Howard W Hunter

Howard W. Hunter lived in my ward and I made him dinner once. In his old age and poor health he stayed up and made me a necklace from seashells he had found in hawaii. He was an amazing man. - 05/12/2003 - anon

Too decent to remain prophet for long?

05/26/2001 - Jim of the recovery bulletin board

When I was a little tyke we lived in Las Flores Ward, Pasadena CA Stake and Howard W. Hunter was our Stake Pres and lived in our ward. My Dad was the Bishop and John Hunter (son) was my brother's friend. The Hunters were the finest people to walk the earth, IMHO. Pres. Hunter was always a gentleman and having talked to him on a couple of occations later in my life, I had no reason to think anything but the highest of him. No arogance at all, seemed genuinely concerned and attentive. I loved those people.

05/26/2001 - Matt

He was one of the nicest people ever. It is interesting to note that even he had problems with Elder Packer. Apparently he couldn't stand the guy from what I've heard from church office building employees. If Hunter can't get along with Packer (if what I've heard is true), than I wonder who can get along with him!


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