Missionary Mischief

Elder with head up his own butt.

Calling all Mormon Elders, Sisters and Couple missionaries. This web page is white and ready to harvest your photos of mischief and mayhem whilst "out in the field."
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Missionary Folklore

08/09/2005 - submitted by John of Hong Kong

Although it appears there were some personal anecdotes collected, the narratives are mainly collections or folklore legends that missionaries hear and tell on their missions. I highly recommend the book in the last reference (which includes additional references).

Wilson, William A. 1981. On being Human: The folklore of Mormon Missionaries. Utah State University Faculty Honor Lecture. Logan: Utah State University Press.

Wilson, William A. 1989. "The Study of Mormon Folklore: An Uncertain Mirror for Truth." Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought 22 (4): 95-110.

Wilson, William A. 1994. "Powers of Heaven and Hell: Mormon Missionary Narratives as Instruments of Socialization and Social Control." In Contemporary Mormonism: Social Science Perspectives, edited by Marie Cornwall, Tim B. Heaton, and Lawrence A. Young, 206-17. University of Illinois Press.

I think Wilson's work on Mormon folklore is a great description of Mormon culture.


"Elders Sacrifice Virgin (Sister) to Satan - Ruler of the Waters" "And they began to establish the church more fully; yea, and many were baptized in the waters of Sidon and were joined to the chruch of God. Alma 4:4" - 07/27/2003 - submitted by Tanstaafl

"Forgot the telephoto lens on p-day. D'oh!" (This photo is rather dark, but most of the female sunbathers are topless.) - 07/27/2003 - submitted by Tanstaafl

"Adam & Steve in the Garden of Eden" - Elders teach a didactic "Temple Preparation Class" for new converts - 07/26/2003 - submitted by TLC

Brainbutter's Missionary Oddities

07/26/2003 - Brainbutter

Big Hair - Jesus had dreadlocks too

Elders in bow ties - Black is "in" after 1978

Future wives - The grooming starts early

Killer Elder - Dirty Elder Harry

No contact! Just say no to tracting Elders

Sister Petting as seen on the Jerry Springer Show

Washing of the feet sponsored by Dr. Scholl

Never underestimate the power of the Dark Side - 07/26/2003 - submitted by soma aja

Misc Oddities

Elders assist this Anaconda audition for the new temple endowment movie - 07/26/2003 - submitted by curiouser

Tract'n with the Trots - 07/26/2003 - submitted by curiouser

Phooning phonies in Portland - 07/26/2003 - submitted by not a mormon supporter - courtesy of www.phoon.com

"Ticking off" the gentiles in Quatemala - 07/26/2003 - submitted by not a mormon supporter - courtesy of www.phoon.com

Three "Cons" in the Fountain - 07/26/2003 - submitted by not a mormon supporter - courtesy of www.phoon.com

Why are they smiling and Where is that Devil's Hand? - 07/26/2003 - courtesy of www.drizzle.com

Two for the price of one...how do your spell relief? - 07/26/2003 - courtesy of www.sasquatchstudios.com

Bribery will get you baptized - 07/26/2003 - anon

This elder is more into "reefers" than referrals. Notice the garmies. - anon

A whole new meaning to the LDS hymns "If You Could Hie Unto Kolob - #284" and "High on the Mountain Tops - #5" - 07/26/2003 - anon


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