What Preparations Are Really Being Made In Jackson County: Zion?

The Church has secret plans underway for rapid development in the Jackson County area in preparation for the Second Coming? In light of the millions and millions of dollars recently spent by the brethren aquiring Main Street, building the new Conference Center and remodeling the Cross Roads Mall one wonders when the construction will be starting in Jackson County, Missouri on the New Jerusalem city and temple in preparation for the Second Coming. Please submit any reliable information about "goings on" in the box below.

The return to Missouri/Adam-ondi-ahman

02/04/2010 - by Hank and others from Recovery from Mormonism

The return to Missouri/Adam-ondi-ahman - by non now

While talking with my 50/50 tbm wife, I had mentioned in passing that the church never mentions the gathering of "Israel" back to Missouri. I theorized that its because it is something that will never happen, and if the church ignores it for long enough, people will never know that it was ever a part of doctrine.

Her response, "I thought they changed that. Didn't they say to build up Zion where you are?"

Have any of you heard of that? I sure haven't. In fact, I told her that the only time I remember the church making such a statement was when they were encouraging college-aged students to try attending their local schools and not attempt to get into BYU. They said to attend local schools and support the institutes where you live, to "build up Zion where you are."

Anyone heard anything different? Did I miss some grand announcement? You would think that such an important change in prophecy and revelation, i.e. the gathering of the Saints to the "garden of Eden", would have received more coverage than a mere conference talk.

Something like that - by jd

I heard something like that 3rd hand. I think tscc (The So Called Church) is saying; "Stay where you are and build up Zion by sending $$$ to SLC for the mall in Zion.

my parents talked - by Uncle God

When I was just a little cult member my parents talked a lot about the trip back to Missouri. I was kind of looking forward to it, no school and camping out etc. I've been meaning to ask some family members if they still talk about it. I've been to Adam-ondi-ahman and tried to get a special feeling about it. Failed.

I grew up with that nonsense - by PhantomShadow

I grew up with that nonsense. We were told in SS etc. not to accumulate too much "stuff" because we wouldn't be able to take it back to Missouri with us. In high school my folks gave me a hope chest, causing me some dismay. How would I get a chest full of embroidered dishtowels onto a handcart for the trek back?

People truly believed that the day would come when the call would be issued.

At some point within my last active years the Ensign published an article on Mormon myths. It said that it was just folklore that we would "all" be going back to Missouri. I was upset--here I'd worried about this during my childhood--another source of unnecessary anxiety.

Just another nail in the coffin. Nevertheless, there were still a few people in my last ward who were buying property in Missouri thinking that they would make a killing selling it back to Saints when the call came. That was decades ago. I wonder how they did.

How many ship loads? - by Oh Say What Is Truth

That reminds me for a while, I worked in Transportation, alongside grain exporters (Cargill, ADM, etc). In puget sound ports (Kalama to Seattle), their are grain elevators set up to load ships.

As much as the co's hide their phone numbers from the public, they still/often get the "Mormon Calls" from ppl who want to circumvent the retail level by buying direct; the people who answer the phone are BURNED OUT over these calls, Believe Me!

It was just mormon folklore and not doctrine? - by Moniker

Not that there's a difference, but still. Pretty soon they're all going to say that the First Vision was just folklore. Nevermind. They would never be that honest. :-p

Pinned Down - by Oh Say What Is Truth

Like SO MANY / Almost ALL things in MoMism, they're 'Subject to Change Without Notice'.

LDS, Inc. Doesn't want to be Pinned Down ON ANYTHING, do they?

Elementary my dear Watson - by George

Elementary my dear Watson. Where is the three billion dollar mall being built? The church moved Zion to Utah but forgot to tell the members. As for returning to Adam-ondi-ahman, last I heard a dam and lake were in the planning stages which would cover the whole site.

Can you provide some details about the lake project? - by Boydslittlefactory

I know that several decades ago (1960's), a large lake was planned in the general area. It was referred to as "The Pattonsburg Dam Project", but last I heard, the proposal was strongly opposed by the local residents and eventually was dropped. There was a smaller lake built only a few miles to the west, Lake Viking, but it was never a threat to the church-owned site.

As I understood the lake project was part of the flood control acts of '64 & '72. The scope included constructing a dam near Pattonsburg Missouri, which would have created a large lake in the Grand River basin. I don't know the specific boundaries of the new lake or whether it would have affected the land of Adam's alleged stomping grounds. There was significant opposition by the locals & I don't knoww if the LDS leadership had any involvement or not. In the 1990's the town of Pattonsburg, after being flooded 3 times in one season, relocated to higher ground. As far as I know, the lake project had been dropped, so George's comments did spark my interest.

Yup... link included - by Deconverted(Oct09)

Last years RS/PH manual (Teachings of JS) has a chapter on Zion and it is a little back and forth (imagine that?). Seems like there is a gradual changing of peoples minds to think of Zion where they are and no longer a physical place. I wouldn't put it past them to slowly smudge that 'doctrine/prophecy' from their books someday soon. Here are some quotes and the link is at the bottom.

ÒAnyplace where the Saints gather is Zion, which every righteous man will build up for a place of safety for his children."

¥ Read the second full paragraph on page 186, and then identify some places where the Saints gather. How can we build up Zion in these places?

¥ Review the third and fourth full paragraphs on page 186, and consider how stakes in the Church provide safety and peace. In what ways have you been blessed as you have gathered with other members of your stake?

¥ In what ways does the ProphetÕs counsel about building Zion apply in our homes?


Grandma believed - by Dave

A delusional grandma believed that wholeheartedly - and was even READY for the trek to Missouri.

About twenty years ago, a TBM friend kept talking about a mutual (girl) friend of ours, who had married into "royalty" in Utah. This girl had married an inactive guy who was an Apostle's nephew (or something like that), and the whole family was thrilled, because he was the only "black sheep" then, and by marrying this good LDS girl he might return to the cult - thus making it possible for grandma's patriarchal blessing to be fulfilled.

Grandma's blessing said that she would be still alive for the Second Coming, and that she would lead the entire family in the trek back to Missouri. The blessing said that they would actually WALK all the way there...

This grandma was obsessed about it: she had a huge stock of special walking boots, all kinds of special flashlights, etc etc. Delusional, delusional.

By the way, she passed away several years ago.

I don't think it will happen because - by Boydslittlefactory

such a massive relocation would severely impact their cash flow, as there simply would not be either the infrastructure or the labor market to support such a dramatic change in the population.

I have some relatives that live in the Gallatin area, and they are seeing a slow but steady influx of LDS even without such an announcement.

I didn't know about a return to Adma ondi Ahman - by Bryonia

I thought it was a return to Missouri, but to Independence where the temple is to be constructed. I always heard, "Boy, look out. When they start building that temple, Christ is going to return." There are a lot of Morgbots and reformed Morgbots (whatever they're calling themselves these days) in and around Independence.

I don't remember anything about a return to the original garden of eden... and, I grew up near there. My great-great grandfather who was not a Mormon and who was an original settler in Davies county owned land bordering Adam-ondi-ahman. So, I'm amazed that I never heard of anything like this...

Hey! Maybe Branson is the new Zion. Thanks to the friggin' Osmond family, we are positively inundated with Morgbot family theatres all over the place. Don't need talent... just 50 family members and you've got a show! There must be half a dozen of 'em on The Strip right now. And, there is a shocking lot of Mormons running businesses around town. To my knowledge this is a fairly recent occurrence here.

'Ere long, mayhap the clouds shall part and Christ shall descend on this land... or something like that.

That actually applied to people coming to SLC - by confused

Originally when Brigham was building his empire, it was spread abroad that salvation was dependent upon going to Utah. Later it was changed to building up Zion in your own lands.

The RLDS did the same thing, only they were gathering in Independence and then counselled to build up Zion in their own lands.

I remember hearing - by Greek God

I remember hearing this very same thing. A lot of people were bringing up the return to Missouri, and I was hearing about some Mormons planning on moving to Missouri or something like that. Then somewhere it was stated by the brethren (?) that Zion is not just Missouri, it is everywhere, and to not bother moving to Missouri but to build up Zion where you live because Zion is the stakes of the church. All I know is that this information is in my memory banks, why I'm not sure.

But I've also heard there will be a secret meeting at Adam-Ondi-Ahman where top level church officials and seriously leet priesthood holders (like calling and election made sure material) would have an opportunity to meet Christ. There Adam would hand over the keys to Christ, and this was previous to his second coming.

I remember hearing this and thinking of that bible passage that said something like "some will say he is in the desert, or in the mountains, but do not go there, for he will come in the sky" and wondering how that was possible. How is it that Christ came back to Joseph, and then came to the Kirtland Temple, and then comes to Adam Ondi Ahman, and yet it conflicts with the bible?

It all makes sense now of course. its false. lies, etc.

"Reformed Morgbots." that is such a cool phrase. its like an evil transformers enemy.

Not Changed just De-Emphasized - by ExCultMember

I don't think there's any official change in this "doctrine/prophesy." It's pretty clear from reading D&C and church history that this event is expected. When the Mormons moved to Utah, they were still expecting to return to Missouri for the 2nd Coming. Back then they were still hopped up on the idea that they were to return to Missouri in their lifetime. Patriarchal blessings and statements by leaders that this would happen in their lifetime/generation supported this notion. As the years passed and the prospect of moving back to Missouri dimmed, the church started de-emphasizing that Missouri is Zion and saying Utah or wherever people live is "Zion."

I think a lot of Mormons still believe they'll eventually move to MO and I'm sure the leaders do too. It's just that so much time has passed and there's no Jesus yet, and the church is so entrenched in Utah, that this idea has lost a lot of steam. The leaders have no clue. When you're not getting any revelation why push an idea that clearly is not going to happen anytime soon. Don't get the membership all antsy for no reason. I think the Morg leaders are happy where they're at. Missouri is just some long forgotten fantasy that's not worth dwelling on anymore.

Brigham's Burial - by George

Brother Brigham in his last will and testament mentioned he wanted burial in Jackson County "IF" the saints had returned there before his death.

Road Show? - by awake now

If they do we're flying back to Utah buying lawchairs and putting them down on I-15 and sitting down with a drink to watch them go . Anyone wanna join us??

Local Bishop says yes - by OfTwoMinds

We were told by our bishop that Jesus is returning to Missouri and all the saints will be gathered there to greet him. We were told that in the last two years.

I thought MO was still on in the future but they didn't want ppl coming to UT - by Duffy

As an active member from '79 - '85, I often heard other members talking about the time when we would all be expected to go to MO. In fact when I left the church, my one TBM friend was worried about me and I told her just to let me know if she got word it was time to go to MO.

I think (but can't remember and would have to dig through old stuff to find out) that my patriarchal blessing mentions Independence, MO. I also thought I remembered that one or more of my male friends were told in their PBs that they would be called to help build the temple in Independence. At least one of those guys has died already and still no temple.

I also thought that it was in a Gen Conf talk in the last 5 years that some suit told the sheeple to quit moving to Utah and build Zion where they are. I think they were worried that a bunch of losers with no means of supporting themselves thought that being faithful and showing up in Utah would move them up in the hierarchy. They were just bogging down resources. For all we know, the speaker got his "inspiration" from US Immigration calling to say too many people were trying to get into the country to move to UT and they thought it was weird. So many "revelations" turn out to have a government-inspired beginning.

The Mormon Invasion

03/05/2008 - by Hank

Starting to see alot of Mormon families buying up farms around the Adam-Ondi-Ahman area. They've been buying ground for a few years but have really bought a lot of ground from 2006 til now-early 2008. I expect to see a lot more local land here be bought up by them in the future.

Some locals who don't care for their beliefs call it the Mormon invasion!

Adam-Ondi-Ahman is coming soon!

01/28/2007 - by Shockley74 at Recovery from Mormonism

Phil Morrell and Merrill Osmond of the Merrill Foundation. I'm a real estate investor in Utah and have an acquantance who is also a developer by the name of Phil Morrell who according to one of his close friends from his ward, has just been commissioned by the Mormon Church to break ground and commence development of Adam Ondi Ahman in Missouri.

This is no JOKE!! The guy is filthy rich, he was even on Larry King not too long ago because he provides temporary housing for troops in Iraq. You can google him at The Merrill Foundation and Merrill International.

I've been told he plans on funding a large percentage of the project himself. Get ready people! Christ is landing in Missouri!

Phil Morrell and Merrill Osmond of the Merrill Foundation. Phil Morrell - Chairman of the Board, Morrell Foundation: From an early age, Phil Morrell grew up with a dream to build shelters for the homeless and to become a humanitarian. He has never lost sight of this dream and it has driven him, to the humanitarian work he does today. Many projects and businesses Phil started throughout his life were for the sole purpose of providing jobs for those who were unemployed.

In 2003, Phil started a jobs program called Employ Iraq. The program employed Iraqi men and woman with public works jobs. Phil understood that the people of Iraq would need jobs to provide for their families and get through the conflict and sadness of everyday life. Employ Iraq became the first effort of the Morrell Foundation.

Merrill Osmond, President, Morrell Foundation: His true intentional love for the lives he touches shows up in his philanthropic work as the co-founder of the Osmond Foundation, which produces the “The Children’s Miracle Network Telethon.”

He has been awarded “Honorary Chairman,” and “Medalist,” in his work for the Utah Special Olympics. Merrill has received many awards for his work with the youth. His entertainment career has spanned over 48 years and his remarkable achievements have also earned him notable recognition and honorable titles such as one of the “Ten Outstanding Men,” 1982 for the United States Jaycees.

His passion to serve others comes from his devotion to God and his fellow man.

Morrell International
Address: 14901 S Heritagecrest Way, Suite B
Bluffdale, UT 84065

Phone: 801.495.3111
Fax: 801.495.3110

Jesus comes early to Adam Ondi Ahman and no chairs are set up yet.

Some information on Jackson County

05/07/2006 - by JBryan of Recovery from Mormonism

"Independence was founded on March 29, 1827 and quickly became an important frontier town. Independence was the farthest point westward on the Missouri River where steamboats or other cargo boats could travel due to the convergence of the Kansas River with the Missouri River approximately six miles west of Independence, near the current Kansas-Missouri border.

In 1831, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS or Mormons) began moving to the Jackson County, Missouri, area. Shortly thereafter, Joseph Smith, Jr., the Mormon prophet, declared a spot just west of Courthouse Square to be the place for a prophesied temple of the New Jerusalem in expectation of the Second Coming of Christ. Tension grew with local Missourians until finally the Mormons were expelled from the area. After splintering, many of the LDS churches gradually returned to the city, often making Independence their headquarters, including the Community of Christ and the Church of Christ (Temple Lot).

In the mid-1800s an act of Congress defined Independence as the start of the Oregon Trail.

President Harry S Truman grew up in Independence and in 1922 was elected judge of the County Court of Jackson County, Missouri — an administrative, not judicial, position. Although he was defeated for reelection in 1924, he won back the office in 1926 and was reelected in 1930. Truman performed his duties in this office diligently, and won personal acclaim for several popular public works projects, including an extensive series of fine roads for the growing use of the automobiles, building of a new County Court building in Independence, and a series of 12 Madonna of the Trail monuments to pioneer women dedicated across the country in 1928 and 1929. He later returned to the city after two terms as President. His wife, First Lady Bess Truman, was born and raised in Independence."

I went to the Independence website and saw that their main claim to fame is Harry Truman NOT the great failed Smith-Myth that One day the Mormons would swarm into town and take over.

While the main body of the LDS Church may still think that one day they will be called to walk to Kansas City, Hinckley and his henchmen know that ain't never gonna happen.

I can just see 25 years from now when the profit Jeffery Holland is interviewed by an eldery Katie Couric:

Katie: Isn't it true that your Church will one day leave Utah and all Mormons will relocate to Jackson County Missouri?

Holland: I don't know much about that. I don't know that it was ever taught as official church doctrine. I know that I will never be leaving Salt Lake City because I get free doughnuts when I walk into any Salt Lake pastry shop.

Katie: I see...your weight is about 320 at this point, right?

Holland: Another reason why I won't go. Who's gonna push me in a handcart?

The Yellow Dog and Brigham Young

04/23/2006 - by Moroni Marten

“The western boundries of the State of Missouri will be swept so clean of its inhabitants that, as President Young tells us, when we return to that place, ‘There will not be left so much as a yellow dog to wag his tail.’ ” (Prophetic Sayings of Heber C. Kimball to Sister Amanda H. Wilcox, n.p., n.d., p. 6.)

I saw a yellow dog wagging its tail today. So, all is well right now.

Church selling thousands of acres in Clay county Missouri

04/16/2006 - by fella

I have a good friend who is not LDS who lives in Clay County, Missouri who said church recently sold "thousands of acres" to a Canadian person or entity recently. Very interesting. All or most of the land was used for cattle grazing, etc. Not high value land, but interesting nevertheless. Clay county is, of course, right next to Jackson County, Missouri, and we all know what went on there, and what is supposed to happen there in the future with Adam returning to Adom-Ondi-Ahman. Kind of surprising that the church would be selling much needed land for all of those mormons who are going to need places to stay when the times comes. I am wondering if the church is ridding itself of its non-economic producing property for the purpose of buying economic producing properties. What say ye?



EAGLE MT.84005
(801) 687-6310 - Marisol Donjuan - 01/21/2008

your church is probably keeping the site of the new jerusalem a secret, so as not to draw attention to from all over the world. look at a map, and compare utah to israel and the surrounding area. the great salt lake parrallels the dead sea. many landmarks parrallel, including moab, mt. nebo etc. jerusalem now, lies pretty much to the west of the dead sea. this is where the new jerusalem in the new world will be expanded from over there. over here, probably in the same location. very likely a temple has been secretly built there already somewhere. maybe underground. perhaps even joseph smith knew, and used jackson as a deterent. your elders will not likely disclose this info until the last days, if at all! look at a map, hasn't anyone figured it out yet?! - 11/21/2006 - anon

Just one question, how does one who does not like Mormons get his hands on a confidential copy of a letter sent from the First Presidency to the Presiding Bishop. Wish the story was true but skeptical of the person who said that and their story.

The Cornerstone of Zion was to be Nauvoo, which has been restored. I'm not anti- mormon like the rest of you appear to be, I think you blow a lot of your life off attacking a church you don't believe in any longer. I like church and it makes sense to me to be attached to issues of this nature, but for someone angry or disaffected why bother so much.

My story is though, that Zion has commenced begining with the reconstruction of the Nauvoo temple. - 03/31/2004 - Emma's ghost

Utah state officials are negotiating renaming the state to Missouri. It's easier to change things on paper than to move all those people to Missouri and buy up all that land. This will be called the "Great Name Swap." Actually, ne legal wrangling may be necessary. All the church needs to do is do the endowment for "Utah" and give it a new name, "Missouri." - 03/06/2004 - Bort

The Migration is to Begin

I have seen a confidential memo from the office of the First Presidency to the Presiding Bishopric. The content of the memo was a fact finding study to see what the fair market value of the commercial property, and other buildings in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas was worth. The desire of the First Presidency was to see how much loss the Church would incur over the next 2 years if they started to liquidate the properties. The underlining reason for the study was to begin moving parts of the Church headquarters to properties owned by the Church in Jackson County, MO. The first buildings are to be started by 2006 for occupation by 2008. Yippie the Collective is moving. - 02/04/2004 - anon

Joseph Smith and Dwight York

06/27/2003 - from Tongue in Cheek

Voice of Warning!!!

The True Saints of God are not gathering in Missouri. They are gathering in South Georgia as I write. If you go South instead of East from Kirtland Ohio, you end up in Georgia instead of Missouri. Joseph Smith got the directions north and east mixed up, just like he did in the Book of Mormon. Because Professor Sorenson at BYU has shown that for the correct geography of the Nephites to work in southern Mexico, the North-South axis has to be tilted around about 65 degrees.

A new Prophet called directly from God in our generation has established The Kingdom in Putham County Georgia near the town of Eatonton. It has been called many things but today it is known as "The United Nation of Nuwaubian Moors."

They include descendents of the Olmec peoples from Mexico, the only ancient American culture with possible undisputed ties to Book of Mormon people. They also call themselves "the Ancient Mystic Order of Malchizedek." They have roots in Brooklyn, New York where they were once known as Islamic Hebrews. I believe that they could include remanents of the Lost 10 tribes. New York City is the only place left on the face of the earth where the 10 tribes could still be hiding.

On May 5, 2003 Spaceships will come and gather up the 144,000 faithful and righteous before the destruction of the world. The ships are a little late, only by a couple months so far, but that is because a few of the 144,000 are late. Like maybe YOU! They will come. Do not delay.

Their leader is Malachi Z. York EL. Born Dwight York, he spent a few years in New York prisons for trumped up charges like assault and weapons violations, much like Joseph Smith who was arrested falsely and kept in the Carthage jail.

More recently he has returned to his wives and children from a very successful mission to a galaxy called Ilyuwan. Hinckley travels around the world, York travels around the universe. Smith had the angels coming to him, York goes with the angels on missions to other worlds. How many other religious leaders alive today can lay claim to interstellar travel?

When I read only two sentences of his preaching, I knew exactly what he was and I pray that you will too. Here are the two sentences:

1. "I am the Lamb; I am the Man."
2. "I am the Supreme Being of this Day and Time, your God in the Flesh."

They have built a utopian society on about 400 acres of pine woods including Pyramids and the Sphinyx and temples with secret rituals and other reformed features of the supreme Egyptian culture. God is gathering his chosen people one final time from all over the world and if you don't go there NOW it will be too late for you. If you do not feel the Spirit tugging you there powerfully, then you are not the elect of God.

You can check them out on their website at: Supreme Master York but you have to go there and see the place to really appreciate what they are doing. This is exactly what Joseph Smith had in mind in Jackson Co. and in Nauvoo, I kid you not.

BTW. Ignore the recent news that Supreme Master York has been arrested and pleaded guilty to 77 counts of child molestation and faces 15+ years in prison. (This is back page news in the Atlanta Journal Constitution; check out todays 6/27/2003. Search for Dwight York and read Bill Osinski's article.)

These are all lies spread by the devil to confuse you. The combined powers of hell and the government can not prevail against the chosen people.

Go buy a ticket today and get on the Greyhound bus and head to Macon, Georgia. It is only a short 40 mile hike north from there. Pack lots of water because it is hotter than hell in Georgia this time of year.

{Seriously, does anyone else see the striking parallels between Smith and York? Between early Mormonism and Nuwaubianism? Absent the accessories (sunglasses, beard, jewelry, corn rows, etc.) and racial differences, York even looks a lot like Smith. Give these Nuwaubians an organizational genius/tyrant like ol' Brigham, some empty space and bingo, you'll have something greatly resembling us in a century.}

Comment Section

our current mayor here in a small Indiana town is a Mormon/LDS. He is "building his own Zion". He is razing an area of homes he considers blighted and forcing them to move elsewhere. Probabaly to a new section of homes by a development company called New Hope. My home valued at about $150,000 is located in Phase 2 of his plans. Wonder what religion the owners of Ne Hope are? - 09/01/2014 - WARY


I am LDS...and we aren't waiting for the end of the world...please...when it is time it will happen...and yeap....I was told as a youngster to stay put and build up Zion in our wards and stakes....it just amazes me how so many people have nothing better to do but knock down others beliefs...and if Mr. Rich man, Morrell has decided to build and buy..it is his business and no one elses..he does it for his own benefit not the churches and my NON Mormon father was totally right...the best person to tear down the Mormons would be an apostate Mormon...and Utah is so full of them....so thankful I wasn't raised by a Mormon...so I could do my own research and study and believe in modern Prophets for different events and times....I keep wondering why non memebers are even watching the comings and goings of Mormons...or as the literal meaning fo that word is More Good people doing More good in the world....time to help the poor and needy and stop worry so much about what has and hasn't come about....it'll be a surprise! - 11/24/2012 - Joyce


It is unbelievable how disrespectful you people are regarding the LDS religion. If you didn't beleive in the LDS teachings- why has it become a topic of such controversy? Oh- that's right- you DO believe. You believe that these things will happen- therefore- you fear them. That is why you are trying to prove the LDS church wrong. You don't want to believe that things are changing, but they are. For those of you who have been LDS- SHAME ON YOU!!! The Church, when it is the right time, will in fact bring to pass the Prophecy of the NEW JERUSALEM. The Church has not done anything with it's land because it's not the time yet- but- SOON! - 03/02/2012 - BELIEVER


Why, why, why. oh why do we worry about the little things. Yes all the discussions about Adam Ondi Ahman are really not that important people. You tell me right now what matters> How about loving one another, or being decent people, kind, honest, loving, charitable, nurturing, faithful, loyal, and really following the teachings of our Savior Jesus Christ? What will happen will happen and you either believe in some things or you don't. Free agency applies to believers and unbelievers alike. I choose to believe, I choose to have faith, I choose to follow the teachings of the LDS church. My choice, my life, my believes. I am a better person because of the teachings of the LDS church, I am empowered by this Gospel. If you believe great, if you don't, well great for you. After all is said and done the only one that knows what will be is GOD. Let us not lose focus on the things that matter the most. What those things are? you must find your own individual answer. - 02/11/2010 - Jeez Luise


Commentors, for good(followers of Christ) or ill will (anti-LDS, non-believers), God reveals His will to His Prophet(s). God also reveals His will to us, in a like manner through the Holy Ghost; this is revelation though not for the masses, but for us personally, according to our worthiness-humility, obedience, and righteous desires. Concerning Jackson County Missouri, the day will come when a LDS Temple will be built there. The preparations have long been forthcoming and are continuous. May God be with you, to soften your heart, to bring you to the well of living water, even Jesus Christ.


10/20/2009 - R.SMITH
Kia ora from New Zealand, I believe that the people of the pacific islands have strong ties with a person named Hagoth. A navigator of the seas.I believe that there are records that are to be revealed in the lords time that will show the truthfulness of the people of the isles of the sea.

Being Maori and a Mormon I hope our people of the pacific will place a significant part in the building of the New Jerusalem. Im sure a pleasure our tipuna(ancestors) would like to see.


10/24/2009 - John
Who knows more about this Phil Morrell guy. I read all the bio stuff, I mean who KNOWS about this guy? He's supposed to be LDS but I know for a fact he smokes... not a big deal, but HE'S the money behind Zion? Something doesn't add up. I know the LDS Church leaders are a whole different breed and the real deal. You have to meet one to see what I mean. You'll never hear one of them talking about crazy stuff... they will tell you no one knows when the second coming will happen.


03/24/2009 - SEEKER


06/21/2002 - from PNWExMo
In 1988, I was secretary to the Stake Mission Presidency in Tempe South Stake, Tempe Arizona. The Stake Mission President was the owner of a company called 'Huma-Grow', or some such thing, and he told me that he had a contract with the Church to supply his fertilizer chemicals for use at Adam-ondi-Ahman. This guy was a TBM if ever there was one - miracle underwear stories and all. One of his lackies, my bishop, flew there regularly to make sure things progressed 'according to plan'. I was all spooky at the time about it - thought that Adam was going to return there.

This same lackey was buying up land in Manti, UT, where the fundies ended up. Don't know what ever happenned to him.


07/05/2001 - anon
"Rapid development in the Jackson County area" my ass. They have been doing it for decades. Don't you Lampooners know that the Mormon Church owns farm land in practically every county in every major Mid-Western and Southern agricultural state? Not to mention large holding in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Florida. And Utah of course. In the Missouri/Iowa/Nebraska area they own an enormous amount. In some counties around here they own dozens of various sections. Most of it is in small to medium sized plots, a few hundred acres here and a few hundred acres over there.

It is purchased at a bargain every time there is a flood or any other event that drives a few more farm families off the land. Most of it is quietly rented out to other farmers and driving down the road past it you would never know the difference. Just where in the hell do you think all those billions of dollars of tithing money goes, the stock market for crying out loud?

Think about: How would a ninety year old geezer who suffered through the great depression squirrel away a billion dollars? And while you're at it, think about this: How much acreage would you own if you invested 10% of your measly income in cheap farm land going at $500-1000/acred for say, 65 years? And why all these constant commandments to grow a garden even if it doesn't make half an ounce of economic sense?

One source in the church offices who definitely does not want to be quoted said that they have enough land for about 80 acres for every active Mormon family in North America at the current time. I imagaine some looney return to a modernized version of the old united orders by Mormons in a time of crisis, for full tithe payers only. Don't kid yourself, they have their plans and whether grounded in reality or some fantasy, they are probably going to do something with all this land in the Mid-West some day.


10/16/2000 - cricket
I called the LDS Church real estate department today and spoke to an official representative (anon for this person's protection). I asked this person if the LDS Church is acquiring more property in Jackson County and if there are any preparations afloat to prepare the New Jerusalem.

The answer was a definite "no" to both questions. This person did say that the LDS Church does own the temple plot at Far West, Missouri and wondered when the Church would become more active in that area because "Joseph dedicated the lot for a temple there also."


09/28/2000 - Dale Broadhurst, a leader in the RLDS Church
Question: Dale, have you seen any activity by the Mormon Church to begin building the New Jerusalem around the Jackson County area lately? Answer: To my knowledge, no. The Mormons own lots of farm land around here, but they don't be seem to be doing anything with it.


09/26/2000 - Jeff
I am sending this message from the research library within the RLDS temple in Independence. The temple lot is right across the street to my west. The LDS visitors center is across the street to the south. In my 3 days here, I haven't seen any progress made by the LDS church to obtain the land and start building. Probably what you expected, huh?

This has been a fantastic trip. I've met Todd Compton, Val Avery, Mike Marquardt, and a host of other very interesting people who write about mormon history. It was very encouraging to be able to sit in the RLDS temple and listen to talks by mormons and non-mormons which were at times at times challenging to orthodox mormon thinking.


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