Gary James Bergera - author of Statements of the LDS First Presidency - A topical compendium.

Gary Bergera - Statements of the LDS First Presidency - A Topical Compendium

On March 22, 2007 at Benchmark Books in Salt Lake City Gary presented an overview of his book and and fielded questions from the approximately 35 people present at the book signing. For a 20 minute video of the event click here: Gary Bergera Live (331MB may take up to an hour to download)

The evening started at 5:00 p.m. with a reception and book signing sponsored by Curt Bench of Benchmark Books. People from the publisher Signature Books were also there. Dale LeCheminant, the writer of the foreward was also present.

At 6:00 p.m. Gary took the floor for about twenty minutes laying the history and groundwork for this book. He then answered approximately 15-20 questions. The video stops a few minutes prior to the end of Gary's presentation due to camera memory filling up. Some comments from Gary after the video ended are:

When asked how this book could best be used by its readers Gary said, "This book could be used as a quote book."

Gary also commented. "I am working on a book dealing with tensions in the David O. McKay presidency, including the Alvin R. Dyer inclusion into the First Presidency controversry. These will be based mostly on McKay diaries."

"I will also we working on a book dealikng with the Ezra Taft Benson presidency and it's controversies."

A transcript of this video may become available at some time in the future if someone will take the time to download and transcribe it. Contact the webmaster of this site if you are willing.

Gary James Bergera and Dale LeCheminant, the writer of the foreward.

Comments Section

I was present and met Gary for the first time. His presentation was a lively, eloquent, upbeat and humorous. His comments did not seem to offend those of faith or the unbelievers.

I appreciate someone like Gary who has spent thousands of hours complining such a work for people like me to enjoy having the information so easily available now. This work will be used by Gospel Doctrine teachers, FARMS-BYU apologists, Sunstoners and former Mormon presenters at Exmormon Conferences.

My favorite response by Gary for the evening was during a discussion of what Gary deemed as LDS doctinal statments by the First Presidency meeting his criteria for inclusion into his book:

Question: "Gary, what exactly is Mormon doctrine anyway?"

Response: "Well, I'm not exactly sure, but I know it when I see it!" (Audience loud laughter with a murmur by someone in the back "Porno and doctrine must have a lot in common.")

Both Gary and Curt gave permission for the video taping and posting to this website and there open posture is appreciated. - 03/24/2007 - Steven Clark - aka cricket


I attended that signing for the book of First Presidency quotes, and I was a little put off when the speaker said that he left out some of the messages on blacks and the priesthood because they had been "rescinded"'. Also, the first presidency message regarding no-oral-sex was distributed again the following month with no-oral-sex deleted, so he didn't include the no-oral-sex message because it had been rescinded.

When I heard that, I decided that book was also whitewashed and lost interest. - 03/24/2007 - Dee


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