The Elect Family Tree - How To Inherit The Kingdom of God On Earth And In Heaven

The General Authority Nepotism Family Tree
Most people are not aware of how much the Thursday Salt Lake Temple meeting of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve resembles a "Family Home Evening." Nearly all of these men are related through blood, marriage or both. Which one of the extended family will be the next new apostle? Source:The Mormon Hierarchy: Extensions of Power by D. Michael Quinn, Signature Books. Appendix 4

Many of the contributors to this section post on the Recovery from Mormonism bulletin board

"Some people say a person receives a position in this church through revelation, and others say they get it through inspiriation, but I say they get it through relation. If I hadn't been related to Heber C. Kimball, I wouldn't have been a damn thing in this church." - J.Golden Kimball after he was called to First Council of the Seventy in 1892

The First Presidency

Gordon B. Hinckley : -1st cousin of Joseph B Wirthlin
-1st cousin of Richard B Wirthlin
-nephew of former apostle Arza A Hinckley
-1st cousin, once removed of wife of Neal A. Maxwell
-1st cousin, twice removed of John H Groberg
-3rd cousin, once removed of James E Faust
wife: Marjorie Pay Hinckley -she is not related to any General Authorities

Thomas S. Monson : -2nd cousin, once removed of Graham W Doxey
-3rd cousin, once removed of wife of M Russell Ballard
-3rd cousin, once removed of Spencer J Condie
wife: Frances Beverly Johnson Monson -she is not related to any General Authorities

James E. Faust : -1st cousin, twice removed of former apostle Richard R Lyman
-3rd cousin of former seventy's president Marion D Hanks
-3rd cousin once removed of Gordon B Hinckley
-3rd cousin once removed of former seventy's president S Dilworth Young
-3rd cousin twice removed of former LDS president George Alber Smith
-great grand nephew of former apostle Spencer W Kimball
-2nd great grandson of former apostle Amasa M Lyman
wife: Ruth Wright Faust -she is related to four General Authorities

The Quorum of the Twelve

Boyd K. Packer : -3rd cousin of wife of C Max Caldwell
wife: Donna Edith Smith Packer
-3rd great granddaughter of apostle Luke S Johnson

L. Tom Perry : -nephew of former seventy's president Alma Sonne
-4th cousin once removed of Earl C Tingey
-4th cousin of wife of Richard C Edgley
wife: Barbara Taylor Dayton Perry
-2nd great grand dau of LDS President John Taylor

David B. Haight : -1st cousin once removed of wife of John C Carmack
-2nd cousin once removed of H Verlan Andersen former seventy
-3rd cousin of wife of John E Fowler
-3rd cousin of F Arthur Kay former seventy
wife: Ruby Mildred Olson Haight -she is not related to any General Authorities

Neal A. Maxwell : -first cousin twice removed of O Leslie Stone,former seventy
-wife: Colleen Fern Hinckley Maxwell
-1st cousin once removed from Gordon B Hinckley
-related to four other General Authorities

Russell M. Nelson : -4th cousin of Rulon G Craven
wife: Dantzel White Nelson
-she is not related to any General Authorities

Dallin H. Oaks : -2nd great grand nephew of Martin Harris Book of Mormon witness
1st wife: June Dixon - deceased (relatedness information forthcoming) 2nd wife: Kristen Meredith McMain - married 08/25/2000 - (relatedness info forthcoming)

M. Russell Ballard : -nephew of former patriarch Joseph F Smith
-grandson of former apostle Melvin J Ballard and Hyrum M Smith
-grand nephew of former LDS president Joseph Fielding Smith
-3rd cousin of emeritus patriarch Elder G Smith
-great grandson of LDS president Joseph F Smith
-2nd great grandson of presiding patriarch Hyrum Smith
-3rd great grandson of presiding patriarch Joseph Smith, Sr
wife: Barbara Bowen Ballard
-she is related to five General Authorities

Joseph B. Wirthlin : -son of former presiding bishop Joseph L Wirthlin
-brother of Richard B Wirthlin
-1st cousin of Gordon B Hinckley
wife: Elisa Young Rogers Wirthlin
-she is related to fourteen General Authorities

Richard G. Scott : -related to no General Authorities wife: deceased, was related to six General Authorities

Robert D. Hales : -3rd cousin of Carlos E Asay
-3rd cousin of Glenn L Pace
-3rd cousin once removed of Earl C Tingey
-4th cousin to six General Authorities
wife: Mary Elene Crandall Hales
-she is related to three General Authorities

Jeffrey R. Holland : -2nd,3rd cousin or grand nephew to nine General Authorities
wife: Patricia Terry Holland
-she is related to one General Authority

Henry B. Eyring : -1st,2nd or 3rd cousin to eight General Authorities or their wives
wife: Kathleen Johnson Eyring
-she is related to three General Authorities

The following men are related to at least three General Authorities and may form the pool out of which will be selected the next apostle.

Dallas N Archibald, Merrill J Bateman, William R Bradford, Monte J Brough, Spencer Condie, Quentin Cook, Graham Doxey, John Fowler, John Groberg, Bruce Hafen, W Eugene Hansen, Howard F Burton, Marlin K Jensen, V Dallas Merrill, Lynn Micklesen, Dennis B Neuenschwander, Bruce Porter, L Aldin Porter, Jerald R Taylor, Earl Tingey, Richard Wirthlin, Lowell Wood, W Crain Zwick.

GA Family Misbehavior

07/24/2003 - former RC former LDS

This story falls more under the heading "GA Family Misbehavior", than "GA Nepostism", but is illuminating nonetheless.

Several years back, when I had recently converted to marry my TBM wife, we were in the same ward as this fella and his wife, who is Richard Scott's daughter. Well, the Scott-spawn was your typical self-righteous Molly, and rather militant about it, too. Typical extreme right-wing politics, as well.

Well, anyway, one night when my wife and I had this couple over for dinner, Scott's daughter tells us that recently "just for fun", she and her hubby had gone into a local independent bookstore, grabbed all the "hard core porn" (their amusing and rather naiv?? description for Playboy magazine) and hid it in various areas of the store, behind other merchandise. This woman's ratonale was that the mags were "accessible to children" (which was untrue; no one under 5'8" could've even reached the shelf - I had worked at that same bookstore several years prior), and that the bookstore shouldn't even have stocked the skin mags in the first place.

Okay, I can understand having a problem with pornography, even if it is mainstream and soft. HOWEVER, messing with a small businessman's shop, rearranging his stock, and possibly costing him money (magazines are monthlies, you know, and aren't in much demand if they're finally discovered after they're old)is just plain mean and cruel, not to mention a possible violation of free-speech rights. Oh yeah, I forgot, the Morg doesn't BELIEVE in free speech.

The upshot is that the Scott-spawn didn't think she'd done anything wrong. I wonder what she thought a couple years later when that independent bookstore went out of business. And I also wonder if the magazine rearranging had anything to do with it.

Comments Section

The math makes these relationships likely. I know lots of non general authorities related to general authorities of a prior generation. It is hardly rare if your family goes back to pioneer times. Of course in the NT, James and John were brothers and their father was in business with Peter who's brother was Andrew. So, nothing new here . . . - 01/08/2013 - Twin Lights


Great minds think alike,i felt impressed to look up nepotism and general authoritys. Im starting to wonder if the church core is the right hand of satan but hes painted it white to assist his left hand in a one world government using good people as his front (good cop bad cop).

The right hand of the church of satan decieving the very elect or pure and honest at heart to help further his and his priest ambitions. I wonder if Joseph smith was coaxed by some secret group who played on his vain ambition to set up satans right hand to control and be the saviour for the masses fitting into the constitution hangs by a thread prophecy.

I suspect theres an inner circle or combination within the church which would explaining the fabian approach concernig all the cover ups to reach its end.Ive also considered that J.S had a personnel visitation from satan and he made a packed or started a combination truly believing he was a prophet of God, being decieved typical patsy or scape goat. - 03/26/2010 - joseph smith


In the stake where i grew up in in NM (right on the border with AZ), at one time I was related to every bishop in the stake, the stake president and the stake patriarch. I suspect much the same is true with the SLC 1) you go with whom you are comfortable when you extend new callings and 2) the experience that you get from being born in the covenant prepares you from day 1 for leadership in the church.

I left the area 30 years ago and now live in Africa, however my dad is the patriarch, a cousin is the stake president and I only know three of the bishops - i'm related to one of them and to the wife of a second (thank goodness I'm not related directly to the bishop, that alone would be reason for apostasy). I guess all of this truly does prove the church is false... - 03/07/2009 - don


Well I read each and every one of these posts. I have to say that several of them made me laugh like I haven't laughed in a long time. I want to point out a couple things. Though not a Mormon, I used to be one until a few years ago, because it was the religion of choice in my family, I was born into it. I chose out not because I wanted to engage in any nefarious activities, but because I began to learn the wisdom that the ancients posess, and that Sacrament Meeting storytelling and the other meetings didn't even come close to achieving. With this said, I have no bitter feelings against the Mormon religion, because I realize that, like the gentleman said in his post, it took him from a life of addictions and made something better of him and his current life. In that respect, it is a logical choice for those seeking a higher degree of light in their lives when they have none.

But what you should know, is that though Joseph Smith was a gifted man, he (and the first few church Presidents) were FreeMasons. Now most of you will probably have never researched this, and the LDS Church will surely never tell you this and some other very sobering truths, like the slaughters that went on, or the racism of the early church. Those Masonic "Blood Oaths" you take in the temple are precisely what you will find in Masonry. They were edited a few years ago because it was making the general temple population "uncomfortable".

But I digress...Back to the original topic of nepotism, does exist in this church, and in your heart you know it! Are others chosen not related to the church blood? Yes, there are a few. I'm a very close friend with one who is on emeritus status now, and in good active standing with the church. What he has shared with me about the inner workings at the highest levels would not inspire you, but yet I know what I know. I know things about Monson that I wish I didn't, but rest assured they will come out in time.

Religion, my friends, is another form of control, and a means of separation. Follow your heart, not your minds which have been programmed over countless meetings to regurgitate the same answer you have been taught over and over and over again, sometimes with a new twist. Step out on your own, and do some research. You don't have to visit anti-Mormon sites to do it. Yes, its painful to do at first, but I challenge you to find out what you truly stand for, instead of attending mind numbing meetings believing you are the elect. Believe me, your divinity is not predicated on Mormonism or any other religion. Your divinity transcends all because you were created as part of God, and you get to find that connection and intensify it. My path of Mastery has been truly rewarding, and I wish the same for all. 12/22/2008 - WiserNow


Hi there, I`m just caling your attention to a good point you havent seen yet. Maybe, Utah was formed by a group of less than a thousand families, then they don't have anywhere to look for wives, other than Utah, then those thousand families, got somehow along the way connected either by marriage or friendship. But you know what was the most amazing thing? The prophets after Adam were his offspring, not even cousins or nephew, that was amazing! Aw and now, something related to this conspiracy theory, Aguero who palys as a foward in the argentina team is married with Maradona daugher I believe he was probably chosen because he was maried with her, than because he is mainly one of the top 10 players over the globe. But hey, what I think will happen is that the next 12 apostles will be church members that are worthy and full of the spirit, and Ah there one more think, those who doubt of it, will certainly in the due time understand that they are the ones. I promisse you ok? One more thing,the best way to call a GA is having them to work and knowing how they will proceed, thus it is not amazing that someone as wm. bangeter was called to the 70, he was a awesome missionary that was responsible in part for the baptism of most part of my family, knowing E. Faust helped him in a way that, well, his name was in evidence, but still, wasnt him a good person he would never become. By the way I call you guys out, to put it to prove, If t is all a lie, well, one day the church will be so huge that this lie will eventually be discovered and a GA will tell, that day by the frutis ye shall know it, But I know it WONT happen, just WONT Happen, because it isnt that way. - 12/19/2008 - Repentance


You are all so full of crap. We're all related if you go back far enough. More so in a tighter community. - 04/23/2006 - apeopleluvinbaptist


Do the two new apostles break this trend?

Granted, Bednar kissed up to Hinckley by naming a building after him, but is there any blood relation?

Is Dieter related? Perhaps by marriage. - 04/04/2005 - anon


Kind of ironic that neither of the new Apostles (10/2004) were part of “pool” you mention. Of course, it’s all immaterial, anyway. I’m guessing there’s actually THOUSANDS of worthy Priesthood holders out that COULD be Apostles, but they just haven’t come in contact with the right people. Frankly, I noticed this correlation (i.e. knowing a current GA and actually becoming a GA) years ago, and it’s never damaged my testimony. In fact, I think it’s a lot of fun to figure out how everyone fits together!

(Example: Wm. Grant Bangerter, an emeritus member of the First Quorum of the Seventy, was Elder James E. Faust’s missionary trainer. Coincidence?) ;-) - 03/31/2005 - anon


I happened upon this site accidentally and found it very amusing. Come on, you call this evidence? Do you know how many first, second, third--whatever removed cousin's you have? Here's a simple count, based on an average family size of five children (which is conservative by Mormon standards). If every family had five kids you would have: 45 first cousins, 450 second cousins, 900 third cousins, 1800 fourth cousins. Once removed these numbers are: 90 first, 900 second, 1800 third, 3600 fourth. Twice removed: 180, 1800, 3600, 7200. Thrice removed: 360, 3600, 7200, 14400. This makes a grand total of 47,900 cousins (limited to thrice removed) in four generations. Anyone with pioneer ancestry therefore has at least 47,900 chances of being related to a general authority (and remember, this is a conservative estimate). Also, if lineage is prerequisite to a GA calling, why is only one of Hyrum Smith's 13,000+ descendants an apostle? - 03/14/2005 - from Lone educated reader


Did you know that over half (22) of the U.S. Presidents have been related to another President by blood or by marriage? Hmmm...perhaps leadership skills are somehow affected by genetics and opportunity. Or maybe the popular election is really farce for national nepotism. - 02/02/2005 - G.W. Bush


I find it interesting that while promulgating the "love of Jesus" through this website and showing people the "light," not one reference was made to the Bible and how prophets WERE, in fact, chosen by God. An essential tennet of the true church of Christ is that of our premortal existance. Each of us is a son or daughter of God, chosen to come to earth to be raised in the location and circumstances best suited to God's purposes. Isn't it strange that almost ALL of the prophets in the Bible were related? Isn't it strange that ALL of the priesthood holders were decendants of LEVI until Christ? I have two questions that I would really like SB, or anyone else, for that matter, to answer:

1) In what way can an intelligent, rational, Bible-believing "Christian" use "GA nepotism" to dissuade people from the church in the spirit of truth? According to Biblical doctrine and context, it only supports the legitimacy of "Mormonism."

2) If an omnicient, omnipotent, omnipresent being had previously ordained men to his work before they were even born, (See Jeremiah 1:5) then why on earth would an INFINITELY intelligent being place these men FAR from their mentors and trainors? Remember all those Chinese prophets in the Bible?

Not to be blasphemous, but if YOU were God, and wanted eternal life for as many of your children as possible, wouldn't you introduce your forordained messengers in an environment where they would recieve the best temporal training? Logic, AND the Bible suggest that maybe Steve Benson should have thought a little longer and harder about what this so called nepotism proves. 11/21/2004 -

In your General Authority nepotism section you failed to note that Bro. Eyring was a nephew of Spencer W. Kimball. His father was Camilla Eyring Kimball's brother. - 11/04/2004 - anon


This family links things has stuffed up with the new apostles, a German and a guy originally from California!!!

Try again. Good luck dud!! - 10/06/2004 - anon
Editor's note: The still small voice has whispered to the Salamander that there will be no more nepotism in future calls made to apostles. The reason is due the LDS Church commencing its severe decline and spiritual rigor mortis in 2000. The tenured apostles realize this and don't want their family names soiled and blamed for the continued downfall of the Mormon Church. They want to blame it on the future non-related General Authorities.


Church leaders with an unusual number of fingers and toes? Why not? Keep it in the family - the mafia does. For another article, why not go for a family tree? - 09/26/2004 - from Hinkmonker


This is nothing unusual in society, especially when you get nearer the top. Look at the controversies about the Bush family's trading connections, and the links of his general staff... - 09/12/2004 - anon


That was amazing. This proves how un-credible, or rather how incredible the G.A. lineage is! Thanks for researching this. I'll use it whenever someone refers to the G.A.'s as being appointed by god through the inspiration of spirit. It seems that the real thing needed is a link with other G.A.'s. No holy ghost inspiration is needed at all! -Submission from 22- 08/02/2004

I wonder, from the outside looking in at the Mormon Church, if the leaders of this Church aren't maintaining their own little Desposynic bloodline as was popularized by Dan Brown in his novel The DaVinci Code. There are so many things that lead me to believe that the Mormon Church considers itself Desposynic. Of course, the Desposynic lineage has often been matriarchal, not patriarchal, but then so is the bee hive, isn't it?

If it is true that the Mormon leadership considers themselves Desposyni, I must wonder if they are not also aware that the Desposynic bloodline was said (by Laurence Gardner in Genesis of the Grail Kings) to have had its origins in Cain, and that Cain's father was not Adam but Samael or the "Serpent".

The connections are curious. - 06/12/2004 - from wfreeman1


A lot of fear, anger, ignorance and hostility expressed here. I'm a baptized Methodist and have done a lot of genealogy. I can tell you a lot about bloodlines and the particular proclivities and talents that run in them. Like attracts like as the New Testament reads and because of that you can get very talented inbreeding. Study the bloodlines of the founders of this country, very interesting and proving the point. I hope the people who have raged with such venom and ignorance here can find peace. 06/06/2004 - DS


You have this all wrong. The apostleship is not based on famalial nepotism. It is based on genealogy. The wives of the apostles have little to do with the current apostles only their children. All the apostles have direct blood lines linking them back to the Smith family or the Young Family. The single purpose for plural marriage was to purify and strengthen this bloodline.

Through the teaching of Scottish Rite Freemasonry both Joseph Smith and Brigham Young learned of a direct lineage linking them back to the Merovinginians which is known to the masons as the Holy Grail or Sangreal, the direct bloodline of Jesus Christ springing from the offsping of Mary Magdeline and Jesus Christ.The marriage of Jesus was clearly taught by the early apostles such as John Taylor. A black aspostle is extremely unlikely because he would not be within this blood line. This is explained in the doctrine and convenants in reference to having the true lineage of a priest in Zion. - 05/30/2004 - anon


It is absolutely astounding to me that anyone looking at the hierarchy of the lds church cannot but gape at the utter lack of diversity. While the church has been preaching the world-wide gospel for nearly 200 years, certainly there should be at least one man of color who was worthy to be called an apostle of the lord... oops I guess I was thinking about how a truly inspired might operate. Blood relation is not a gift from god, rather it is an excuse for nepotism. - 05/08/2004 - anon


Would Elder Clate W. Mask Jr. of the 2nd Quorum of the Seventy be considered a small fish on this site?

Well, anyway, it seems a son-in-law of his will be placed in a high academic position in the physics department at BYU without the properly advancing in rank. GA relatives at BYU seem to be above all that pesky "Rank Advancement Review" nonsense. - 12/20/2003 - anon


I happened on this apostate site by interested in G.A. relationships, which by the way, is no crime, sin, or anything of the kind. Joseph F. Smith was not choosen as an apostle because of his family connections. He was choosen because the Lord loved the righteousness of his soul. He could not have had a better upbringing, though he was orphaned at the age of 13. The rest of this crap you call a website is not worth the electrons they are distributed with. If you had an ounce of faith you would do something worth while with your time and energy. - 11/25/2003 - Anon
Editor's note: Faith in Mormonism is like plutonium. A tiny bit is extremely hazardous and best avoided at all costs.


This is a significant finding! And this "nepotistic conspiracy" goes even deeper... Jesus was a close relative (first or second cousin?) of John the Baptist! And James and John were the "Sons of Thunder" (sons of Zebedee), and were brothers; and Thomas (whose name in Greek means "twin") is believed to have been the brother of one of the other apostles...

Indeed, the Gospel of Matthew exposes the whole, sordid thing:

"Now the names of the twelve apostles are these; The first, Simon, who is called Peter, and Andrew his brother; James the son of Zebedee, and John his brother; Philip, and Bartholomew; Thomas, and Matthew the publican; James the son of Alphaeus, and Lebbaeus, whose surname was Thaddaeus; Simon the Canaanite, and Judas Iscariot, who also betrayed him" (Matt. 10:2-4, KJV).

What an insight this is! I think we should all become Muslims and enroll in flight school...! - 08/10/2003 - anon

This is weird stuff. I feel weird just having read through it. I might be related to the weirdo that set up this site. Weird. - 04/04/2008 - Weird stuff


In looking at your list, so many of the relationships are so attenuated that the men themselves might be surprised to read who all they are related to. Because I am interested in genealogy, I know I am a 2nd, 3rd or 4th cousin to some present and former general authorities, and probably to some others of whom I am totally unaware. I am of pioneer background, but not from Utah, not for over 100 years. I imagine if you go through white Mormons of pioneer stock, most are related to more than one general authority. Can one really think James Faust was called because he is Marion Hanks' third cousin? - 10/16/2006 - Steve


What a ridiculous bunch of hooey! I can't believe you are so caught up in this. If you don't believe/like The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, find a real reason! The fact that some General Authorities are related is certainly not a reason to disbelieve! Get a life! - 04/02/2006 - Regular Momrmon


Hey: 2 Things: First I'm Chilean and as a chilean I'm related to every countryman in my land, our ancestors came here between XVI and XVIII centuries and couldnt leave (east:the andes, west:the ocean, south:antartida, north:the dryest desert on erath), so they came and couldnt leave the country, if they did they would die on the way... So yes, mormons in Utah area are like chileans, they had lots of endogamic relations, no wonder; I can meet someone on the street in Chile trace his family tree 6 generations and surprise!!! we are relatives!!!. Second: Jesus himself was brother or cousin to some of his apostles, Israel was always indeed one family, if mormonism is true you should have to find your answers in Gods mind ¿why is He using an unique lineage? if you know the answer you will discover the holy grail, from Utah, to NY, to Boston, to Linconshire England, to France, to Isreal. But if mormonism is wrong you have a bunch of people trying to manage the church the old way "the only true way" "the Lords way"... so ask God, not the Mormons.

Bytheway, I'm a desposyni too. are you? - 03/16/2006 - Mr. Chile


This is a ridiculous stretch for a theory. Of course you would want to keep deep dark secrets limited to just "family members". I tell most of my deepest secrets to my second cousin thrice removed. Even more to my fourth cousin once removed. Real tight-knit. Absolutely idiotic! - 03/03/2006 - anon


It's okay with me that the leaders have the genealogical relationships they do. However, since the church has however many million members, and some of them are in Peru and Africa and India, maybe that genetics thing is true. Maybe the white race really is superior. Not just intellectually and morally, but spiritually. Otherwise, why wouldn't the Caucasial Authorities have ordained a few dark-skinned Africans, fast-speaking Hindis, and two or three Filipinos into the expanding Quorum of Apostles and Assistants to Apostles? - 06/14/2006 - IMoronWroteThis


This web site is the biggest piece of bull shit I've ever read. I'm now stupider for reading your small minded ideas. I'm alway amazed at how apostate current or former members of the Church can't leave it alone. - 06/12/2006 - Who Cares


Interesting info, but not surprising. Of course GAs are called by men who know them and are recommending them for important leadership positions. I am not related to any of them and couldn't give a rat's butt if all of them are related to each other. Just get the job done and keep passing along the revelations so I can stay ahead of the next diaster. - 03/16/2007 - Mike


Talking extreme here, aren't we? Those who write "they" "them" "all of them" "always" are absolutely showing their complete ignorance of life in general. Nothing is so asinine as to pigeon hole every person that belongs to a specific group. There is good and bad in everything, folks. There are no "perfect" people, but there are people who attempt to live a better path. Whether Mormon, Jew or Protestant, people are mostly imperfect human beings trying to find the way to a happy way of life. Although I am a half active Mormon at the moment, I can testify that if it were not for learning the gospel persented by Mormon missionaries, I most likely would have raised my children as I was raised, in an enviornment of raging alcoholism, unhealthy smoke and constant contention. Instead, in attempting to live the respectable/healthy life taught by the Mormon Church, I managed to raise my children in an atmosphere of consistancy and harmony. As people they have not turned out perfect because no one is perfect, but because I managed to give them a warm home and encouraging enviornment to grow up in, they have turned out to be genuine, law abiding citizens who are dealing with life normally. This occured because of the teachings of this church that you so easily run down on this site. These five human beings that I have put out into the world will make the world a better place to live in, they will leave the world a better place for having lived. Had I, on the other hand, followed in my mother's footsteps, I assure you that these five souls would have been lost to the worldly tormoil that spins us around and sends us to drinking, drugs, poor decisions, jail, and worse. I only hope that other children living in the depths of despair with self-centered, indulging parents, can find a friend or someone who can teach them that there is a way to a happy life, it's living the teachings of Jesus Christ, not from your mouth, but from your heart, it's caring and sharing and loving your neighbor. This is what is taught at the LDS church, folks. We are taught to love and care for our families, our neighbors and people like you. There are those "people" who are members who make bad decisions, who think they are better than others, who unknowingly do things to push people away, but they are only people. They are not the gospel, the teachings, or the life. People don't make Jesus Christ true or not. People don't make the gospel true or not. If you're going to base your beliefs on the actions of frail human beings, you will likely be disappointed. As a man thinkist, so he is. Ye shall know them by the fruits of their labors. Look around for the good, don't pick apart the feeble fragments of imperfect human beings and use that against a religion that has brought so much joy and happiness into the lives of those who care to live it genuinely. As for me, active or not, I will forever be thankful to those two humble missionaries who came to my door. This is my testimony, in the name o f Jesus Christ. Amen - 07/20/2005 - Marilyn


I don't know about the nepotism thing. It makes sense to me that these guys are pretty hooked up and are within geneological spitting distance of each other given the exodus from Nauvoo. The thing I can't ever figure out is why the lord only chooses white guys. I guess none of us folks with a little color in our skins are "righteous" enough to be called and anointed. I'm not even talking about affirmative action here. But wouldn't you think after 150 some odd years that one person of color might be "chosen."

Keep your exclusive club boys. I'd rather not send you my money to keep you head high in tithe. - 04/08/2005 - peace


I am not surprised by the relations. If you work together, sometimes your families hang out together. If boy meets girl, etc... So what! - 07/06/2003 - anon


Well of course they are all related. I takes many generations of in-breading to create a group like this. There is just a little something _off_ in all of them. That may explain it. - 03/26/2003 - anon


Hey, if you had a secret, or better yet A LIE, to cover up, you would only let those close to you -that you know you could trust - in on the lie, right? Like family, right? These guys, once they 'make apostle' quickly figure out that the church had it's start under some extremely dubious circumstances at best, so years later, when they have to get somebody to replace the lucky shmoe who just died, they recommend somebody that can 'keep the secret'. (They probably use the term 'be trusted')

Having not done so in decades, I'd actually like to bear my testimony now.

I know this church is false. I know Joseph Smith was a charlatan, liar and philanderer. I know the Book of Mormon is a colossal waste of time, energy and natural resources. I love my mommy and daddy even though they raised me in this cult. I say these things in the name of Joseph Smith. Amen. - 03/14/2003 - from CANIGETAFU


As for the lineage thing in this web site, am I to understand there's not someone in the whole LDS church qualified to be a apostle exepts decedants of the original 12???? Seems weird, maybe a "mans" own agenda to lead millions of innocent people astray. - 12/14/2002 - anon


what a bunch of half wits. I suspect that if you were related to 15 GA's none of you would have any problems with this, the fact that most of you are moaning is good enough reason for you not to be GA's. Get on with your own life and if you think you can help out your 8th cousin 11 times removed from your nephews 2nd cousin, then you help them. - 10/25/2002 - from Herman the happy mormon


I don't get it. This is a church, not a business operating under "affirmative action guidelines". Considering church history it is logical many of the leaders would be "2nd" "3rd" and "4th" cousins to some other leader sometime in church history. Especially considering the church's age and early isolation. Am I taking all this too seriously? - 08/11/2002 - from


Joseph Smith was related to no less than five of the original apostles and general authorities. Joseph Smith did not choose who they would be, but rather the three witnesses of the Book of Mormon were responsible for their being chosen, as was ordained of and commanded by God. None of the current GAs can be held accountable for nepotism because they have been called of God because of personal worthiness and/or potential to aid the Lord's kingdom; and, excepting lineage as descendants of Abraham, do not fall under the tentacles of nepotism for the following reasons:

(1) An Apostle is not called or appointed by another Apostle, but of God through revelation. (2) The Lord is no respecter of persons but favors the righteous who obey Him, and rewards them as He sees fit. (3) The Apostles are not accountable for the appointing of new members of the council of Twelve and, this being the case, only God can be, and you can't take God to court. Such views as are expressed or will be expressed in this manner are harmful to the spiritual welfare of both their authors, and those that subscribe to or share the same beliefs. These beliefs do not constitute wise usage of moral agency, but exhibit only a lack of faith and trust in the Lord's ability to lead His church.

Blood relation to other living or deceased General Authorities is an honor, a privilege bestowed by the Lord on His children. It is not a stigma nor can it be unless the bearer of such relation dishonors or intends to pollute their bloodline. If men are seen as fit for the apostleship, instead of looking for fault in them, one must look for their strengths, and why the Lord has called them, and be thankful for it, rather than being jealous of others' achievements. - 03/30/2002 - Elder Gag A. Muffin


My testimony seemed so strong before reading this...but...I'm not so sure now.. - 03/01/2002 - anon


I must have had a revelation! I knew Eyring was in beforehand, months earlier. They did too! They ran him for office before they promoted him. He was everywhere speaking, performing, warming up. I complained to my wife and others - whats with this guy? He's every where! Well, now he's an assposthole! He was what was up. - 10/27/2001 - Pat M


Separated at birth?
Monson and Roy (off the old Mickey mouse club)

The official pasta of the temple cafeteria?
"Chef Boyd-R-Dee" - 10/12/2001 - anon


Hey Genius,

It's james E. faust, not james S. faust. That little boo-boo makes this web site appear real credible now, doesn't it? - 09/20/2001 - anon

Editor's Note: Thanks for pointing out the above typo. And now back to being a credible web site once again.


G.A. nepotism : just fulfilling prophecy of spiritual wickedness in high places. Dallin H. Oaks explained it quite well in general conference one year when he said, "We all have to be stained by sin." Of course Pres. Hinckley tried to clean up that toxic waste, "We cannot afford to be stained by moral sin." No matter what you say, the H. in Elder Oaks' name stands for hellion. - 07/26/2001 - anon


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