Mormon Church is A GREAT DECEIVER!!! Why would people want to claim they are THE ONLY TRUE CHURCH when most of the men in charge know it is not?

I only hope that someone will read this on this site and be curious enough tto pick up a few books and dig in and study. Your work is generously fair to all. Why I allowed myself to be intimidated by the church and not do an indepth study before now is beyond my understanding. Change is hard, but this change is even more gut-wrenching. I feel absolutely sick. I do not know what to say to my children. I am concerned for my grandchildren, who are being raised in the church. THANK YOU so much for being here all these years.

If there were a Celectial Kingdom I have a feeling you would be one! of the first to enter. Thank you, thank you, thankyou!


07/23/2002 - from dwwomick1

Amen Sandra and Jerald. I left the church in 1984 after 7 years in it.The work of the Tanner's and friends really opened my eyes.


06/27/2002 - from Michelle, in Mesa AZ

I saw this and could not help but respond. I am a very devout Christian, and it makes me shake my head when I see the comments some have left here. I owe a great deal of thanks to people like the Tanners whose sincere efforts have helped to shed light on many questions that have gone unanswered for much too long. I'm sorry that some members of the LDS faith are so defensive that they can not take honest questions asked in love.


02/16/2002 -
Sandra, you are a strong woman, keep up the good work! To accept the mormon church, I would have to deny my soul as a woman. I refuse to be a breeding tool for any male or his "planet". Why are all of the bigoted prophets male? The "church" was created by a male(by the way, one should know the truth about the REAL Joseph Smith: A poor writer with a very CONTRIVED imagination who would have been imprisoned in today's society)and is run as such. I can only giggle when I read his so-called "doctrine". How is it that anyone could be this gullible? Upbringing? weakness: a needing to cling to something or anything? brainwashing? Do you people know how to think for yourselves or question anything? Question EVERYTHING!


09/21/2001 -

Sandra, you're a hoot! Nothing like the evil demon that I had heard about from within the Church. Kiss Kiss Hug Hug!


08/18/2001 -

Dear Sandra Tanner,

I wish to commend you on your courageous excellent work. I am not LDS and never knew very much about the religion until I was named in a lawsuit by a Salt Lake company managed by some prominent persons in the Mormon community. Mr. Roger Dudley, the Chief Financial officer of Fonix Corp. is Gordon B. Hinkley's son-in-law. I have an interest in History and began to read in recent weeks about the religion on the internet. I had no idea what an interesting, though troubling subject it would be. You are very brave and articulate and I think are doing a very fine thing in your outreach work.

Very best regards,

Michael McDonald


08/11/2001 - anon

I really enjoyed the article. There is another site that has a lot of interesting insite on the mormon religion. Personally I think the Mormons are insane!!!!! I mean come on a talking newt!!!!


07/24/2001 -

Thanks to Sandra and the interviewer for making this as humorous as it appears here...  in my own exit from the LDS, after coming out as a gay christian, loved by god more than before, i took great refuge in humor and irony and now see many more places where LDS founders and leaders and converts err...  I am a born again believer in Jesus and active in the Metropolitan Community Church, where are beliefs and orientations are welcome...  blessings to all...  Loren Fay, Albany, NY...


07/04/2001 - Sherry Sutherland keep up the good work,sandra! ive been out of the mormon church for 25 yrs. praise God for my deliverance. ive been redeemed! praying for other family members as encouraged my sister in Christ,the truth rules in the end. look forward to the day when Jesus takes you in His arms and says,"well done though good and faithful servant." here's loving you.


06/05/2001 - Terrance Whitier - Orem, Utah
Sandra,Thanks for the tremendous work.  It has helped so many like me dispell the Illusion of Mormonism.


0-6/03/2001 - Makurosu
Great interview! Sandra Tanner rocks!!


09/06/2000 - anon
You Mormons contradict yourselves so much that it is pitiful! You hide yourselves in sheeps clothing, however you are not at all sheep of the Lord. You are sheep who have strayed and who are doomed!


07/17/2000 - anon
As always this type of dialogue never addresses the research of FARMS. Why???? I mean really why.......if this work was honest then why not?


07/02/2000 - anon
I found this interview very interesting and thought provoking the first time I read it weeks ago, and again today! I began my questioning of the LDS Doctrine in my 20s and began with study of LDS publications, i.e. "History of the Restored Church", the LDS Seminary text used when I was in High School (needless to say, most LDS Seminary students I knew did not read the book while enrolled in class).

One doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to find discrepencies in the LDS Church's own literature, and I soon found it necessary to read and study further. In a few years I found the Tanners, and the rest is "history". They have been a great source Mormon facts and information for me over many years. My people were European converts to the Mormon Church in the early days when Utah was being settled.

Therefore, I find study of this era and people most interesting. My great grandmother was the daughter of a Mormon polygamist by his second wife. The story of what happened to them following the " Mormon Manifesto" is very telling of the attidudes of the "bretheren" at that time. The Tanners have made the collection and compilation of this type of material their life's work, and what an accomplishment it is!!


06/09/2000 -
Sandra is an inspiration to those of us whose search for the real and honest truth has allowed us to escape the mind-trap of Mormonism. As a mormon, when confronted with some of her more rock-solid information, I tired of the mental gymnastics necessary to maintain faith in that wretched organization, and converted to the habit of rational thought instead of rationalization.

As we watch people leave the church *in droves* all around us it is my pleasure to acknowlege her role in exposing the church and its leaders for the frauds they are.

Why do church leaders advise members not to read her work? Because the truth withstands scrutiny, and Mormonism does not. Think about it.


06/07/2000 - anon
I just love the Internet. Too bad it didn't exist in 1980 when I had to struggle with these problems all on my own. No one takes leaving the mormon church lightly. My life would have been much easier if I had stayed in but then I wouldn't have been true to myself. I would write my name but I don't know my e-mail address (I"m new at this)


06/06/2000 - anon
I came from China and was baptized 6 years ago. Even though I try to live worthily and follow the commandments, I still feel the Book of Mormon is not true. Fortunately, my English is good enough to do research,I can find out the truth. I feel sorry for those who don't speak English, because they have no chance to know the whole story.

In one point Tanner is totally right. Most of the converts are non-English speakers and how can they know the history of the church? I hope someone can translate the whole story of the church in different languages.


05/26/2000 -
Why do a majority of Tanner supporters choose to remain "anon"? And what were the questions she refused to answer? Jerald and Sandra Tanner's Distorted View of Mormonism: A Response To Mormonism--Shadow or Reality


05/23/2000 -
I wonder if ST and her supporters will be so flippant and sure of themselves on judgement day when Jesus Christ, Savior and Redeemer, will be the one asking the questions.


05/15/2000 - anon
Go and Join Sandra Tanner Church. The true Church in her own idea, own goal, own income and own will. Remember that there are two main thing in this world; the one who do good and the one who fight against it. If you think that she is true and that's your agency but my resources of all the truth was not my own understanding. Ask GOD the source of all truth and lean not own your own understanding. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


04/05/2000 - -Fred Skinner
My friends have visited with Sandra over the years and they all report that she is very engaging. Now I think I have a better picture of her humor, grace and poise. Thank you Ms. Tanner for your courage, tact and wit; you have been instrumental in my own path away from the abuses of "the Church".

After a cataclismic event in my life, I finally had the courage to ask questions. The answers were nothing like what I had been taught as a child, priesthood holder, missionary, temple worker and firm believer. I finally began to find some degree of peace after researching some of the leads found in the Tanners' Salt Lake City Messenger. Thank you Sandra.


04/03/2000 - L. Max Johnson
Thanks for posting this interview. Sandra is doing a great service for many of us who have left the Morg. During my exit, I was able to visit with her by phone a couple of times. She was a very sweet and sincere person.


03/30/2000 -
I wonder if Jesus is saying now to the Tanners "Gerald, Sandra. why percecutest thou Me" It astounds me through searching through all the antimormon "literature" on this site, why people go to all this trouble to discredit this church. I have reseached the doctrine of this church and find nothing that does not preach a gospel of love, hope and charity through good works. Perhaps this persecution is Satan's working hard through people like the Tanners "wailing and gnashing of teeth" philosophy. Even if as they state Mormonism is an abomination in Gods sight, and is not God's chosen church on the earth today, the churches over 10,000,000 members on the whole live righteous clean lives, which today in this paganistic, moneygrabbing, selfish world we live in can only be a shining star in our world. In the Articles of Faith which were penned by Joseph Smith, one article states that they allow all people to worship as they feel fit. Why dont the Tanners allow this.


03/24/2000 - Raccoons26
I am very glad to see that the Tanners are standing up for what is right. I wish you all the best luck. You deserve it.


03/23/2000 - Khemin
Let me first preface my comments by stating that I owe a great debt of gratitude to the Tanners. To my knowledge they were truly the first to logically and meticulously expose the founders and subsequent leaders of the Mormon faith for the charlatans and deceivers they were and are. It is true that not every claim the Tanners make is sufficiently backed up by supporting evidence. However, my own follow-up research has found at least 90% of it to be right on the money.

Given this, it strikes me as perhaps a bit ironic that the Tanners, after so much study and time invested, have themselves joined mainstream Christianity - which throughout history is loaded to the gills with even worse deceits, lies, and atrocities against Truth and, yes, against Humanity.

I was impressed that the interviewer did at least attempt to broach this important issue with Sandra by asking why they have apparently not researched their own current "brand of Christianity". While Sandra hints that perhaps some investigation might have been undertaken, she quickly abandons this deciding instead to chide her critics with a little analogy. Unfortunately her analogy re: chevrolets and fords was both weak and illogical. If one becomes concerned enough with the "Chevrolet" one owns (the Mormon faith, in her analogy, apparently) to become an expert on it, it is true that one does not also have to be an expert on Fords (mainstream Christianity?). However, when this same now-renowned "Chevrolet" expert chooses to become a "Ford" owner, it stands to reason that people are going to figure that there must be a very good reason why. And yet for decades the Tanners have kept strangely silent on this issue while forever continuing their successful assault on Mormonism. Why? Why mainstream Christianity?

As the Tanners have never once attempted to answer this glaring question, nor did Sandra here attempt any further enlightenment of this perplexing contradiction and seeming hypocrisy. Could it be that they have done so for the same reason that kids will sometimes foolishly bow to peer pressure? If so, I can only hope that for them the acceptance of their religious peers proves of greater worth than the sacrifice of their scientific and ethical integrity; something for which they mercilessly criticize the LDS Church.


03/20/2000 - anon
I feel a true sorrow for those that have strayed from God's true church. If you can't live the commandments, please don't justify your lack of self control by trying to tear down The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It will do no good. Read the Book of Mormon, pray for help, and PLEASE, seek for forgiviness and come back to what you know to be true.


03/16/2000 -
So I don't get it, this Sandra is real? If you don't believe in the church, why bother with any of this? The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the TRUE church!! It's precepts are difficult to abide by and I can imagine how easy it is for people that are on this page to turn against it. The Gospel is true, Gordon B. Hinckley is a prophet of God, and Joseph Smith brought forth the restored Gospel so that we might all know of the marvelous work that is about to be come forth among the children of men. God loves you all and again, the church is TRUE!!!!!


03/09/2000 - anon
This is good stuff. I recently quit a mission with the help of some anti-mormon material courtsey of the Tanners. It was an old copy of Mormonism Shadow or Realit. I only attended church once to make sure I make the right decision. I am sure. Mormonism sucks. Sandra, try not to make to much of a profit so you can get more of your books into the hands that need them.

This is a mega-cool site!! I had no idea that someone else so earnest and apostate as I am ALSO had a great a sense of humour about it! God continue blessing all of us who believed what we were taught in Primary, "The glory of God is intelligence!" Not only did we then learn to read and write, we DID SO and left the "only true church!


02/28/2000 - anon

Interesting how so many people with such a profound distrust of Mormonism habe the guts to leave their scouraging remarks unclaimed...or is "Anon" just another one of those stupid, trendy baby names from the 80's?


02/27/2000 - caspera@yahoo

"Free at last, Free at Last. Thank God Almighty I'm free at last" Me on the occasion of my Excommunication. God Bless Sandy and Jerald.



Poor misguided soul.

When will you soften your heart to the promptings of the holy ghost and repent of your sinful way's? Thay you may come to a knowledge of the truthfulness of the gospel of JESUS CHRIST as taught in the "Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latterday Saints".

Yours Sincerely - Alistair Brett Woodford 02/22/2000


>Ms. Tanner is great. I hadn't realized she had such a tremendous sense of humor. She has done a great service to everyone who has ever been fooled by the claims of Mormonism. God bless her. 02/17/2000 - anon



I have always admired Sandra Tanner and her wit. What this about Defense Fund? I have been away from Mormonism since 1974 and only had little contact with over the years, so I am not current on their happings. I'll keep the Tanners in my prayers - 02/12/2000 - The Rev


I enjoyed the interview very much, Keep up the good work, An other Sandra - 02/11/2000


This is Sandra all right. I met her in "94" on my first mission to Manti. A fearless indidviual who's stood up to the Mormon Church since the early 60's. God Bless Her! - 02/10/2000 -


Sandra is a classy lady and I am so thankful she has lead the way for others, including me, to be able to escape from what I "lovingly" call "the cult". - 02/04/2000 - K


The Sandra Tanner interview was great. She is a good sport. Now, get a General Authority to do an interview. - 02/04/2000 - Dave


Humorous but not sure that these are really Sandra's repsonses. Yes I also met her and talked with her on several occasions when I lived in SLC. In '76 she was more serious about Jerald's and her research and I don't ever remember her giving a flippant answer to even outragious Q's. But then again, we all change with time. God bless her and Jerald's work. We all need to kick into their Defense Fund.


02/03/2000 - SS in SD
To verify that this interview is for real please click on the Tanner's web site What's New section and see that it links back here.


Now that I don't pay tithing, I have "disposable" income. Next payday I'll dispose some of it in the Tanner Defense Fund. - 02/03/2000 - John Yossarian Jr.


She's priceless. I would love to meet her in person some day. The interview wasn't long enough for me.... - 02/03/2000 - anon


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Please tell me again where to send the check to help Sandra pay legal fees! - 02/03/2000 - anon
Here is the link: Tanner's Defense Fund

I know that Sandra Tanner lives. I saw her. I know that she has a fascinating collection of reading material at the Utah Lighthouse Mission. I was there. I know that she is intelligent and honest. I spoke with her for over an hour. This was what enabled me to have the courage to leave the only true church, forever. I testify to you that she offers dozens of free pamphlets, too. Further, that she offers for sale excellent research works at cost. Not bad for a former Momo! Thank you sister Tanner, for helping me avoid the lifelong shipwreck of Mormonism. 02/03/2000 - Joseph Almond, ex-True Believing Mormon


I'm sorry, this is so cleverly written I haven't the power of discernment to tell if it's real--or just really funny. Tell me, tell me, tell me. - 02/02/2000 - anon


These questions were all submitted by internet surfers and the responses are vintage "Sandra Tanner." She is a great sport, a great story teller and has a well developed sense of humor. Sandra opted not to answer three questions that had been submitted. This was an interview, not an interrogation. - Salamander Society


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