Mormon Tattoo Body Piercing Art

Mormon Tattoo Body Piercing Art

Jack Armstrong - One Eyed Jack's Tattoos by Patti Jo. I am the one who created the portraits of the Prophets of the Lord on Jack Armstrong's back. Jack was known around the world as "The Oldest Living Tattoo Artist in the World"! I see he is the first tattoo on this webpage.

We won several awards with this tattoo and Jack and I even opened a tattoo studio in Safford, Arizona. It was named "One Eyed Jack's Tattoos" and Jack named it as he was wearing an eye patch on his eye at the time and he thought it had a nice ring to it.

Quite a few Mormon missionaries came to the shop and talked to Jack for hours on end. It was they who suggested to Jack that we do the Prophets of the Lord on his back! Just to set the record straight, Jack is NOT imagining himself as a Prophet of the Lord himself but rather he wanted to put them on his back and he already had the portrait of himself on his back (upper right shoulder area) that I had done five months earlier.

He also had a few lines in the middle of his back that were done by a tattooer that was hurting him so bad that Jack had to make him quit. It was 50 years later that we finished what started out to be Jesus way back then and added the 15 Prophets.

Jack was actually baptized Mormon in Hawaii in sometime around 1949. I am real proud of them and I hope you enjoy looking at them too.

I wanted to reply to the person who said something about the extra prophet on Jack Armstrong's back at the top of this page. No, it is not Jerry Garcia or Karl Marx. It is of the wearer himself, Jack Armstrong. It was done on his back five months earlier BEFORE we knew he was going to have the prophets and Jesus done. So he is NOT stating that he himself is a prophet.

We in no way meant to offend. It was the Mormon missionaries who are the ones who suggested it in the first place.

Jack passed away on November 29,2006. He was quite a man and I am honored to have known and worked with him.

Just as another matter of interest, I have NO TATTOOS myself.

- 03/06/2008 - Patti Jo -

I created the portrait of Hinckley - Kita Kazoo

People in the Bloomfield Hills Stake are NOT allowed to go to the temple if they have tattoos. Temple entrance is decided by the local Temple President.

Also - There are a lot of Bishops and Stake Presidents who will not issue temple recommends to people with tattoos.

By the way - I did the portrait of President Hinckley. - Kit Kazoo


Al Fox Carraway testimony tattoos.


Mormon Approved Tatoos

08/11/2018 - by rocketscientist

I have a Mormon approved tattoo. In the 1950's, the fear of mass casualties due to an atomic attack led to what is known as the "Atomic Tattoo." The fear was that many would be bleeding out in the streets unless their blood type was known quickly. So, with the TSCC's approval, kids and adults in Logan Utah were tattooed with their blood type.

I was one of those kids. I was 5 and I distinctly remember getting the tattoo in the basement of the Logan 11th ward.

Here's a link to information:"> Note that an article from The Herald Journal (the local Logan paper) is referenced. Note that an article from The Herald Journal (the local Logan paper) is referenced.

My tattoo says "O+" but the "+" is rolled over a bit (I'm sure I flinched--it hurt like hell), so it looks more like "Ox." I used to tell my kids that I had my nickname tattooed under my arm when I was a kid.


Funny stories about piercings

04/15/2008 - by WinksWinks, duck, living in "sin"

Winkwink's piercing one. I have been "inactive" for more than a decade. Call it '95 or so. When was the rule about single piercings announced? I got 3 in my left ear and one in the right in '96. But not as rebellion or anything, they were just what I wanted, and I had no idea there were rules about it! I've tossed around the idea of a very small tattoo, and my Mom was horrified. Now I know why! But when was this put out to the members as a policy?

I don't remember exactly when it was, but it was earlier than that. I got second ear piercings when I was 14 and it wasn't too long after that I was told to take them out. Must have been around 1999.

I remember a big deal was made about it in our family. When that speech was delivered I had an aunt that immediately reached up and took her second ear piercings out. *cough*morgbot*cough*

When I heard it, I looked at my mom and said I wasn't taking them out. I held to it for about a year until I was guilted into doing so.

I'm wearing them again.

Those were the first ones I had done just out of high school, when I didn't need anyone to sign no stinkin' permission slip no more. ;) Now I have four in that left lobe, one in the helix, still only the one on the right hand side, and I've stretched them all to a small degree. Down with symmetry! Or, maybe that explains my neck problems...

This happened in 2004 so it was definitely after the "rules" for piercings came out.

Winkwink's piercing two. I got my tongue pierced on a Saturday night. Came home, tried my HARDEST not to say any words to my mother so she wouldn't notice. And she didn't! I thought I was homefree, I just had to make it one more day then I would go back to my apartment at college.

Well the next day, my mom goes to my step sister's house, whom I had already told that I got my tongue pierced. I got a phone call from my step-sister about a half hour after my mom had left and she says "Umm, don't be mad, but I accidentally told your mom..." She said that mom said something about me while she was over there, so my sis said to her, "Oh you've talked to Jessy? Then you know about the piercing?" Which of course she FREAKED out and rushed home to chew me out!

To add insult to injury, this also happened to be on conference weekend! Lol!

Fortunately for me, my mother never found out about both of my nipple piercings that I had also gotten done that weekend!

The "spirit" will leak right out of these holes, don't you know. So it seems to me that a tongue piercing would be good for a TBM. I mean, every time you talk, a little puff of spirit will accompany your words. What better way to spread the gospel! Those missionaries should all rush right out and get pierced. Imagine the spike in conversion rates!

Mmm what holy children could be nursed on pierced nipples! Oh, wait, I don't know your gender... Nevermind if that doesn't apply. :D Stretched piercings leak spirit faster too. Funny, I found this site right around the time I got up to a 10g. What a coincidence with my "deflation". :D

Oh, I know what you mean! There is a certain point past which you can't go back. As it is, I can leave my jewelry out overnight and have to work back up to it. No pencils here! These images above are what I did it for. I made the twists by hand.

Maybe you can get a tattoo of President Hinckley's lips tattooed on your kiester.

03/05/2008 - Doc Loco

Hinckley tattoo. I was a Mormon over 40 years and served a full time mission (sorry) and became a tattoo artist and studio owner about 20 years ago. I was a scheduled "veil worker" in the Salt Lake City Temple and worked the veil (representing God)four days every week in the 5:30 am temple worker session and also served in regular twice weekly "sealing groups" with my wife and our tattoos and piercings.

I also served for several years as a veil worker in the Toronto Temple one day every month (a five hour drive from Detroit where I lived)and when living back again in Utah at the Mt. Timpanogos Temple. I have tattoos on the backs of my hands and for awhile even had a web piercing between the thumb and index finger of my right hand, which I performed the "role" of God to "test" temple patrons knowledge of "sacred handshakes" through the veil.

Nobody ever said anything positive or negative to me about my tattoos. My ward leaders were very grateful to me for going to the temple as no one else in the ward ever did, so my daily numbers (numbers being very important to Mormons) made our ward tops in the Stake. When I worked in the SLC Temple, I lived next door to Ezra Taft Benson who at the time was the President of the Church and he attended our ward with his wife (who sat in the aisle by my family) every other week.

As Mormons know, families kind of develop "ownership" of the pew they sit in regularly and my family of eight pretty much "owned" the center, third pew in the SLC 18th North Ward.

In our Troy, Michigan Ward, my wife, with her tattoos (and being a professional tattoo artist) was called (supposedly by God) to teach the women of Mormonism in Utah how to please God and be good members one Sunday every month. I was called (again it was claimed to be a call from God) with my tattoos and piercings to be one of two (so I taught every other week) permanant instructors for the Troy Ward Elder's Quorem and again it was my duty to teach "The Priesthood" how to be good followers of Jesus, and presumably also of Mormonism.

Somehow, my tattoos and piercings and my ownership of a tattoo studio (#1 in Metro Detroit for years) did not seem to bother God at all. Prior to President Hinckley in the year 2000, only one comment had ever been made in Mormonism about tattooing - even though it had been around for at least 7,000 years (which is a little longer than Mormonism claims the Earth has existed) and that comment was in a book (Mormon Doctrine, 1965, Bruce McConkie) that was considered by the President of the Church just prior to 1965 to be so full of error and pseudo doctrine that it was not allowed to be published while he (lifelong official Church Historian - and vegetarian- Joseph F. Smith) still was alive.

The official Quorum of the Twelve Apostle's Meeting Minutes verify this and the hostility that existed between these "apostles and prophets" and can be read online by anyone who wants to check it out.

Anyway, McConkie said that Mormons should not get tattoos, except for certain kinds and stated that,"Persons who are tattooed are not, however, denied the ordinances and blessings of the temple."

On the webpage is explained that it was at this same time (and for the same reason)that McConkie decided he needed to weigh in on tattooing as the Church was recommending everyone in Utah get a tattoo and even had them performed in the Logan, Utah Tabernacle.

Well, now many "Members", otherwise in "good standing" are being penalized and denied entrance to temples and even denied the privilage (if you still believe that) of "Renewing Their Covenant With God" by taking the Sacrament.

Yup, in fact one of my current tattoo apprentices, a very recent convert to Mormonism was told by her American Fork, Utah Bishop that neither she nor her husband were allowed to take the Sacrament any longer because she was doing tattoos. Her husband, though he doesn't do tattoos or work in or for a tattoo studio was also denied taking the Sacrament because.....? Well, lucky her. She was new enough to Mormonism to see the hypocrisy and Anti-Christianity of her Bishop and the Church and is now MoNoMo!

My wife and I were kicked out of the Church just before the 2002 Utah Winter Olympics when, you guessed it, President Hinkley issued a mandate that there should be no "odd" Mormons for the World Press to interview as that might make the Church look somehow less Perfect.

We weren't kicked out for our tattoos or because we owned a tattoo studio, in fact we were valued members. We were kicked out because we had friends who were polygamists. We lived in a town (Lehi, Utah) where about a fifth of the population is polygamist and the brand new town Recreation Center, actually has a statue erected celebrating a local Bishop and around the statue are the names of all his (about 8) wives.

I mean, about the same time, they were kicking me out for knowing polygamists and the town where over 98% were Mormon was installing a new monument celebrating the polygamy of one of it's early residents.

The thing that really got my Bishop upset though was when I told him that if I had to choose between obeying Gordon Hinkley and Jesus, I would choose Jesus. Talk about pissing off your Bishop. And of course, even though they never even interviewed my wife, they kicked her out too!

Well, I think it was one of the best things that ever happened to me though it makes it hard to do business in Utah if you are not Mormon. An endless stream of good little Mormons who "serve in the priesthood" come in my studio and try to break the law and get services by fraud and deciet and their parents also throw fits and make demands that we break the law for them.

When we were successfully defrauded last year, the police Lt. in charge of the investigation (the Head of the Detectives Division - American Fork, Utah) told me that "If you don't want to be lied to and cheated you should be in some other kind of business, like the guy selling fruit across the street."

Well, yes there is a fruit stand across the street. So I went over and asked if they ever get lied to or stolen from. Guess what? Yeah, the good Mormons (still about 98% of the population) lie to and steal from him all the time! But mostly it impressed me that according to the police, it was my fault that I was defrauded because I was in a business that had a "high risk" for that.

I guess even though he is the Head of Detectives, he doesn't know his community very well. When we moved our studio from Orem to Pleasant Grove we actually had a very good Mormon stand (across the street) and yell that now "Satan had come to town."

One thing the Mormons don't ever deal with, and in 20 years of regular asking I have never once found any Mormon who bothered to read their "scriptures" to know this, is where Joseph Smith (the founder of Mormonism) asks God about a scripture in the OT and asks if it is a real man or if it is symbolic. This is in the Doctrine and Covenants (D&C) which is "official scripture" to Mormons and supposedly DICTATED BY JESUS himself to Joseph Smith. So Joseph asks God, Jesus answers and says that the scripture in the OT refers to a real man, a servant of the Lord in the Last Days (Latter Day Saints) and guess what he does for a living?

Hell yeah, he does tattoos! Well, fuck a fucking duck! All the common "scriptures" dragged up to condemn tattooing have nothing to do with tattooing at all. But since all the sheeple are too stupid to actually read their holy books and since you can get kicked out of the Mormon Church for "Thinking", I guess it is too much to ask for Mormons to "Know Your Religion".

Happy Valley Tattoo and Piercing. That's funny cause they have a big annual, church wide week long seminar called "Know Your Religion". But they don't. They especially have no idea of what Jesus was about. None! The Mormons are some of those that if there ever were to be a time to "face" Jesus, after they had related to Him what perfect followers and administrators of the kingdom they had been - to them he would say, "Depart from me ye workers of iniquity, you never knew me."

So, if you are near BYU, drop in and visit us (all Mormons but me and my wife) at Happy Valley Tattoo & Piercing. Maybe you can get a tattoo of President Hinckley's lips tattooed on your kiester.

In the meantime, don't worry. Mormonism isn't true. It's a scam. I'm embarrassed I fell for it hook, line and sinker (and wallet) for 40 years. I am so glad to be free from it now.

I wish I could get those years of triple tithing and fast offerings back! Tattoos and Piercings have a history as Spiritual Affirmations dating back to the earliest times on earth in every culture. Any serious consideration of tattooing would see it as a spiritual act whether the tattooee understands it that way or not.

I am sad though that my Utah neighbors believe that the Bishop has the Power to tell God that He is not allowed to love me or bless me because I have tattoos. I am glad I don't believe in a God so weak and bigoted as theirs. There is a saying in the "tattoo world" that goes: "The only difference between people with tattoos and those without tattoos is that people who have tattoos don't care if you don't have one."

There is also a saying that goes: "Cheap Work Ain't Good/Good Work Ain't Cheap."

Go to Happy Valley Tattoo & Piercing - where Quality and Service is Everything and your belief system is respected no matter what it is. Unless you are a Hater. We don't like Haters. I guess that voids my invitation to President Hinckley - that old Hater!

Also, Hinckley approves permanent make up tattoos and plastic surgery. So you can get your 13 year olds boobs and butt made bigger, change her eyes, nose and lips and have the color of a healthy person permanently tattooed on her face and nipples (yeah we do that - nipples not make up) but don't get a picture of Jesus tattooed on you! You evil fuck!

Bednar on Pierced Earrings

05/14/2005 - JCSS

An excerpt from a speech given at a BYU Devotional on May 10, 2005 by Elder David A. Bednar

Sister Bednar and I are acquainted with a returned missionary who had dated a special young woman for a period of time. This young man cared for the young woman very much and he was desirous of making his relationship with her more serious. He was considering and hoping for engagement and marriage.

Now this relationship was developing during the precise time that President Hinckley counseled the Relief Society sisters and young women of the church to wear only one earring in each ear. The young man waited patiently over a period of time for the young woman to remove her extra earrings, but she did not take them out.

This was a valuable piece of information for this young man and he felt unsettled about her non-responsiveness to a Prophet’s pleading. For this and other reasons, he ultimately stopped dating the young woman because he was looking for an eternal companion who had the courage to promptly and quietly obey the counsel of the Prophet in all thing and at all times. The young man was quick to observe that the young woman was not quick to observe. (quiet laughter from the audience)

Now, before I continue, I presume that some of you might have difficulty with my last example. In fact this particular illustration of the young man being quick to observe may even fan the flames of controversy on campus resulting in letters of disagreement and even outrage to the Daily Universe. (Loud laughter from the audience) You may believe that the young man was too judgmental, or that basing an eternally important decision even in part upon such a supposedly minor issue is silly or fanatical.

Perhaps you are bothered because the example focuses upon a young woman who failed to respond to prophetic counsel instead of a young man. (mild laughter from the audience) I simply invite you to consider and ponder the power of being quick to observe and what was actually observed in the case I just described. This issue was not earrings.

Elder David A. Bednar
BYU Devotional
May 10, 2005


John from Texas tattoo 1.John from Texas tattoo 2.

Got these this year... I guess I am a soon to be ex-Mormon. Tried to come back and deal with homosexuality issues but was miserable. Always wanted some tats...guess now was best time for it. - 08/21/2005 - John in Texas


My ink work I've had done since leaving the Morg Church

08/09/2005 - Connell the Barbarian

Here is some of my ink work I've had done since leaving the Morg Church. All of my tattooing was done in ritual space by a dear friend of mine, while other friends were chanting, drumming, and dancing around me (and I was stoned out of my gourd).

I have my family crest on my left arm (not shown). The galloping stag is an exact replica of the one found on the frozen corpse of the "Siberian Ice Maiden" (dating to 500 BCE). His antlers turn into magical mushrooms, flames, and flowers.

In the middle of my back is the Elder Futhark (the ancient Germanic magical runic alphabet). The raven on my right shoulder has the name "Wodan" in runes on his wing. Wodan (later Odin) is the ancient Germanic bisexual wolf-god and Wednesday is named after Him.

Finally, spiraling around my right arm is an ancient Greek magical spell invoking Artemis (Diana to the Romans) the moon goddess for protection. It reads "ASKI KATASKI AISIA LIX TETRAG DAMNAMENEA" and was considered by the Greeks to be the most powerful spell ever; it was carved into the statue of Artemis of Ephesus (of whom even Paul the Christian homophobe said, "Great is Diana of the Ephesians!" Indeed! She is my favorite Goddess of all and am honored to worship Her and bear the Artemisian priesthood.)

I've thought often about having the garment marks tattooed on me as well, as a nod to my Morg heritage, but I think my nipples are too sensitive. So maybe a sunstone from the Nauvoo Temple?

BTW, this picture was taken while I was smoking a joint at the Eagle, a really raunchy Gay bar in San Francisco in July 2005. WOOF! Cheers!

Connell's back brace tattoo.


SLDrone's post Mormon Altamira theme tattoo.

Altamira Tattoo

03/15/2005 - SLDrone

When I was a little boy my father taught me about the beginning and the end of the world and the 7,000 years of the milleniums. As a little boy I believed him, and so I knew that Adam and Eve the first humans had been placed in the Garden of Eden about 6000 years ago. I remember even as a young man, a returned missionary, arguing with a biology professor at the University of Utah. He patiently listened to my rejection of evolution as a "theory", and patiently answered my objections while trying hard not to offend the students that wanted to believe in the myth of creationism.

The tattoo is a representation of a cave painting found deep in a cave in Altamira, Spain. It was painted about 20,000 years ago by a cro magnon man, someone my old faith taught me could never have existed. Yet there is the painting, and now it is on my arm. The tattoo is for me a rejection of false teachings and doctrines, the arrogance of creationism in "god's image" and my embrace of things as they really are. We are in fact, creatures of evolution. The "falling bison" was painted by my ancestor and I acknowledge his existence.


Jarrod's tattoo Jarrod.

Former Mormon displays his tattoo

02/24/2005 by Jarrod

I finally did it. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time but could never find a design that appealed to me. Until today.

I wanted an Om because it symbolizes the spiritual journey I began last year, and I wanted a lotus because it represents my belief in mankind’s intrinsic perfection and beauty. I looked for a number of months and tried doodling some designs of my own, but never liked what I saw until today. So I seized the opportunity and had it put on my arm.

I really like my tattoo. It is my only one so far, and I can see myself getting another some day if the right design presents itself. I'm amazed at how judgmental I used to be about other people getting tattooed (when I was a TBM - True Believing Mormon). If there is a God who loves us unconditionally, I greatly doubt that He cares about what we put on our bodies. Moreover, if the Morg (Mormon Church) has no problem with women wearing makeup, wearing jewelry, coloring their hair, wearing tinted contact lenses, etc., then caring about tattoos is awfully silly.

I've seen some people here write that it is too painful, but it seems to me that this is more a function of where you have it drawn on your body, and how big it is. Mine is on my arm and is only about 4 inches in diameter, so it wasn't that bad at all. It felt kind of like getting a mild electric shock for 45 minutes. Recovery lasted about a week or so.

When I got a little TBM flack over it, I countered that if Mormons wear sacred symbols everywhere they go, why can't I? As far as I'm concerned, my sacred symbols (the Om and the lotus) make more sense, look better, and exhibit a far greater degree of commitment. Kinda makes the garment symbols look lame by comparison.

Props to Adam Sky at Sacred Heart Tattoo in Vancouver.

Made in Taiwan Tattoo

11/16/2004 - Hell's Angel

Hell's Angel former Mormon tattoo.
I got this tatoo while I was still a Mormon, technically. Similar to how Taiwan mass produces cheap electronics, my Mormon parents had all six of their children in the most economically efficient way possible. Little undivided attention and a fully stocked (ware)house. When I went water skiing with my cousins this summer, my swimmsuit was somewhat ripped off after i took a hard hit. Word soon spread my of my 'iniquity'. It came as no surprise that my Mom didn't understand. Surely "I'll regret that choice later on in life".........WHATEVER!


It is not just a "tattoo" its love of the gospel so much that one is willing to sacrifice ones body to express the love of the eternal truth. - 07/18/2004 - from Elder A.H.

I think the main point should be as members we should not judge. My husband converted and he has many tattoos and is now a Ward Missionary. Many investigators have actually felt comfortable because my husband breaks the LDS looking mold and has actually many to the church. I think individual choice and free agency is just that. He is not hurting anyone, He has prayed about his tattoos and does not feel conviceted about it. He is a great memeber and wonderful person. I think as an LDS community we need to be less judgemental. Love all and let God do the judgeing. Also after getting babtized he has Eternal Family Tattooed on himself. - 06/26/2004 - anon
Editor's note: We hope all of your husband's tattoos are spelled correctly. Please forward your comments directly to President Gordon B. Hinckley. We are sure he will be thrilled to hear about your "revelation" replacing his revealed truth.

I was raised Mormon... but havent practiced since I was about 16 (12 years ago!). I remember my dad getting upset because my mom wanted to pierce my ears when I was 8. He said my body was a temple and not to be altered. My mom went out and got her ears pierced a week later! This many years later I and all 4 of my siblings are pierced and tattoo'd in all kinds of ways. In fact my 3 brothers have the Cazier family name divided up and tattoo'd on their arms so it reads correctly when they stand back to chest oldest to youngest. - 06/05/2004 - from Freckles

Who is that supposed to be on the far right hand upper corner? - 01/17/2004 - anon
Editor's Note: We believe the long bearded man is actually the fellow who is being tattooed.

I have never heard of ANYONE being asked to either leave the LDS Church or to pay for expensive tattoo removing. The word from Church Headquarters is to discourage people from senseless tattooing that may later be ugly (as it fades and stretches) or inappropriate (girl's name, but later marries another girl with a different name). While the tattoos of prophets on a biker's back may not be for all, he apparently did it in all sincerity and with good intent. God looks on the heart--and so should we. This stuff is so dumb--tattoos or no tattoos, love your neighbor. - 11/23/2003 - anon

I think, no matter what the tattoos are of, they are still bad, because you are going against they prophets words. You might not go to Hell for getting a Tattoo, but you will for disobeying the Prophets teachings, which come straight from God! - 11/14/2003 - anon

It doesn't really matter what the church's guidelines are about tattoos and body piercings..The YW president in our ward has double piercings in both ears..(great example of following the prophet)..My own sister recently got a tattoo and she is as true-blue as you can get(she works in the temple)!! - 09/27/2003 - anon

I converted to the church with about 20 tattoos. Nobody cared when I was going through the conversion process, however, when it came time for me to start dating, it was always an issue. "You're cute, but your skin looks dirty with all that junk on it." I am now independant of the church and have 3 more tattoos to show off. - 07/11/2003 - from Dafushpu

I know a guy with the Angel Moroni on his shoulder. - 06/14/2003 - anon
Editor's request: Please email a photo of this tatoo.

So, a couple years ago, my sister-in-law, who lives in Missouri, tells us about this “biker” fella who happens to cross paths with the missionaries. He embraces the gospel, and is baptized. But... before the missionaries get around to telling him the Church’s “tattoo policy*,” this biker-dude goes and has pictures of all the modern-day prophets tattooed - BIG - on his back! I dismissed the story as an “urban legend.” But, lo and behold, a couple weeks later, somebody emails me this photograph. - anonymous

Church’s “tattoo policy” - ”Do not disfigure yourself with tattoos or body piercings.” - from the Strength of Youth pamphlet, 2001

Please email images of any Mormon body art to the Lampoon. See below for instructions.

Mormon Maori Leaves Church For Tattoo

Maori woman leaves Mormon Church over tattoo. Maori activist Manu Leilani Neho left the Mormon church and became "...if you like, a Maori again," she says. At the age of 45, she decided to have a traditional female chin moko (tattoo). Manu describes on the weekend that it was done: "We laughed and cried and had lots of fun and lots of anguish about how it is that we just about lost the art form and then there was the jubilation of rekindling it in our own particular family...and people sobbed their hearts out. ..It was absolutely wonderful. I think it was my rebirthing because as I sat up after I had been completed, there was this overwhelming sense of rebirth...the tears just flowed." (Source link no longer available.)

Exmo Regrets Jordan River Temple Tattoo

Jordan River Temple tattoo. Most of us have had problems in deciding to leave the church - possible loss of family, friends, etc. I've been communicating with a young Mormon woman who has a unique problem, when it comes to leaving the church: she has a picture of the Jordan River Temple tatooed on her thigh..... - 03/04/2003 - Richard in Oregon


Comments Section

Waaaaaah waaaaaaaah waaaaaah those mormons are so mean! Waaaaaaah waaaaaah waaaaah. What a bunch of babies. For a religion you all don't believe in, you all sure seem to let it bother you a whole lot. - 08/22/203 - Ryan


Hi, I am 17 years old and I was born in the covenant, and I just recently found out in seminary the reason why the prophets don't want us to "defile" our bodies, is because we are merely borrowing them from God, and when it will be the final day of judgement, he will judge us on how we took care of the bodies he made for us, along with our actions and motives. I don't care if you don't agree with what I was taught, but I've always wanted a tattoo and a lip piercing until I found out the real reason WHY God doesn't want us to defile our precious gifts that he made for us. Thanks for reading this, and I hope you choose what you want since Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ gave us our own agency. God be with you :) - 05/20/2013 - Gen


My name is derek i live in Benson NC and the people in my church look down on my tatoos and my peircings. - 03/11/2010 - derek


In all my dealings with "Mormons" and "Ex -Mormons", I have never seen, heard, nor read any diatribe as silly or ignorant as this. There are FAR more important things to be concerned about when it comes to figuring out what is important in working out your salvation while here on Earth. Tattoos are actually that important to you, huh? Wow. How shallow a person you must be, and how hollow you must feel inside. I feel sorry for folks like you, truly sorry. - 11/18/2009 - Doc1994


I am mormon and I believe in the concept of "let he without sin cast the first stone" I also believe that you can't judge the whole population of the Church based on one, two, three, even fifty encounters you have with members.

Every member is different. Every member has free agency and while you guys are spouting off hatred on both sides about tattoos, people are dying all over the world in wars, from starvation and horrible diseases and I think instead of getting in petty arguments about useless shit we should be figuring out how to stop all the hate that is out there.

To each his/her own. Who cares if you have a tattoo? Who cares if you wear more than one earring? Who cares if you drink Pepsi or Mountain Dew? I think if you live your life the best you can and try to do good you will be fine in God's eyes. We are not here to judge each other, we are not here to hate each other, we are not here to tell each other what to do.

The only thing you should judge about a person is whether or not you want them in your life or not, let God take care of the rest. Stop the hate, everyone, you too Mormons. - 10/12/2009 - anon


I'm curious to find true believing Mormons that have tattoos and are proud of them. I'm not currently attending services weekly, but I do still believe in the principles of the Mormon faith.

I waited over 10 years to get my first tat and I plan to get another one. I love the design and colors of mine.

My devout mother tells me I'll regret them someday. I'm in my 30's and I told her that I don't regret them now and doubt I ever will because I love them so much.

If I ever decide to go back and fully activate, I'll raise holy hell if I'm ever denied anything due to my tattoos. - 07/12/2009 - anon


It's funny, I just saw on KBYU ( that is what brought me here), or the cable BYU- Why are we taxpayers paying for public TV for the Mormon Church, when they buy it on Cable too, and have double coverage, anyhow, a Samoan High Counselor was was being filmed and interviewed showing his Traditional Tattoos and explained that he asked his leaders if he could or should get them and they said yes. then, Al Harrington, The Narrator explained that at times ( like that one) it was okayed by the church. OH the Hypocrisy!, So if it is based on culture, then what is wrong with our culture to make it " shameful" ? on the site it says in the Additional information in the indexed topics under T: "Those who have a tattoo wear a constant reminder of a mistake they have made. They might consider having it removed". Above that is the " Ye are temple of god" Verse that Paul had said, which got me thinking; If that is the Case, A temple and all, Why is the Samoan's " Temple" exempt from that Bible Verse? and "LaVerle Sorenson's" " Temple" Subject to the Verse? Hypocrisy. A temple is a Temple is a temple, No? That Hypocrisy is as bad as the Abortion Hipocrisy: From the LDS.Org Website: "Church leaders have said that some exceptional circumstances may justify an abortion, such as when pregnancy is the result of incest or rape, when the life or health of the mother is judged by competent medical authority to be in serious jeopardy, or when the fetus is known by competent medical authority to have severe defects that will not allow the baby to survive beyond birth".

If you are against abortion in general: does it stop being a baby if it is conceived from incest? NO you idiots, It is biologically still the same as a baby born to a consenting man and a woman. - 07/10/2009 - Buster


HI I am a returned missionary; and I am sealed in the temple w my wife, I got a tattoo last week. I am still active and with a calling; I hope to remain so. besides there is nothing in the church doctrine or gospel that can keep a tattooed person away from the blessings of the Temple or the sacrament. GOD BLESS YOU ALL - 06/13/2009 - FIGHTER


I, like many commenting, was raised LDS and was highly active up until the age of 27. It is interesting reading the comments that have been posted.

Despite what anyone who is active in the church would like to think, those of us with tattoos and piercings ARE viewed differently. I got my nose pierced when I was 26 years old, functioning as the ward pianist in sacrament meeting.

At the time I was in a smaller, rural ward and was heavily scrutinized for my choice of body modification. I went home to visit shortly after having it was done and word got around the ward that I was "in a rebellious phase".

I moved to a metropolitan area and the scrutiny decreased as the population was much more diverse and the membership seemed better adapted to more liberal views and lifestyles.

I have since had three tattoos. I do not attend church with my parents when I am home as I do not want to embarass them. They live in a smaller, less metropolitan area where the ward has been taken over by implants from Utah. Those individuals already frown down upon anyone who isn't "a westerner" as they feel we "don't know what being a Mormon is all about." (That is a direct quote mind you from a MISSIONARY)

I am not bitter against the church. I made my choices and I am happy with the direction my life has taken me. However, individuals do need to understand that yes, the God, Jesus and the Church as it fundamentally stands does accept and love all BUT the a large majority of the people who run and comprise the membership love and accept you only if you fit into the nice neat Molly Mormon mold. That does not include, tattooed, pierced, professionally oriented females. #4 in the works for next weekend. - 05/29/2009 - Leah


Personally, I love my tattoos. I have been inactive since I was 13ish and just started going back to church. I have a lot of friends now that comment and ask about my tattoos; although, they were shy to ask at first.

A couple of my tattoos are visible when I wear my church clothes because I'm too tall for most long sleeved shirts. However, my tattoos have never stopped me from helping with the sacrament (I'm in a singles branch, no deacons) and my leadership has never tried to counsel me to remove my tats or sway my decision for future tattoos.

One in my branch leadership said that he thinks the counsel from the prophets against tattoos is because of how easily the children are influenced. This makes sense.

I believe that tattoos are a decoration unto a temple as much as a beautiful garden, the choice of stone for a temple, or even the gold statue of Moroni is. Temples do not look the same from temple to temple. All temples aren't put on simple grass and they certainly don't look like square boxes made of plain stone. Each temple I have seen have beautiful gardens, decorative stone, one has a small waterfall in front of it (I live near this one), and they don't look like each other.

To me, my decorations are my choice on what gets put onto my ever-evolving temple. As I get older and my decorations need attention (much like a garden that needs weeding), it will get done.

As of yet, I have only met one person in the church that thinks my tattoos are horrid and disgusting. The guy that, unknowingly, convinced me to go back into the church said, "If they judge you because of your tattoos, they are condemning themselves because they are raising themselves above you so they can judge you" (or something like that).

If you want to get a tattoo, just remember this: It's permanent, it's your choice, choose something that means a lot to you, choose an area that won't change very often (I have a friend that had one on her waistline and now it looks like something completely different than what she got), and don't try to hide it. If you hide your tattoo, you didn't really want it anyway. - 05/26/2009 - Jon


I always love it when people drag Hitler in to strengthen their arguement. Hitler despised religion and referred to it as"opium for the masses". He called Christianity a "disease of the mind". Hitler depised Jews and Christians alike. He merely tolerated Christians a bit more.

Anywho, this thread has made for some interesting reading. But let's not kid ourselves into thinking that Hitler and Mormonism are similar. Jews and Mormons have both been exterminated because of religous bigotry and hate by others.

Religous bigotry is cpompletely lame and cowardly.

Many of my relatives and friends are converts to the church and have tattoos and such and it has never kept them out of the temple or from holding leadership positions and what not. Some of them have became inactive but none of them have been bitter about it or blamed it on how their tattoos may or not be regarded by others.

Simply having a tattoo cannot be the entire reason for some of the backlash people may or may not have received. It just doesn't add up with my experience or countless others I know with tattoos.

Rock on dudes whether or not have ink or religion. But please no more religious bigotry. I have ink, religion, and love for those with or without ink or religion so I know it can be done I think the trick is to not look for reasons to be offended and blame it on people's misunderstandings about tattoos. Works for me. - 05/11/2009 - anon


My exfiancee was (I say was, now) a mormon, and he was part of one of the "big mormon families" and when we first started dating (in secret due to his extremist parents) I went to get my nose pierced. I took it out over time to gain his parent's approval, since I'm Baptist, but it didn't last long.

SO I went back and got it redone...haha. Their son signed up for the military and while he was gone we made the promise that we'd get our first tattoos together. When he came back home a few months ago, we sat down to work out this tattoo idea (being an art major, I worked on designing it for him). I haven't decided what I want to get, but he went ahead and got a military tattoo almost identical to the one I designed him (and then lied to me about it...after standing me up as my date at my cousin's wedding) but yet he still wants to go back and get the one that I designed.

I think that if you want to get a tattoo, choose something that represents you, or something that means a lot to you. However, don't go getting something that you're going to regret later. Tattoos can be costly, but the greater expense is trying to cover up or remove what you have because you're not satisfied. - 04/28/2009 - "Taryn"


My parents were baptized into the church when I was three and I was consequently baptized at the age of eight. I received the ppriesthood at twelve and quit attending church at 16. I married a non-member and was not active until she decided to investigate the church 5 years ago.

I have since developed a true sincere and unshakable testimony of the church. I have a shaved head and a 10 inch goat. I go to the temple often and conduct LDS services at the prisons. My faith is in my Savior Jesus Christ. This is His church and is guided by Him. I am also considering getting a sleeve depicting symbols from some of my favorite scriptures.

I have gone back and forth on this because of the statements made by Pres. Hinckley (True propphet of God). I have read this whole page and am feeling stronger than ever I should get ink. In the worldwide leadership training meeting broadcast to the stakes of Zion from SLC Dallin H. Oaks said, "We are general authorities giving general council to the general membership, you are individuals living individual lives." The point is we need to live close to the Spirit and be guided by the Spirit through personal revelation. The prophet's counsel is a guide and will NEVER lead us astray. Counsel to not be tattooed is very sound and wise council for most people.

The majority of people I know with tattoos got them in a drunken stupor because of peer pressure which most people, tattooed or not would agree is a bad idea. I also know people with tattoos which are deeply personal spiritual in nature. I believe President Hinckley's counsel was directed at the first example not the second. There is a dangerous tendency within the church to change the counsel from a wise holy man inspired by God into commandments, It's not. There were Bishops and Stake presidents withholding Temple recommends because the members drank Coke or Mt. Dew until they were directly told not to by the brethren in Salt Lake.

God speaks to us directly we need to pray and ask Him what to do. - 03/24/2009 - droppo


I am an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I have several visible tattoos. I was completely aware of the fact that I would be judged by some for having done so. I do not blame the church or the members for this. It is not the role of the church to bend their standards to my every wish. I decided to accept the social consequences for my actions. I am glad that the church stands for purity and provides a model for a great life and the way to salvation. As such, the Church must aim high morally and set a high standard. That way, whenever someone comes looking for strength or direction, they can find it in the gospel of Jesus Christ. My place is to decide how and to what extent I am dedicated it. I believe that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has the power, teachings and authority to lead a person to Christ. I will never ask that the church tell me that my tattoos are OK. I don't want it to. I love my tattoos, but when I need a rock solid standard to give me strength and direction in life... I know I can count on the gospel. - 03/04/2009 - D Boyd


I read this article mostly with a grin, sometimes a chuckle even. While we are admonished to treat our bodies as temples (not only Mormons view their bodies as Temples by the way), we all have a free agency to do what we want. I am thinking it must be a western thing - to put so much energy into protesting tattoos!

Although I wouldn't encourage anyone getting a tattoo, if he/she decide to get one, let's hope it is a tattoo that they won't regret as I understand they are expensive and hard to remove.

Anyway, back to the point I want to make. I am thinking that "to each his own" and I also am thinking that I've never heard of entrance into the Temple being denied because of Tattoo's (unless the tattoo was depicting something evil?) I know women who had multiple ear piercings and they take them out for the Temple and only keep one set in, just for "respect" for the Temple. But they are not denied entrance. I know of several men right in my own Ward that were NEVER denied entrance into the Temple.

For those of you who detest the "Mormons" bashing tattoo-wearers, you'll need to look at yourselves as well, because you are doing the same bashing. I'd say "whatever", and move on. I know of no one who sounds like the Mormons you all describe in your messages. But, that doesn't mean you have not experienced what you say you have. I just mean to say that not all Mormons feel the same way or say the same disrepectful things to others. Not all Mormons think they are perfect, in fact; we're not, that is why we are members of the Church - to move towards the goal of perfection in the Lord's Kingdom in the hereafter. I live in a predominantly non-LDS area of the country so maybe that is why I don't see what you see. But, honestly, there are more LDS "nice, caring, non-judgemental" people than you know. Sorry you all feel judged the way you do. God Bless. - 03/01/2009 - katie


I grew up in NY in the Woodstock generation, Vietnam vet, did all those things of the day and now a convert to the Church Of Jesus Christ Of latter Day Saints. My son said to me one day that one of the greatest sights he had ever seen was in the Temple of a brother when he raised his arms had tats of flames on his arms. I asked him why he thought this and his reply was that this brother has changed his ways. I remember seeing the Prophet tatoo years ago and went on the web and found him on your site. Sorry to hear all the bad feeling most of you have against the Church. I have been on both sides of life and appreciate all kinds of people but feel I am best on the Church's side. - 02/25/2009 - Happy Trails, REO


The church is perfect, the people aren't. In my opinion with tattooing ones body, who cares, that is your choice. You made that choice of getting a tattoo, you live and accept those consequences, but don't blame the church, or others for what you chose to do. It's just an excuse to leave the church. You either serve the Lord or you don't. There's no need to degrade the church for getting a tattoo. Mate, I've grown-up with family members getting numerous tattoos, body piercing and what not, but they're not negative or ignorant towards the church or its leaders. They respect the leaders despite their choices to having tattoos. Yes, they've been taught the gospel since birth, but they didn't leave because of that, but for other reasons. The church waits for nobody, it moves on despite ones choices. The church is true! Move on to more meaningful things in life. Besides, everything we have belongs to the Lord, what He gave, He can take away. You choose! - 02/20/2009 - anon


Tatoos are sick - 12/05/2008 - Hater


this message is for the guy who got a stupid tattoo of some cave. Bro we fully believe in cave man and so forth, ADAM WAS THE FIRST SPIRIT CHILD ON THE EARTH, WHO WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR HIS SINS. tHE EIRTH HAS NO BEGING AND GOD CREATED IT IN 7 TIME PERIODS, NOT DAYS, SO MANY THINGS COULD HAVE TAKEN PLACE, BUT ADAM WAS THE FIRST SPIRIT SON OF GOD IN A BODY. So that tattoo was just dumb, you should have studied a little more!! ha - 12/09/2008 - bill


I grew up a mormon and went to church every day till I was about 12-13 and was even a boy scout.I'v benn drawing sence a baby discoverd art was my passion. Im now 17 and I am planning to get a joker tattoo on my right shoulder that I drew and soon Im going to get a full sleeve. I'm currently look for a tattoo artest that is willing in aprenticing me. Most of my friends tell me that I'm going to ruining my body and that my body is my temple and I'm going to go to hell for doin it but it is what it is. - 12/03/2008 - A.Z. KID


moromons get some wacky tattoos, I guess it coincides with their belief system. - 08/26/2008 - anon


I was gobsmacked reading these encounters with Mormonism. Churches all over the world are adorned in the name of god - hey if our bodies are temples then why are we not allowed to adorn them. Hitler had similar rules and doctrines, if you were jewish you were not of the arian race - the perfect blue eyed blonde, only those were acceptable to the building of the master race. Do we see similarities evolving here with Mormonism? Only those whom are deemed elite under Mormon rules can enter "the Kingdom of Mormon". Please give me strength - this is identical doctirne and drivel of many of the minority so called religius sects in this world, who must be held accountavble for many atrocities towards other human beings, both physical and mental. Here we go again - Mein Camf comes to mind!!! What ever happened to the religious doctrine of love thy neighbour as thy self. judge not lest ye be judged!!

Hey Ho - Mormonism has no bearing on my life therefore I cannot speak from experience, however, from one human being ( who despises dictaorships, indoctination, hypocracy) to another - be yourselves, treat others the way you'd like to be treated, thank whoever your god is for each day, and enjoy every waking moment of every day. - 08/25/2008 - Ddraigcoch


Does anyone know if Marie Osmond has a Tattoo? I heard that she did. And I wonder how she would feel if she saw a Fan with a Tattoo of her Doll logo (Marie's face) on thier being? Would she look down on them even if the Tattoo represented her and her dolls? - 07/03/2008 - Sue


Tattoos are a social filter - 05/05/2008 - birdless


This body is not ours to keep. You leave it behind after you die. Why not decorate it for the ride? - 04/30/2008 - COBHC


Funny how the prophet thing works. See I was under the impression, being a former MO and all, that the prophet spoke with god, thus the designation prophet. I must have been confused because when Monson was installed as the LDS "prophet" it was more of a democratic process, similar to that of the Papal designation. HUH funny. And our new Prophet Elect for the 2008-2012 term is.......

The LDS faith is one based on family yes, but its also founded on a series of lies and untruths. There are hidden agenda's and skeletons galore in there nice tidy little closets in there nice tidy little temples. They are nothing more than a large corporation, intent on running and controlling there own little part of the world. There true "Zion" isnt even in Utah its just north of Kansas City,MO. All TBM's are suppose to hasten there in the last days, where again polygamy will be welcome if not mandated by the "prophet" for the ability to of course strengthen there numbers. Then there are there paid assassins back in the early days of Utah. Lets not forget there ability to violate our civil rights here in Utah. I refer to of course seperation of church and state. I know the arguement, thats to protect religion from the govt, not vice verca. Well in fact if you do indeed do your homework you will find it was meant to work both, yes BOTH, ways.

A governing body should be there to govern for ALL the people. Not simply there own faiths members. Like it or not, just because your mormon, there are still people in this state that are not and that DID vote for you. Huntsman, yes he is LDS, is actually being a real Govt Leader. He is making decisions for the state not simply for his fellow LDS members. Would be nice to have others climb on board and do the right thing. THAT is why the church's numbers keep dropping, ESPECIALLY here, because of the Hypocritical, Civil Rights violating machine (LDS Church) that hold the good people of this state hostage by wearing the clothes of a supposed free and democratic state government. HA its laughable. - 04/30/2008 - Prophet 7.0


I posted in March about me wanting to get a tattoo, It's been a week since I got my first tattoo. I got a tattoo of Boise, Idaho where I served my mission. My parents are of course disapointed but still love and trust me. I don't get why most of you guys are leaving the church or left it. I love my tattoo and might get more, but it doesn't mean that I am leaving the true church. I have a testimony of this gospel. Just because people might judge us with tattoos, don't let them get to you. God is the only one who can judge us. If people are at you b/c you got a tattoo/s. Just look into their face and say well I guess both of us are not perfect. This world is not perfect...... I love my tattoo I am going to get it filled in the fall with a design - 04/17/2008 - mowo (not my real name)


so dumb god loves you no matter what. I have mant tatts and I am LDS, you choose what you get out of something, the LDS religion to me is about family, and helping husband and I live our lives to the fullest....get rid of the hatred. - 04/03/2008 - anon


You all are a bunch of idiots.

a true church of Jesus would be all about acceptance and inclusion. A church that is all about control, domination, and seperatism is very old testament. Wrath. Punishment. Do not question anything I tell you, ect., etc. See all of those good mormons up there with temple recommends? Did God make a mistake letting them keep their recommends? Or did God make a mistake "revealing" to the Prophets (Its is one of the Quorom who made the speech, not the Prophet)that it is now wrong?

Does God make mistakes? Or MEN claiming to speak with God? BTW , I have a tattoo of a Grinning SKULL with LDS under it. (Not Kidding) - 03/26/2008 - punkabillybiker


I returned home from my mission 6 months ago and am active in the church, and live all the principals. Recently I have been wanting to get a tattoo of my mission (Boise, IDaho) with the State it'self with my badge inside the state and my dates served below the state. I currently have no tattoos. I have a strong testimony, I love this gospel. - 03/26/2008 - mowo (not my real name)


Who cares?? If you want tattoos and you don't believe what one religion or another is teaching, get them. It is ultimately YOUR choice, free agency, right?? What, are you so deeply offended that someone has a different opinion than yo?? Get over yourself!

_ p.s. Does anyone actually believe that Marie Osmond or Mitt Romney would post those comments, or even post on here, or even read this site? Really! - 03/14/2008 - barbiemama


You all say that since the temples have pictures on the walls, you can put "pictures" on your bodies since they are your temples, but you dont seem to get it... Tattoos are permanent, pictures on the walls of temples can be taken down. Even if you get your tattoo painfully removed, you will still ALWAYS have that hideous scar to remind you of your mistake. I'm a TBM as you like to call us, and I'm so incredibly proud to say it. I've made mistakes, we all have, and thankfully we have a Savior who loves us enough to suffer and die for those sins. You are all right, Heavenly Father doesn't love you any less for getting tattoos, but I think He wishes you hadn't disrespected the body He gave you.

As for the "rules" of the church many of you talk about and disagree with, we all have free will. You have the choice whether you are a member of the church or not. The church doesn't FORCE anyone to follow them, yes, you may be frowned upon for choosing not to. But they are simply guidelines to live by for a happier existence in the long run, and I'm not talking about the later years in this life...

Our goal in this life is to strive to be Christ-like, right? So if you ever wonder what the right thing to do is, ask yourself (WWJD) WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? Did Jesus have any tattoos?

And whether you like it or not, the Gospel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints IS TRUE. The Prophet DOES receive revelations from our Father in heaven. Joseph Smith was a true prophet. Let me ask you this, why on earth would a person submit themself to so much persecution and harassment if they were lying??? Joseph was tarred and feathered, his family was terrorized, anyone who befriended him had their life threatened, and he was beaten to within an inch of his life on multiple occasions. He was eventually murdered for his knowledge, work, and beliefs. Now again I ask you, why in the world would anybody go through all of that if it was a mere joke or scam??? Would you go through that?

Eventually, we will all have to make a choice... either you join the church or you dont, but when Jesus comes again, and the world is in chaos and at it's end, we will have to hold on to our faith and eachother. It's not too late, but these are the last days. You are a child of God. He and Jesus love you more than you can understand. The only want the best for you.

I pray the Holy Ghost has spoken through me to your heart... :) - 03/12/2008 - ~DivineDaughter


I wrote a personal letter to our new Mormon Prophet, Thomas S. Monson about my deep concerns for One Eyed Jack's eternal spiritual welfare. I asked President Monson if he could personally intervene on Jack's behalf to ensure that Jack's special tattoos could rise with him the resurrection. I also pleaded for President Monson to not allow Gordon B Hinckley to not excommunicate poor Jack vicariously for the dead for having tattoos during Jack's mortal existence. After all, the tattoos were of the Mormon prophets and of Hinckley himself.

I'll let you know what President Monson decides and if he replies to my sincere spiritual request. - 03/06/2008 - Marie Osmond


If miracles happen and I do run for President of the United States again, and win this time, I will make sure that people with tattoos are not descriminated against as part of any religious practice. I will really need these "fringe votes" since I can't count on the evangelicals or blacks at all. - 03/06/2008 - Mitt Romney


Cult is as cult does. Just what is there that the cult doesn't try to control. Every aspect of a person's life is controlled by Cult Inc. The next revelation will call for the excommunication of those with hemorrhoids larger than the prophet's brain - 1 cm. - 03/06/2008 - wisedup


Bet that man with the "prophets" tattoos is saving a spot on his little factory for Boyd KKK Packer. - 03/06/2008 - weeder


I was born and raised in the Mormon church. I served a full time mission. I was married in the temple. I am a full tithe paying 100% active member. I got my first tattoo several years after my mission. I have since been sleaved with potraits of my wife, kids, an american flag, "Families are forever" in Kanji lettering, and Mathew 23:11 "But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant." My next tattoo will be the picture in the Book of Mormon (standard copy) of the prophet Abinadi standing shackled in front of King Noah. I love my church and have a strong testimony. All I can say is Judge not that ye be not judged for with what judgement ye judge, ye shall be judged. - 02/09/2008 - returned misionary


Hahaha! I love how the Macaroni and Cheese guy told his mom that the temple has picture and so does his.

I love Mormons getting tattoos. - 02/02/2008 - Britt Wait


i would like to be mormon, have multiple wives an have each of there names tattooed on my body, i love the double standard. - 01/29/2008 - duke


hi, I wanted to comment on the image at the top of this page, the man with the mormon prophets and jesus.

I wanted to point out: there's an extra prophet in there. The bearded fellow with the thick-framed glasses, on the upper right shoulder, he shouldn't be there. My guess is he's Jerry Garcia, or Karl Marx.

Cheers :) - 12/02/2007 - ex-sister


If you want to be different or special some way, you shouldn't resort to tattoos. They are permanent. If you haven't noticed, lately there have been several adds advertising tattoo coverup or remover. Why even get one in the first place when most people have seconds thoughts and spend way more just to get it off? You can wear a cool design on your shirt if you really want it but dont enscribe it into your skin, it's not remotely attractive. - 11/13/2007 - Brooklyn


I am a inactive member of the church, however my daughter whom is eight is very active. I am thankful for the back bone of the church but have lots of questions! I too have tattos

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- 11/02/2007 - anon


i have tatoos and piercings, and i think very few mormons actually realize the what is going on around them. god is the judge not the so called prophets, hes all about love, not control like your prophets are. my god wouldn't care if i had tatts from head to toe, he would still love me cause that was his whole message. uncoditional love, not only love those who are perfect in mans or excuse me, prophets eyes.

do not put your faith in man but in god. joesph was not jesus he was just a man like you and I. - 11/02/2007 - mossflower


You are all f'ing insane! Do you hear yourselves? Seriously...I grew up in Utah and would never live there again. You all live in your little bubble. Do you even have a clue whats going on in the other parts of the world? Mormonism is a complete scam. Your belief in a "Prophet" is ridiculous! You actually belive that some person talks to God? Why couldn't anybody hear god? This Prophet claims that God tells him what he thinks is right and wrong. My advice to every Mormon is to actually get out of your f'ing bubble and experience other cultures and learn who you are as a person before you commit your life and soul to this belief. We don't have all the answers. No one knows what is going to happen when we die so don't judge other people for their beliefs when your "religion" could be all a lie. The idea of the church is to worship God but Mormons have turned their whole belief system into a cult. If you think God is going to judge a person for getting a tattoo than what do you think he is going to say about you? Aren't you suppose to love every person no matter what? Who gives Mormons the right to judge others? Every person should have the right to worship God in their own way, so don't judge others because they do it differently. - 10/28/2007 - Texas girl


I am happy for those who left that church. just becuz Jesus name is on the wall doesn't make him part of it. do your resurch before you join. Jesus is the church, not a building with his name on it. i have tatoos, i love them and i love Jesus. - 10/16/2007 - lea


I have grown up with mormons, but am not one mysel and I think mormons are brain washed. I love all my mormon friends, but he stuff you have to do and "believe" in is a bunch of crap. Sorry, but it is. I just got a tattoo for my 18th b-day and if god dosent like it too bad. He gave us our bodies and we can do what we will to them. And why should a bishop, profit dude get to tell u what you can and cant do? How do even know the mormon religion isnt just a load of crap a randpm dude came up with? I could go on for forever, but uktimatley who cares if you have one or ten tattoos or two earring wholes? Deal with it! - 10/14/2007 - Kristin


If you find your own religion so oppresive, why would try to find loopholes by commiting specifically condemned actions in order to rebel? Why not just leave the church if you want something like a tattoo? "See? I have a tattoo of two fish. I'm not a stuck-up Bible thumper!" Yeah, congratulations. - 10/01/2007 - Mishegoss


Those of you that consider yourselves to be inactive now and have even gone to the temple before truly deep down know of the spirit you have felt and what is truly right in this situation. The prophet is a man of faith and recieves revelation from our Heavenly Father. Sure getting a tattoo might not mean that your are going to be cast out to outer darkness, but is it really worth the risk? Hell is really just knowing what you "could've had." I was just sealed in the temple to my husband and we just found out that he may have to serve in Iraq soon for the Army. I want to be with my husband forever and I would hate for a tattoo to get in the way of my eternal happiness in the Celestial Kingdom with him. It's just that eternal perspective that we have to keep in mind always.

This life is a period of trails that we must overcome and when we are ressurrected our bodies will be perfect so those must have tattoos won't even be there anymore. I don't think that people are judmental of those that may have tattoos or may be considering them. I feel that most people just are concerned and care because they know what is right. My husband got three prior to joining the church and it didn't bother me as I was dating him really because I knew his heart and that he was truly sorry for having them. Today he uses his tattoo experience to help those that may be considering them and on several occassions it has come up around member and nonmember friends and he just tells them that he will not get anymore and that his body is a temple of God. A couple of his nonmember friends have even decided against getting them just because of his heart felt testimony. I had even considered getting one once but he helped me realize that it wasn't right. I have seen him speak really strongly about this issue and even tear up. I feel that this just shows his devotion to the Lord and doing what is right and setting an example to me and I love him so much for it. - 09/15/2007 - kierst15


I have numerous tattoos on my arms legs chest and back but would never deny the truth o the gospel. I feel so sorry for those of you that lack faith. Sure there was a time when I was not an active member of the religion. but never once have I denied the truth of it all. Sure there are some mormons who look down at me for having over half my body covered in ink, but I cant blame them. I must struggle on with my honest belief that GOD is My only judge, and to remeber that GOD is their only judge as well. I hope you find it in your hearts to not be offended by people who have judged you. - 08/24/2007 - anon


Stumbled upon this site, and thought I'd share a story from my life that I find humorous, and thought like-minded "inactive" souls might as well.

I was born and raised Mormon, went to BYU, did the whole deal with all the bells and whistles for the first 21 years of my life. Wound up incredibly unhappy, prompting some pretty deep examination of my life, which lead me to realize the faith wasn't working for me. Left the faith, became incredibly happy, and somewhere along the way wound up with some tattoos that mean quite a lot to me. Not surprising, seeing as I'd been drawing on myself since the tender age of 3. Long story short,

I love my tattoos, and my extremely strict Mormon family does not. My mother matter-of-factly asked me one day, only months after getting my first tattoo, "When do you plan on having that removed?"

I stuttered my way through a vague "Not ever," reply, and then went home and related the story to my boyfriend. He advised me that perhaps the most satisfying answer for all involved would have been, "When they burn off in hell." Which is the answer I now have ready for all my well-meaning Mormon friends who just can't seem to help asking. - 09/23/2007 - surfergirlwxy


Jack, I am with you... you have to be pretty messed up in the head to think that a tattoo frees you from the church, or that God won't like you if you have a tattoo... or if a dude with a lot of friends that gets "promoted" to bishop or prophet or cardinal or church leader or whatever is actually talking to GOD and spreading HIS actual words... do you think GOD really has time to deal with tattoos and earrings ?? aren't there a couple more important things going on in the world?? and if GOD really is worried about piercings and tattoos, then he needs to be fired and replaced by someone who will worry about the more important things in the world. - 07/18/2007 - b


I am a member of the COmmunity of Christ curch. OR the other church as some Mormons may call it if you even know who we are. Anywho. I was serving as a tour guide in Nauvoo IL. Which is important to both churches as a histroical site. The summer was going well and all seemed to be getting along. We even arranged several meals where the two churches joined and shared in commrodory. The final night I was sick and tired of wearing slacks all summer, especially in the Nauvoo heat, so I donned a pair of shorts revealing my large calf tattoos. Towards the end of the night a "sister" whom I shall not name came up to me crying, and mentioned my tattoo's. Thinking she was feeling outed I wanted to talk to her because I know the LDS church is not big on body art.

No, she wanted to save my soul, because tattoo's would keep me from Christ's kingdom and that Jesus died to forgive out sins (my tattoos were sins in here eyes). This lady knew nothing about me or my life. She simply judged me on my tattoos. It put a really bad spin on my summer.

And if by chance that "sister" does ever check in. I am a member of the Community of Christ Church who has served on the leadership program for Graceland University, Served as a tourguide for Nauvoo, worked at a childrens shelter, and am now working as a High School Special Education teacher in a low income neighborhood. I just pray that sister sees the light, and finds that it is not for us to judge, but to accept all. The body is a temple, and they decorated temples in Jesus' time, I decorate mine how I want. - 05/25/2007 - BOB


I am a member of the church. Given I have done things I shouldn't, which of one includes getting a tattoo of my passed away mothers name on my side. I know I shouldn't have done it but my mom was a great example to me and others. Sure she wouldn't have thought it a good idea but I still live towards my mothers example of faith and strength to overcome hard times in this life. - 05/08/2007 - KB


yea i was at school randomly looking at piercings and i found this page and for some reason read the whole thign wich is unusual cuz i have a really low attention span so that means it must have been prity damn interesting so um yea i decided to comment on it oh and i am anoyed my the mormans who soem to my door cuz they knwo em and tlka to me on the street they knwo im gay yet stil talk to me and i told them im nto changing and they say me being gay is wrong and stil talk to em liek wtf bu tyea nay way go umm me ness i want a tatto im gettign to black stars on my hips and they are goign to have a thin rainbow outline but yea this is kinda logn and i dotn knwo why im doign this i guess im killign time bhut yea im guan stop now bye peoples - 12/19/2007 - ~`~GaYmAn~`~


Ummm, Yeah I had Really thought about getting a tattoo untill I read this Site. now there is noway *lol* and the Blacksheep's Tattoo Does look ... Kinda odd... - 07/22/2006 - Mormon Maiden


You know folks, the church is true regardless of whether you have tattoos or not. Some cultures adorn themselves with tattoos and I don't think anyone would be banned from attending the temple (if worthy) if they have tattoos. It just makes good sense to NOT tattoo yourselves as some day you may regret the graffiti in later years, just like the lady with the temple tattoo and then left the church, they don't come off easily. Stay in the church folks. - 07/19/2007 - Tezpi


I was taught that when you are ressurected into your "perfect body" that where ever your tattoo was, a hole would be. Anyone else heard this?

When I was a True Believing Mormon, I also remember thinking that anyone who had a tattoo couldnt go to the temple, even if they were living worthy. I have since found this out to be wrong. I remember a friend's older, "rebellious" sister got a tattoo and I was horrified for her.

I have one now =) - 03/16/2006 - j


Does "the Black Sheep," the woman with the two koi fish tattooed on her back, realize that the tattoo artist played a joke on her by tattooing on two penises with fins and scales? - 08/22/2005 - Dr Shades


I am a member of the church but have not been active for 5 months now. I joined about 3 years ago. I know the church is true with all of my heart. Im the only one in my family whos a member and its hard. I got married last year to a member and we ended up getting divorced this year. Right after we left each other, I got a new boyfriend (who im madly in love with) but hes not a memer. He has a tattoo on his arm of an angel. we went to yosemite and thats where i gained my freedom. i havnt gone back to church since then in march and i got a tattoo of yosemite falls on my back. i love the tattoo and i also love the church. its hard to just get yourself back into it, knowing your doing the wrong things. - 08/13/2005 - from

After a horrible divorce I moved home with my parents who are EXTREMLY Active in the church. I felt it necessary to inform them of my first tattoo, as they would obviously soon see it . My mother shuddered with disgust, and reminded me of how our bodies are a temple, and how this was wrong. I snidely remarked "Yeah well the temple has pictures on the walls, and now mine does to."

Needless to say she found no humour in this. - 08/06/2005 - from Macaroni & Cheese


The Mormon church does not condemn those who have tattoos but condemns getting tattoos. Tattoos for obvious reasons are not appropriate for a temple God has given us. - 07/31/2005 - anon

Ha ha. This was hlarious. It has to be a joke, right? "Getting a tatoo helped me leave the church" way somebody says that and means it. If this isn't spoof, there are some stupid people in the world. - 04/27/2005 - from Jack


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