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from Bill Peavoy I consider W. Cleon Skousen one of the greatest men and most brilliant minds of the 20th Century. Few men have taken as much time to truly study and understand the great books and philosophies of the history of the world. In a day when genius is so rare, I stand in awe that so much could be found in one man. Throughout the years he never wavered. He stayed consistently true to what he believed was right. There are few men that this could be said of. He sacrificed much for the improvement of others. I knew him personally, and he has been an example of greatness, purity and wisdom throughout my life. Many hours I have sat at his feet drinking in the constant flow of ideas and inspiration that flows from him like rays from the sun. I believe God sent him down to this earth with profound purpose and in my opinion he was true to his call. This world is better because he has been here. I hope that all men could be more like him. - 10/03/2003 - Freemen Institute Alumnus from Utah County - the only true and living county in the USA

I think you're a sore loser. You've lost everything, including the gospel. I feel sorry for you. I know Cleon Skousen. I am so great ful for him and his son in law who taught my children for a year and a half at Benjamin Franklin Academy. It's the best thing I did for my children besides teaching them the gospel. I feel sorry for you. - 07/12/2003 - Sheri Jensen

The Naked Plagiarist

by Steve Benson

Several years ago, when Skousen was running his National Center for Constitutional Studies (formerly the Freemen Institute), he took one of my cartoons and reprinted it in his magazine.

Back then, I was still a hard-core conservative Mormon. The cartoon had to do with secular humanist book burnings of the Bible and other holy texts. (Hey, cut me some slack. I was ETB's wind-up doll).

Anyway, Skousen's people took the cartoon and changed all the labels. They removed the tag lines originally on the cartoon characters and replaced them with ones describing Skousen's outfit, along with other name changes--so that, in the end, the cartoon was completely adulterated to show Skousen's group being hounded and persecuted by its godless enemies.

I was so ticked off at the copyright violation, that I contacted an attorney and threated to sue. Skousen called me personally and, in a hurt voice, said he couldn't imagine why I would want to do something like that to such a great cause. He also said they didn't have any money to pay me if I took him to court.

I settled for a printed apology in the magazine's next issue, although it was a pretty lame one.

My respect for him kinda took a nosedive after that.

Dan Valentine (RIP) used to say in the days when Skousen was SLC Police Chief: "When you're out carousin' Stay away from Skousen."

I hope your aggressive stance kept the old fart in his Foundation! - 03/07/2003 - Tank Girl

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